Scam Work from Home Jobs to Avoid (Watch out for These Scams)

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scam work from home jobs

There is a ton of work home jobs available online that position themselves as completely ethical and legit though in fact they are far from it.

And there are legit ones that really help folks find a way to make either a full time income or at least some extra income to support their families.

Over the years I’ve seen countless examples from both camps. In this article I’m going to talk about some of the hot scams I’ve come across recently.

So far I found 6 of them but there are way more of them because they change names of their programs, websites and it’s difficult to spot all of them.


Hottest Scam Work from Home Jobs to Avoid

There are several types work from home job scams I want to mention in this article that I consider to be the most dangerous ones you must avoid.

Though most of them have already been exposed by review sites they still continue their scam activity.


First group of work from home job scams

The first group of Scam Work from Home Jobs to Avoid is the group of programs promoting fake amazon business idea.

Everyone knows that is now one of the biggest ecommerce sites that no one can compete with.


work from home job scam site example


Making business with Amazon as an affiliate or private label or setting up an ecommerce site are all great opportunities.

There are legit programs like Salehoo, Shopify and many others that teach you how to do it.

But there are scams too that promote this idea as a work from home job that anyone can do and earn a solid income online.


The hottest scams that I’ve come across online in the past 2 months are these:


Money Sucking Websites

Real Profits Online

Amazon Cash Websites

Prime Time Profit

Cash Website Success

Fast Income Generator

22 Minutes To Profits

AmazonProfits. org


All these sites are promoting Amazon business model which means you can join Amazon as an affiliate, promote products through your website and earn commissions.

The amount of money to be made is unlimited. It can $500 per month, $1000 per month, $5000 per month or even $10.000 per month.

Everything is possible though $2.000 – $3.000 per month is the most realistic number.

The main issue with these programs is that they don’t explain the process of making money with Amazon as a work from home job as if you were working for Amazon.

The reality is the opposite of what is explained to you. In fact, as an affiliate to Amazon you are going to work for yourself and build your own business.




On top of that they describe this work from home job as highly paying job and promise you to make as much as $500 a day.

This is of course far from a realistic number. They even promise you to make your first fat commission in 22 minutes after joining one of these so called work from home job opportunities.




So, the short answer is avoid all these programs. It’s a huge waste of time and disappointment.


Second group of work from home job scams

The second group of programs is a group called posting links scams that are promoted as a work from home job opportunity.

In fact, it’s a huge waste of time just like amazon business model promoted by the first group of companies mentioned above.

These programs promise you to make $379 per day by posting links on the internet. All you need to do for that is to spare 60 minutes a day.

Plus they describe this work from home opportunity as if big companies are desperate for people like you to post links for them and they are ready to pay $379 per day for 60 minutes of work.

Now, imagine what people like you may think once they hear about this offer?

They will immediately join it and readily pay $47 to become members of such “amazing programs”.

To promote this fake work from home job opportunity they’ve even created a fake Forbes website.




As they say, all you need to do is follow the onscreen instructions and start making $379 per day.

Thousands of people already were scammed by these programs and the number is growing.

Short answer is avoid them all! Below is the list of programs to avoid.



Why avoid these work from home job scams?

Because though the idea is legit (affiliate marketing), they describe it and promote in a completely wrong way.

Affiliate marketing can be a great source of income if you do it the right way.

The way these scam work from home job programs programs promote it will NOT make you any money.

The online rule of affiliate marketing is simple: work hard, earn money.

The rule promoted by these scam work from home job programs is simple too: do nothing or little, make up to $500 per day.





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