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There are many reviews of Wealthy Affiliate on the web and each of them is unique because everyone describes this program based on their personal experience and knowledge.

To be honest, some reviews are a bit exaggerated and reviewers try to hype up the program. I’ve been a premium member of WA for almost 2 years now and I know this program inside out. I’m inside WA almost every day, reading blogs, watching webinars, helping folks, checking my affiliate account etc.

I know what Wealthy Affiliate is all about, how it works, I know many successful members, their websites, how they make money with WA. I have several reviews of WA, each from a different angle and in each review I tried to be realistic without any exaggeration.

The bottom line is this: WA is not a perfect program and there is no perfect program out there.

Like with any other program, there is always a room for improvement and the founders of Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle and Carson are continually working on making the program as good as possible and each improvement they do to the system is designed to help folks achieve their goals faster and easier.

Below is the list of my reviews with a brief introduction to each of them.


#1 Recommendation – How Wealthy Affiliate Helped Me Avoid Scams, Get Rich Quick Schemes and Start Making Money Online the Honest Way

In this review I explain why Wealthy Affiliate is my #1 program among other make money opportunities. I explain what WA is all about, describe the benefits of WA, who is Wealthy Affiliate for, how it can help you make money online.

Also, I created Wealthy Affiliate FAQ to help folks understand better what to expect from the program. Also, I give some info about WA training program, benefits of free membership, support my review with real success stories. Read full review of WA.


Does Wealthy Affiliate work? Wealthy Affiliate success stories

Though Wealthy Affiliate is legit and unquestionably reputable program on the web some people still want to know if WA really works and the reason is because they have been scammed in the past and now want to make sure that WA is not a waste of time and money.

In this review I explain exactly how you can be successful with this program and also provide enough info about WA successful members, their websites and share some info about my own website to prove that Wealthy Affiliate training really works. Read full review.



Wealthy Affiliate Complaints or are people really that happy with Wealthy Affiliate?

In this review I decided to write from a different perspective to find out if there are any complaints about Wealthy Affiliate out there. I think it’s an important topic because some people want to know how good the program really is before joining it because when you tell people that WA is perfect and there are no complaints it does look a bit unrealistic. Read full review.


How to make money with Wealthy Affiliate

In this review I explain how you can make money with Wealthy Affiliate, i.e. through affiliate marketing. I decided to write from this angle because some people who join WA ask this question though it’s well explained within WA training. I explain exactly how you can make money through a niche business or affiliate bootcamp training. Read full review.


Is Wealthy Affiliate legit or worth it?

Some people just want to get a simple yet informative and well-reasoned answer if Wealthy Affiliate is really legit and worth their time and money and in this short review I’m trying to prove that WA is unquestionably reputable and legit program and also I explain what is required from YOU in order to be happy with the program. Read full review.


Is Wealthy Affiliate as really great as it claims to be?

In this short review I’m trying to explain that there is no any hype around Wealthy Affiliate and it’s really one of the best programs out there thanks to a supreme support available to WA premium members. Support is the main factor of your success online. Read full review.


My reflections on Wealthy Affiliate

In this review I’m sharing some of my thoughts and experience that I believe will help you understand better what Wealthy Affiliate is all about. Read full review.


Wealthy Affiliate Guide – Your guide to internet marketing world

Some people who join Wealthy Affiliate get lost inside WA due to being new to the system. In this review I’m trying to explain how to take the advantage of WA tools, training and more. Read full review.

I hope at least one of my reviews will answer your questions and you will make your informed decision. If you still have some questions even after reading my reviews don’t hesitate to contact me and I will be happy to answer all your questions about Wealthy Affiliate. Or you can leave a comment below and I will respond shortly.


Wealthy Affiliate Benefits

In this article I describe all major benefits Wealthy Affiliate has to offer and explain why it’s different from many other money making programs. All these benefits contribute a lot to your success online and make you feel happy to be a part of this online business community. Read full article.


Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Deal

The best investment in your future. Take advantage of Wealthy Affiliate offer that can literally change your life IF you take action and start taking action. Wealthy Affiliate has everything you need to build a website and turn it into a money making machine.


Kyle, Wealthy Affiliate

In this article you will learn about Kyle and Carson and how they created Wealthy Affiliate community for people like you so you can achieve your online business goals.


Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership

In this article you will learn all you need to know about free membership at Wealthy Affiliate and how you can benefit from it.


Wealthy Affiliate Memberships ( Free and Premium)

In this article you will learn about all the benefits of being both free and premium member of Wealthy Affiliate online business community. You will know the difference between free and paid memberships.


Web-hosting at Wealthy Affiliate

In this article you will learn about hosting at Wealthy Affiliate and how it’s different from many other popular hosting platforms out there. Wealthy Affiliate is NOT just an educational platform. It’s also a powerful SSL hosting provider.


Wealthy Affiliate SiteDomains Service

In this article you will learn how Wealthy Affiliate domain service different from other popular domain providers and is it really worth buying domains from Wealthy Affiliate.


Wealthy Affiliate Reviews – My realistic review – Wealthy Affiliate and Reality

In this article I share my thoughts on Wealthy Affiliate. I review other reviews of Wealthy Affiliate to show exactly what is true and what is not. I explain exactly what you can expect from this program and how soon it can happen.


Is Wealthy Affiliate s Scam? Is it Really #1 Product out there or just a waste of time

In this article I try to discuss the slander that goes around about Wealthy Affiliate. I show exactly what Wealthy Affiliate is about and should you join it or not. And how you can benefit from this program.


Wealthy Affiliate Frequently Asked Questions

In  this article you can find answers to questions that people ask about Wealthy Affiliate. I tried to answer as many questions as possible and I believe after getting familiar with the info it will be very easy for you to decide whether you want to join WA or not. If you have some other questions you can send me a message through a contact form on my website or leave your comment below in the comment section.


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My name is Rufat. I'm the founder of Your Income Advisor. My goal is to help others succeed online, by exposing scams and reviewing top rated products. I can help you start your own business online

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  1. Derek Marshall says:

    Hi there Rufat,

    That is an awesome variety of reviews of Wealthy Affiliate. I think everyone, perhaps yourself included is guilty of exaggerating reviews of wealthy affiliate at least once.

    Most often I’d say newbies when first sign up for premium membership and get blinded by the brilliance of this fantastic shiny object and end up writing raving reviews, slightly exaggerated unintentionally.

    I am a member, just to disclose. I will say not perfect it has it’s flaws but so does every diamond.

    – No course on SEO once finished the training
    – No course on Youtube/video marketing
    – No course on POD/VOD casting
    – No proper social media training either, must say I am working on a twitter course for premium members only I get 400-650 followers daily on twitter and go viral methodically. No underhand methods like buying followers or retweets either

    What WA is, is awesome training, follow it stick with it and you will succeed. Myself first 4 sales in 2 months medical/health niche click through rate currently just under an astounding 40%.

    But for all the faults WA does have the community spirit is there, need help go ask someone. I needed help with POD casting A leading member told me contact XYZ member he’s the Podcast guy. I did and I got an awesome PM, very detailed back inside 24hrs and Mr XYZ is one of the quietest members on WA.

    If even a diamond has it’s flaws why would you expect Wealthy Affiliate, or anything else in life to be any different?

    BTW as a community is not our responsibility to fix what we believe are the flaws and follow the Japanese art of Kaizen, continual improvement?

    And talking of Japan, Japanese art Kintsugi teaches us to appreciate imperfections as does Buddhist philisophy of of wabi-sabi.

    Just to clarify to any readers, Rufat has not asked me to post a comment or write anything I gain no benefit by posting my thoughts on the matter. I am WA member but I do not promote WA, I am in the health/medical niche as mentioned previously.

    Apologies, Rufat for such a long comment. Those are my thought on the matter is anything perfect?

