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Project 24


Quality of the Program











Product name: Project 24


Price: 1 year for $449 then $199 / year

Owners: Jim Harmer and Ricky Kesler

Overall rank: 9 out of 10



Income School is among my highly recommended schools and definitely in my top recommended online schools for affiliate marketing.

I’ve been following these guys on their YouTube channel for some time.

I came across their channel a couple months ago to be honest though they have been in the business since 2014.

They caught my attention right away because I’ve been making money myself since 2015.

So, I know how it works and I know who is honest and who is lying. These guys are honest and know very well what they are talking about.

They launched Project 24 program and already updated it a few times.

Their main goal is to help people build a successful online business and quit their regular jobs.

Jim and Ricky do really provide a ton of value not only through their paid course but through their youtube channel too.

The question is: Is 24 Project by Income School worth your money? Let’s find it out.



Proof of My Purchase:









Short review of the Project 24 by Income School


Project 24 teaches and shows you exactly how to build a niche site from scratch and turn it into profit with 24 months.

It can be faster than 24 months but 24 months is the maximum wait time provided you follow the training and take action on it.

I don’t know the exact success rate at Income School but I know exactly what Jim Harmer and Ricky Kesler teach works 100%.

Though they don’t give any guarantee of success.





Pros of Project 24 by Income School


  • Step by step training
  • Awesome support
  • Lifetime updates included
  • Private coaching available
  • You can contact Jim and Ricky
  • Highly positive rating



Cons of Project 24 by Income School


  • Price of Project 24 is not cheap
  • Private coaching is expensive
  • Effort and patience required








Project 24 research and review


Project 24 is one of the best trainings on the internet I’ve come across so far.

I watched most of Income School’s youtube videos and based on my personal experience in affiliate marketing since 2014 I can tell you these guys are awesome.

They really provide an excellent training on affiliate marketing. A quick research on Google will prove my statement. They have 99% positive rating online.

I don’t know anyone who would be unhappy with their program. I haven’t bought Project 24 yet but I do plan to buy it very soon.

I’m not in a hurry to buy it because I know what it is about. I know how it works and what to expect from it.

I just want to learn some useful strategies from these two awesome affiliate marketers.

In fact, if you watch at least half of their youtube videos you will know what their Project 24 is about.


project 24 training


For me this would be enough but for anyone with zero or little experience in affiliate marketing buying Project 24 is highly recommended.

In fact, Project 24 is a compilation of their youtube videos but packed in one place with some more advanced strategies and support.

Ok, let’s see what Project 24 is about. It consists of the following training videos:


  • 60 Steps to a successful site
  • Search analysis
  • Picking Profitable Niches
  • No Non-Sense SEO
  • Web Traffic Snowball
  • Email Marketing 101
  • Mythbusting
  • Hire and Train Writers
  • Photography start
  • Reviewing your site
  • Improve and Speed Up Your Writing
  • Monetize Your Site With Ads
  • The Success Mindset


60 Steps to a successful site – In this module you will learn how to build a successful niche website from scratch. This is the longest module that includes 60 steps that you need to not only watch and read but complete all those 60 septs to your best. Your success depends on how you well you are going to complete all these 60 steps. You can create one or more site but starting with one website is highly recommended.


60 steps module includes different topics, such as:


  • Choosing a niche site
  • Installing and setting up a WordPress site
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Keyword research
  • How to write articles that get traffic
  • Create helpful resource pages
  • Promoting your site (YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook)
  • Recording YouTube videos
  • Monetizing your site
  • Setting up Amazon associates account
  • And more


income school features


Search analysis – In this module you will learn how to choose topics for your articles. This module is critical for your business. If you choose wrong topics you can ruin reputation of your website from the very beginning. This means you will not get any traffic from Google. Or even if you get it will very low, probably a few visitors a day. This means your business will fail from scratch.


Picking Profitable Niches – You will learn how to find profitable niches for your business. Some niches may be good in terms of traffic but not so good in terms of profit. You will learn how to pick the right niche.


No Nonsense SEO – In this module you will learn how to write articles that Google will pick and rank in top search results without any backlinks or even keyword tools. In fact, this is going to be a fundamental part of your affiliate business online. Because if you do SEO properly you can get thousands of visitors every single day to your website. This means a solid income in your pocket.


Web Traffic Snowball – You will learn how to not waste your time on social media and still get traffic to your website.


