Work at Home EDU Review – There are Currently 3 Positions Left in Your City

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Product Name: Work at Home EDU

Product owner: Michelle Robinson


Price: Advertised price $97, after discount $47

Verdict: Not recommended


Work at Home EDU is the type of program you feel happy about when you find it first thinking that you finally came across something real that can help you make money online AND you feel twice as happy when you make a decision to not join it after finding out that it is a complete waste of time.

This program has been already around for some time and it’s been promoted under different names and multiple domain names. To be honest, it’s really annoying and in this review I’m going to expose this work at home opportunity.


The main idea behind Work at Home EDU

Work at Home EDU is just another unethical product with unrealistic claims, fake testimonials, deceptive advertising and so on. Their website is in fact a clone website of Online Home Careers University, Work at Home Institute, Home Profit System etc.

This alone is enough to understand that WAH EDU is unethical product and if you think you can start making money with them it’s just not going to happen. Their main claim is to show you how you can post links across the web and get paid $15-$20 per link.






Pros of Work at Home EDU

  • At least you can live a dream with this opportunity


Cons of Work at Home EDU

  • Empty promises
  • Unrealistic earnings and claims
  • Fake news
  • Training is under question
  • A testimonial from Humberto R appears on 2 different websites: WAH EDU and Online Profit Stream 🙂
  • Support and money back guarantee are under question
  • Programs that advertise the same link posting opportunity:

Online Profit Stream, Home Profit System, Work at Home Institute etc.


Inside the program

1. The first red flag is so obvious that all the rest flags are unnecessary but still I’m going to show all red flags. Take a look at Work at Home EDU and Online Home Careers University and you be the judge.

In my opinion it doesn’t look serious or trustworthy at all when two different programs have the same website layout or even if it’s the same program that uses two different websites to promote the same product things get even worse. How do you think?







2. As I told in my other reviews of link posting scams, all these programs for unknown reason are using the same deceptive advertising tricks, such as fake news, the same website layout, unrealistic earnings and claims, a testimonial from Humberto R and similar fake faces.

Some of them are complete scams and some provide a decent training. For example, Work at Home Institute provides a training on affiliate marketing but does it in unethical way. They promote affiliate marketing as a link posting program and try to persuade their visitors that they can post links and get paid between $15–20 per link.

In fact, it’s not true. Affiliate marketing means you sell someone else’s product through your affiliate link and earn a commission. It’s a long process that takes time and effort before you learn how to sell a product. That’s why advertising this opportunity as post a link and get paid is wrong and misleading.

I’m not sure if Work at Home EDU provides any training on this because I don’t want to waste my money on this type of programs. Even if they provide such training you already know that “post a link and get paid” idea is wrong simply because it’s not true.


3. The next red flag is using fake testimonials, i.e. all these programs use same testimonials in most cases and it really looks ridiculous. Take a look at this testimonial of Humberto R. The same testimonial is used on two different websites: Work at Home EDU and Online Profit Stream.




If you read the testimonial it will be clear that Humberto, who is most likely fake hasn’t made any money with Work at Home EDU. He just says that he believes that WAH’s training is great and he hopes to buy a new car and home soon…

What does it mean? He hopes to buy soon… I hope too to buy a plane soon, sooner than Humberto buys a new car 🙂


4. The next red flag is “the chilling day that changed my life”. Take a look at these two images from two different programs: Work at Home Institute and Work at Home EDU.

The only difference is this: Work at Home Institute tells a story about Bobbie Robinson and Work at Home EDU tells a story about Michelle Robinson. And both sites talk about the same chilling day 🙂






5. Read this info from a trusted site that explains how you should treat programs that promise you a sustainable regular income with minimum efforts from your side. I think this info will help you understand that Work at Home EDU’s promise is not realistic.



6. The next red flag is about WAH EDU’s false claims that big companies want to hire you and pay you a lot of money which is why you shouldn’t miss out this serious income opportunity.2015-08-06_16-28-43


This is a total lie!!! Look at the image and see how much you can earn with Work at Home EDU. The same promise you can see on all other sites mentioned above.




7. All these programs including Work at Home EDU ridiculously claim that their work at home opportunity was featured on USA Today, CNN and other famous news channels.

Of course this is not true. These famous channels mentioned a number of legit work from home opportunities but they have never mentioned scams mentioned in this review, not to mention Work at Home EDU.

fake-news famous-channels


8. “There are currently 3 Positions Left in Your City” is another red flag and ridiculous claim common to all these programs. They all ridiculously claim that number of positions in your city is 3 and it never actually changes.



9. If you want to get a discount from their initial price $97 for their useless product you will have to stay on WAH EDU website for some time. I stayed for more than 30 minutes and finally got a discount price $47. Do you think it is normal?




10. Another thing common to all these programs including Work at Home EDU is the complaint issue. If you take a look at my other reviews above you will see that all these link posting scams have major issues and there are many complaints about them on the web.


