Kyle, Wealthy Affiliate. 10 Years of Evolution and Progress.

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Program: Wealthy Affiliate

Owner: Kyle&Carson

Live training coach: Jay

Price: Free to start/ $49 per month

Overall Score: 90 out of 100

Verdict: Legit


First, welcome to my site! I guess you are on my site because you are trying to learn more about Kyle and his program Wealthy Affiliate and I think you are on the fence about it if you are reading reviews of Wealthy Affiliate.

I believe I can help you decide whether to join this program or not and I’m very excited to show you some true facts about this amazing program. Simply because I’ve been a member of Wealthy Affiliate since 2013 which means at least I know a thing or two about it first hand.

I’m not going to sugarcoat the whole thing because I don’t want to mislead you. There are too many misleading programs online that are trying to persuade you that you can start your online business by spending zero dollars and start making thousands of dollars in the next few hours or days. No.

I’m not going to do that because I’m full of this type of BS. This is simply not true. I will explain everything in details so you can see the whole thing and take your final decision.


I know you have questions…

I know that you want to know exactly what I’ve learned from Wealthy Affiliate and how it can help you too. You want to know more true facts about Kyle, who is the CEO of Wealthy Affiliate.

I know you want to know if Wealthy Affiliate is really legit program.

You want to know what you are going to do exactly when you join Wealthy Affiliate. You want to know if Kyle is really knowledgeable and how he can help you succeed online.

Or maybe he is just another guy who is hiding behind the scenes? Maybe Wealthy Affiliate is just another program that takes your money and then leaves you alone in the dark and you never get any support?

I know you have many questions and you want to get answers to all these questions before you take your final decision. And I hope and believe I can help you with that if you keep reading.





Wealthy Affiliate’s story

Kyle is the CEO of Wealthy Affiliate and Carson is also another guy who is behind this program. These two guys first started Wealthy Affiliate back in 2005.

When it was started it was just a site that could help you with keyword research, i.e. helping you with ideas on how you can start or grow your online business through keywords.

They had a huge success with PPC traffic too, i.e. paid traffic based on keyword research. Thanks to this success they decided to start helping people with keyword research too. Because they knew a thing or two about keywords and how to choose the right ones.

Initially, a membership to Wealthy Affiliate was $29.99 per month and folks could get ton of keywords researched by experts, such as Kyle and Carson. This model worked very well.

Then more people started joining Wealthy Affiliate and over time based on people’s requests Kyle and Carson decided to add more other options to their program, such as live chat, 24/7 support, forum, live classes, keyword research tool, ability to ask questions and get support from anyone within the community including Kyle and Carson themselves.




Wealthy Affiliate platform

Wealthy Affiliate is not just a platform, a collection of tools and options. It’s a constantly developing platform that has been improving since the first day of its launch.

Every year Kyle and Carson announce of new options designed to help people like you and me so we can build our business as easy and fast as possible.

But this doesn’t mean that you will be sitting doing nothing and Kyle and Carson are going to do all the work for you.

And Kyle always says that: “Without YOU, we don’t exist”. Their main focus is YOU. Here is the list of their main focuses:

  • More informative and interactive training
  • More powerful and easy to use website/hosting platform
  • More advanced technology
  • More timely and high quality support
  • More options for YOU to succeed online

So, the main focus of Wealthy Affiliate is creating and improving the platform that helps YOU succeed online. Compared to many other platforms that I’ve seen so far, Wealthy Affiliate is different.

Kyle and Carson are active part of this amazing community and yon can get support directly from them. Not only from other members, but from Kyle and Carson themselves.




This is really important and they never hide behind the scenes. You can contact them both via live chat or a private message and they always find the time to help folks.

Sometimes it may take 1–3 days because they are very busy and receive messages from many other members. But they always reply.




Kyle is an active member of Wealthy Affiliate

Kyle is also different from many other internet marketers because he is always honest with YOU. I’ve seen him many times writing posts within Wealthy Affiliate, such as “It takes money to make money, the Fallacy”, “Expectations of online revenue. Why most people fail”, “I Wasn’t Destined to Start an Internet Business”, “First Sale. It’s Like Yesterday” and many other posts, over 300 posts.

In all these posts Kyle always tries to be transparent and honest with people. He explains that online success doesn’t come easy or fast. If you want to make a few bucks per month that’s not a hard task.

You can make up to $50 per month by participating in online surveys. But if you want to earn a consistent income, staring from at least $1.000 per month then you have to put some effort and time first. It’s like building a business in the real world.




It’s not much different from it and Kyle tries to explain it to members of Wealthy Affiliate. But building a business online does have some good advantages, such as working for yourself, freedom, minimum expenses, no need to pay rent or salaries.

So, the best part of building a business online is that you can make a lot of money while spending somewhat about $600 per year.

