The Jaaxy Review – Learn Why I Prefer This Tool Over All Other Tools

April 16, 2015 18 Comments


Product name: Jaaxy

Product owner: Kyle&Carson


Price: $19 per month, Free Trial Available

Verdict: Legit and highly recommended


All internet marketers are struggling online for better rankings because better rankings mean more traffic to your site which is really critical in order to be successful online.

If traffic is the foundation of your online business, the right keyword is the foundation of your traffic. If you create a lot of content, that’s really good because content is even more important than traffic.

It’s the content that leads to traffic and the more content you have, the more traffic you can expect. But if you write without proper keyword research, it’s the same as if you were writing without having an audience which of course makes your efforts useless and there is nothing worse than writing when you know that no one is going to read your material.

And here keyword research tools come into play and we must use them if we want to achieve our goals. There are many different keyword tools out there like Wordtracker, Google AdWords Keyword Planner, SEMRush, etc.

Each of them is great and has some advantages and many of them offer different options, but when it comes to CRITICAL metrics, such as “exact monthly searches” “estimated traffic” and “QSR” (competition), most of these tools fail to provide an exact data or any data at all.

The best keyword tool that I found to be very easy when it comes to using it and understanding its metrics is the Jaaxy. It does really provide an exact data you can rely on and to be honest, I’m not planning to use any other tool in the near future.

So, in my Jaaxy review I’m going to explain why it’s so great and why you need it if you want to increase traffic to your site.




The Jaaxy Pro Package

First off, I would like to point out that before choosing the Pro package with unlimited access to Jaaxy, which will cost you $19 per month, you can create a free trial account and perform 30 searches before you make your final decision. I think that’s really great and you have nothing to lose.

I think the price is pretty affordable to most people and if you are really active at writing content for your site, I highly recommend it and I’m sure once you try it you will love it.

But I understand that paying $19 per month is not always the best option. I can tell you my little secret 🙂

You don’t need to pay every month for the access. You can pay for one month and once you get a 30 day access, you can create a list of keywords you’re planning to write around in the next few months, do all your keyword researches and then pay next time only when you need the tool again.


The training

Once you get access to Jaaxy members area, you will see the menu at the top and the “training” option. This is a video training on how to make a keyword research, which metrics to look at, how to understand those metrics and finally which keywords to choose.


The training is vey detailed and I’m sure after watching it, you won’t have any questions as to how to use this keyword tool. But if for any reason you will have some questions, don’t hesitate to ask me and I will be happy to help you out.




Site rank

There is an option “Site rank” which is very helpful if you want to know how your website ranks on Google. You enter your desired keyword, your current page URL for the same keyword and hit the search button. You will get an exact data about that specific page of your site and its position on Google.




That’s really a cool function of Jaaxy tool. You will also see a small green or red arrow which shows you whether your page rank went up or down. If it’s red that means it went down and if it’s green that means it went up.




In fact, you can check your rankings in Google through your browser’s incognito mode, but Jaaxy makes this process much easier and faster because in case of using Jaaxy, the whole process becomes automated and you can check your website rankings for multiple keywords within minutes.

So, this function will make your life easier.




Jaaxy Affiliate program and some other cool options

You can also sign up for the Jaaxy affiliate program, promote Jaaxy and make some money. That’s really great because not every program gives you such opportunity.

And there is also a training inside the Jaaxy members area on how to create your affiliate account and get your affiliate link.




There are some other good options, such as “Saved lists” and “Search History”. Saved lists means if you have done your keyword research, it allows you to save your keyword list to return to it whenever you need.

So, you don’t need to do the search again. Search history keeps all your searches which can also be very helpful in some cases.

Another great feature of Jaaxy tool is that it allows you to do keyword research through alphabet soup technique.

That means if your targeted keyword is “make money online”, you then enter “make money online” phrase into the Jaaxy search box and add “a” letter and it will give you a few options of keyword phrases you may want to write about.

Then, you can repeat the process and add “b” letter and so on. So, Jaaxy allows you to find unlimited number of keywords that you can use to create content for your website. Remember, more keywords means more traffic.





