Earn Honey Review – Find out If Earn Honey is Worth Your Effort?

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Product name: Earn Honey

Website: www.earnhoney.com

Overall rank: 80 out of 100

Verdict: Legit


I think honey is an exact indicator of what you are going to get from this program.

Like other programs I’ve reviewed, such as Earnably, Quick Rewards, none of these programs will ever make you rich even if you are willing to spend all your time on them.

But does it mean Earn Honey is a scam? Definitely it’s not. It’s just one of many other paid to click, reward sites that are everywhere.

To be honest, they take much of your time and give little in return and that’s why I’m not a huge fan of reward or paid to click sites.

But some people like this type of opportunity because it well fits into their plans and working schedule. In this review of Earn Honey I will let you know what Earn Honey is all about, how you can benefit from this program and if it’s worth your effort or not


The main idea behind Earn Honey

There is nothing special about Earn Honey. It’s just another paid to click, reward site that is designed for people who want to make some quick cash or get rewarded for simple actions, such as participating in online surveys or polls, watching videos or playing games online.




Pros of Earn Honey

  • Extra cash


Cons of Earn Honey

  • Some complaints
  • Decent income
  • Time consuming



Earn Honey review

In short, Earn Honey is a relatively new site and registration is free. The site was launched in 2014. You don’t have to worry about becoming a member of Earn Honey because you have nothing to lose. You can leave the program whenever you want.

That’s why it makes the process of joining a reward site easy and painless. Making money or earning rewards from the site doesn’t require any specific skills and in fact anyone can accomplish their simple yet time consuming tasks.

But you must understand that watching videos and playing games online or participating in online surveys and polls can’t make you a lot of money. It’s simply impossible because of two reasons: First, the number of such tasks is very limited and second, payouts are extremely low.

As I said in my other reviews, I’m not a huge fan of sites like Earn Honey and that’s why I don’t waste my time on them.

But a friend of mine makes between $100 – $200 each month by participting in different programs like Earn Honey, Paidviewpoint, Earnably, Swagbucks, Clixsense, ibotta and some other programs.

Note, he doesn’t make this money from each program. He makes this little money by participating in all programs combined I’ve mentioned above.

As you can see, even making this very limited amount of money is not easy because it requires you to create multiple accounts and then visit each site separately every day and see if there are any tasks available to complete.

The process is very time consuming and annoying and the reward is not that great, but you can make some extra cash though.


How you get paid by Earn Honey and how much?

After creating your free account and starting completing tasks, you will be earning Honey Dollars. Once you’ve enough HD (Honey Dollars) you can redeem them for various things including cash.

The amount of HD varies depending on the task you choose to complete within Earn Honey members area. For example, if you play a game for 10 minutes, you will earn 3 HD.

If you complete a survey and most surveys take between 10–30 minutes, you will earn something between $0,25 – $3. The longer the survey the higher is the payout of course.




But as I said, the number of surveys per week is limited which means your earning is limited too. You can also get paid for watching videos, but earnings are not high.

When watching videos you have to look at their ads too. It’s a combined process of watching a video and looking at ads for which you earn your rewards. You don’t have to worry about videos because most of them are 1 minute long.

Also, they have a traditional referral program that allows you to earn some money by referring other people to Earn Honey website provided they stay active at that site.

They offer 10% of all your referrals which is great. After creating your free account you will also get your affiliate link that you can promote everywhere and get people to sign up through your link.

Though it may seem easy enough, in reality it’s the hardest part of any program that allows you to earn a commission through a referral program. You should know how to promote your link and where to promote and even if you know it’s still not easy because most people won’t join the site.

You need to bring tons of web traffic to your link so you can get a good number of sign ups. The easiest way is to promote your referral link via social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter to get some sign ups.




To earn $1 you need to accumulate 100 Honey Dollars. If you’re not a huge fan of redeeming your HD for some sort of gift cards and you want a real cash then you need to accumulate at least 500 Honey Dollars in order to turn it into $5 and cash out via Paypal. The other option via Paypal is waiting until you accumulate HD equal to $25.


Complaints about Earn Honey

Almost all paid to click or reward sites have complaints and Earn Honey is not an exception unfortunately. Some people report that they have been removed from Earn Honey site for watching videos.

The truth is that some people have been watching videos in the background mode, i.e. in fact they didn’t watch them at all. They set them on play mode without even watching them. This caused their account to be terminated which was completely their own fault.

But some complains are real. For example, some people complain of being unable to get their cash. Some complain of Earn Honey’s support being not responsive. Sometimes it may take several days to get a reply from their support team.

There also have been some complaints from people who haven’t been paid for watching videos.

Compared to some other paid top click and reward sites, I haven’t been able to find many complaints about Earn Honey. Only few complaints. It means that Earn Honey is more reliable than other reward sites that I’ve reviewed in the past.

When it comes to Earn Honey, as I said above, I haven’t found anything serious other than what was mentioned above.

