Is Prosperity of Life a Scam or Your Life-Changing Income Opportunity?

October 24, 2018 10 Comments

Prosperity of Life


Service Quality









  • Valuable info


  • Too expensive products
  • Complaints about Prosperity of life
  • Too much focus on recruitment
  • You don’t earn from first 2 sales
  • Shane Krider’s reputation is not so good

prosperity of life


Product name: prosperity of life


Price: from $45 up to $12,950

Owners: Shane Krider, Rachel Krider

Overall rank: 30 out of 100


Prosperity of life Has been popular for several years now and though there are already many reviews of this program in online space I believe I need to take another look and tell you about some important facts.

You need to know these facts so you can take the right decision.

To be honest I was very surprised when I learned them. Prosperity of life is not a useless program that takes your hard earned money and gives nothing in return.

You actually can get some valuable from this program.

But though you can get some value from it I don’t think it’s something you must try.

It’s a very arguable experience due to many reasons. And these reasons are very serious.

If you want to know my opinion and is prosperity of life a scam I will tell you this. It’s not a scam.

But is the value you get from Prosperity with its price? Let’s find it out.


Short review of Prosperity of life

Prosperity of life is a program that mainly focuses on personal development aspects and explains how to become wealthy.

On top of that it teaches you how to promote prosperity of life to other people and become rich.

When it comes to personal development it’s ok. When it comes to promoting prosperity of life I don’t think it’s a good idea.


Pros of Prosperity of life

  • Valuable info


Cons of Prosperity of life

  • Too expensive products
  • Complaints about Prosperity of life
  • Too much focus on recruitment
  • You don’t earn from first 2 sales
  • Shane Krider’s reputation is not so good


Prosperity of life is TOO expensive to recommend it. You can find the same value for a much lower price on the internet. Instead I recommend another program. To see the value and the benefits you need to create an account. It’s totally free.









Prosperity of life Review

Before I get down to my Prosperity of life review I want to say a few words about this program so you understand what Prosperity of life is all about and how it can actually help you grow mentally, spiritually or financially.

Because it looks like Shane Krider and Rachel Krider promise that their program can do this for you.

They promise to transform your life completely. I believe anyone can agree that self-development is important in human’s life.

If you grow spiritually and mentally and take action your financial situation will change. Sooner or later it will change.

When it comes to Prosperity of life my research shows that there are many negative reviews of this program on the internet.

It looks like most people agree two facts regarding Prosperity of life.



First fact is that Shane Krider and Rachel Krider created quality training and can actually teach people how to become successful in their life.

The info contained in the training is high quality. It’s not some crap. It delivers some value. Second fact is regarding the price of Prosperity of life.

The price is insane. I believe most people will NEVER pay so much money for the motivational info that Prosperity of life gives you.

Maybe for some people it’s acceptable to pay thousands of dollars for a motivational info. For me it’s not acceptable at all. You can ask me why? I will answer.

Because you can find a ton of material, both videos on Youtube or text material on Google for free.

And believe me, if you can’t use this free info to your good and change your life you won’t be able to change your life after paying thousands of dollars for Prosperity of life or any other paid program.

I may be wrong but this is my humble opinion.





Also, you can buy high quality ebooks on that teach motivational stuff and each ebook will cost you approx. $10-$15.

Some super quality books may cost you even $200. Even this book for $200 is way better than paying thousands of dollars for Prosperity of life.

An example of a free motivational video on YouTube is this one. When you watch it youtube will show you many other related videos.

Before starting Prosperity of life Shane Krider was running another company called Liberty League. The company was not successful and very soon it was shut down.

BTW, you can see Shane’s speech below. It’s good but I don’t think it’s worth thousands of dollars.




Prosperity of life products

Prosperity of life offers two types of products: Digital and Conferences and live events.

One of their most money making product is called Master of Destines.

