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April 30, 2017 23 Comments

Wealthy Affiliate Reviews


Program: Wealthy Affiliate

Owners: Kyle&Carson

Price: Free membership ( first 7 days)

Paid membership: $19 first month and then $49 per month

Verdict: Legit


Welcome to my website! This review of Wealthy Affiliate is not the first one that I wrote. I’ve reviewed this program from different angles in the past to help folks with their decisions.

This time I decided to write a completely new review in order to review other Wealthy Affiliate reviews and share my thoughts on what is going wrong in my opinion.

The problem is that I recently came across a Wealthy Affiliate review by Jeff Lenney from https://jefflenney.com/ and I have to admit that his review was honest and realistic.

I agree with him that most people who review this program are doing it wrong because of bashing all other programs and calling them scams. This is definitely wrong.

If you want to promote a program you don’t need to call all other programs scams. You must be honest and realistic. I’ve been a member of Wealthy Affiliate since 2013 and believe me I know what I’m talking about.


Wealthy Affiliate profile



Is Wealthy Affiliate worth your time and money? Yes, I believe so!

I believe it’s 100% worth your time and effort. First, because the program has been online since 2005 and so far it’s helped thousands of people start making money online. Their reputation is good and I’ve never seen any negative review of Wealthy Affiliate so far.

Because in order to write a negative review you must prove why you think the program is a scam. I don’t know anyone who could prove that Wealthy Affiliate was a scam. Why? The answer is very simple.

Because Kyle and Carson don’t give people promises they fail to deliver! I’ve never seen these guys lie to members of Wealthy Affiliate.

Most programs that I’ve seen online promise people quick money. And they promise a lot of money. They guarantee you success!

They describe their programs as complete systems that can make people money on autopilot. They describe their programs as follows:

  • You join the program
  • Follow their instructions
  • Take action
  • Collect money

I see this approach everywhere other than Wealthy Affiliate. Yes, exactly! I see this approach everywhere. Kyle and Carson never describe their program like this.


Kyle always tells that it TAKES TIME TO MAKE MONEY. YES! IT TAKES TIME. He doesn’t tell things like “Make sales” or Get: $500 Cash-back Guarantee.

And that’s why people LOVE Wealthy Affiliate. Because they never see such ridiculous slogans or promises. Here is what Kyle and Carson promise you: “YOU WON’T FAIL IF YO DON’T QUIT TOO SOON.” If you quit then blame yourself.



What does Wealthy Affiliate exactly give YOU? And How it is different from other programs

Wealthy Affiliate gives you access to a powerful step-by-step, task oriented training. You get all the tools, such as:

  • Siterubix website builder
  • Keyword tool
  • Live chat
  • Support
  • link tracking
  • Weekly live webinars
  • Website feedback
  • Website analysis and more




Many other programs give you tools too. They provide training and support too. But what they teach doesn’t work as they describe it.

Their programs are very expensive and they promise quick and massive results. YOU PAY THEM AND GET ZERO OR VERY LIMITED RESULTS.

When it comes to Wealthy Affiliate, what they teach WORKS for everyone. But it works differently for everyone. Some people make thousands of dollars per month while others make a few hundred bucks.

But it’s still worth your time and money because if you work hard and take action you will make WAY more than you spend for your membership at Wealthy Affiliate. And I’m living proof that it works!

And remember that Wealthy Affiliate provides quality training, quality support and doesn’t promise massive results simply because it’s unethical and against their philosophy.

It can take up to 6 months or even 1 year to start seeing some results. Some people even get massive results within a year. But not everyone can achieve that.


wa community wealthy affiliate support


TIP: Remember to follow the training once you’re inside of Wealthy Affiliate and ask questions. The community is very helpful. Take advantage of that.

You can even ask questions directly from Kyle and Carson which is really important.

Believe me, not every program allows to ask questions from the owners of the program. This alone makes Wealthy Affiliate very different from many other programs.


