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In this relatively short guide I want to briefly answer most frequently asked questions about Wealthy Affiliate.

These questions get asked really often by both WA members and those that are still thinking of joining this affiliate marketing business center.

I’ve been a member of this program since 2013 I can definitely share my experience and help some of you with the program.

I will try to answer as many questions as possible but I will not cover tech aspects, such as building a wordpress website or website customization.

Because many members ask questions related to websites. I will be answering only general questions that get asked really often by those who join Wealthy Affiliate.


What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is an internet marketing activity performed by affiliate marketer who promotes someone’s product or service and earns a commission.

Affiliate marketer can be rewarded for sending a visitor to the merchant’ site who completes a registration or for the actual sale.

As an affiliate marketer you don’t need to have your own product though if you have one that would be great in terms of income potential.

As an affiliate marketer your main place of activity is your own website. You don’t pay anyone for promoting their products, services or programs.

Most affiliate programs are free to join.


What is Wealthy Affiliate or how does Wealthy Affiliate work?

Wealthy Affiliate is an online business community that teaches people like you and me how to become a successful affiliate marketer.

At Wealthy Affiliate you will get access to the Certification Course that consists of 5 levels (50 lessons). Each lesson is followed by tasks that you need to complete.

It’s also highly recommended to watch weekly live trainings by Jay so you can learn some advanced strategies and grow your business and take it to the next level.


Wealthy Affiliate memberships

There are two types of memberships at Wealthy Affiliate: free and premium.

Free is for everyone who wants to try WA and see how it works before paying for a premium membership.

As a free member you can stay forever. In the first 7 days you will get access to almost all features that Wealthy Affiliate offers to its members.

As a free member you will have access to live chat, keyword tool, site manager, site builder, site domains, site content, site security, free trainings created by WA members, WA question search bar, first level of the certification course (10 lessons), ability to build 2 free websites.

As a free member you will not get access to site comments, site feedback, site support, site health, site DNS setup, “ask a question” feature, private message, other 4 levels of the certification course, weekly live trainings or any other premium content.

After 7 days you will lose access to live chat, keyword tool,

To become a premium member you need to pay $19 for the first month and then $49 per month. Or you can choose to pay yearly and it will cost you $350.




You can also choose to upgrade on Black Friday and it will then cost $299. This is awesome. I always pay on Black Fridays.

Premium membership will give access to everything. Any new feature added to WA in the future will NOT affect your membership.

You will be paying the same price as before. If you decide to stop your premium membership then you will lose access to everything and even your free websites.

But you will get 30 days grace period so you can move your sites to another hosting service.

You won’t be able to earn commissions from your WA referrals if you downgrade your premium account to a free account.

If you upgrade again the you will start earning again. Note: this affects only your commission earned from WA referrals.

If you earn from other affiliate programs, such as Amazon or any other than you will have no problems.

You will move your sites to another hosting and continue your business.


How long can you stay as a free member at Wealthy Affiliate?

You can stay forever and have access to 2 free sites. Your access will be very limited. In the first 7 days you will have access to live chat and after 7 days you will access to the live chat. For more info read above.


How to cancel your membership at Wealthy Affiliate?

You can cancel your membership at Wealthy Affiliate at any time. But you will lose access to premium content and features.

You will lose access to free and premium sites. You will be given 30 days to move your sites to another place.

You can do it by going to your profile – account settings and choose “stop billing”.




Do you lose access to your websites if you cancel premium account?

Yes, you lose access to your websites, even your free websites. But you are given 30 days to move your sites to another hosting.

If you stay as a free member without upgrading to a premium account then you will not lose access to your 2 free websites.

If you upgrade and then cancel your premium account then you will lose access to all websites. But as I said, you are given 30 days to move your sites to another place.


Is there a refund at Wealthy Affiliate?

Officially there is no refund at Wealthy Affiliate. Because as a free member you get access to WA and can see and get an idea how it works and what WA is all about.

You can ask questions via a live chat and get answers before upgrading.