If you plan to join Earn Honey program I highly recommend to read their FAQ section where they have a guide to the Do’s & Don’ts of EarnHoney!

This guide is very helpful and will save you from future possible issues. I think if people read this section before joining the site there would have been WAY less complaints about Earn Honey.


Who can participate in Earn Honey program?

Unfortunately, according to their FAQ section, their program is open for USA only. But I registered my account though I’m living outside of USA and got a confirmation to my email.


What I like about Earn Honey

Compared to many other reward sites, Earn Honey members area is very simple and clear. I really like it. No confusion, everything is simple and easy to navigate and understand.

Upon registration you will be shown a short video that will explain you in a few words how to navigate with the members area and what to do.





Can you become rich with Earn Honey?

Unfortunately, you can’t. Before creating your free account with Earn Honey or any other reward site I would recommend to think well because many people complain that their earnings are very limited which is true.

They don’t realize that for clicking on ads, playing games or completing surveys they can’t earn as much as they expected first. If you have the right expectations and have the right approach then Earn Honey or any other reward site is a good opportunity.

But as I said above, it’s not my cup of tea because I know that I can earn WAY more through affiliate marketing. That’s why, I always recommend my favourite program that teaches you how to build a real business online.

BTW, if you apply affiliate marketing to Earn Honey referral program you can get a lot of sign ups through your referral link and this will allow you to earn WAY more than just completing surveys or watching videos.

Also, remember that Earn Honey offers very few ways to earn rewards. Other reward sites offer WAY more ways to earn an income.


Final word on Earn Honey

I hope you’re satisfied with what you’ve learned from my review of Earn Honey. The program is legit though there have been some complaints.

I think some complaints is not a huge problem because I’ve reviewed many other similar programs and they have had complaints too.

I think it’s very normal. But I understand that it may be a warning for some people and they won’t want to join Earn Honey after reading this info. Anyway, it’s up to you.

One thing you must remember that you won’t make tons of money with paid to click, reward sites which is pretty clear from my review of Earn Honey. But making some extra cash is absolutely possible.

If you are looking for something more serious and genuine that can help you earn a full time online income then Earn Honey is not the best option out there.

In this case I can recommend you my favourite program I’ve been a member of since 2013. Give it a try. It’s FREE to join. You can find the link in the comparison table above.


Final glance at Earn Honey

  • Extra cash
  • Some complaints
  • Decent income
  • Time consuming
  • Overall rank: 80 out of 100
  • Verdict: Legit


Tired of programs like Earn Honey? Here is my top recommended program to make money online!


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  1. Kohl says:

    Nice review! At least it is a legit website, because to be honest, it is annoying knowing there are all these scam websites out there. I have tried these types of websites before (the legitimate ones) and they never seemed to be of any value. I think if you are patient and not looking for anything much, they can provide a slight benefit, but not anything worthwhile in the big picture. That is the way I see it.

    • Rufat says:

      You have a right approach Kohl. Some people call every program a scam only because they don’t like it for some reasons. Most often because the earning potential is very limited. But this doesn’t mean it’s a scam. Some people want to earn an extra side income and Earn Honey does allow it. But like you say, if you are looking for something with a more solid income potential then of course Earn Honey is not the right choice.

  2. Beginner Tuts says:

    I Personally thinks that earn honey is a way to make money from home. i saw a lot of women doing this in their free time. after reading this article, i think i should start working on earn honey too.

  3. Paul says:

    Hi Rufat,
    I joined Earnhoney today and figured I should look at some reviews before putting any time into it. This is very informative, I like the format. At first glance, I think I will see how long it takes to cash out first. If it is not bad and honors the promised rewards then I will try to get a few referrals for some passive income. I love doing this with legit free sites, it adds up over time! Thanks – Paul

    • Rufat says:

      Hi Paul,

      I’m really glad you like my review. I spent hours to do a research and write an informative review. I respect your approach and I always do the same. You have to do some research before joining a program. I think if you’re looking for a side income opportunity, Earn Honey is the right one. I give a high score to programs in very rare cases to be honest. I wish you all the best with this legit site and hope you will earn some money for your family.

  4. Eddie Hoyos says:

    Hi my name is Edward and i was surfing the internet when I stumbled across this article and it definitely caught my eye. I was very intrigued reading hat the author of the article had to say about honey and how to earn honey as well. My favorite piece of the article was the pros and cons of earning honey because now I know what the ups and downs of the program. I will probably try this program and see how much I can earn. Thank you

    • Rufat says:

      Hi Eddie, I’m glad you like my article and if you plan to try Earn Honey and can tell that this program is not bad really. I personally don’t like reward sites like this one because they take too much of your time while giving little in return, but this one is easy to navigate and they pay cash. I can tell that from my experience, Earn Honey is among good reward sites and you can try it if you want to make a few bucks per month. Don’t expect too much because the opportunity is limited.

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