Email Marketing 101 – Of course, there is no solid course that doesn’t teach email marketing and Project 24 does it correctly without being spamming folks. Jim and Ricky explain very well how set up and run email campaigns properly.


Mythbusting – The module is about KGR ( Keyword Golden Ratio). It is about finding keywords that have low competition and are easy to rank for. Does it work? Hard to say yes or no. There are two groups of experts saying yes and no. In this module you will learn what Jim and Ricky think about it.


Hire and Train Writers – In this module Jim and Ricky are talking about outsourcing the work. Though they teach and recommend to create content by yourself on some point you will need to hire writer for your business. This is exactly what Jim and Ricky teach you. They also teach how to train writers so they create content you need.


Photography start – This module is also very important. It teaches how pro create photos, images for your website. It will improve your trust rate significantly.


Reviewing your site – This is a kind of feedback feature. Jim and Ricky review sites of Project 24 members and explain why one or the other website fails to get traffic or set up monetization properly. It’s a highly valuable feature that can help you determine what to do before moving forward or save your entire business from failure.


Improve and Speed Up Your Writing – In this module they teach you in a structured way how to write posts for your website faster than you are doing it now. Each part of the post creation is well explained.


Monetize Your Site With Ads – In this module they explain how to monetize your website with ads, such as Adsense, when to start monetization. Because starting it too early can hurt your business. First is creating helpful and valuable website and second is the monetization.


The Success Mindset – This is a motivational video that explains how to have a right mindset to achieve success in your affiliate business. The idea is: Never give up on your dreams. Just make it happen because it’s in your hands.




Advanced tips for Project 24 members


Project 24 also offers a Podcast sign up that includes info on very valuable and helpful topics.


project 24 podcast


This info includes case studies of successful sites, how to monetize an existing website that fails to make money and many other tips available only to premium members.

Thanks to this podcast you’ll learn the latest SEO, marketing, and monetization methods from Income School.



Tools recommended by Income School


On their website Jim and Ricky show what kind of tools they use in their affiliate business. They are not trying to sell those tools at all.


income school tools


They just show what tools they use so you can decide which one to choose for your business if you want.


  • Monetize with ads
  • Web hosting
  • Stock images
  • Outsourcing writing
  • Youtube tools
  • WordPress themes
  • WordPress plugins
  • Email list provider
  • Podcast setups


In the members area you also get access to 350 niche site ideas, an infographic that will remind you what to do when creating content for your website and Income School plugin that will help you set up your affiliate links properly for all Amazon stores.

In the members area they have Project 24 milestones Earned section where everyone can submit their success and it will be shown on the map.

There are certain milestones, such as

  • Pizza day – Your first $5 earned
  • $100 per month
  • $500 per month
  • $1,000 per month
  • Full-time income

project 24 milestone


This serves as a great motivation for other members of Income School in my opinion.



How exactly Jim and Ricky teach to create a successful niche website?


Their approach is very interesting and unique in my opinion. I can’t say it’s the only strategy that works but it’s very effective.

They explain how to create content, what type of content, what type of titles to write for your articles because all this makes your site either successful or a total failure.

Breakthrough point can be achieved after completing the following steps as described below. You need to write:


  • 10 Response Articles (1200 – 1500 words long)
  • 10 Staple Posts – Social shareable Articles ( 1200 – 1500 words long )
  • 10 Pillar Articles (3500-4000 words long)


In their opinion, if you follow this content structure your website will get noticed by Google which means a ton of free targeted traffic to your website.

In my opinion, this approach is correct and your chances for success will be much higher.

Because your success depends on the type of content you produce for your website. Though following this content structure doesn’t guarantee your success.

In fact, this guarantee comes from Jim and Ricky themselves.

Jim and Ricky also teach how to use Youtube to attract traffic to your business, Google Adsense program and create your own info products.

Having info product is the real money maker. BTW, creating info product is not that hard.

If you have an expertise in a certain field you can create a kind of course for beginners or advanced students.



Private coaching by Income School: How much does it cost and is it really worth your money?


Jim and Ricky offer two types of private coaching:

  • Standard coaching call – $599
  • Premium coaching call – $899




Standard coaching includes 45-minute Skype video call during which you can discuss your website/s.

They will do an in-depth review of your site/s to help you understand reasons of failure and to determine new ways how to improve your business.

Premium coaching includes all the same but video call duration is 1 hour.

As you may know, private coaching is never cheap and Income School is not an exception.

