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Every day thousands of people turn to the internet trying to find a legit opportunity to make money online. It’s not a secret that scams outnumber legit programs and fortunately, there are legit programs out there and Wealthy Affiliate is one of them.

I first came across this program in 2013 and decided to give it a try. To be honest, I was surprised to know that they allowed anyone to try their program within 10 days absolutely for free and see all the benefits it had to offer.

I joined Wealthy Affiliate and since that time I’ve been a member of this online business community.

Because I’m an active member of this program and know all the benefits it has to offer I would like to talk about them and help you make the right decision.


Benefit # 1 – Free trial

Free trial is the first and the most important benefit of Wealthy Affiliate because YOU actually can try the program before you pay for it. Most money making programs try to take your money before they even can offer you any benefit if at all.

That’s why, it’s really refreshing and simply amazing that you can see the program in action, try it and make your well informed decision before you pay for it. Very few programs online offer such an opportunity and most of them at least charge you a few dollars.

Wealthy Affiliate is different from all programs I’ve come across so far and that’s why Wealthy Affiliate almost doesn’t have refund claims.


Benefit # 2 – Honest approach

Wealthy Affiliate is completely different from all other money making programs thanks to its honest approach. All Wealthy Affiliate members benefit from the company’s honest approach and that’s why they all love this community and are happy help each other in achieving their financial goals.

Most money making programs that I’ve seen so far make unrealistic claims and promise folks quick money with minimum effort and thousands of people fall victims to online scams because of their dishonest approach. Wealthy Affiliate is again very different.

I know many successful members within the community who are making thousands of dollars and all this became possible thanks to Wealthy Affiliate training and support.

But Wealthy Affiliate never brags and never makes false promises to people because Kyle and Carson, the founders of this amazing community are very ethical entrepreneurs and strictly follow ethical principles in their business activity.

They know that it’s simply impossible to guarantee success to anyone. And thanks to their honest appproach every single day thousands of people join this community and stay in the community for months and even years like myself.


Benefit # 3 – Realistic approach

People simply love Wealthy Affiliate thanks to their realistic approach. Not all, but most money making programs teach people things they can’t apply.

Most programs teach people methods that require investment. Most programs teach people methods that are known as black SEO or spam for which sites get penalized and lose their entire businesses.

Most programs try to sell some sort of a secret software that can send a massive traffic on autopilot, but in reality and in most cases this doesn’t work. Wealthy Affiliate is different.

They teach only legit and real methods that have been proven through years and that’s why I can confidently say that their approach is realistic. It simply works.


Benefit # 4 – Info is always up-to-date

The best part of Wealthy Affiliate is that their training is always up-to-date which is very important for your online business and success. Most programs teach outdated strategies that result in people’s sites being penalized. When it comes to Wealthy Affiliate, their training is always fresh and up-to-date with all most recent changes in an online business and search engine algorithms.


Benefit # 5 – Support

Support is the most important aspect of any program or a service, especially when it comes to money making programs. Most programs I’ve come across to date don’t provide any support which is the most obvious reason why people fail to make money online.

Most programs provide support through support desk which is not effective. You have to send your request and then wait for hours or even days before you get a reply if you get it at all. Without support you simply can’t achieve any of your financial goals.

I’m confidently saying this because I’ve been an active member of Wealthy Affiliate over the past two years and I’ve seen people asking simple questions even when everything seems to be pretty clear.

When people can’t get answers to their questions and can’t get support when they need it badly, they simply quit. Again, Wealthy Affiliate is different. There is 24/7 supreme support and you can get support within minutes.

There is also a live chat option through which you can get support within seconds. The founders of Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle and Carson help folks through a live chat, private message almost every day.

I think support is the most important aspect of this program and all members benefit from it every single day and in fact, members achieve their financial goals thanks to WA supreme support.


Benefit # 6 – Motivation

I think the most important aspect of Wealthy Affiliate I still benefit from to date is the motivation. This is really important for your online success. Do you know why most people fail to make any money online? It’s because of the lack of support and motivation. You heard that right.

Support and motivation. Motivation is as important for your online success as the support is. One of the most important benefits of Wealthy Affiliate is the motivation that comes from other successful members.

When you’re a part of such an amazing online business community as Wealthy Affiliate, you have a chance to interact with thousands of other entrepreneurs every single day.

