Income School vs Wealthy Affiliate. Who is the Winner?

July 9, 2019 6 Comments


wealthy affiliate vs income school


I recently wrote my review about Income School’s Project 24 and now I want to compare two programs to see which one is better, Wealthy Affiliate or Income School.

Because both programs are 100% legit and I like their approach to teaching people how to build an online business from scratch.

Both programs have many success stories to prove that what they teach others works. Of course, everyone gets different results.

Both programs don’t give any guarantees of success.

Both programs provide a ton of value and in this review I’m going to show you what they offer and which program to choose.





First of all, let’s start with a membership plan. Wealthy Affiliate allows you to start with a free account and try the program within 7 days.

After 7 days you will not get any support and lose your ability to private chat with other members.

But during this 7 days you can watch 10 free lessons to understand how internet marketing works. You can build two free websites.

You can ask unlimited number of questions within that time too. You can even take advantage of free lessons created by other members after 7 days.

So, the amount of value you get from Wealthy Affiliate as a free member is not HUGE but it’s very solid for beginners.

When it comes to Income School, unfortunately, they don’t offer such an opportunity as to create a free account.

You have to pay to become a member to Income School. But they have an amazing youtube channel and provide a ton of value to people.

Just by watching their free youtube videos you can learn a lot if things.

I watched many of their videos and myself learned a lot of new things though I’ve been making money online since 2014.

By this I mean that you can benefit from both programs as a free member but in different ways.

Though the value you can get a little more value from Wealthy Affiliate than from Income School.




Wealthy Affiliate and Income School have different price plans. As a member of Wealthy Affiliate you pay $19 for your first month and then $49 per month.

This comes to $558 yearly. You can also choose other price plans suitable for you. You can choose to pay $234 for 6 months.

In this case each month will cost you only $39. Or you can choose to pay $359 for the whole year. In that case each month will cost you $29.

Finally, if you pay on a Black Friday you will pay only $299 per year which comes to $24.91 per month.

Everything is included in this price for you as a member of Wealthy Affiliate, training, support, tools, web-hosting, live webinars, live chat and more.

The only thing you have to pay for is the domain name for your website which will cost you $14 per year.

When it comes to Income School their Jim and Ricky don’t include everything in this price.

The membership price at Income School is $449 per year and then $199 per year after that.

Let’s do some comparison of 5 consecutive years at Wealthy Affiliate and Income School.

5 years at Wealthy Affiliate: First year $359 and then $299 (Black Friday deal) each year after that. This comes to $1,555.

5 years at Income School: $449 first year and then $199 after that. This comes to 1,245.

This means five consecutive years at Income School is cheaper than 5 years at Wealthy Affiliate.

But you get cheaper deal only if you take advantage of Income School standard package ONLY.

If you decide to pay for their private coaching package then it will cost you a lot more. Income School offers two private coaching packages:

  • Standard coaching call – $599
  • Premium coaching call – $899

They also offer an Immersion Program that will cost you another $2,750. So, if you don’t pay for all those packages then Income School’s deal is cheaper.

But at Wealthy Affiliate you get all tools included, such as SiteBuilder, SiteComments, SiteFeedback, Live chat, Web-hosting, keyword research tool, affiliate programs database.

Income School doesn’t provide all these tools.

That’s why in terms of standard package price Wealthy Affiliate may charge you a little more but they give you more too.





Training is an essential part of any program that teaches people how to make money online.

So, I’m going to do some in-depth research and share some of my thoughts about Wealthy Affiliate and Project 24 by Income School.

Both programs deliver a lot of value through their training courses and anyone wanting to learn how to make money online wouldn’t be disappointed if they join one of these two programs.

Both programs teach everything step-by-step. They teach SEO, email marketing, video marketing, social marketing, everything related to wordpress, finding profitable niches and more.

The only difference is that Income School’s training about monetizing your site with ads is a little more advanced than at Wealthy Affiliate.

I like that Income School’s training on ads is more advanced because many people underestimate this method though it can make you a solid income online.

The part of the certification course related to creating content at Wealthy Affiliate and Income School is awesome and shows you everything step-by-step.

In fact, content creating is a fundamental part of your online business. If you know how to create it the right way you can get awesome results.

If you don’t know how to create it the right way you may be writing for months and getting zero traffic from Google.

Honestly speaking, I don’t know the exact statistics of success rate among students at Wealthy Affiliate and Income School.

But I do know that they have many success stories. This proves what they teach works.

Jim and Ricky from Income School provide proof of their success through many successful niche websites created by them and they do it consistently.

Wealthy Affiliate does it too through niche case studies. But those sites are brand new with only couple of them actually making money.

Income School shows established sites making thousands of dollars per month.

Both programs are doing it very well but in my opinion, Income School does it a little better.

As I said, content creation is an essential part of your online success. You must know how to create content.

Writing reviews doesn’t work as well as it used to work a few years ago. You need a little different approach and Income School does it very well.

They explain exactly how to create content, what type of content to create and how to structure it in a way that will get you high rankings on Google.

Again, as I said above, I don’t know success rate but both programs are doing very well.

In my opinion, Income School’s approach to creating content is a little more advanced, unique and up-to-date though it doesn’t 100% prove that their strategy works better than what teaches Wealthy Affiliate.

At Wealthy Affiliate you get access to weekly live webinars where you can learn advanced tips for your online business.

Tips are related to everything you can think of. SEO, WordPress, keyword research, niche research, social marketing, video marketing, email marketing, content creation, landing pages, Facebook ads, Conversions and sales.

At Income School you get access only to exclusive Project 24 podcast that delivers a lot of valuable info and case studies.

In my opinion, live webinars is more engaging experience than podcast.

