28 Reasons Why You Should Start Your Affiliate Marketing Business Today

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reasons to start affiliate marketing


It’s no secret that affiliate marketing can make you money. How much it depends.

For some it can be a full time income while for others just supplement their main income.

Depending on your approach your results may differ tremendously. The key factor here is to start doing things the right way.

To start doing things the right way needs knowledge and experience that you can get from the right source.

This is an extremely critical step in your online business. I will show you two best places where you can start your affiliate marketing business.

Our topic today is to find out why you should start your business. Are there really valid reasons for starting an affiliate marketing business? Let’s find it out.


1. Low start up costs

You can build a business without huge investment. This is really a huge factor. Affiliate marketing business doesn’t require any huge investment. You don’t need to pay anyone because most of the work will be done by you. You will be in full control of your business. All you need to start a business pay for a premium wordpress theme, approx. $60, and for the training on affiliate marketing that will cost you approx. $300-$500 per year. This is really nothing compared to what you can earn online.


2. Do what you love to do

Do what you love to do is one of the main distinguishing aspects of affiliate marketing. If you have interest in any field and have knowledge you can turn your passion or interest into a profitable online business. Even if you have no knowledge in the field of your interest you can gain that knowledge and become an expert in a couple of months. According to statistics almost 70% or 85% of all people hate their jobs. Affiliate marketing allows you to do what you love to do.


3. Monetize your passion or interest

It’s not just about doing what you love to do and have interest in. You can also monetize it. As an affiliate marketer you have the opportunity to earn a solid income by doing what you love and want to do.


4. Passive Income

It’s true that building a business online from scratch is not easy. It normally takes from 6 months up to two years to get solid results by which I mean making a full time income or at least earn a solid side income. Once you’ve done it your business will be making money on autopilot to a certain extent. You still need to do some work but not as much and hard as in the first 2 years. In fact, when you achieve a certain level in your affiliate marketing business it becomes your passive income.


5. Financial independence

Your affiliate marketing business allows you to not only monetize your passion but become financially independent. Is this important for you? For me it’s critical aspect of my life. Some people though want to go to 9 to 5 job because they are sociable people and don’t want to stay at home. They can perfectly make money through affiliate marketing without quitting their main job. At least affiliate marketing gives you independence and freedom and I believe these two aspects are priceless.


6. No employees needed

One of the most attractive aspects of affiliate marketing is that you don’t need to have employees to run your online business. And I’m talking about a business that can make you a full time income, not just pocket money. At some point you may want to outsource some aspects of your business which is totally normal. Even then it will take a small part of your income.


7. Free to start

As I said above, when you start affiliate marketing you need to invest some money into your business. Investment in tools, education etc. But you can start free before you decide to continue. There are many programs that give you the opportunity to start your business without spending a penny. Among these programs I can mention Solo Build it, Wealthy Affiliate, Affilorama. There is a program called Income School that costs money but you can learn a lot from these guys from their youtube channel. They give you an incredible amount of information for free. I recommend to start with WA, the best and the most friendly affiliate platform out there.


8. No product required

When starting an affiliate marketing business most people have a fear of starting it because they don’t have a product. In fact, you don’t need a product. All you need to do is just choose your interest and join an affiliate program (merchant) that will pay you your affiliate commission if you make a sale through your website. This is all you need for your affiliate business.


9. Multiple income streams

Affiliate marketing is not just one source of income. You can earn your living using different methods. You can do CPA marketing by promoting free offers. You can monetize your website through display ad networks. You can promote affiliate products or create your own product. You can become an online coach and charge per hour. You can provide SEO services to others. There are really many ways yo monetize your affiliate website.


10. Work out your own schedule

As an affiliate marketer you don’t have to go to 9 to 5 job and work for someone else. You are your own boss and can work when you want. No one is going to reproach you for doing things the way you like it. No one is going to reproach you for not following the work schedule. You are in full control of your business and can work according to your schedule.


11. You can create your own product and sell it

Affiliate marketing is not just about promoting products you don’t own. You can also create your own product, an ebook, a course, anything you are passionate and have knowledge about. In affiliate marketing having your own product is the best money maker. Because you don’t depend on other merchant s that can change commission rate at any time. You are free to set a price for your own product. Having your own product have a way more income potential that anything else.


12. Sell your skills locally

As you build your affiliate business you learn new skills, such as building and optimizing a website, creating content, SEO of your website. Aside from your own business you can also sell your skills on your local market and help other businesses. This one strategy can make you a full time income.


13. You can build a business and sell it

As an affiliate marketer you have two options. You can either build a niche site and develop it further until it starts making you a full time income or you can build niche sites and sell them to other people. It will take some effort and time to create content and start getting some traffic first. But you can do it because it’s a very profitable type of business. A site that makes you $500 per month can be sold for $10.000 through sites like Flippa.com, Empireflippers.com.