Every month you get notified of other entrepreneurs who achieve success thanks to Wealthy Affiliate training and support and this keeps you motivated.

This gives you a hope that you will achieve success too and I’m a living proof of it. That’s why, motivation is really that important for your online success.

Most people fail online because they don’t have such a motivation because they are not part of Wealthy Affiliate or any other online business community like WA.


Benefit # 7 – More opportunities within Wealthy Affiliate

While Wealthy Affiliate training allows you to achieve success and become another success story, it’s not the only opportunity for you to benefit from being a member to this awesome community.

There are over 300.000 members within the community and many of them are successful entrepreneurs. What does it mean to you?

This means you can benefit from their experience, ask their recommendations or an expert look at your website and fix the problems you may have that stop you from making money from your website.

It’s not their obligation to help you, but they do help because you are part of this community. Some of them have experience in selling high ticket items and they are making thousands of dollars online and YOU can learn from their experience too.

I don’t mean it’s free because it’s not part of Wealthy Affiliate membership fee. But you can benefit from their experience for a much lower price because of being part of the same community.

To top it off, keep in mind that when you are a part of the community that has hundreds and thousands of successful entrepreneurs, you may have much more opportunities to succeed online than you can even imagine.



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  1. Dan says:

    The most important things you point out are “a realistic approach,” and “an honest approach.” It is very important that an entrepreneur that is new to running an online business learns that it takes time and patience in order to earn your first buck. And that it takes months, not days. No need to promise the world.

    I’m also liking the realistic and “white hat” approach. Churn out the quality content, and avoid purchasing “links.” Nice.


    • Rufat says:

      It’s the best aspect of Wealthy Affiliate in my opinion and that’s why I prefer this program over many others that I’ve seen in online space. They don’t give you unrealistic promises. They don’t guarantee that you will be making money in 30 days or they will pay you $500. No BS. But they guarantee that if you will learn and take action and work hard you will be making money and that’s true. Everything depends on your approach. I believe if someone can’t achieve success with Wealthy Affiliate they will never achieve success with any other program. Because everything needed for your online success is available within WA community. If you want it badly you can do it.

  2. fmwaniki says:

    Hi Rufat,this affiliate program has attracted many and this is because of its quality services.Offering some body a free trial is a warm welcome and chances are they will stay.In WA,the 10 days trial have more than enough to prove if this is legit or a scam.You have outlined the benefits so well and in a detailed manner.Keep up the good work on doing reviews.

    • Rufat says:

      Their services are really of top quality and support is amazing and the tools are great. Their free trial is of course the best part of their program and you have a great chance to try the program before you pay for it. 10 days of trial allows you to see all the benefits of Wealthy Affiliate and you can make your vey well informed decision to make sure that this is exactly what you have been looking for. And I believe the benefits Wealthy Affiliate has to offer is more than enough to start making money without falling for any other scams out there. In fact, I know this program from my personal experience and can vouch for its quality.

  3. Marcus says:

    It is definitely true that the free trial makes all the difference. Without trying something, how do you know it is the right choice? By signing up for free and doing the first 10 lessons of the course, you get a real sense of what it is all about and whether you want to continue with affiliate marketing.

    And that’s really what it comes down to. It’s not really a choice about whether to try Wealthy Affiliate or try a different way to learn internet marketing. WA is the best place to learn and grow your online business, so if that’s what you want to do then that’s it, decision made, sign up. All the training and support is there, the only ingredient missing is the willingness to follow through and take action.

    • Rufat says:

      I think out of all benefits Wealthy Affiliate has to offer folks, free trial is the best one because it does really help you understand what you can expect from this program, what you are going to do to make money, what tools you are provided with, what kind of support you are going to get, etc. It’s really that important to see all these benefits, try them and see the program in action. It helped me a lot to make an informed decision and I probably wouldn’t join Wealthy Affiliate if I hadn’t a chance to try it. That’s why I think Wealthy Affiliate is very and really different from many other money making courses because I don’t know any other program that offers you a free trial and even if such program does exist, they simply can’t offer as many options and benefits as offered by Wealthy Affiliate. And I agree that this program has literally everything in order to build a successful online business and the only missing ingredient is the willingness to learn and work hard until you achieve success. If you are an action taker then online success is yours, it’s just a matter of time. And if you are not action taker then online business is not your cup of tea.

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