What is Digital Altitude? – Scam or Legit? Read My Honest Review

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Product name: Digital Altitude

Program owner: Michael Force

Website: www.digitalaltitude.co

Price: $37/month basic level, $1 trial for Aspire package

Digital Altitude Overall rank: 0 out of 100

My recommended program overall rank: 90 out of 100


As of February 2018 Digital Altitude was shut down by FTC


I came across Digital Altitude a few days ago and immediately I knew that it was going to be a controversial product. And I was right. But I’m not going to say that it’s a scam because it’s not.

For me it’s absolutely clear that Digital Altitude is a very controversial product and I’ve already reviewed several similar products, such as Z License, Kyani, Vemma, Empower Network, iPAS.

All these products are extremely overpriced for what they offer and that’s why I disagree with their approach.

When it comes to Digital Altitude I’m of the same opinion and I believe though this product is legit, It’s NOT for everyone.

If you are completely new to making money online I honestly recommend to read my review of Digital Altitude because my reviews are always realistic and honest though I’m not perfect at all. Sometimes I may be wrong too.

In this review I will explain exactly what is Digital Altitude and the final decision is yours.


The main idea behind Digital Altitude

Digital Altitude was created by Michael Force, a former Marine and now he is a successful online marketer and coaching many other people in digital space.

His product is just another digital product that teaches you internet marketing, but it’s highly overpriced. But there is a reason behind that.

It’s designed for people who have a budget to spend in order to buy it and then promote to others who have a budget to spend too. If you’re on a tight budget, Digital Altitude is not for you.


Before you continue reading my review I want you to know that Digital Altitude is not a scam, BUT it’s highly overpriced and I can’t confidently recommend it to everyone.

Digital Altitude’s packages are very expensive and not affordable for an average person and selling high ticket items is extremely difficult in online space.

Fortunately, I’m a member of another legit program that provides almost the same value at an affordable price. Take a look at the comparison table and feel free to create your free account.



Pros of Digital Altitude

  • Quality product
  • Good support
  • $1 trial (Aspire package)


Cons of Digital Altitude

  • Too expensive
  • Requires a budget to spend (from $37/month up to $19,997 one time payment)
  • Results are not guaranteed


Digital Altitude explained

Basically, Digital Altitude is a training course that teaches you how to promote a product online, mainly related to MLM type of business.

Most people buy into this program because they don’t have any experience in making money online and think that they can easily promote expensive products and make tons of money.

In this particular case we are talking about Digital Altitude. Your way to success consists of two steps: First, you must buy Digital Altitude and second, you must promote it to others in order to earn an affiliate commission. Is it easy to promote such products? That’s another story and I will discuss it further in my review.


Digital Altitude Products

They have several packages (levels) that fit any budget. Here is the list of their products:

  • Aspire
  • Base
  • Rise
  • Ascend
  • Peak
  • Apex




Aspire will cost you $37 or $67 per month. This package is for anyone wanting to start an online business or take their existing business to the next level. You will get access to video trainings (7 steps). Access to coaches, websites, sales funnels, email marketing.

You can try this level for $1 and then decide to continue or quit. In this training you will also learn how to improve conversions of your website, traffic techniques.

Also, you’ll get access to tools and resources, support, forums, live chat, weekly trainings, monthly conference calls. Plus 60% commission.



Base will cost you $397 (one time payment) and consists of 3 sections (12 modules). In this module you’ll learn how to set a goal, plan your business, brand your business, establish your web and social presence, optimize your online business for maximum profits and more.



Rise will cost you $1,497 (one time payment) consists of 5 sections (19 modules). You’ll learn how to form the right mindset, make more sales, manage your MLM business, create a killer sales copy that will boost your sales and more.



Ascend will cost you $6,997 (one time payment) and consists of 3 sections (agendas). You will learn how to drive traffic to your business, create your personal brand, video marketing, analytics, creating quality content, outsourcing some of the work and more.



Peak will cost you $11,997 (one time payment) and consists of 5 sections (agendas). You’ll learn how to scale your business and take it to the 7&8 figure level, apply leading sales strategies, make more money with less efforts, outsourcing and automating your business and more.



Apex will cost you $19,997 (one time payment) and consists of 7 sections (agendas). You will learn how to create multiple income streams, boost your income, how to become and stay wealthy, minimize your risk in the business and more. This section is basically consists of motivational stuff and some practical recommendations.


They have also Inbound package for creating content for your website. This service will cost you between $15 – $1,500 per month. I think it’s too expensive and most people can’t afford it.