If you decide to upgrade, benefit from Wa premium features and training and then decide to get your money back I think it’s not fair. Anyway, you still can get a refund.




You can see the screenshot of refunds. I can’t guarantee that you will get refund but the screenshot proves that you can. Think twice before upgrading your account.


How can I pay for Wealthy Affiliate membership?

You can pay for your membership through two methods: PayPal or credit card (Visa, Master card or any other).


How do I get paid by Wealthy Affiliate?

If you become an affiliate to Wealthy Affiliate and earn commissions from WA you will get paid via PayPal.

If you become an affiliate to some other program then you will get paid depending on the terms of that company.

For more details you need to contact the program/company you are affiliated with.


What countries are allowed to join Wealthy Affiliate as a free starter member?

Unfortunately, not all countries are allowed to join Wealthy Affiliate as free members due to a lot of spam and fraud that comes from those countries. Here is the list of countries:

  • Bangladesh
  • Egypt
  • India
  • Kenya
  • Pakistan
  • Philippines
  • Vietnam
  • Nigeria

If you are from one of these countries then you have to upgrade to a premium account without getting access to a free membership.

Alternatively, if you use VPN service you can hide your country IP and access Wealthy Affiliate as if you are living in the USA or any other country allowed for a free membership.


What will I be doing as a Wealthy Affiliate member?

As a WA member you will be following the Certification Course (50 lessons) and completing tasks.

You will be building your website, writing articles for your website, recording videos for your business (optional), engaging on social sites, such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter etc., asking questions, messaging and chatting with other members like on Facebook, watching weekly live trainings, doing keyword research and many other things.

You don’t have to worry about things that are new for you. Everything will be explained in the training step-by-step.


Affiliate Bootcamp or Certification Course

There are two certification courses inside Wealthy Affiliate: Certification course and Affiliate Bootcamp. Certification course consists of 5 levels (50 lessons) and Affiliate Bootcamp consists of 7 levels (70 lessons).

Certification course is for those that want to build an online business based on their interest and passion.

Any passion, interest can be turned into a business. Affiliate Bootcamp is for those that want to promote Wealthy Affiliate to other people.


Should I choose Bootcamp or Certification course?

I believe you should primarily focus on the certification course and build your business based on your passion and interest.

If you don’t have any passion or interest then you can choose Affiliate Bootcamp.

But I highly recommend to choose the Certification Course because Affiliate Bootcamp is a very competitive niche.

It will be very difficult for you to succeed in this niche. Though it’s absolutely possible.


When can you start making money?

There is no an exact time frame when you can start making money. Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to do it and provides everything you need for that: training, weekly live webinars, tools and awesome support.

But Wealthy Affiliate can’t give guarantees as to when and how much money you will earn.

Based on my personal experience I can tell you: If you don’t quit, do the work and stay patient you will make money.


What is a niche and how to choose one?

Niche is a segment of market that people are interested in. Niche can be literally anything. It shouldn’t be too broad like weight loss.

How to lose weight after 50 can be a niche. Apple products can’t be a niche. It’s too broad. But Apple Watch can be a niche.

It’s important to choose a niche based on your interest and passion. Because it will help you do the work and motivate you even if you don’t make money in the first months.


Is Wealthy Affiliate a pyramid scheme?

Some people call Wealthy Affiliate a pyramid scheme because of the Affiliate Bootcamp training that teaches people how to promote Wealthy Affiliate to other people. The truth is that Affiliate Bootcamp is not a core training. It’s optional.

The core training is the Certification Course that teaches people how to build an online business based on your passion and interest.

This is the main idea of Wealthy Affiliate and most people that join Wealthy Affiliate choose the Certification Course.

When it comes to Affiliate Bootcamp it’s an affiliate program which is very normal and in fact most programs have their affiliate program.


Does Wealthy Affiliate provide quality support?

Yes, support is the most important aspect of Wealthy Affiliate which makes it different from many other programs out there.

You can get support from WA through different ways: site support, private message, live chat, support from WA members, support from the founders of WA, Kyle and Carson and support on me if you join through my link.