They have several products in this line. The idea is to take you through 12 month program that has 7 levels:


  • Know For Yourself
  • Departure
  • Decision
  • Action
  • Foundation
  • Sovereignty
  • Influence




  • Master of Destines M1 – $2,285 (Live event videos). This course will continue over the course of 12 months
  • Sovereignty Live M2 – $7,950 (Live event videos + 5 day live event on how to become wealthy)
  • Influence Live M3 – $12,950 (8 day personal development live event)
  • Master of Destines M4 – $1,495
  • Master of Destines M7 – $4,590 (compilation of M2 and M3). It looks like it’s a discount package because if you pay for each package separately it will be super expensive.
  • Master of Destines M7 Fast Track – $6,250 (Compilation of M1 and M7. This packages is also a discount package


To get started with Prosperity of life you need to pay $49,95 for a starter kit and plus $153 monthly for the tools that will help you market your product online.


Can you really make money with Prosperity of life?

The main question here is: Can you really make money with Prosperity of life? Let’s take a look at this income opportunity.

Prosperity of life offers a great commission per sale.


  • Master of Destines M1 – $2,285 – commission 80% – $1,828
  • Sovereignty Live M2 – $7,950 – commission 63% – $5,000
  • Influence Live M3 – $12,950 – commission 62% – $8,000
  • Master of Destines M4 – $1,495 – commission 62% – $926
  • Master of Destines M7 – $4,590 – commission 80% – $3,672
  • Master of Destines M7 Fast Track – $6,250 – commission 80% -$5,000


The main problem here is that if you think you can sell such expensive products you are wrong. Believe me, I know what I’m taking about.

To get someone to buy this kind of product is super super difficult. I would even even say it’s almost impossible.

If you plan to make face to face sales it will be extremely difficult.

If you plan to promote on the internet it will be even harder. Because most people that come to your website don’t know you.

They are not going to trust you and pay thousands of dollars for a motivational course or take your advice.

Paid traffic will waste all your money, such as Facebook ads or Google Adwords. The only way is through building relations with people through email marketing.

Email marketing is not free and it takes months and years before you build your subscribers list and they start to trust you.

It’s a long process that takes time, effort and monetary investment.



If you can make at least one sale per year it would be great. A friend of mine was trying to sell another high ticket product for 6 months and wasted $7000. He failed.

Here is the message from him. So, it’s not going to be easy at all though high commissions look very attractive.


What I like about Prosperity of life

The only thing I like about Prosperity of life is that Shane’s program contains some valuable info on how to become better in your life in terms of changing yourself spiritually and financially.


What I don’t like about Prosperity of life

It’s clear that what we’ve seen in Liberty can be called a pyramid scheme. Not because Liberty League was totally useless.

It delivered some value. Of course delivered. Otherwise they wouldn’t earn a single dollar.

It was a pyramid scheme because only people at the top made millions of dollars while people at the bottom lost their money.

The same picture can be seen in Prosperity of life. The same scenario. Affordable start up price and delivering some value.

Membership packages that cost thousands of dollars that most people can’t and will never be able to afford.

And even if they can afford, can they make money with Prosperity of life? I don’t think so.

Below you can see what government organizations like U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has to say about pyramid schemes.


BTW, Prosperity of life products are super expensive which is the biggest red flag in this program that I don’t like and can’t agree with such price policy.

Their packages start from $2,285 and the highest price is $12,950.

The worst thing about Prosperity of life is that before earning commissions from Prosperity of life you need to first buy those products and then get the right to promote them and earn revenue.

It’s ver different from affiliate marketing when you promote any product for free and earn money.

With Prosperity of life it’s different. It’s like in any MLM program. First buy it and then promote.

Another thing that I don’t like is that aside from being super difficult to make sales you won’t earn commissions from your first two sales.

Because your commission will go to your sponsor. Sponsor is the person who invited you to join Prosperity of life and you joined through his link.

Prosperity of life is similar to another program called Digital Altitude that was shut down recently by FTC due to following the same business practice.

Same happened to Empower Network and Wake up now and many other MLM programs.

I also don’t like that on their website they claim that 127,000 lives has been impacted by Prosperity of life. I don’t see any proof that info is correct.

Do they have documented record that all these 127,000 people became rich as a result of buying their Master of Destines program?

I don’t know, I’m not sure. I don’t have such a proof. Maybe they have? If they have then I recommend you to contact them and let them show you the proof.