Wealthy Affiliate reviews

As I said above, I decided to write my review to help you get a better idea of Wealthy Affiliate. Two main reasons for writing this review:

Reason # 1

Jeff Lenney’s Wealthy Affiliate review

https://jefflenney.com/internet-marketing/wealthy-affiliate-review/ that I came across recently.

(Note: this page is no longer accessible though is was on the first page of Google for some time). I don’t know why it’s not accessible.

Reason # 2

Other Wealthy Affiliate reviews that I see in online space.


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My analysis of the situation

First, Jeff’s review of Wealthy Affiliate is honest. He explains everything in details without any exaggeration.

He admits that Wealthy Affiliate is a good program and can teach anyone how to make money online. It requires action and dedication.

I agree with Jeff’s advice to not jump from lesson to lesson trying to find a secret to making money. It won’t happen. Just follow the training and don’t skip any training modules.


Wealthy Affiliate members area


But I can’t agree with Jeff that Wealthy Affiliate training is mostly for newbies.

It has a lot of training modules even for experienced people on PPC, SEO, email marketing, Facebook ads, Facebook retargeting, Building a niche website from scratch (step-by-step) and more.

There are many experienced members at Wealthy Affiliate and they are very helpful.

Jeff also mentioned that Kyle and Carson’s last names are unknown, possibly they are aliens? No, they are not aliens. Here are their full names:

  • Carson Lim
  • Kyle Loudoun

In his Wealthy Affiliate review Jeff also tells about Anik’s course, Profit Academy that costs $2997 and claims it was one of the top courses in 2015. Maybe. I don’t know.

But what I know exactly is that I don’t want to spend $3000 for a program that can’t guarantee that I will make any money at all. And the truth is that no one can guarantee my success. So, why would I spend $3000?

Ask yourself: “Do you want to spend $3000?” I don’t think so!

For example, in one of his reviews about 100k Factory he tells that 100k Factory is a super program that makes him a lot of money. Maybe. I don’t know.



But I did my research of 100k Factory and found a complaint from Martina. Please read it and ask yourself: “Do you want to be in her shoes?” That’s why I think you should take Jeff’s recommendation with a grain of salt.


Other Wealthy Affiliate reviews. What is wrong with them?


WA is NOT free

Another reason for writing this review is because I see many Wealthy Affiliate reviews written by Wealthy Affiliate members and many of these reviews are not honest or realistic.

Many of them promote Wealthy Affiliate as a free program though it’s NOT free.

You can try it for free within 7 days and then you have to either upgrade your account OR you can stay as a free member but you won’t get any support.

You won’t get access to advanced training. You won’t get access to the tools.

I don’t know why they promote WA as a free program but this is wrong.


It’s not the BEST program. It’s ONE of the best!

Many people including Wealthy Affiliate members promote Wealthy Affiliate as the best training center for making money online.

The truth is that Wealthy Affiliate is ONE of the best programs but not the best one.

To be honest, for me personally it’s still the best program because it taught me how to make a buck online. All other programs just wasted my time.

I still recommend Wealthy Affiliate because in my experience it’s one of the best programs that I’ve seen so far.


Kyle, Wealthy Affiliate


NOTE: Remember, even if you join a bunch of legit ( the best programs in the world) but don’t take action you won’t make any money.

It doesn’t really matter how many programs you join or how good they are IF you don’t want to learn and take action.

From this perspective I can assure you that Wealthy Affiliate is ONE of the BEST if not the best program that can show you a proven and legit method to earning an income online.


Wealthy Affiliate is not a get rich quick scheme!

Many reviews of Wealthy Affiliate advertise this program as a shortcut to success though in fact it’s impossible. They don’t explain to people that they should give themselves some time, probably 6 months or up to one year before they start seeing any money at all.


How to write an honest review about Wealthy Affiliate or any other program

Another reason for writing this review is that many promoters of Wealthy Affiliate create review sites and start to bash all other programs and call them scams in order to promote Wealthy Affiliate.

In fact, you don’t need to bash other programs. Many bloggers find ridiculous reasons to call a reviewed program a scam. For example, high price is one of those reasons.