The best part of Jaaxy

The most important and impressive part of Jaaxy is that it gives you info on metrics you can easily understand and the data, such as monthly searches for specific keyword and its competition which is extremely important before creating content.

Because without those metrics you don’t know what to write about or if it makes any sense to write on specific topic or not.

Many keyword tools don’t provide the exact info or it’s very approximate and you can’t create content spending your efforts that will finally result in no traffic at all.

Though Jaaxy is not perfect too, but when it comes to providing CRITICAL data, such as monthly searches, estimated traffic or QSR (competition) for specific keyword, it provides the best data possible, very close to actual search results.

I personally don’t know any other keyword tool that could be as good as Jaaxy though it’s not perfect too.




Once you know what keyword you need, you enter it into Jaaxy search box and hit enter. Once you have search results, you need to look at 4 metrics

  • Monthly searches
  • Estimated traffic
  • QSR
  • KQI

Monthly searches metric shows you how many people search for the term each month. The more traffic the term has the better for you because it means that the term is very popular.

Estimated traffic metric shows you how much traffic, i.e. unique visitors you can expect from the term if you can get your page ranked on the frst page of Google search results.

QSR (quoted search reults) metric shows you real competition for the term. When you choose a keyword to write your content around, you should always look at this metric because it’s extremely critical metric. Always choose one that is under 300 because it has a good chance for getting high rankings. QSR under 200 is much better and there is a high chance of getting top rankings.

KQI metric (keyword quality indicator) – green circle means it’s an excellent keyword, yellow means it’s not bad and red one is not good. You should always focus on green one because there is a high chance that you will be able to get top rankings for the term.

As I know, Jaaxy is the only keyword tool that provides data such as QSR and KQI which makes it stand out amongst all other keyword tools available on the web.


Do you still need Google search if you use Jaaxy?

Yes, you still need to use Google search to make sure that your chosen keyword is exactly what you should focus on before creating content for your website. I would even say that it’s very important and I will explain why.

When you get competition data, i.e. the number of competing pages through Jaaxy, you can be 100% sure that this data is correct. But you still need to check your keyword manually through Google search.

Once you have got the data from Jaaxy, you go to Google and enter your keyword in the search box.

Once Google has given you search results, you need to manually check all sites that are ranked on the first pages on Google to make sure that there is a room for your site too.




If you see sites that are ranked for your chosen keyword and among those sites some are not authority sites or they don’t exactly match your chosen keyword then there is a good chance that you can outrank them. Or you can write more content on the topic and outrank them.

For example, if they have 1500 words in their articles you can write 2000 or 2500 and I’m sure you will outrank them. It doesn’t work with 100% accuracy, but in many cases I can outrank even older sites.

That’s why, don’t forget to use Google search after completing your search through Jaaxy keyword tool.


Jaaxy or WA keyword tool?

I know of this tool because I’m a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate since 2013 – # 1 online business community that teaches folks how to build a successful online business.

They have the best training, tools and 24/7 support and actually this program has helped many people start making money online and quit their jobs.

They have a keyword tool that is almost the same like Jaaxy and since I’m a member of this program I use that keyword available to the members. If you want to learn how to make money online the honest and legit way, Wealthy Affiliate is a real deal and once you are inside the members area you don’t need Jaaxy anymore.

But if you don’t plan to join this program then I highly recommend you to try Jaaxy. Anyway, you can try Jaaxy for free before you make your final decision. And you can also try Wealthy Affiliate within 7–10 days.



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  1. JP says:

    I loved this Jaaxy review. I’ve been using this keyword research tool for about two months now, and with a pretty new site, I’ve noticed that some of my posts in which my keywords have been used are ranking on some of the pages in google. Keep up the good work with these posts!

    • Rufat says:

      Jaaxy can definitely help you get rankings much faster. It provides an exact data on rankings and if you use it properly you can improve your site rankings and the traffic. It helps me a lot too and I see improvement in my site traffic.