Final word on Work at Home EDU

I guess you know what I’m going to say about this program. Of course it’s a waste of time.

2 years ago I came across a program that taught me how to make money online and I’m finally making money now. Let me help you make money too. Read about my favourite program and don’t hesitate to ask me any questions.

I will be happy to help you start your very own business online. And I forgot to mention that my favourite program is free to try within the first 7 days.

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  1. Emmanuel Buysse says:

    I’ve heard about it, and more why not to join. And this article totally confirms what I’ve heard, so no, it is better to stay away and look for genuine platforms, such as wealthy affiliate. Hopefully this will reach more people, so in any way they have to shut this down. Thanks a lot for sharing it with us, I’m pretty sure you will help people with it. 

    • Rufat says:

      I hope so too Emmanuel. I hope this one like many other link posting scams will be shut down like Digital Altitude, Empower Network and the like. Unfortunately, before they get shut down they will scam a lot of people.

  2. Marios Tofarides says:

    Hey there,

    “There are Currently 3 Positions Left in Your City”. Just be reading your header, I instantly rejected this program. Fake scarcity is a huge red flag for this kind of sites and programs. Your review simply confirmed my initial opinion. I will pass this “opportunity” and I will focus on more reliable ones!

    Thanks, though for making it clear for us. 🙂


    • Rufat says:

      You said it very well Marios. These programs are useless and just one big waste of time. When you see ads like this one “limited positions in your city” it’s the first HUGE red flag to run away. They create a sense of urgency but in fact lure people into scams. Good to know I was able to help you avoid this useless program. You can find a full list here.

  3. Katherine Molly Nelson says:

    Can someone email me about this opportunity?

    • Rufat says:

      Have you read my review Katherine? It clearly shows many scam signals in the program. I think you better look for a more reliable company. I gave my recommendation in the article. See the comparison chart and create a trial account. I believe Work at Home EDU is not a good option. Read my review carefully.

  4. Jeremy Hood says:

    I have never heard of the Work at Home EDU program before but like you said when the images look too good to be true I see red flags.

    That is pretty fish that it had the same exact chilling day copy as the Work at Home Institute, they are obviously related.

    Thank you for shining light on this scam, hopefully you have saved a few people from making the wrong investment and steered them towards something of value like the WA program.

    • Rufat says:

      I have a huge list of link posting scams like Work at Home Edu. Most of these programs is a total waste of time and energy. They use same methods trying to scam people. Some of them provide some value and you can learn some legit techniques. But even those that teach legit methods have a bad reputation due to association with other shady programs.

  5. Monika Majumdar says:

    I am from Raipur, chattisgarh,India. May i start work with ur company? What is the process to join u?

  6. Viljoen says:

    Work at Home Edu does not look like something that I would waste my time with. There are so many other business opportunities that are much better than this one. Getting paid to post links are just a nice way of spamming people with affiliate links.

    Making $87 from this is just unrealistic as well. Thanks for clearing things up Rufat.

    • Rufat says:

      It’s not only a waste of time. It’s simply impossible to make this amount of money by posting those links. I’m sure this site will be taken down very soon just like many other link posting scams. Thank you for the comment.

  7. Faithe says:

    Very thorough review! Thanks for all the attention to detail. I like that you don’t stop with the first red flag!

    After reading this, I can’t imagine that anyone would consider Work At Home EDU! It is good that you went the extra mile to find the copy-cat websites that this is based off of. There are so many scams online that it is hard to know if anything is good.

    For not being a native English speaker, your text is very readable.

    • Rufat says:

      There are so many red flags in this program that I even don’t know which one to mention. You say that you can’t imagine that some people still fall for this scam. That’s really amazing and I don’t understand why they consider this opportunity. I think it’s because of the lack of experience online and understanding how to make money online. I hope after reading my review no one will consider this program.

  8. Chris says:

    It’s really funny you should mention this Humberto R character as I’m pretty sure I’ve seen him on multiple advert through Neobux. Unfortunately I can’t remember his exact name but I’d wager a guess it’s the same fake testimonial dude! Thanks for covering yet another extremely dodgy looking opportunity. Your site is great for keeping newbies away from the scams!

    • Rufat says:

      It looks like all these fake faces and testimonials can be found in every corner of the internet. It really becomes annoying that these fake programs are promoting their fake products and leave people without support and real opportunity to succeed online. I believe this useless program and their website will be taken down soon the same way as other similar link posting scams were taken down.

  9. stefan says:

    Hi Rufat

    Thanks for another scam massacre. I think people should understand once and for all that there is no such thing earning big with little effort. This will not happen in the offline nor in the online world. Apart from finding a sponsor, winning the lottery or robbing a bank, people will only earn big easy money on their dreams !

    I think a good indicator if a website is a scam is just by typing their name on google. For example, if I type Work at Home EDU, I cannot find the official page! incredible! I tried and I gave up after the first 5. Then, type legit ones, specially the best like Wealthy Affiliate… you will always find them on #1.