That’s a huge advantage of internet. Here is Kyle’s article on this subject. He talks about how much money it takes to make money online. The truth is that internet has considerably minimized start-up costs.

Very often Kyle talks about why most people fail online and it’s very important to understand it before you start building your business. He explains clearly and honestly that many people when starting an online business have wrong expectations.

They think they can build a money making machine within days or weeks. This is not the reality. At least it takes one full year or two to start seeing a consistent income.

And the best part of it is that to see this income you don’t need working 10 hours a day. 2,3 hours a day, 5 days a week would be perfect.

Kyle also honestly says that many companies show you luxury cars and huge commissions that you can get in a matter of a few weeks and people start to believe that it’s really achievable.

They start and then quit within a month when they don’t see the results they’ve been promised by those companies. That’s really bad.

Kyle clearly explains that you first need to start and then scale your business. This is the reality of online business.


wa education


Education at Wealthy Affiliate

Kyle and Carson teach YOU what works and what they know from their personal experience. They don’t teach folks shady techniques that can destroy their business. Only legit methods that work.

In fact, Kyle and Carson created an amazing platform that has everything inside it so you don’t look around. When you start an online business you need:

  • Website
  • Hosting
  • Website backup
  • Website feedback
  • Website analysis
  • Keyword research tool
  • Training
  • Support
  • Live chat
  • Weekly updates and live trainings

The good news is that all of this is available within Wealthy Affiliate platform created by Kyle and Carson. They made this platform as easy for you as possible so you can focus on building your business without looking around.


My achievement so far

You see my website and all the content I created. I owe all of this to Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle and Carson. Before that my experience online was very limited though I made my first buck online back in 2001.

But all major things that completely changed my online experience I learned from Wealthy Affiliate. That’s true. Here is my income screenshot.




This also includes some of my investment but mainly it’s my income so far. Kyle and Carson themselves are very helpful too.

You can contact them by via private message or find them in the live chat and ask questions live almost every day. That’s why like I said above, they are always an active part of Wealthy Affiliate community.


success at wa


Wealthy Affiliate’s reputation

Like I said above, Wealthy Affiliate is absolutely reputable company and has been around since 2005. It has a high rating on the internet. An overwhelming majority of those who join WA are very happy with their decision to join the community.

If you want know if there are any complaints about Wealthy Affiliate you can read my article here. Kyle and Carson are very knowledgeable and can help you with many issues you may have.

They together built such an amazing community which means they know a thing or two about internet marketing.

Of course, they don’t know everything but they do know a lot and they can help you with your business. Most important thing is that Wealthy Affiliate is not just another program that takes your money and forget about you.





They do care about you and your success. They don’t do the work for you, but they do help you build your business and scale it.

I can’t tell you exactly how many days it may take for you to make your first buck online and no one can tell you this exactly. For example, for Kyle it took 3 months to make his first sale. For me too.

Many members of Wealthy Affiliate start making consistent income in the first year. Sometimes even in 3,4 months after starting. Kyle’s post explains it very well.


Your practical steps inside Wealthy Affiliate

You want to know what you are going to do exactly when you join Wealthy Affiliate. After joining Wealthy Affiliate, i.e. creating your free trial account you’ll get access to the first level of WA Certification Course that includes 10 video lessons just to give you an idea of what online business is about.



Then after watching those lessons you will have two options: you can either upgrade your account to a premium one or you can stay as a free member and take advantage of WA free tutorials and video lessons.

With a free option you can build your business too but it will take more time. With premium account your can learn advanced methods and build your online business much faster. Anyway, it’s up to you.

If you decide to upgrade you will be following lessons and completing tasks. Upon completing the course and tasks your site will be up and running and hopefully making you money.

How much I don’t know. It depends on many factors. But I can tell you with a full confidence that within WA you will be doing exactly what other successful internet marketers are doing.






What now?

Finally, I suggest that you create your free trial account and see the program in action so you can make sure that Wealthy Affiliate is the real deal.

Kyle and Carson are successful internet marketers ready to help you with your online business goals.

WA community is ready to help you with your goals. I’m ready to help you inside Wealthy Affiliate. Start creating your free account now and enjoy WA experience. You don’t need a credit card at all.

Take action. WA community is behind you and you will never be alone in the dark once you’ve joined Wealthy Affiliate.

And here is the table of free options that you will get access to as a free member of Wealthy Affiliate. Let me know if you have any questions and I will be happy to help you out.

If you want to know more about Wealthy Affiliate read my complete review of Wealthy Affiliate.