In fact, Prosperity of life is a copy of Liberty League. Nothing new. Now their company has two names:

Prosperity of life and Prosperity of life Network. Before it was called Polaris Media Group.


Complaints about Prosperity of life

As I said above, there were many lawsuits against Liberty League and it was finally shut down.

The main complaint against Liberty is that they scammed people out of $5 million by promising its members to earn close to $200.000 per year.

On top of that they promised their members to earn this kind of money by working 4 hours a day.

The membership price was almost the same as in Prosperity of life ($45). Then they were trying to persuade people to pay up to $22.000 for courses, conferences.

Very similar to what you can find in Prosperity of life.

  • Liberty personal development course – $1,495
  • 3 day conference – $7,995
  • 5 day conference – $12,995

They promised people to make $1000 a day. All this was back in 2009.

The same thing is now happening to Prosperity of life. I found several complaints on the internet. Someone wasted $8,000 in Prosperity of life.

Someone wasted $3,000. I believe it’s a serious problem that honest people lose their hard earned money in programs like Liberty League or Prosperity of life. This is wrong.

No one should be spending thousands of dollars for a motivational stuff. Someone can argue and say.

But you spend thousands of dollars for your education in institutes or universities. That’s right.

In university you study 5,6 years. But this course is just 5 days or less or a little longer.

Does it really sound reasonable to spend thousands of dollars for a course that has no even enough track record and success stories.

A couple success stories don’t prove that Prosperity of life works for everyone.

At least we can see that if Liberty was not successful there is no reason or clear proof that Prosperity of life will be better than the previous one.

I found a few complaints on ripoffreport website and decided to put a screenshot of one of the complaints here on my website.



This is just for your info so you may have a wider picture. I think there are not many complaints on the internet because very few people could actually buy it.


Can you become successful with Prosperity of life?

As I said above, the main issue with Prosperity of life is that their products are sold at cosmic prices. VERY few people can actually afford it.

And even less people can achieve something after spending thousands of dollars on motivational stuff.

There are many other motivational coaches available like Eric Thomas, Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Zig Ziglar and many others.

Some of the change even less than Prosperity of life.



At least you know that Eric Thomas or Tony Robbins or Les Brown are well known motivational coaches with a proven track record.

When it comes to Prosperity of life’s team, these people are way less known that these super speakers.

Why then pay thousands of dollars to Shane Krider and Rachel Krider? I don’t think their course is worth the price they ask you to pay.

But I believe it contains a lot of valuable info. Taking into account the fact that we know about Liberty League that was shut down I believe the same can easily happen to Prosperity of life as well.

Considering that I think chances for success with Prosperity of life are not so high.


Final word on Prosperity of life

My questions to you:

  • Are you ready to spend so much money for Prosperity of life?
  • Are you willing to promote this program to others?
  • Do you trust Shane Krider knowing the fact that his previous company was shut down?
  • Do you really believe paying so much money for Prosperity of life is worth it?

I don’t know about you but my answers to all these questions are negative.

I think though Prosperity of life contains some valuable and powerful stuff it’s not with its price.

Simply because you can find similar stuff for free or for a much lower price than paying thousands of dollars for Prosperity of life.

So, is Prosperity of life a Scam? No. It’s not. But I highly recommend to stay away from it and spend your hard earned money in a more reasonable way.


Final glance at Prosperity of life

  • Valuable info
  • Too expensive products
  • Complaints about Prosperity of life
  • Too much focus on recruitment
  • You don’t earn from first 2 sales
  • Shane Krider’s reputation is not so good
  • Overall rank: 30 out of 100


In order change your life and become richer you need to create a free account and try my top recommended program!. NOT MLM!


