How Affiliate Marketing Made Me $44,175. A Step-by-Step Guide.

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I started affiliate marketing a few years ago because I wanted to have my own source of income, a kind of a side income that would allow me to be somewhat financially independent. And I did it.

I still was not able to quit my job but I do plan to do it by the end of this year or in the beginning of the next year.

The amount of money I earn online allow me to quit my job even today. But before I quit I want to earn online as much as I want to feel myself comfortably.

I have a big family, 3 kids.


What will be covered

1. First of all, I will show you my income proof.

2.I will explain how to make money through affiliate marketing, what steps are required from you to take.

3.I’m going to not only show you my income proof but I will show you everything I learned and tested out. I will not hold anything from you. I will tell about things that I tried and failed.

4.I will show you what steps I took that earned me $44,175

5.I will tell you why I failed to make more than $44,175

6.I will show you other success stories of people that got their start in the same program that I did.

7.I will show you how YOU can TOO create your free account and start today your successful online business.

8.I will explain why some people make money online while others fail miserably.

9.What I plan to do to increase my income in 2019 and 2020 and what I already did.


Once you have all this info you will know exactly what to do and what to not to do so you can focus on things that will make you the most money.

I suggest that you spare at least 10-15 minutes of your time to read the whole article. Because the info you will get here is invaluable.

Believe me, many other internet marketers would charge you easily a few hundred dollars for this kind of info. I’m sharing it with you for free.

You may be wondering why I’m giving this info for free? I promised to not hold anything back from you. Let me tell you the reason.

First of all, I put together this website to help people like you get started online and avoid online scams.

Secondly, when you join my recommended program for FREE and after trying it decide to join and become a paying member I earn a small commission from you.

You don’t pay more. You pay the same price. I earn my commission as an affiliate from another company.

But before you join I will explain everything you need to know about making money online like I described above and that will be covered in 8 points.

You will see for yourself that I’m completely transparent with you. It will be YOUR decision.




Let’s start our journey to affiliate marketing


1. First of all, I will show you my income proof.

Fist of all, look at some of my income proof screenshots. I made money through different programs, such as Wealthy Affiliate, JVZoo, Clickbank, HPD (Human Proof Designs), Solo Build it, Jaaxy, The Hoth, CPA Evolution, CPA marketing. My main income comes from WA.

adsense commission

niche site HPD commission

wealthy affiliate commission



jaaxy commission



jvzoo commission


hoth sales


cpa commission


Over the years I purchased or tried various affiliate marketing programs, such as Wealthy Affiliate, Solo Build it, Affiloblueprint, Evergreen Wealth Formula, The Super Product of Alex Jeffreys, Affiliate Income Secrets by Mike Thomas.

The best product was Wealthy Affiliate. Then Solo Build it and Affiloblueprint.

If you want to jump on board immediately without reading the rest of the stuff then go and create your free account.

You will get my personal support and discount within the next 7 days. Most of these sales have been made through Google free traffic.

Some sales thanks to paid traffic from Yahoo and Google. I recommend free traffic if you are just starting online. When you gain more experience you can try paid traffic too.




2. I will explain how to make money through affiliate marketing, what steps are required from you to take.

Now, let’s talk about affiliate marketing. The best type of income you can make online is through affiliate marketing.

All you ned for that is to set up a simple yet beautiful website.

Once you have your website up and running you add products ( physical or digital ) based on your interest, write a description (product review ), sign up for an affiliate program and add your affiliate links.

Once you’ve done all this you start driving traffic to your website, free or paid.

This part of your business will take some time, most likely 6 months or even one full year before you start making money.

There is no rule here. Some people can even do it faster. But 6 months to one year is the time required in most cases for breakthrough in your online business.


3. I’m going to not only show you my income proof but I will show you everything I learned and tested out. I will not hold anything from you. I will tell about things that I tried and failed.

Over the years I tried different methods to make money online. I tried affiliate marketing, CPA marketing, free traffic methods, paid traffic methods.

I can tell you that free traffic is the best what you can do for your online business. Because you don’t spend anything other than your effort and time.

Affiliate marketing made me the most money. Because when it comes to affiliate marketing you actually promote real and valuable products and if you do you can get some good conversions converted into sales.

When it comes to CPA marketing it’s much harder that I initially thought. CPA marketing means promoting free, trial offers that people look for.

Free CPA offers can be creating free account. For example, if someone creates a free account through your affiliate link CPA network like Maxbounty or Peerfly will pay you 0,50 cents or $1 per account set up.

In fact, as a CPA marketer you promote what people want and most of the offers are free.