    It takes a long time to to find your place on the internet plus you need proper training. You give people a proper direction indicating Wealthy Affiliate as the way to go.

    • Rufat says:

      Totally agree with you Stefan. People should understand once and for all that the idea of easy money is just a dream. If you are not willing to work hard and gain certain skills required in order to earn a solid revenue online then that aha moment will never come. I don’t the magic behind the internet but for some reason even educated people think and believe that when it comes to internet making easy money and fast is possible. You just need to find that magic button. And most people chase after that magic button with no success until they find themselves completely disappointed and with an empty wallet. As for link posting scams, I know 17 of them and 5 are already shut down and I believe work at home edu will be shut down too, it’s just a matter of time. I always direct my readers in the direction of WA because I know that the program is legit and one of the best opportunities out there.

  10. Christine says:

    Unfortunately there are many of these types of sites on the internet and desperate people are falling for them every day, and losing their money.

    Thanks to you and your website these scams are being revealed for what they are and hopefully less people will fall for those scams.

    Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam. It is the best place to learn how to earn a living online.

    • Rufat says:

      Yes, that’s true that many honest people fall for these scams and we unfortunately can’t stop this process. There are thousands and thousands of make money programs online and the majority of them are scams and the number of such programs is growing every day. Work at Home EDU is one of such programs and I hope with my review I can save some people from this crap. As I can see, only few people reading reviews take your recommendation and that’s the truth is that we can save very few people because most of them don’t simply trust you because of being scammed in the past.

  11. Mark Walush says:

    Absolutely hate websites like these, but unfortunately the people that run them only see $$$ from the people they are scamming. Thank you for putting this information out there so others might see this before putting their hard earned money to waste on this. There are plenty of legit online money making sites that this clearly isn’t worth anyone’s time.

    • Rufat says:

      You are right Mark, these people see only $$$ and that’s really bad. For the sake of making a quick buck they scam honest people out of their hard earned money. I never understand people who stand behind programs lime work at home edu. Instead of creating one quality product and making a lot of money for years they continue promoting their poor product that neither helps folks nor earn them respect. It’s really sad that they don’t understand this simple thing. Besides a lot of complaints and negative reviews that expose their poor product is another thing to keep in mind yet nothing seems to bother these people. Finally, it’s bad only for them.

  12. Kenneth says:

    What is wrong with these people? Do they not have a conscious at all? Why would they scam people on a bogus idea of $20 per link? Doesn’t anybody realize that no one is going to pay for a $20 link, unless the link cost more than $20? People that are this desperate to buy into this deal are the people that would be much better off with wealthy affiliate and learn the Right way to earn an income.
    It is websites like yours that add value to the Internet by displaying unscrupulous vendors like Michelle Robinson. Thank you. I hope more people read your review before they spend their money!

    • Rufat says:

      Thank you Kennet for your comment. I totally agree with you that these people have no conscious at all for selling people crap such as work at home edu. It’s really ridiculous to believe that you can get paid $20 per link. And I really can’t understand how people buy into these offers. Even a little research is enough to understand that it’s a total crap and unrealistic claim. I hope I can help many honest people save their money from spending in this type of crap. Instead of believing in this “amazing” offers people should change their mind and find something more realistic and legit.

  13. Kyle says:

    Very informative information on this product. I have seen the work from home EDU before and almost purchased it. Once I did some research on the product I changed my mind. You hit on some very important details as well, great job. I will be looking forward to reading more post from you in the future.

    • Rufat says:

      Glad you like my review and found it informative. I really did a lot of research on this product. It’s good that you didn’t buy it but unfortunately a lot of folks buy it before they do a proper research and as a result I’m sure they have a problem for not being able to get their money back. I think anyone can avoid falling for scams in most cases if they are patient and do a proper research on the product.

  14. Francina says:

    Wow Rufat! Unbelievable. And to think that we fall into these scams day in and day out. It is so sad that in our hunger for success online we will be taken for a ride like this. And some of us only wake up after we have lost time and money on these scams not because we are stupid only because we believe people and businesses are still honest out there. Thank you for sharing. Hopefully your article will reach a lot of people before they make the mistake of joining.

    • Rufat says:

      Unfortunately, it’s our reality and the only way to be on the safe side is do a proper research on the internet and ask advice from knowledgeable and experienced people. Programs like Work at Home EDU play on our emotions because they want our hard earned money. That’s it. Plain and simple. You are right Francina, many people fall for this type of scams not because they are stupid, it’s because they are honest and they think that people on the other side are honest too and it appears that in most cases they are not. Most businesses are unethical and it’s a fact we can’t ignore. I really do hope that many people will avoid this program because it’s really a waste of time and effort. Unfortunately, a lot of people fall for it and will continue to fall but we do our best and hope for the best.

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