Each package mentioned above from Aspire to Apex has two level of commissions: 40% and 60%.


  • For Aspire – 40% if you pay $37 per month and 60% if you pay $60 per month.
  • For Base – 60% if you make a sale and 40% if your coach helps you make a sale.
  • For Rise – 60% if you make a sale and 40% if your coach helps you make a sale.
  • For Ascend – 60% if you make a sale and 40% if your coach helps you make a sale.
  • For Peak – 60% if you make a sale and 40% if your coach helps you make a sale.
  • For Apex – 60% if you make a sale and 40% if your coach helps you make a sale.


Can you really become rich with Michael Force?

First off, Michael Force is a 7 figure earner and he is not selling an air. He is selling a real product and his training is of high quality. You can really learn a lot of great stuff from him.

Support is also a strong point of Digital Altitude. And it’s true that you can earn up to $12,000 per sale. Yes, you can IF you can sell one of his products. IF…

Almost in all my reviews I always tell that following 6 or 7 figure earner doesn’t guarantee you any income. Often times they promise that you will earn your first 6 figure income in 90 days which is a total BS. Don’t trust them. This is a huge exaggeration which is the case with Digital Altitude too.

Take a look at Michael’s promise and ask yourself: Do you believe it’s something real? I think you know the answer. From my experience I know that making this kind of income may take years in most cases. 90 days period is NOT realistic.




And now take a look at Digital Altitude’s disclaimer in which they clearly explain that they don’t and can’t guarantee you any income. Particular results may be exceptional.




Though Digital Altitude is not a scam and I believe it provides a great value and is legit, but when it comes to their 6 figure promise I think they go too far.

Yes, I know that their training is of high quality, BUT in order to be able to earn a commission from their high ticket items, you first need to buy them. If you don’t buy, you can’t earn a commission.

But since they don’t guarantee that you will make a sale which is very normal and natural, you need to answer a simple question:

Are you ready to invest a few thousands of dollars into a product that you are not confident about. Do you think you can sell such expensive products online?

I’m not sure to be honest. Yes, I know they have a good training in place, but it doesn’t guarantee anything at all. And remember that if you can’t sell their product and you bought it yourself, there is no money back guarantee.

Realistically speaking, you can sell via YouTube or paid traffic. Paid traffic means you have to spend money on paid advertising and there is no guarantee that you will close a deal. PPC traffic or Facebook ads is not cheap.

A friend of mine, Rick Bell was a member to another WAY more popular program, very similar to Digital Altitude. It’s called SFM ( Six Figure Mentors).

He was a member of this program for over a year and spent thousands of dollars on Facebook ads alone and in the end he left without pants.

Keep in mind that SFM is WAY more popular than Digital Altitude. They have everything in place – email follow ups, sales funnel, I mean EVERYTHING to close a deal.

They help their members in many ways so they can successfully promote SFM high tickets items and earn a commission.

And in spite of all this positive aspects, a friend of mine spent $7,000 and failed to make even one sale. Of course, he left SFM completely disappointed. He wasted his budget on Facebook ads and nothing worked.

By all this I mean that promoting high ticket items online is absolutely possible, but it depends on how you promote and what you promote. It’s possible, BUT extremely difficult.




You can read Rick’s message above in which he tells his story of how he lost his money with SFM. And now I want to ask you: Do you want the same thing to happen to you?

Again, Digital Altitude’s training is good and support is great, but I believe their program is NOT for everyone. It’s for those who have enough free money to spend and don’t care if they can earn their money back.

When you’re starting out online it’s always better to start with a program that doesn’t require a large budget to spend. And fortunately, there are such programs and I’m actually a member of such a program. You can read about my recommended program here.


Final word on Digital Altitude

From what has been said above it becomes evident that Digital Altitude is not a scam. Anyway, I can’t recommend it because it’s overpriced product. And I believe you now understand what is Digital Altitude.

In order to be successful online there are various programs available online and you just need to choose the right one depending on your budget and experience.

Believe me or not, but there are many other legit programs that can teach you the same stuff that Michael tries to teach you.

The only difference is that Michael’s product is too expensive and in fact, it’s not for everyone. Other programs that I’m talking about are affordable for most people.

There is no need to spend as much money as Michael tries to convince you to spend. The major con of programs like Digital Altitude is that you spend thousands of dollars and there is no guarantee that you can earn back even a little fraction of what you spent.

Products like Digital Altitude not always but most of the time leave people without their pants. But if you have enough budget and can afford to spend thousands of dollars and wait until times when you start seeing income in your bank account then you can try Digital Altitude at your own risk.