Are there any complaints about Wealthy Affiliate?

Like any program Wealthy Affiliate has some complaints too. This is very normal.

But there are very few of them to be honest compared to the majority of people that are very happy with the quality of their service.

For more info you can read my article regarding complaints about Wealthy Affiliate.


Do Carson and Kyle reply via private message? Are they really helpful?

I have been a member of WA since 2013 and can tell you that they always reply and are very helpful. They do it via live chat or private message.

Normally they reply within 1–3 days. Sometimes it takes 5,6 days or maybe even one week.

It’s because they are very busy and get messages from many other members like you and me. You need to be patient. They always reply.

Remember, you can always get support within minutes or even seconds from other experienced members or from me.

You can also chat with Kyle or Carson via live chat. They are available almost every day.


Do I need to watch weekly live trainings by Jay?

Yes, live trainings by Jay are VERY important and helpful. He teaches WA members advanced strategies that can help you grow your business and take to the next level.

I almost always watch those trainings and benefit from them. They are highly recommended. In fact, it’s a part of WA education designed for you to help you succeed online.


Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam?

No, Wealthy Affiliate is NOT a scam! It delivers a great value to people in the form of a high quality training, tools and awesome support.

You can try it free before you decide to upgrade your account. There is not a single valid reason to call it a scam. To call it a scam you must prove it.

There is no any proof. Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t make crazy claims, such as “you will make money in 30 days” or you will make $10.000 in 3 months or we will pay you $500″.


Can I make money as a free member of Wealthy Affiliate?

Yes, you can but to be honest, chances are very slim. With the advanced knowledge, tools and support that you can get from a premium membership chances for success are MUCH higher.


Can I start my online business without quitting my main job?

Absolutely you can! It depends on what you want. If you want to make your online business your main source of income you can do so by sparing more time for it.

If you love your job and want to have a second source of income you can build your online business without quitting your main job.


Can you help me choose a niche for my online business?

Yes, I can. First of all, Wealthy Affiliate’s Certification Course includes special modules that explain how to research and choose a new niche.

If after watching those trainings you still need some help I certainly can help you with that.


Can I have my own website/blog and write quality content for my website? Because I’m not good at writing.

Yes, you can. I’m not a writer too. English is my second language. Still I write for my blog and I’m making money from my website.


Is previous experience required to make money with Wealthy Affiliate?

No, previous experience is not required. Anyone can join Wealthy Affiliate and start making money. Everything will be explained step-by-step in the training.

For more info and other frequently asked questions about Wealthy Affiliate you can read this post created by another WA member.




About the Author:

My name is Adam. I'm the founder of Your Income Advisor. My goal is to help others succeed online, by exposing scams and reviewing top rated products. I can help you start your own business online

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  1. Alysanna says:

    Great post about Wealthy Affiliate and the FAQ; not too long but you were able to cover all the important information that one wants to know about this online platform. For many people who value their time so much, reading a very long review on how to learn affiliate marketing isn’t practical. Before joining Wealthy Affiliate, I spent some time reading reviews about it and although I thought everything was great, I just wished that every country would be allowed to join WA as free starter member.I am actually from one of these countries but currently based in a country that is allowed to join WA for free. So when you said that one can use VPN service to hide their IP address so they can join for free, I’m just wondering if this is acceptable. Because as far as I know, this idea never came up in other reviews and even within the community. I would really like to know so I can mention it in my review on Wealthy Affiliate. 

    • Rufat says:

      Great to hear you are having no issues now with joining Wealthy Affiliate. Yes, I think it’s acceptable. Why not? I don’t know of any restrictions from WA that don’t allow to use VPN when joining WA. At the end of the day you don’t cheat anyone. You do it to try WA for free. There is nothing wrong with that. You do it because of restrictions for your country, not because you are doing something wrong.

  2. Shubhangi says:

    Hey Rufat,

    It’s a great idea to create FAQ for Wealthy Affiliate.  It will be very helpful to those who want to join WA but are hesitant, these FAQ will solve most of their queries.