But when you promote those free offers hoping for conversions you can’t get them. Believe me, I know it firsthand.

Promoting even free offers is much harder than promoting affiliate paid offers. I had some success in CPA and made $231.

Then I quit CPA because CPA requires continuous money investment in paid traffic.

Conversions are very low which means you spend money instead of making money which is why I quit CPA through paid traffic.

It can be profitable using free traffic methods. I’m very busy with my affiliate business and can spend my time in a much better and more profitable way than with CPA marketing.

At least for me CPA doesn’t work through paid traffic and for some of my friends as well though they are successful in affiliate marketing.

My best recommendation would be focusing on affiliate marketing and free traffic methods. I will also talk later about CPA marketing using free traffic methods.

Things like solo ad, paid traffic are not recommended when you are new to online business.


4. I will show you what steps I took that earned me $44,175

As you saw my screenshots above I made a lot of money online which proves that making money online through affiliate marketing is real and absolutely possible if you are willing to work hard.

The most money that I did is through affiliate marketing and using free traffic methods. Sometimes I did paid advertising too.

The most money that I made is thanks to promoting Wealthy Affiliate. It’s the same program I got my start in 2015 and in fact I learned everything in this program.

It teaches people like you and me how to make money online using legit methods. I help people avoid online scams and send them to Wealthy Affiliate.

So far I invited 5374 people and 462 of them accepted my invitation and became premium members. I helped them and earned money thanks to them.

Usually I earn $23 from each referral if they upgrade to a premium account and I earn $175 per sale if someone decides to go yearly. I made more than $40.000 from WA.

I also made money through CPA marketing as I said above. I earned $231 from Maxbounty and still planing to continue my CPA promotions using free methods.

I made $560 by promoting keyword tool Jaaxy. I earn $8 per sale.

Recently I received my first $100 commission from Google through Google Adsense program.

I made $588 from HPD by promoting their niche site service. This was achieved through paid traffic (Google Adwords). It’s very hard to get approval from Google Adwords but I did it.

I made almost $500 from JVZoo by promoting different affiliate products and I’m still doing it. I made it thanks to both paid and free traffic)

I earned $125 from the Hoth using free traffic only.

I earned $150 from Solo Build it using free traffic.

I earned $350 from CPA Evolution using email promotion.

I can’t provide all screenshots here but the total amount made is $44,175. It’s not too impressive considering that my friends, affiliate marketers made way more but still it’s not bad.

Methods I used to make money online: Free traffic (SEO), Paid traffic (Google, Bing, Yahoo), Social media free and paid traffic (Facebook), Youtube traffic.


5. I will tell you why I failed to make more than $44,175

First of all, I combine my online business with my regular job and that’s why I can’t dedicate all my time to my online business.

I go my regular job 3 times per week. It takes some of my time.

I have a big family, my wife and 3 children. I take them to school and bring them back home every single day.

I help my wife with children when she goes to her work. I help my children with their school home work and it takes my time.

So, I’m not 100% free and can’t dedicate all my time to my online affiliate business. Sometimes I waste my time by playing computer games with my children.

But this year I changed my approach and try to do my best to dedicate more time to my business. Those are reasons that prevented me from making full time income.


6. I will show you other success stories of people that got their start in the same program that I did.

The best proof that the program I’m inviting you to join works is showing you not only my success story but other success stories.

I know many members inside Wealthy Affiliate that are way more successful compared to my success. I know even members who made $100.000 per week.

Read this article about my highly recommended program with success stories.


7. I will show you how YOU can TOO create your free account and start today your successful online business.

Believe me, if I did it you can too achieve your financial goals.

The only key thing required from you is your desire to learn new things, gain new skills and move forward towards your goals. You don’t even need to spend money.

All you need to do is take action and create your FREE trial account. I will welcome you once you are inside.

I will help you get started and will be your personal coach.

Other members will also gladly help you and will give you recommendations.

The founders of Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle and Carson will welcome you and guide you too. It’s a totally scam free zone where everyone is treated equally.


8. I will explain why some people make money online while others fail miserably.

The main reason why people fail online and can’t even earn a single dollars is because they are lazy and are not willing to take action on whet they learn from others.

They don’t believe that making money online is possible. They have been scammed in the past and now don’t trust anyone.

Even those who start taking action and believe in their success stop taking action after 2,3 months. Because they don’t see any results, $ sign in their bank account.

If you think making money online is super easy you are wrong. It’s not easy. If you have quick money mindset then you better look for a regular job.