    • Rufat says:

      Thank you Derek for your honest comment. I really appreciate it. I personally don’t promote Wealthy Affiliate. I just try to explain what WA is all about. And I always explain to my readers that success doesn’t come overnight. Wealthy Affiliate is not a get rich quick scheme. Community is not perfect, but it is really one of the best programs I’ve seen so far.

  2. Diana says:

    Hey Rufat,

    I agree that not every product is perfect including Wealthy Affiliate. When members try to push product on how amazing it is, it leaves people with doubt about whether or not it’s too good to be true. I personally use it to become a better business owner. Almost everything I’ve learned about Internet marketing I learned from WA. It’s great that your review is unbiased so people can make a decision based on your honesty; not your selling skills.

    Thanks for sharing,

    • Rufat says:

      Some people are trying to find a perfect program and since they can’t they criticize everything and finally they get nothing. They think if there is no perfect program it means all programs are scams. This is a fact that Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best programs out there if not the best and an overwhelming majority of members of this online business community are very happy to part of this program. I’ve been part of this community for two years now and I’m happy with my choice and my decision to join Wealthy Affiliate. But I agree that it’s wrong when you try to praise something to the skies or try to push your desired product and describe it in a favourable light for the sake of making a sale. In my opinion and the opinion of many people Wealthy Affiliate is a very good program and I learned a lot of things being a member of this program. And I think I provided enough information for people to be able to make a well-informed decision.

  3. SantMali says:

    Hi Rufat, I am currently testing various legitimate programs to make money online. And wealthy affiliate is one of my top recommendation and I am using it personally too. I agree with your bottom line that there is nothing perfect in this world, everything has some kind of drawback.

    You have placed complete and detailed review of wealthy affiliate that cleared many things inside wealthy affiliate. Thanking for sharing this information.

    • Rufat says:

      Thank Santmali for your comment. I agree that there is nothing perfect in this world and that’s why I decided to let people know all the facts about Wealthy Affiliate, good or bad, so they can make their well informed decision. What is the point of hiding the info if they will find out all these facts later from other sources? I want to be honest with my readers and if they don’t want to be a part of this amazing program then let them look for some other programs. But I’m really afraid that they will fall for scams and waste their money. Anyway, I think there is a lot to like about Wealthy Affiliate and there is very little or nothing to dislike about it. Honestly, everything you need is available in this program and the only thing it fails to provide is your own desire to work hard towards your own success and it’s completely your fault if you don’t want to work hard.

  4. roamy says:

    Hello Rufat
    From the first day I visited your site, I keep coming back, I’m a silent reader in the background most of the time but really like your honesty.
    You have not disappointed this time,you have explained wealthy affiliate so well they work and how it helped you avoid scams online.l understand from reading your post why some people will consider wealthy affiliate scam,they are forgetting one thing,there is no free money anywhere online or offline.
    Thanks again for a very well written article.

    • Rufat says:

      I’m happy that you like my approach and the info I provide about Wealthy Affiliate and other programs. I explained how Wealthy Affiliate from different perspectives so people can see how they succeed with this program and how it can help them. I agree that some people tend to call everything a scam only because they have been scammed in the past, but this is not case here. Wealthy Affiliate is different and its reputation is clean. You have to pay for the membership because you get from the program everything what is required for your business and the price is well worth paying for. An overwhelming majority of the members are very happy with their decision to join Wealthy Affiliate because they simply can’t find a better alternative to this program.

  5. steve says:

    its so hard to sort the scams from the real deals on internet nowdays belive me i know but wealthy iffialite is great it gives step by step guide on how to build a website and support all for a reasonble price thats why i join oh and you can earn money

    • Rufat says:

      It’s true that it’s really hard for the average Joe to know scams from legit programs such as Wealthy Affiliate. And Wealthy Affiliate is really different because it provides a unique opportunity to make money with minimum costs. All you need for your business is available within the program for a very affordable price and that that’s why many people keep their membership to this amazing community for months and many keep it for years like me. It’s simply very good program for the affordable price.