If the program is expensive they call it a scam.

But this is wrong in my opinion. Or for example, they call all MLM programs scams.

When you write a review you must be honest and realistic. Here is how I do it:


Programs that have scam signals:

  • You will make x amount of money in x amount of days
  • It has many complaints
  • No good support
  • You will learn the secrets that no one else knows
  • You are not explained how you are going to make money

If I see these signals I call it a scam. Plain and simple.


In all other cases I don’t call it a scam. I simply don’t recommend it and I always explain all the pros and cons the program has and explain clearly why I don’t recommend it.

At the same time I say that anyone is free to try the program.

And of course, if I don’t recommend the program then I recommend Wealthy Affiliate. I believe my approach is honest and realistic.

Most of the time I don’t recommend programs because of their unrealistic claims. They guarantee that you will make x amount of money in x amount of days. This is wrong!

And this is why I always recommend Wealthy Affiliate for their being honest to people. They help you, they motivate you, they give you tools, they teach you. But they never make false promises.

That’s why I prefer this program over many other programs and I believe it’s a great start for anyone looking for a legit program online.


What does Google Trends tell us about Wealthy Affiliate and other programs?

And here is the screenshot of the comparison chart from Google Trends. I compared 4 companies:

  • Wealthy Affiliate
  • 100k Factory
  • Chris Farrell Membership
  • Affilorama


Wealthy Affiliate Google trends


As you can see, Wealthy Affiliate looks much better than any other of these 4 companies. It clearly shows that WA business and community are growing and I believe WA’s future will be even better than now.

This is just to show you that people are happy with Wealthy Affiliate because Wealthy Affiliate delivers and even overdelivers. But it’s not perfect.

There is always room for improvement and each year WA becomes more powerful and more advanced.


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Finally, My results with Wealthy Affiliate and my final and REALISTIC opinion about the program

If you want to know more about Wealthy Affiliate you can read my detailed review here.

You can read many reviews of Wealthy Affiliate in online space. Not all of them honest and realistic. Many of those who write their reviews haven’t made any money with the program.

I made money and I know how it works. Listen to me carefully!

Everyone’s success is different. Some people make a few hundred dollars per month while others make thousands of dollars. Some people take massive action and get massive results.

Others take massive action and get limited results. So, everyone’s experience is different. Everyone’s success is different!


income proof


I’m making between $500 – $800 per month. See my income screenshot below.

Note: It’s not my net income. I spend some money on advertising. My net income is between $500 – $800 per month.

But I didn’t take massive action. I’m a member of two other programs too and I’m busy with other things. If I took massive action my results would be WAY better. You need to be a goal oriented and hard working. Without learning and taking action you won’t make any money at all.

I promise: If you join Wealthy Affiliate and take action on what you learn you will make money. How much? I don’t know. But you will. This is the most realistic and honest review of Wealthy Affiliate.

If you like it please share it with your friends on social media, Facebook, Twitter. Leave your comments or questions below. What is your experience with Wealthy Affiliate or other programs?

I’m ready to answer any of your questions. Don’t hesitate to contact me or share your thoughts here.


About the Author:

My name is Adam. I'm the founder of Your Income Advisor. My goal is to help others succeed online, by exposing scams and reviewing top rated products. I can help you start your own business online

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  1. James J says:

    Turns out the reason for Jeff’s review being removed from his site is that he’s being SUED by Wealthy Affiliate for it.

    Seriously BS, they’re suing him for what they teach their own members to do 🙁

    Read about it here, I can’t make this stuff up! 🙁


    Really sucks, Jeff’s was one of the ONLY Honest Reviews out there, and they silenced him – no wonder you don’t find any negative reviews of WA , they sue if you write one 🙁


    • Rufat says:

      Hi James,

      First of all, the link you provided doesn’t prove anything at all. Second, Jeff’s review of WA was not negative about the quality of WA training. It was regarding the approach to writing product reviews. Third, Jeff visited my site and left his comment on this review of mine. You can read it below. I believe my review is honest regarding the quality of WA training.