14. You can sell an ad space

You can sell an ad space once you start getting a lot of traffic. It’s a very profitable tactic if you didn’t know. All websites struggle for traffic because traffic is the most critical aspect of any online business. No traffic, no business, no money. You can sell an ad space on your website to other websites. If your site gets a lot of traffic you can monetize it through ads. It can make you a few hundred bucks per month.


15. You can make money without selling anything

You can monetize your website without selling anything through display ad networks like Google Adsense, Mediavine, Ezoic. It makes me an extra income BTW. I recently received my first check of $100. There are sites that don’t do anything other than publish fresh content and make $2.000-$3.000 per month by just putting ads on their sites. It’s one of the most profitable business models. Google Adsense is the easiest way to start. For applying to Mediavine you need at least 25.000 unique visits per month.


16. You can perform as well in your business as other authority sites like Amazon.com

If you think building an online business is hard you are right. Achieving success is hard too. If you think it’s impossible you are wrong. You can grow your business from a totally new one with zero income and take it to hights you’ve never thought would be possible. Of course, you can never beat sites like Amazon but you have every chance to build a very successful affiliate business. Probably it will take from 6 months up to 2 years.


17. Online coaching

You can become an online coach and charge as much as $100-$200 per hour. Online coaching is BTW becomes more and more popular way to make money online. As you improve your business and learn new skills you will be able to coach others in affiliate marketing. Online coaching is not cheap. Some affiliate online coachers charge a few hundred bucks for one hour of consultation.


18. Creating content for others

You can create content for others and believe me, it’s not cheap. As your business grows your ability to create quality content will improve as well. Creating quality content that ranks high in search engines, such as Google and driving a lot of traffic is a great skill that is in high demand in online world. You can charge between $50-$100 for one quality 2000 word article.


19. Youtube monetization

You can monetize your Youtube channel. You can do affiliate marketing using different methods. There are two most popular ways: Blogging and YouTubing. Some affiliate marketers prefer one method over the other though both methods are highly recommended. You can do affiliate marketing even without blogging. Just set up your YouTube channel, activate monetization and start creating videos. Once you reach a certain number of views and subscribers you can start monetization of your channel. If you can publish interesting and engaging videos and get a lot of views you will be paid by Youtube without doing anything other than publishing new fresh videos.


20. Affiliate partnership

You can enter into JV with other sites. There are various ways you can use to monetize your affiliate blog. If you have your list of subscribers you can contact other bloggers and for joint projects. For example, if a blogger has a great product related to your audience you can negotiate partnership terms with that blogger and send the offer to your list. You can both profit from this JV partnership and get your share of the profit. I just showed one method but there are way more affiliate partnership opportunities.


21. You can monetize your audience in multiple ways

The good part of affiliate marketing is that once you start getting 500-1000 visits a day to your website you can start monetizing that traffic in multiple ways. You can promote affiliate products, create your own product, monetize through display ad networks, create a course, do online coaching, get new contacts, sales, etc via youtube live streaming.


22. Billion-dollar Business

Affiliate marketing is a billion-dollar industry. There is a room for everyone in the business. All you need is just some unique approach. Companies like Amazon are looking for people like you and me willing to become affiliate marketers. In fact, all those companies like Amazon, Bet Buy, Wallmart became so popular thanks to affiliate marketers. This industry is still growing and anyone can jump on board and get their share of the big pie.


23. No Expertise Needed

Affiliate marketing doesn’t require any previous experience or knowledge. Anyone can learn it, take the required steps and profit from his website within 12-24 months. Some can do it even in 6 months but it’s more often an exception to a rule.


24. Income potential is unlimited

In affiliate marketing income potential is unlimited. It’s hard to tell how much can you earn from your affiliate business. Sometimes website performs much better than youtube channel or vice versa. Some affiliate marketers make a few hundred bucks per month while others $10.000 per month. I’m personally making $1.000 per month. Sometimes I make $2.000 per month. Sometimes, $300 a day. I know affiliate marketers that made $100.000 in two weeks. So, your income potential is really unpredictable.


25. No customer support required

No customer support required in affiliate marketing. Because you don’t own any product. All you do is publish new content, drive traffic to your business and get people to click on your link and send them to the affiliate offer. Customer support is the headache of your merchant you affiliate with. But you still can help your audience, answer their questions and help them when you can. It will create more trust between you as a business owner and your audience.


26. Wide range of products to promote

As an affiliate marketer you can promote a wide range of products within your niche. You can promote products that have one-time payment or monthly payment. Those that have monthly payment structure make you the most money. You can promote your own product. You can promote free CPA offers. You can create your own ebook and sell it through Amazon Kindle market.


27. You can run unlimited number of businesses

You can run unlimited number of businesses. It’s always highly recommended with one niche site and once you’ve made it profitable you can launch a new one. Running more than two niche site is not recommended. I personally have two niche sites. Once you start making a few thousand dollars per month you can outsource some of the work and launch new niche sites.


28. You can do it part-time

Affiliate marketing though requires a ton of effort and energy you don’t have to spend all of your time. You can choose to be either a full time earner or do it part-time.



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