Though I totally understand Jim and Ricky though can’t totally agree with their prices.

I think if you have been working on your site for a year or so and can’t get solid results you better pay for Project 24 and get the education you need instead of paying for 1 hour of private coaching.

Without education you will not understand their recommendations.

If you followed the course and applied everything correctly and still can’t get good results I doubt private coaching will help.

As a member of Project 24 you can watch reviews of other niche sites and determine what you are doing wrong and possibly improve your business.



What I like about Project 24 by Income School


  • Step by step training
  • Awesome support
  • Lifetime updates included
  • Private coaching available
  • You can contact Jim and Ricky
  • Highly positive rating



What I don’t like about Project 24 by Income School


  • Price of Project 24 is not cheap
  • Private coaching is expensive
  • Effort and patience required




What is Income School refund policy?


Unfortunately, Jim and Ricky don’t provide any refund and I agree with their policy. Because they clearly explain what you are going to purchase.

The name of their program itself clearly says: “Project 24” which means on average you need to work up to 2 years to get desired results.

They don’t promise overnight success. Instead they created an awesome training on affiliate marketing to help you build a successful online business.

On top of that many people tend to buy program, use it and then ask for refund. It’s not fair. I agree with their refund policy.



Is Project 24 for Advanced internet marketers?


Yes, it is both for beginners and advanced internet marketers.

Anyone can buy Project 24 to build a new business from scratch or use training to recover their failed business.

You can learn From Jim and Ricky a lot of new strategies and apply to your existing business.

Especially, they have a vast experience in SEO.



Does buying Project 24 guarantee your success?


No, in no way. There is no guarantee of success here.

Over the years I’ve never come across an ethical program that would give any guarantees of success to anyone.

No one can guarantee your success.



What is Project 24 price policy?


When you first join Income School you have to pay $449.

After that all consecutive years you will be paying $199 IF you decide to stay as a member of Income School. Is this fair? Yes, because this includes:

Lifetime updates in SEO and MMO industry Support in various forms Great source of motivation



When can I expect my first profit?


You must understand that Project 24 is a long term investment.

There is push button software here and you will be doing your work for months before you start seeing traffic and income in your bank account.

You will be blogging and blogging before ANY results. Some members earn their $5 after 5,6 months of hard work.

Some members start making $1.000 by the end of 12 months. So, there is no an exact time frame here.

24 months is the maximum time frame for solid results. If you don’t get results after 24 months you probably do something wrong.



Can I get support from Jim and Ricky?


Yes, there is a kind of forum inside Income School where you can ask any question and get support from other members and even from Jim and Ricky.


Project 24-Income-School support


Unfortunately, there is no live chat feature. Jim and Ricky are very helpful and active within the community.



Does Project 24 teach link building?


No, Jim and Ricky don’t believe in link building. I can agree and disagree with them on this point.

On the one hand, the only thing that Google cares about is high quality content.

But over the years I’ve seen sites with poor content and a bunch of backlinks outranking other sites with high quality content.

It’s not secret that Google sometimes breaks its own rules for unknown reasons.



Do Jim and Ricky show any proof of their success?


Yes, they actually show some of their successful sites:


I think this list alone is enough to prove that what they teach others works. BTW, here is the full list of their sites:

I don’t know hoe many sites they own but at least this list shows that they proved their strategy 7 times by building 7 successful website in a row.



Is Project 24 a pricey course?


No, I don’t think it’s pricey. The value you get is worth the price. You must understand that you can’t build a business for $20 course.

The amount of money you can earn online by implementing what Jim and Ricky teach is WAY more than you pay for the course.



Do I need to pay for Project 24 course or I can get all the info for free?


This is a well structured and systemized course that shows you everything step-by-step. Most of this info can’t be found online.

If you watch Income School free youtube videos you can learn a lot of things from Jim and Ricky but it still can’t replace Project 24 course.

It’s a highly recommended course.



Can Project 24 course help me quit my job?


They teach you build an authority site and a small niche website to replace your main income. But this will happen most likely in 24 months.

Though it’s not a rule. Some people do it in 12 months. It really depends on many factors, such as your learning skill, your niche, keyword and topic research.



Can I trust Jim and Ricky from Income School?


Yes, these two guys have been online since 2014 and their trust rating is very high.

If you watch a couple of their youtube videos you will see that they are very transparent and honest people.

So far I didn’t find any serious complaint against Income School or their program Project 24.