    You mentioned about refund at WA, frankly I never heard about it or never red anything about it.  Are you sure that WA refund money, and on what grounds?



    • Rufat says:

      Yes, sometimes it’s possible to get refund from WA. The problem is when you try the program free before you pay and then ask for refund it’s not fair. Because some people abuse it. From my experience I can tell that refund is possible. Not always but if you insist and really don’t like WA you can get it.

  3. Julia Kossowska says:

    Hi Rufat,

    What a great page!  This has a lot of really useful information.

    I am a Premium User of Wealthy Affiliate and I found information on there that I wasn’t sure of.

    For instance I was interested to see what you said about refunds.  I do not think I would ever want to leave Wealthy Affiliate, but I get asked these sorts of questions by people who might be interested but want more information first and I haven’t been sure what to say.  Now I am much more confident!



    • Rufat says:

      I agree with you Julia. I have never actually wanted to leave WA and an overwhelming majority of people stay at Wealthy Affiliate. In fact, very few people quit WA. Those few who quit are those that will quit with any other program, no matter if it is WA or some other program.

  4. Kisumu says:

    Hello Rufat,

    I really liked this FAQ post about Wealthy Affiliate. I am a Premium member too and I also started earning money. I went through all of your questions and answers and I have to say that they are very well collected because I really wanted to find a missing one that I have got but couldn’t find any 🙂 It’s so good to read that you are not a native speaker either and you write your site in English 🙂 Honestly, I was thinking a lot about it, and decided to do the same. 

    What I never know “how to answer is the how much money can I earn type?” Can I just say that it only depends on you? What do you think is the best answer?

    • Rufat says:

      I know many people for whom English is their second language and still they are doing very well. It’s absolutely possible if your desire is strong enough. Regarding making your first dollar online, yes I believe it’s possible and depends on you.

  5. julienne murekatete says:

    Thank you for answering the most asked questions about Wealthy Affiliate. Questions are endless when it comes to making money. I have a question though, i am new here and i started a website and i chose to promote WA . Am i allowed to promote other affiliate program on my website? if no, what am i suppose to write on my website?

    Thank you

    • Rufat says:

      Of course, you can promote any program other than Wealthy Affiliate. I’m promoting many programs on my website. When you promote only one program it’s not so good from a practical point of view. Because if something happens to that program you will lose all your income. That’s why try to promote several programs at least. Not too many because it will be very difficult to track it but some programs that pay good commissions. Try to have multiple income streams.

  6. Strahinja says:

    Hi Rufat,

    you really gave nice detailed explanation to all the important questions aboutWealthy Affiliate. I give the thumbs up for your post! I’m for months now a memberin WA and I’m very satisfied. Everything that comes with it is amazing – 24/7support, friendly and helpful members, Jaxxy keyword tool, WordPress, lessons,and of course Karl and Carson are very opened for anything. They always giveanswers fast, they give interesting contents through mail.

    I would recommend it to anyone.

    Thanks for this post,


    • Rufat says:

      It’s great to hear your positive review of Wealthy Affiliate. I’m of the same opinion and I’ve been a member of WA since 2013. All I can say is I totally agree with you.

  7. SharonRPh says:

    Hi Rufat!

    An excellent article on the benefits of WA – and yes, the most frequently asked questions by someone considering joining or someone who is just looking a making money online.  Your explanation of whether the “big guys” answer was most appreciated – and the time line for answering as I just submitted my first question today.  I wish I had known just how valuable the 7 day free access to Wealthy Affiliate actually was…although I’ve worked up to Level 4 in just 3 weeks!  Premium membership is really worth what you pay for it!   I wholeheartedly high five you on a very well-written and comprehensive article.   Thank you!

    • Rufat says:

      Wealthy Affiliate is totally worth its price. First, it’s very affordable. The training is always up to date and the support is fantastic. You will never get stuck if you are a member of this amazing program. There are always some people that are unhappy but that’s their problem. The majority is happy.

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