      Do you or anyone else have any valid reason to prove that Wealthy Affiliate is a scam? I don’t think so. BTW here is the link within WA community on the same topic. https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/wa-affiliate-program/is-wealthy-affiliate-also-known-as-niche-marketing-inc

      WA is a legit program. WA teaches people to make money online using legit and proven methods. It provides support, tools and education. WA doesn’t make any false claims as to how much and when you can earn. Does it make WA a scam?

      The truth is that there are some people, competitors that hate WA and that’s the reason they slander this company.

    • Rufat says:

      And remember, the quality of education and support is one thing. Approach to writing product reviews is another thing. That’s why you have to write honestly and avoid calling people or programs scams if they are not.

  2. Jason Turnbough says:

    Great review man, but $500-$800 a month is NOT a-lot. I used to do $500 a DAY using the Google Sniper Method a few years ago…that’s not so relevant anymore as you need bigger sites than just 2-3 page websites like GS taught (but they actually updated in 2015 to cover that too)

    Not sure how you can call a program the charges you $47 a month continuously one of the best, when you can get much better results with other programs just paying that one time…

    Anyways, I appreciate the details of your review, but it just seems like you too are caught up in the whole WA circle jerk they have going on over there…

    Also, your graph of the other products is not really proof of anything – Chris Farrels Membership, Affilorama and 100k Factory were all LAUNCHES for 1-2 weeks at a time, hence those big spikes in the google trends. They don’t have those programs open continously

    • Rufat says:

      Yes, I know it’s not a lot but it’s real. No BS. You made $500 a day a few years ago. Ok. But it was in the past. I consider my recommended program to be one of the best because we have members that are making a few thousand dollars per month. I know of stories of people who made a few thousand dollars a day. I have days when I earn $200, $300. Sometimes. But it looks like you are making millions. I know many programs like WA but I’ve never heard of a program where all their members would be making thousands of dollars per day. It’s not real. This is the reality. Many people work online but their income is not the same. There are many complaints about George Brown and his Google Sniper BTW. Regarding programs it’s not launch period. This shows how they are doing over the course of a long period. All these programs are open. Not sure about 100k Factory but all others are open.

  3. This blog is needed says:


    I like that you don’t bash other programs and called them scams. Just by reading that, I read further and you won my respect. It is a lesson I learnt and will be implementing in my own business going forward.

    This review of WA s honest and unbiased. People know where they stand as nothing is promised overnight. The only guarantee there is that you will have to work hard. Success will come at the end. My take home would be to enjoy the process of website creation and the ability to learn from such an awesome community.

    • Rufat says:

      Yes, that is my approach and I believe it’s the best way to organize your work. Otherwise bashing other programs without strong arguments look very silly in my opinion. Just explain the cons and pros and leave it to people to decide which program to choose. That’s it. Very simple rule and very effective. Explaining the truth about Wealthy Affiliate or any other program is the most important aspect of my business. If you explain what people can exactly expect from the program then they join it and stay for months or even years because they were not fooled. Like you say, the only guarantee is to work hard and wait for the results and results will come.

  4. Mike says:

    Hello, and yes Wealthy Affiliate is one incredible site on how to learn to make money online for sure. Kyle and Carson are excellent in what they do in teaching us all how to run a succesful affiliate website, and the rest of the WA community is very friendly and helpful as well. Nice review!

    • Rufat says:

      Wealthy Affiliate is really a safe and amazing place to build an online business from scratch. Everything is at your hand. You just need to spare some of your time in order to learn new things and apply and success will come. I think Wealthy Affiliate’s having friendly and helpful community is # 1 reason why people stay there for years. I’ve been there since 2013 and don’t even think to leave the community.