Is Project 24 up-to-date course?


Yes. It’s being updated each and every month and week. That’s why it’s important to stay in the community and pay $199 per year to Income School.

It will pay off in many ways. Recently they added some new modules, such as

  • New approach to ad monetization
  • Bonus episodes to Project 24
  • 2019 changes in the industry
  • List of recommended content writers
  • Success mindset
  • Tracking members milestones



Is Project 24 by Income School worth your money?


Yes, I think it’s worth every penny you plan to spend. Jim and Ricky teach you everything you need to know about building a website, creating content, driving traffic to your website, monetizing your website though multiple ways.

But they don’t guarantee your success. Because success is a combination of several factors, such as learning the material and taking practical steps.

Though it looks pretty simple everyone’s results are different. Because the way we learn and put what we learn into practice is different too.

Someone can do it better than others which bring better results too.

Anyway, I believe Project 24 is worth your money IF you follow it and take a continuous action.

If you quit after 2,3 months then I believe this program is not for you.





About the Author:

My name is Adam. I'm the founder of Your Income Advisor. My goal is to help others succeed online, by exposing scams and reviewing top rated products. I can help you start your own business online

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  1. Shannon says:

    I ran across Income School’s Project 24 not too long ago as I was researching. The program Jim and Ricky have created sounds absolutely fantastic, not to mention they have the data and sites to back up all their claims. I have subscribed to their YouTube channel and have watched a couple videos so far. Even these free videos offer quite a bit of value in my opinion.

    I would love to become a member and learn all their insider secrets to building a successful niche site but the price tag for the initial annual membership is a little high for me at the moment. I definitely plan on making the investment in the future, especially since everything I’ve heard and read about Project 24 has been amazing. Thanks so much for exploring their program further.

    I will bookmark your site and return for more great tips and advice. Thanks again!

    • Rufat says:

      Yes, the most important aspect of their program is that they don’t theory alone. They actually back up their claims. It’s really important. They show only what works at the moment. They don’t teach old strategies that don’t work. And you are right. Their channel is impressive and delivers a ton of value. Their Project 24 is worth every penny you spend.

  2. Stella says:

    As a beginner in online business, this is the first time I will hearing about project 24. It is so fascinating  seeing that thry have many offers similar to  the affiliate marketing platform I knew about. Just that their price is a bit exorbitant. Am more interested in their ranking aspect. You said, project 24 have a very strong SEO tool which can enable the users website to rank high on Google trend without having to depend on keywords tools, how true is that? I need to do more research on that. However, your recommendation and ranking is enough to convince one to check it out .I like the fact that they offer private coaching and their founder are easy to access. 24 month success is a long journey and look like a promise of which if not met can cause heart breaking. With what they offer, am very sure when their training is followed properly and practicalise with optimum commitment, best results are guarantee even before the the 24th months.

    • Rufat says:

      The SEO module is really amazing. Myself after years of experience I still learned a lot of new things from Jim and Ricky. I didn’t say Project 24 offers a tool that will speed up your rankings. There is no such a tool. They just teach how you can use Google search box to find related keywords through alphabet soup technique. If you follow Project 24 I believe you can get some good results. Though their training is good and highly recommended they don’t give any guarantees.

  3. Martin Burt says:

    I have been following Income school on their Youtube channel too. They are obviously doing a great job of marketing on YT. I have heard them mention project 24 but never looked any further. It was great to get an insider to account for what they have to offer. Although the price is quite steep I can see from your review that there is plenty of great training for your money. I noticed also that they say 24 months is a good amount of time it could take to become successful which I totally agree with. How long have you been a member? 

    • Rufat says:

      Yes, you can learn a lot of new things from Jim and Ricky. They offer a great value for your money. The amount of time is realistic too. No empty promises or big claims.

  4. Matthew says:

    Project 24 sounds amazing but it is way overpriced for my liking! I know you get all that training and it is certainly cheaper than paying to go to university but I’m struggling financially at the moment so there’s no way I could afford Project 24

    Is there some kind of payment plan that they do where I could spread the cost out over a year as I think I could certainly benefit from Project 24?

    • Rufat says:

      I can’t say it’s overpriced. The only thing that comes a little pricey is their private coaching program. But they dedicate their time to help you and analyze your failing business. I think it’s worth the money. But I agree it’s a little pricey. Their payment plan is what described above. For other details you can contact them via their website.

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