  2. Derek Marshall says:

    Hi Rufat,

    Excellent review. I must admit I have tried Jaaxy as a keyword research tool, pretty good and very easy to use. Defo my gave so far. I am trialing other before I actually but one. Long Tail pro is said to be awesome also as is word tracker, the longest running SEO keyword research tool out there. Jaaxy so far is the easiest to understand and use, not too expensive but I am not fan of subscription based services, rather just buy the app or software out right (as is the option with longtail pro)

    • Rufat says:

      I understand you Derek. In fact, you can choose any keyword tool that offers you options you need to look at in your work. What matters is what you will do with these keywords. That’s important I think. Of course, there are other keyword tools available online such as Long Tail pro and it has been around for several years now. Just I got used to Jaaxy and it offers me what I need in my work. When it comes to the price of Jaaxy, you are right, the price is pretty affordable, but there is a subscription monthly fee which may be not affordable for everyone. If you feel you get from Long Tail Pro exactly what you need then that’s ok. But I prefer using Jaaxy. I have never used one you mention and I don’t know how precise the data it gives you. As for the Jaaxy, the data is not perfect, but very close to actual results.

  3. Adeel says:

    Jaxxy is definitely one of the best keyword search. Jaxxy provide exact keyword search result and it’s really helpful for our content and bring tons of traffic to blog or website. Traffic is important in online business because without traffic we have nothing and for traffic we really need a best keyword. Thanks for giving a great review on jaxxy. Keep it up!

    • Rufat says:

      I can agree with you and disagree at the same time. It’s true that if you use Jaaxy you can get a very good chance to get your content top ranked in search engines and get a massive traffic. But not everyone who uses this or any other keyword tool can get the results they expect. It’s the combination of using Jaaxy and writing quality content that gives you top rankings and possibility of getting a massive traffic. That’s why everyone’s experience is different and there is no way to guarantee anything in that sense. But anyway, it’s simply impossible to do move forward without such a keyword tool as Jaaxy in order not to be blind. With Jaaxy there is a good chance that you can get a good amount of traffic and if you work hard I believe success will come.

  4. CarlM says:

    Thank you for this information. There are so many of these keyword research tools out there and very difficult to decide which one to use for the best. I also use Jaaxy and can honestly say in my opinion that it is quite possibly the best one in the world to use. Do you think it’s the best keyword tool?

    • Rufat says:

      You are right, there various keyword tools out there and and it’s going to be a matter of time only before you find the right tool. It’s good to know that you are using Jaaxy keyword tool too and I guess you enjoy it. It helped me a lot and I was able to find many good keywords and got my content ranked under these keywords. And yes, I think it’s one of the best tools available on the market because it provides a free access, there is a good support, and the price is affordable. The keyword research process is very simplified and the info Jaaxy provides is very close to reality, especially when it comes to competition data and monthly searches. There are certainly other tools available on the market, but for me Jaaxy is the best one.

  5. Anders says:

    Hello Rufat

    Great Review of Jaaxy. I’ve been looking for ways to optimize my SEO to generate more traffic to my website, and one of them is of course through improved use of keywords. And Jaaxy definitely looks like a great tool which can help me in the right direction.

    • Rufat says:

      Yes, I think Jaaxy is the right tool for you and you can increase your website traffic significantly. It will allow you to find many various low competition keywords to rank for. But it will take some time before your content will get ranked. And also I recommend you to create as more content as possible because of traffic fluctuation. The more targeted content you create the more chances that some of your content will get ranked in top 20. Remember that even Google’s second page gives you the traffic. And also when choosing a keyword to rank for try to aim at QSR under 150 or even less if your site is new.

  6. Cathy says:

    Hi Rufat,

    I struggled with keywords when I first started. Coming up with human sense keywords is one thing, finding out that all these keywords have high competition is another. The thing I like about Jaaxy is that it is able to pull up similar long tail keywords with low competition that sounds absolutely superb. If I still get stuck, I’ll head to the brainstorm area and more often than not, I could get some really good keywords to help me write high quality content.