About the Author:

My name is Adam. I'm the founder of Your Income Advisor. My goal is to help others succeed online, by exposing scams and reviewing top rated products. I can help you start your own business online

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  1. Key says:

    Great in-depth article, Rufat! I just recently signed up for Wealthy Affiliate, about a week ago to precise. During the last week, Kyle has personally reached out to me a few times to offer help. At first I thought, this is the CEO, these must just be generic autoresponder messages he spams to new members. NOPE! I was skeptical, but I responded to his offer to ask for his insight on my new website, and in the matter of a few hours not only did he check out my site, but he responded with an actual analysis of it: detailing both what I’m doing right and what changes I should make. This guy is the real deal, you’re 100% spot on. He cares about the WA members and truly wants them to succeed Like you said, he won’t do the work for you, but then again- nobody will. Particularly not an Internet Guru, but this one will do more than any other! That’s a fact!

    Congratulations on your success, I hope to be in your shoes soon. And with Kyle, Carson and the entire Wealthy Affiliate community there to help, I know it’s just a matter of time!


    • Rufat says:

      I understand you Key. At Wealthy Affiliate everything is different compared to many other programs that I’ve seen so far. Kyle being the CEO of WA is very helpful keeping in mind that he is very busy with other things. He receives a lot of messages every day and finds the time to respond timely and help new and even experienced members. You can even find him via live chat and get in touch with with him directly almost every day. The same applies to Carson of course. They both are helpful. I’m glad to know that he helped you with your site. I believe if you follow the training and apply your knowledge you will be in better shoes than I’m now. I’m not the best affiliate marketer. I have no much success with SEO but still I’m doing alright. Keep close to Wealthy Affiliate and I believe success will come to you very soon.

  2. Simon says:

    You are so right when you mention start up costs for running a business. I’ve a the brick and mortar businesses and I can tell you what you pay a year at Wealthy affiliate for their all inclusive package can be swallowed up in one months worth of rent and that’s for a small shop never mind all the utility bills, insurances and staff wages etc.

    The beauty of running an on line business is that it’s open 24/7 making conversions while you sleep but as you say there’s a system to learn and put into place before this can be achieved. Wealthy Affiliate know exactly how to run an online business and show members how they can accomplish this for themselves.

    All you have to do is implement what’s shown into your website and keep working your way through the training steps.
    The whole platform is run by the interaction of members which is impressive. Everyone helping each other succeed in so many ways.
    There’s nothing better than promoting your passion, I really enjoy the role.
    All the best and keep up your great work,

    • Rufat says:

      I totally agree with you Simon. Building and running an online business is very different from the offline world in terms of expenses but not much different in terms of effort in order to achieve success. Like you say, offline business requires paying for rent, wages, insurance and many other expenses and worst part is that profit is not guaranteed. When it comes to online world you in fact can build a successful business while spending under $700 per year. This is fantastic I think. Of course, not everyone is equally successful even online but still you can earn a steady monthly income. Some people have a huge success though. And all this is possible within Wealthy Affiliate. Everything needed for your success is available inside Wealthy Affiliate platform. You just need to apply effort and stay patient for some time before you start seeing what you expect in terms of income. And like you say, passion is the main focus that you should build your business on.

  3. Jojo says:

    You have written a very detailed an comprenhensive review of Wealthy Affiliate. I am a member myself since june 2016 and has also previously been a member of Wealthy Affiliate. The first time was in 2009. I have seen how Wealthy Affiliate has developed over the years and today it is really a well organised training platform which is easy to use and follow. The strongest points of the system is that there is always support to get and the information is always updated. I believe anyone who is into or who would like to get into internet marketing can profit from Wealthy Affiliate.

    • Rufat says:

      It’s really great to see you in Wealthy Affiliate again. Of course, WA has seriously developed over the years and today it’s a much better place for interaction and in terms of business opportunities. It’s bad that you left WA in 2009. I think you lost so much time. I know a member who like you joined Wealthy Affiliate a few years ago but never took their training seriously. A few years later he applied the training and started making a good monthly income and shared his experience with other members. It proves again that if you follow the training and apply it you definitely can build a successful online business. But no one can tell you exactly how much you will be making. It depends on many factors that we can’t always know. And I agree with you that Kyle and Carson work really hard to improve the system and make our way to success easier and faster.

  4. SaM says:

    Awesome review on the Wealthy Affiliate product. I am part of this community and I can say it is totally worth it. Because you can make really good money – yes – but most importantly that they teach you on how to use your passion to create legacy and something meaningful which by the way is a full grown business that makes you a living and full time income. It takes hard work but after all it is totally worth it.

    • Rufat says:

      I agree Sam. This is really important what you’ve said here. Wealthy Affiliate teaches us how to build something meaningful instead of just earning money. When you build something meaningful and try to help folks money will come eventually. Building something helpful is the best path to online success. You can turn your passion into a full time income or at least you can start earning a steady income, no matter how much. It can be $200, $500 or even $2000 per month. The most important thing is that if you stay active within Wealthy Affiliate you will achieve your financial and business goals sooner or later IF you stay patient and work hard.

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