If you stick with this program you may be achieve your goal in the end. But I personally don’t recommend to start with this program if you’re new to internet marketing.


Final glance at Digital Altitude

  • Quality product
  • Good support
  • $1 trial (Aspire package)
  • Too expensive
  • Requires a budget to spend (from $37/month up to $19,997 one time payment)
  • Overall rank: 55 out of 100


Want a better alternative to Digital Altitude? Here is my #1 recommended program! No obligations. It’s FREE to join.



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  1. Andy says:

    I came across Digital Altitude several months ago and immediately dismissed it as something I am not interested in. If I could afford what he is charging, I could just go get an MBA and actually have a degree. In fact, I did that several years ago, and it was less money than Digital Altitude.

    I disagree that it is a legit product. Even if the training is good, no one would pay that much just for the training. They’re paying that much so that they can recruit others and make even more money. Then the actual product (training) becomes incidental to the money-making opportunity, while it may not fit the actual legal definition of a pyramid scheme, it’s getting pretty close.

    Have a great day!

    • Rufat says:

      I agree with you Andy. My overall rank for Digital Altitude is not high and in fact I don’t recommend it because it’s like you say overpriced product. And it’s clear why it’s overpriced. Programs like this one only recruit people with one single goal – to make as much money off them as possible. And in fact, most people who fall into the traps lose their money. They pay several thousand dollars and then can’t make even a single buck.

  2. Jeannie Taylor says:

    I am a member also. My coach does not know about the crowdfunding in one of the steps. I got an email from a staff memeber and she has never heard of it also. My coach said yesterday that I need $4500 and today she said 9997 for the Ascend.

    • Rufat says:

      Are you going to pay that much money for their package? Be careful. I don’t recommend to invest so much money into this program because it can become a huge disappointment for you. You better try my recommended program instead. See the link above within my review.

    • Jeannie Taylor says:

      No, I am not paying anything else to da. The prices have gone up. I did not pay that to them. Their prices are outrageous. I have not made anything with this.

    • Rufat says:

      Sure, it’s highly overpriced and that’s why I don’t recommend it. It really amazes me how some people pay so much money for programs like this one. I really don’t understand them.

  3. Gin says:

    Thank you Rufat.
    I came to know about online marketing last year and came across the digital altitude. I wanted to join but am not so sure if this is right for me since I am trying to make a living. But thank for clearing things up for me. I am looking for another legit program that I could join.

    • Rufat says:

      Digital Altitude is not a scam but it’s not what I can confidently recommend either. If you’re looking for a legit alternative I gave the link within my review. It’s free to join and I recommend to give it a try.

  4. Juan Montes says:

    I am a Digital Altitude member myself and I have nothing but amazing things to say about the program! You are never left alone to fail, if you feel you can’t do it on your own the coaches are always willing and ready to set up a business olan with you that works! Yes you spend money but the end result if you do everything right is amazing! You’ll forget that you even spent any money in thr beginning because of all the comissions you will be making. I say you guys give it a try! It’s only a $1 trial and you don’t like it after the 14 days you dont have to keep investing! It’s definetely not a scam. I will leave you guys the link if you want to join and you guys can feel free to ask me any questions.

    • Rufat says:

      Hi Juan,

      I’m happy to hear that you’ve found your way through Digital Altitude and I wish you even more success. I said in my review that Digital Altitude is not a scam. In my opinion, their packages are too expensive and most people can’t afford it. Even those that can afford, there is no guarantee that they will earn their invested money back. No guarantee whatsoever! Believe me I’ve seen many programs like this and you can see the example with SFM within my review and how a friend of mine lost a few thousand dollars. I don’t think Digital Altitude is any different from SFM. The creators of Digital Altitude claim and promise to show you 6 steps to 6 figure or less in less than 90 days. Right? I really doubt they can keep that promise. Tell me honestly, have you been able to start making 6 figure income in 90 days? I don’t think so. The fact that Digital Altitude has a lot of training materials is good. Support is good. That’s fine. But packages are expensive. And there is no guarantee that you will earn your invested money back and in fact, some people, I don’t know how many of them, but they lose their money, a LOT of money with Digital Altitude.

  5. J.S.Verma says:

    Dear Mr. Rufat,

    Kindly suggest how much amount invest in this MLM net banking business.
    And how many companies in this business. I have some query..
    1. Is they are pay in time as per term and conditions?
    2. How I can to start?
    3. Is they are fraud companies?
    4. How believe in this business ?