If you want to be financially independent and have your own business like a boss then you need first to change your mindset and start learning new things and step out of the comfort zone.

Prepare to work hard 6 to 12 months before you start making money. If you are ready to do it then go create your free account now. Otherwise don’t start at all.


9. What I plan to do to increase my income in 2019 and 2020 and what I already did.

As I said above, I already started working harder than in the previous year. I started blogging more often. I started YouTubing more often.

I still continue my paid traffic campaigns ( Google and Yahoo).

I plan to pick best selling products On Clickbank and JVZoo and promote them using both free and paid traffic. I plan to promote CPA offers using free traffic only.

I will write product/programs reviews, get it ranked in top 10 of Google search results and monetize it.

I created a new niche website about binoculars and already started getting traffic from Google. I will start to monetize it in 2,3 months. The worst scenario is by the end of this year.

Believe me, the kind of info I shared with you here is very valuable. Most people will charge you for this.

I gave general and recommendations as well as directions to follow. I could share way more tips but I don’t want to overcomplicate things for you.

Just all you need to do now is create a free account and start taking your first steps.

In a couple of months you will get much better and start to see the whole picture.

Remember, I will be inside Wealthy Affiliate to welcome you and help you with your new affiliate business.

Let me know if you have any questions in the comment section below and I will gladly answer all of them.



About the Author:

My name is Adam. I'm the founder of Your Income Advisor. My goal is to help others succeed online, by exposing scams and reviewing top rated products. I can help you start your own business online

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  1. Perry says:

    I am concerned about the time you have to devote to make this work. The fact is that I have worked HARD all of my life and I dont want to work hard any more. I am retired but I still need more money. I dont mind working hard but you make it sound like you have to devote more than 5 or 6 hours a day for a year to make this work. The amounts of money you show do not look very encouraging. If I could work hard 2 hours a day to make 500 dollars a week that would be OK. Some of your checks are in the neighborhood of 900 dollars in a month, and the way you make it sound is you probably put in more than 3 hours per day probably more than 5 days a week. That is not enough money for the effort. Nor even 1300 dollars for the month is worth it.
    So I know you are going to tell me no one can say how much money you are going to make. However there is an average if you put all of the member affiliates together as to what the average affiliate member is makeing. That is how I will make my decision if I join or not. Some of these programs you have to be a superman to make the money and it is never their fault if you dont make it. They always blame you or me. That being said, if I can find out the average earnings I will know where I stand. I am not superman, but I pretty sure that I can do better than the average earner.

    • Rufat says:

      I totally understand your concern but you have to work hard for our goals. And yes, results are not guaranteed. You don’t have to work 5 or 6 hours per day. 2,3 hours will be enough. My income numbers may be not encouraging but they are real. In fact, I don’t work as hard as you might be thinking. I write a post 1 or 2 times a week and the rest of my time I’m free. My website is a kind of a passive income now. I think it’s not bad that is making me around $1000 per month. At least I showed real number without hiding anything. So, it’s your decision Perry. Maybe you will make way more than me. Who knows? It’s better to join and do the work and the rest time will show. Remember, there is no such a things like average earner in affiliate marketing. Everyone’s result is different. Any successful business is a combination of knowledge, effort and some luck.

  2. Pentrental says:

    What a great story, congrats and glad to hear you are doing well. I appreciate you sharing your knowledge and experience with affiliate marketing. I really like what you are covering here, especially how you made a certain amount and how you did not make over that amount. Impressive income numbers and I’m glad you are transparent with them. I haven’t heard of some of the other affiliate programs you have mentioned, so I’m thankful to have come across your post. I agree that Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform and community out there for affiliate marketing. Their training and support is unmatched. All of your readers should follow your link to see what it’s all about, well done!

    • Rufat says:

      I try to be transparent because it gives people clear understanding of what they can expect from affiliate marketing if they put effort into it. I know other affiliates whose numbers are way more impressive than mine but most people don’t even trust they are real. Plus not everyone can achieve that level. My numbers are more realistic and prove that even if your business doesn’t go well you still can make a solid income online.

  3. Hello Yoga Queen says:

    Thank you for giving me the best understanding on how to make money through affiliate marketing, my goal is to make money on the sider, 

    I love the way you showed proof of your income, it gave me hope that I would be able to get there one day. Your dedication has gotten you so far and I’m so happy for your success.

    I’m now happy to look into affiliate marketing alot more after reading this website.

    • Rufat says:

      I’m sure you will get there if you follow what WA teaches you and take action on what you learn. When doing it you must stay patient and wait until that moment when you start seeing income. Most people quit too soon and never make a single dollar.

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