  6. john waldie says:

    Excellence. Is a word that comes to mind when I was reading this site. Macy’s that whoever you are you have a gift for writing. You’re not afraid to write objectively which you do not get a lot of on here or I have not heard a lot of. I love your Wealthy Affiliate reviews . Your content is very easy to read and assimilate. It actually comes across quite as a matter of factly which I like. Keep spreading the word about this awesome program that helps people in starting online on the right foot.

    • Rufat says:

      I always try to be objective when writing my reviews or any other article and use a simple language so others can easily understand what I mean. I broke down all my reviews on Wealthy Affiliate because I think this way it will be much easier for my readers to make their choice in order to get the info about this online business community. Each article is unique and contains a certain part of my experience with Wealthy Affiliate. This program is the only one that I decided to break down into separate articles because it delivers so many values and benefits that I think they all should be explained in details. I hope and believe I will help many people to start their internet careers with the right program.

  7. Travis Smithers says:

    Hi Rufat and I just gotta say I like this new post of yours detailing a small brake down of some of your other posts.

    By you setting up this table of contents page sort of speak, you make it very easy to see all the related information about Wealthy Affiliate.

    Each and every one of those articles is a good reason to check out WA and like you, I know WA is well worth the effort for anybody looking to have an online business.

    • Rufat says:

      Hi Travis, Glad you like my break down and I did it because Wealthy Affiliate is a program that has many positive sides and I wanted to explain all aspects of this program from a different perspective. Because some people are just looking for a general review of Wealthy Affiliate, some people are looking for complaints because they always do happen and people want to know all the issues before they join. Some are looking for Wealthy Affiliate success stories because this way they want to make sure that the program is exactly what they are looking for and they want to make sure that the program can really help them make money online. Some are looking for the information on how to make money with Wealthy Affiliate because it’s not always clear for everyone. I noticed that some people that join the program still ask this question. That’s why I think it’s very helpful to explain to people how WA works and how it’s going to help them. Some are looking for the info about legitimacy of Wealthy Affiliate which is very important in my opinion. This is why I decided to break it down into different articles so anyone can find exactly they are looking for and get answers to all their questions before joining this program.

  8. JohnCWS says:

    Was doing some research on how to make money online and ran across your article. I’ve never heard of Wealthy Affiliate before. Is it very popular? I’ve gone through your review and I found some great information. You have provided numerous articles with knowledge. I might have to give them a shot and learn how to build my own website.

    • Rufat says:

      If you have not heard about Wealthy Affiliate you are then very lucky to find this program. Yes, sure it’s very popular program and it has been around since 2005. I joined it in 2013 and thanks to this program I was able to build my online business and now I’m very close to quitting my regular job. The program is absolutely legit and you can even try it for free. You will learn affiliate marketing and how to choose any product, niche based on your passion, build a website and turn it into a lucrative business. But Wealthy Affiliate is not a get rich quick scheme and you need to work hard before you can start making money. From the very start you must understand that you are in the business, not just making money and building a business requires time and effort. Inside Wealthy Affiliate you will find a website builder, keyword research tool, main certification course, bootcamp course, tons of free trainings literally on any subject and finally excellent 24/7 support. If you have any question you will get support within minutes if not seconds. I know many members in the community that are making serious money and quit their job. I highly recommend you to give it a try because I’m sure you will love this community and actually I haven’t find any better alternative to Wealthy Affiliate till now. If you have any questions please let me know and I will be happy to help you out.

  9. Matthew Vigil says:

    Wealthy Affiliate University is your 1-stop Internet marketing community where you will learn to build a highly successful Internet business. We are Kyle Carson, also known as the Wealthy Affiliates.

    • Rufat says:

      Thank you Matthew for your comment and I have to admit that you are absolutely right. Wealthy Affiliate is undoubtedly one of the best programs to help folks build an online business. WA provides quality training, tools, support and many more and the rest depends on you only. If you work hard and are patient you will be able to achieve success over time.

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