    J.S.Verma – (INDIA)

    • Rufat says:

      Hi Vemma,

      I’m not associated with Digital Altitude in any way. I wrote a review which is my personal opinion. If you want to join Digital Altitude you should contact their site directly. If you want to know my opinion then I recommend another program. You can read here.

  6. Walter Hullesch says:

    Hi Rufat!

    My question is, will I get commissions for levels that I didn’t actually purchase, just skipped over (bought a level above them) and recieved them like this? Or I get commissions only for levels that I actually purchased. For example, if I buy Ascend, will I get commissions if my refferrals buy a level of Aspire or Base or Rise, or I’ll only get commission if they buy Ascend?

    Thank you for your answer,

    • Rufat says:

      Hi Walter,

      To be honest, I can’t tell you exactly but as I know the majority of MLMs pay only for level you actually purchase and I don’t think Digital Altitude is any different from others. And it’s very logical and common. I’ve never seen any MLM that pays a high commission for product or level that you don’t purchase. Regarding your last sentence, you’d better contact Digital Altitude for an exact answer.

  7. Kaylynn Iszler says:

    My honey is interested in doing their program but I am trying to tell him because he has no experience in online anything. He is a car salesman who is just sick of missing out on his family. I sent him this article but he seems to think that he can do it. How should I recommend that he takes a less expensive and different approach? He really got sold into this thinking he can succeed which I love about him but I just don’t like to sugar coat and stand on the side when I think he needs to approach this different. I am stuck with what to tell him or if I should just support his decision to invest thousands while we have a baby due in two months and he thinks he will be making money in 5 months. I don’t think that’s how it works. Just any advice would be welcome.

    • Rufat says:

      I understand you very well Kaylynn. If he has zero experience in making money online I honestly don’t recommend to start with Digital Altitude because it’s highly overpriced. I’ve seen many people that spent a lot of money with no result. Anyway, DA is not a scam and if he thinks he can be successful with it let him try. Who knows? They have $1 trial for Aspire package. I personally recommend to try my recommended program because it provides almost the same value but for a much lower price. You can see it in the comparison table within my review. Let him try it first and then he will decide if he wants Digital Altitude or not. This is a more realistic approach.

  8. Mark says:

    I started DA trial a week and a half, and I am not really well funded , I am still confused whether to leave or stay, but I knew nothing is free , 1$ trial , big dreams , 6 figures , all these shining quotes ..
    well if you are going to stay at basic aspire you don’t get Track Coach , which was disappointing, and even my coach is not really helpful ..

    • Rufat says:

      You can stay for some time and see how it works for you. I tried to explain what you can expect from Digital Altitude and if you feel it’s for you, you then can stay. But it will require lots of money and results are not guaranteed. I recommend to try my recommended program because it’s free to try. And it doesn’t require thousands of dollars.

  9. Justin says:

    Very interesting. You know when I got into this stuff I didn’t realize there were so many different companies out there offering this kind of training, Digital Altitude being one of them. But you are right, that top tier $20,000.00 price tag is just crazy. I guess if you already had a successful internet marketing campaign and just wanted to take it to the next level this might be right for you. As for the guy that wants to be able to learn the ins and outs of internet marketing and build their own website, well I have to say Wealthy Affiliate is the way to go. All the same access as the high dollar competition with monthly membership fees that fit right into any budget.

    • Rufat says:

      I think you’re right. Their prices are too high and not everyone can afford it. And even if someone can afford it, there is another problem: you have to be able to promote this stuff which is extremely difficult in online space. I think I can agree with you that if someone wants to start a business from the ground, Digital Altitude is not the best option out there. I believe this program may be a good choice for someone with a good experience in MLM business and promoting high ticket items.

  10. Nelson says:

    hello Rufat,
    thank you for detailed article. very clear and concise article. I never heard of digital altitude before, yet alone did I know that they are competitors with WA. I have to say that between the two I would go with WA because of the huge community and benifits they have to offer


    I will take another look and see what the verdict is.

    thanks again for the info.


    • Rufat says:

      I wouldn’t say that they are competitors, because they are in a different niche, MLM niche. But I agree with your decision and I would go with WA too because the community is great and very helpful. To be honest, Digital Altitude is a good program, but I wouldn’t go with them because their products are overpriced and promoting high ticket items is extremely difficult. You can easily waste lots of money with no results. If you’ve read my review I noticed that a friend of mine lost thousands of dollars in similar business. I wouldn’t recommend it.

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