  5. Dale Brunet says:

    I’ve been searching for a way to make an honest $ for honest work online for years decades in fact. I have never seen such a clean honest and refreshing approach. I can’t get over three things I noticed when I went to the WA site. 1. The sheer volume of support and speed. I’ve been marketing for some time so I thought Id throw in a difficult question for a novice to answer and boom within seconds I had the right answer and a link to what bring me to the 2nd Training OMG. I’ve spent thousands for less. I mean if people only realized the $$ in training and its FREE. I’ll be spending a few hours there for sure. 3rd My hat is off to all of you. Someone with no experience and no money can go in learn apply it to some free sites and start earning money. Realistically I’m beside myself I can’t believe the amount of support, training and tools available for free. I like your take on bashing other programs. I’ve spent over 80k in the last couple decades looking and trying just about everything.. Yes there are tons of flawed offers but I did learn from each and every one of them. Just because they’re not as amazing and supportive as WA that’s no reason to bash them.

    Thank you for one of the most refreshing reviews I’ve seen in years and I’m in. Now I’m off to learn a few new things..lol cheers

    • Rufat says:

      I’m glad you like my approach. I try to use this approach when writing all my reviews though they are not perfect. And I absolutely agree with you that what makes Wealthy Affiliate different from many other programs is the ton of support, care and step-by-step educational modules. You simply can find training on any topic that interests you. You can get your question answered within minutes of not seconds. You spent over 80k on other low quality programs. This is really awful. So bad and sad. I’m glad you finally found Wealthy Affiliate because it’s honestly a scam free and safe pace for anyone looking for an honest and legit income online.

  6. Admin says:

    I think WA is the best option in E-Marketing, affiliate programs is the best community to learn about this business. Lots of information, lots of opportunities, and the costs are affordable for anyone.

    What is different WA from the other affiliate programs? And how much time did you invest and start making real money?

    • Rufat says:

      I think it’s one of the best especially for newbies because it requires minimum budget and gives maximum value and support which is very important when starting online. And I agree that there are countless opportunities in online space. Sky is the limit. Regarding difference I already told you. It gives more value and support. The amount of time you invest depends on your goals. It’s up to you. The more time you invest the more results you will get and faster. I think 5,6 hours per week is the minimum you should start with.

  7. Jeff Lenney says:

    Hey Man

    Thanks for the love & i’m glad my own review inspired you to do yours. 🙂

    Going back to my review and Martin’as feedback, I’ve been a member of all 3 100k Factory programs- it’s a a very detailed program, and it requires work, but I’ve seen REAL people get REAL Results with it – even complete newbies.

    if Martina did not get results that’s because of her own doing (or lack of), not because of what was taught in the program.

    I ONLY promote stuff that works, period – that’s also why I called WA a scam for a while before changing my review, after I tried it out for myself.. So I assure you, my reviews are honest and can be taken at face value.

    Just my $0.02 – great review overall though 🙂


    • Rufat says:

      Hey Jeff!

      Really appreciate your comment Jeff! Thanks for stopping by and leaving your valuable thoughts on my post. Regarding 100k Factory I understand what you mean. I’m very busy at the moment and can’t dive into the program but I will write another review after trying 100 k Factory and getting results. Of course, I know that it works and I trust you as an internet marketer and I know you have a lot of experience online. But like any other program 100k Factory works differently for everyone. For those who get little or no results at all spending a few thousand dollars is going to be very disappointing.
      Anyway, I know you’re promoting stuff that works. But I would recommend anyone starting online go with WA first and see how it works. Because many people don’t realize that online business requires some budget (not a lot) but it still requires and what is more important it requires a lot of time and dedication. Many people dream of having an online business because it gives them a freedom. But in reality before having that freedom you need to put an effort into it first. That’s why I would recommend to start slowly with something like Wealthy Affiliate. But I will definitely give 100k Factory a try and see how it works and report on my site. Thank you very much Jeff for your comment. I really appreciate your time and being honest. My best wishes to you!

  8. Maxx says:

    Hey Rufat,

    Awesome and thumbs up on WA review. I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate member and I truly agreed what you stated above. I find no reason not to join them if I really wanted to be freedom in my career. They are not “get rich quick” scheme and sucking your money but what they did is providing useful information and education to all online entrepreneurs. Be it beginners or experienced.