About the Author:

My name is Adam. I'm the founder of Your Income Advisor. My goal is to help others succeed online, by exposing scams and reviewing top rated products. I can help you start your own business online

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  1. jo says:

    i joined this company and payed for the basic M1 level. here is what i liked / disliked

    Here are the things i liked

    -i did learn valuable marketing skills
    – i enjoyed the material- and did get something out of it
    – Weekly trainings by the leaders of the company , i found this encouraging and informative

    here is what i did not like
    – i was not informed when i signed up that you have to pay up to $39,000 to really make the “big money”
    – i HATED that they encouraged people to get out a loan, borrow money and “back yourself” to get the money to qualify on all levels.
    – i did not like that the company is very focused on recruitment and money – after all that is the life blood. They have a 50k a month club and a 100k a month club- which is someone who earns in excess of 50-100,000 in one month. Most people who join the company want to be in these clubs. In my opinion money is the main focus, with a smaller emphasis on personal development.
    -morally it began to feel wrong, introducing people to a company when you know full well if they had more information, would they actually join? I would not have if i knew the intricacies of the company
    -i was enrolled by one of the company leaders, although she responded to my emails i found her non supportive and unavailable. I would have to wait 4 days for her to do a three way call with a prospect and by that time they were no longer interested ( good for them in hindsight),but she was available that day if i wanted to upgrade and buy another level, i did not like this.

    to conclude, there are more cons about this company than pros. Can you make money? yes you can. but you better make sure you have a good marketing budget and find websites that don’t already have a tonne of other prosperity of life distributors marketing on them

    In complete transparency, I was in prosperity of life for around 4 months. The company recommend doing a consistent 3 plan for the bare minimum , which is talking to three people a day for 5 days a week and to do this consecutively for 90-180 days. I did not do this consistently, because for me my moral compass took over and this did not feel right, nor did it feel like i was helping people and doing a good thing. We all learn from experiences and move on. Yes , i parted with $3,000 if you include marketing costs, but i learned a lot more about what i do not want to do and what i do not want to be a part of…

    Save your money, listen to your gut! the choice is yours….

    • Rufat says:

      Thank you very much Jo for your insightful comment about Prosperity of Life. Though some people may not like my reviews I always try to be as objective as possible. But I’m not perfect. My review shows that my verdict was correct. It’s really great that you shared your real experience with Prosperity of Life and now people can benefit and learn from you. It’s not surprise that most people fail in this program. Because like you said, the main purpose of the founders of this program is money, not people.

  2. jessie palaypay says:

    Have there been complaints to the FTC just yet? I’d imagine with the amount of money that they have taken from innocent consumers that they should have already filed a complaint and that an investigation would have been launched. As with all companies that take huge sums of money, they usually all go down eventually.

    • Rufat says:

      As I know, not yet but I agree with you. Companies that charge so much money should be sued. Because the practice shows that most of the time they take money and then disappear as you describe it. This must be stopped in my opinion. Anyway, I believe Prosperity of Life will not last long and it will be shut down as it happened to Liberty League.

  3. HappyB says:

    Hi Rufat

    Great article.

    I spent more time on the videos and really enjoyed Eric Thomas.

    You are right though, there is a lot of personal development that can be acquired free or at a reasonable price.

    I have spent some money myself in this direction and the best PD workshops were also the cheapest ones. They were also the hardest ones.

    There is no quick and easy way to make a lot of money quickly that is also honest and legal.

    MLMs like “Prosperity of Life” are dependant on recruiting others and so are not worth having.

    The product is not worth the money.

    Thanks for an honest review and I hope it has saved some people from wasting their money.

    • Rufat says:

      Of course, there is an abundance of info available online and you don’t actually need to pay $12,000 for a motivational or self-development course. This is insane. I’m 100% sure the course can’t cost so much. They are just trying to make money off people. Everything must be reasonably priced. Eric Thomas is a great speaker.

  4. julienne murekatete says:

    Oh my God! I was shocked by Prosperity of Life’s price. It is very high not anyone can afford such price. Many people look for business which will help them to earn some money and this one is taking the money.hahahah so strange. It may not be a scam but it is not either real program.

    Thank you for this information.

    • Rufat says:

      Exactly said. Instead of helping people make money they take all your money and you don’t even know if you can earn at least half of that amount back. Absolutely insane and wouldn’t pay these guys even $100 for their super “motivational” course.

  5. glenda says:

    Hi there,

    Thanks for this great information on Prosperity of Life. You did explained well and after reading your article, I am convinced that Prosperity of Life is not for me because of it is to expensive and it is like a pyramid scheme which only top level do earn large amout of income. I’ll rather stick to affiliate marketing.

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