But Jim and Ricky compensate it through their awesome YouTube channel that delivers a ton of valuable info.





Support is fantastic at both communities though wealthy Affiliate is more advanced in that respect.

At Wealthy Affiliate you can get support through forum, private message and live chat.

At Income School you can get support through email and forum only.

Though both programs provide timely support I think support at Wealthy Affiliate is more advanced.

You can get help via private message which is great and live chat which is fantastic.

Almost every day Kyle or Carson (founders of WA) join chat and actively help members.




At Wealthy Affiliate you get all required tools for your online business. You get the following tools:

  • Website builder
  • Web-hosting
  • Keyword research tool
  • SiteFeedback
  • SiteContent
  • SiteSupport
  • SiteComments
  • Live chat
  • Affiliate programs database
  • Live weekly webinars with Q&A sessions

All this is included in your yearly membership price at Wealthy Affiliate.

At Income School you get only SiteFeedback and Project 24 podcast.

I think in this respect Wealthy Affiliate 100% outperforms Income School.




Private coaching

Officially there is no such thing as private coaching at Wealthy Affiliate. But you can get get help privately via a private message.

You can send a private message to Kyle, Carson or other members. The kind of support you can get from Kyle or Carson is not fantastic though it’s not bad.

Because they are super busy and can’t help everyone at Wealthy Affiliate.

Though you can get some valuable tips from them. But you can send a private message to other members.

Some of them are experienced affiliate marketers and can give you some advanced tips and help you with your business if you get stuck at some point.

Also, you get your website reviewed by Jay through “Summer Hot Seat: Have Your Website Reviewed by Jay” webinar.

It’s good though not fantastic because during this hot seat that lasts 1 hour Jay reviews up to 10 sites which means he can’t dedicate all of his time to you.

My overall opinion in respect to private coaching at Wealthy Affiliate is very positive though it’s not fantastic. All this is again included in your membership price.

At Income School you can get private coaching help through their official private coaching program that offers tow packages:

  • Standard coaching call (45-minute Skype video call) – $599
  • Premium coaching call (1-hour Skype video call) – $899
  • Immersion Program (4 days) – $2,750

This private coaching program at Income School is optional. Maybe if you follow Project 24 training you will not need to pay for private coaching at all.

In case you fail with your business you get a chance to get support from Jim and Ricky themselves.

It’s not cheap and there is no guarantee that you will achieve success after private coaching session.

But maybe this 1-hour call or 4 days active work with Jim and Ricky will change your life. Who knows?

Anyway the fact that they offer such private coaching opportunity is positive and can be life changing for someone though it’s expensive.


Wealthy Affiliate 

Training – 8 out of 10

Support – 9 out of 10

Private coaching – 7 out of 10

Price – 9 out of 10

Tools – 9 out of 10

Memberships – 9 out of 10

Overall score: 8 9 7 9 9 9 = 8,4




Income School 

Training – 9 out of 10

Support – 8 out of 10

Private coaching – 9 out of 10

Price – 7 out of 10

Tools – 6 out of 10

Memberships – 6 out of 10

Overall score: 9 8 9 7 6 6 = 8,3



About the Author:

My name is Adam. I'm the founder of Your Income Advisor. My goal is to help others succeed online, by exposing scams and reviewing top rated products. I can help you start your own business online

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  1. Nuttanee says:

    Thank you for doing a great job in such an unbiased review between Wealthy Affiliate and Income school. I am currently a premium member at Wealthy Affiliate and always wonder if there is another better plat form out there, I am glad I made the right decision. I also took the advantage of paying the membership on black Friday so I am covered next year, I might take that deal again. I find the support team on WA is super efficient, they managed to fix my Adsense code problem earlier this month with in an hour! I also have a mentor in the community and we speak on a weekly basis. I think if you ask for help you will always get one. 

    I will have to check out the YouTube channel on Income School. I’d like to learn from different sources. In the mean time I will stay with WA.


    • Rufat says:

      No doubt, Wealthy Affiliate is a very helpful community and I’m myself a member of it. I highly recommend to check Income School’s youtube channel. They deliver a lot of value. It’s also recommended to learn from different sources. By doing so you expand your experience, knowledge and increase chances for success. In that respect Income School is very helpful. You can learn a lot of new things from Jim and Ricky.

  2. Aabidah Ahmed says:

    I would have mentioned that Wealthy Affiliate is the best, but I see some great opportunities at Income School as well that are somehow similar to Wealthy Affiliate.

    Wealthy Affiliate wins with the pricing though. The price options are way better and can save people a lot of money because of the offers they give you.

    What I don’t quite like about Income School is, you have to pay as soon as you sign up, but by WA, you sign up as a free member, so it’s free to build a website at WA.

    Thank you for the comparison between the 2 programs.

    All the best to you.

    • Rufat says:

      In fact, bot programs are great. Each community delivers its own value. Yes, WA wins in pricing policy and tools aspect. Training is good too. But I would recommend Income School’s training. It’s even better in some respects than WA training. Or I would say it’s a good addition to WA training. I would recommend both programs.

  3. Stratos K says:

    I don’t have much experience from Income School but for Wealthy Affiliate I can assure that it’s an amazing platform and although it may not be the cheapest when you consider how much value it has as a whole it’s really unbeatable. It’s a hosting service, writing tools, community, training and support all in one package and for me I could not ask for anything more. And if you get the Black Friday deal it’s crazy cheap for is on offer. Great review and a very good comparison you did. I enjoyed reading it very much.

    • Rufat says:

      I agree Stratos. It delivers a great value but in some aspects Jim and Ricky explain things better and it can help you understand things better which will bring to a success in your online business. They don’t provide as many tools as WA does though but the training is excellent and can help you understand what you are doing wrong and how to fix it.

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