    So I wish more people got the chance to read your content and find their way to success in online too.

    • Rufat says:

      Glad to know you’re a member of Wealthy Affiliate and I’m glad you have the right mindset regarding this amazing program. You have to look at this opportunity like your new career. Online business requires time and dedication your success directly depends on how seriously you treat your business. Wealthy Affiliate provides a ton of value and requires a ton of action and dedication from you and it can create awesome results for you. Some people say that WA is mostly for beginners. I don’t think so. It’s equally good for newbies and experienced. Weekly live webinars and free trainings created by experienced members is a good source of education.

  9. Arta says:

    Hi Rufat

    I did enjoy reading your review but what I liked the best were the last sentences. That anybody will make money by joining Wealthy Affiliate just the amount is dependant on actions taken. I have been Wealthy Affiliate premium member for little more than a year and I can say that you are absolutely right. They do teach you success but you have to be willing to spend a lot of time on your online business to succeed. My progress is very slow as I can dedicate far less time than I would want to. But still – I am seeing results though not full time income.

    • Rufat says:

      Yes, that’s true Arta and you know it. Wealthy Affiliate is really the only program that taught me how to make money online. Realistically speaking what they teach works! Many other programs that I tried don’t deliver what they promise or deliver very limited results. And I’m really glad to know that you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate. Yes, you have to spend a lot of time time and treat your online business as your daily job IF you want to make a solid income per month. Otherwise you won’t make a full time income but still you can earn several hundred bucks per month. I believe if you stay patient and do consistently what you are doing now you will achieve much better results.

  10. FranMcK says:

    Thanks for a great article about Wealthy Affiliate. You really do provide an honest and realistic review with a great summary section and a good description of the benefits that Wealthy Affiliate has to offer. I can personally attest to how excellent it is and I love that you give a true representation of it.
    Thanks, Fran.

    • Rufat says:

      I did my best to make my review as honest as possible. It was not easy to write this review because there are many other reviews and it’s not easy to bring something new, different from others. I think I was able to describe Wealthy Affiliate from a completely new perspective so others can make a decision. I’m glad you are a member of this amazing program and know firsthand how it works. I hope you’ve achieved some good results with the program. Stick to it and you will get even greater results. The potential of Wealthy Affiliate is really huge and I believe anyone can achieve success with it if they want and are willing to take action.

  11. roamy says:

    Hello Rufat
    Thanks for sharing your Wealthy Affiliate review, not only does it explain everything a reader is looking for when reading a product review, it explain it in detail and nothing left out(in my opinion)
    I like the fact that you even included Google trends so one can check how Wealthy Affiliate compare with other big names like Affilorama or 100K factory, as this gives me as a reader a chance to see you are not biased in your review.
    You did not stop there, but you go one ahead and show your income screen shot to prove that Wealthy Affiliate work and you earn money.Now some people joining Wealthy Affiliate think it`s easy money then do not do their part and still expect to earn when this fails, they go around screaming scam.
    Another thing you mentioned is people calling a program scam just because it`s expensive which I find wrong and dishonest to would be members, just because I cant afford a membership to a program does not make it scam in any way.
    Very informative with all the importnat points covered, thanks so much really enjoyed reading your review.

    • Rufat says:

      I’m glad you like my review and understand the subject. When writing my review and doing my research it came to my mind to check it through Google Trends and I got this interesting info. It clearly shows which program is the real deal. Many programs claim they are # 1 but we don’t know everything that is behind the scenes. This chart shows it. Of course, Trends is not perfect too, but it still gives us a clear idea of the programs. Regarding my income it’s not so high but it’s real and gives people a clear idea of what they can expect speaking realistically. Regarding bashing other programs it’s really bad because not realistic approach. Hope other people will find my review and share their experience and thoughts on Wealthy Affiliate. Thank you for leaving your comment.

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