    Besides, it’s easy to use for a non web-savvy person like me. So, 5 stars for it! 🙂

    • Rufat says:

      I understand you very well Cathy. It’s really like a struggling when you don’t know how to find a keyword because without proper research it doesn’t make a sense to write content. Keywords are the premise of search engine rankings and that’s why we must do a proper keyword research prior to writing. I agree that competition is an extremely important metric to keep in mind because without that metric you have no any idea which keyword to focus on. And Jaaxy is really awesome tool that can give you unlimited number of ideas on long tail keywords, which is another great option to get ideas for writing content. I really can’t imagine how one can do a proper keyword research without Jaaxy and that’s why I recommend it whenever I can.

  7. Jeremy says:

    Hi Rufat,
    This is a very informative page! I use Jaaxy myself and out of all the keyword tools I have tried, it has proven to be the most successful and precise one to date. Starting an online business can be tough and is a lot of hard work. Although, understanding keywords and having a proper keyword tool can expedite that process. The best part of all, Jaaxy is completely free for the first 30 keyword searches. What better way to test out the most up to date keyword tool on the market than to personally try it out for free? Going pro with Jaaxy is totally worth it once you understand the concept of using keywords! Great informative page. I’ll continue to come back here for more information.


    • Rufat says:

      I agree Jeremy that Jaaxy is really very precise keyword tool, though it’s not perfect too. But it’s one of the best tools that I know and use all the time. As you mention it exactly, if someone is starting an online business, it’s almost impossible to do without a keyword tool and the more precise it’s the more success you can achieve in your online business. And it can really expedite the process of growing your business. And I agree that the best part of Jaaxy is that you can do 30 searches absolutely for free. I think going pro with Jaaxy is well worth the price you pay for it. I personally use WA keyword tool which is almost the same as Jaaxy because I’m a premium member of WA, but anyone who is not a WA member, I honestly recommend using Jaaxy.

  8. Hello Rufat. I appreciate the explanation about Jaaxy. As you pointed out, these metrics that Jaaxy allows you to read are just critical. When you are starting out, you get confused, you want to get the most traffic, so you go after the keywords that have the most searches. The problem is that it is almost impossible to rank there when you are starting. So as you mentioned, and I agree, it is a lot better to go after the ones with QSR less than 300. This metric is essential to your success and Jaaxy makes it easy to find those special keywords. Thanks for the post, I needed to understand Jaaxy. I will give it a try! Dorian

    • Rufat says:

      Thank you Dorian for stopping by and leaving a comment on my Jaaxy review. I really appreciate that. You are right. The metrics Jaaxy provides users are really critical because most people when starting out online, are desperate to achieve success and this leads them to wrong actions. They try to rank under highly competitive keywords to get the most traffic without realizing the fact that it’s impossible to outrank old sites that have already gained some authority in search engines. And then, those people quit. The only way is through ranking under low competition keywords with QSR under 300 or even under 200 which is perfect in most cases. I do that and I whenever I write my new post, most of the time I find it on the first or second page of Google which is very good for a young website. Search engine game is hard and very competitive and it takes time to get an authority in search engines and Jaaxy can help in that.

  9. Rufat says:

    Thank you John for your comment. I’m glad to know that you are using Jaaxy because it’s really an awesome tool and I’m of course using it too. To be honest, I don’t see much difference between WA keyword tool and Jaaxy.

    They are both great at finding the best keywords. WA tool provides all necessary info, such as monthly searches, estimated traffic and competition, which is absolutely enough to to understand keyword nature.

    The only difference is that Jaaxy provides KQI metric ( Keyword quality indicator) that marks a keyword with read, yellow or green circle, where green means that the keyword is perfect in terms of getting top rankings. In that sense Jaaxy is easier to use for newbies or if they are not members of WA community.

    That’s why I totally agree that Jaaxy and WA keyword tool are the best on the market and highly recommended to anyone looking for a keyword tool they can rely on.

  10. John says:

    Excellent review Rufat, very insightful!
    I use Jaaxy myself and I have found it a truly awesome tool.
    I must admit that as a Wealthy Affiliate member, although I find their keyword tool very useful, and better than a lot on the market, I always find myself going back to Jaaxy as I find it to be more precise.
    Keep up the great work!


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