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Product name: Unlimited Traffic Tap

Product owner: AJ Montoya

Website: unlimitedtraffictap.com

Price: $4.95 + upsells

Verdict: Not recommended


Unlimited Traffic Tap by Tony claims to teach you the secrets to making money online. On his sales page, Tony tries to lure you into buying his product by revealing some true facts about internet marketing. He tells that driving traffic to a site is the key to success and this is true.

All internet marketers know that it doesn’t matter how fantastic your product or service is… if you can’t drive free traffic to your site, you can’t make any money. He tells his story how he was struggling online with no success trying to figure out how other internet marketers were making money while he failed to make even a penny.

Finally, he found the secret and decided to open your eyes to that same secret so that you can make money too. Let’s take a closer look at Tony’s Unlimited Traffic Tap to see if his product is a real deal or just another empty promise we’ve seen too often on the web.


The main idea behind Unlimited Traffic Tap

Unlimited Traffic Tap is a 41 page PDF from which you can learn how to drive traffic to your website and make more money. To be honest, Tony’s PDF guide doesn’t contain any secret information about traffic methods. All you can find in his guide can be easily found on the internet for free and YouTube.

And like with many other poor products and I’ve seen many of them, there are a few upsells thrown on you which is not good at all. To be honest, I hate upselling strategy because it means that the product is not complete and you are expected to spend more to get more.


Pros of Unlimited Traffic Tap

  • Contains some useful info


Cons of Unlimited Traffic Tap

  • Unrealistic promises
  • Info can be found elsewhere on the internet
  • Upsells
  • No support


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Inside the program

1. First off, Tony’s product doesn’t contain any secret info that you can’t find elsewhere on the internet and if anyone tells you that he knows some secret traffic goldmine, he is most probably lying to you. There are no any secrets in regards to web traffic.

Among proven traffic methods are search engines, PPC (paid traffic), video marketing, email marketing, forum, social media, article directories, such as StreetArticle, Reddit etc. And there are some unlawful methods such as traffic exchange network, Classified Commissions etc. That’s why, Tony is not going to teach you any secrets that others don’t know.





2. Tony tells you his story about his failures, that he was in the same situation as you are in now and he claims that he struggled for a year and half to get visitors to his website and failed to achieve any success. He tells that he spent $5000 on different courses that promised to help him get the traffic, but nothing worked and his PayPal account was empty.

He also tells that free traffic methods, such as SEO, blogging take too much time, but HE will show you a method how to get the traffic and start making money now. The truth is that he is not honest with you. It’s true that to get traffic from search engines, you need some time before you create some content on your site. But I can’t say that it takes too much time.

What I know from my own experience and the experience of other successful internet marketers is that to see a massive traffic you need to create at least 100 posts which might take a little over 6 months, but it doesn’t mean that you will not see any traffic before that.

Once you start writing content for your site 2,3 times per week, you will see traffic in the first two months. But this kind of traffic is the very foundation of your business and in fact, most internet marketers that I know, are getting their most traffic from search engines. That’s why, Tony’s explanations and his story are not convincing enough.


3. Like all other owners of poor products, Tony is trying to push upsells on you. Tony’s first upsell will cost you $14.95 and you will get three squeeze pages. Many internet marketers use squeeze page to collect information, such as name and email address of your visitors.

The idea of using squeeze page is legit, but the question is can YOU use it effectively to build your list of subscribers? First of all, you must create some useful content on your site and then create a sequence of emails to be able to provide some value and give your visitors a reason to submit their emails to you. Can you do that?

Then, you will be offered another upsell which will cost you $9.95 and to be honest, it’s the same product and the same question is valid here too.

upsells (1)



4. As I mentioned above, Tony’s guide contains some useful information and if you are completely new to internet marketing, you can benefit from it. In his guide he shows some good resources and also explains how to use them effectively. In that sense his guide is not bad.


5. In his guide he teaches you to use images that you can find through Google search and all I can say, it’s not a good advice. Many people do that, but if you run a website that makes you money and you get a lot of traffic, you can get caught sooner or later. If you use images and you don’t have rights to use them, it might result in being fined by companies like Getty.


6. Another major thing that I didn’t like about his product is that he has tons of affiliate links inside his 41 page PDF guide. It’s normal to use affiliate links sparingly and make some money, but if your main goal is to make money from every page of your PDF, it doesn’t look that you really want to help people.


7. He claims that he spent $5000 on different courses to learn the secrets, but I think it’s exaggerated number. There are legit programs that can teach you all the basics of internet marketing, provide with all necessary tools and support and the program that I know is one that I’ve tried myself and I’m a premium member of it since 2013. And it doesn’t require to spend thousands of dollars. First month is $19 and then $29 per month.


Final word on Unlimited Traffic Tap

The fact is that though Unlimited Traffic Tap contains some useful information, there is no any secret inside it that Tony claims to reveal. Search engines are still the best free traffic source and this is a fact. There is no any secret traffic goldmine that Tony knows and others do not. I told in many of my reviews that internet marketing is not about reading an eBook and starting making tons of money.

This is a wrong concept. To be able to make money online you should get trained in the right program, have all necessary tools and get 24/7 support because without support you will get stuck at some point and finally quit. I recommend to get trained in the program I mentioned above and if you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

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  1. Peter says:

    Hi Rufat,
    Another product that promises so much, but in the end doesn’t provide much in the way of new or useful information. To be successful online is just like any other business, it takes time and hard work. Products with titles like this already set the warning lights flashing.
    If there was some magic formula for getting traffic I think all internet marketers would be interested. In reality the main traffic source is organic traffic, which means creating content and then optimizing that content for your keywords. This may take a certain time to obtain significant traffic to your site, however with persistence it is possible and I find it quite enjoyable.

    • Rufat says:

      Thank you Peter for your comment. I agree that products like Unlimited Traffic Tap is nothing more than an empty promise and a waste of time though it contains some useful info. I agree that all internet marketers are well aware of search engines being the best free traffic source to a website. O course, you can drive traffic from youtube and social media too, but search engines were, still are and will be the first and the best traffic source. But it’s true that it takes some time before your site gains an authority in search engines and proves that it a reliable and helpful source of info. It’s very rewarding once you start getting that traffic and it will be a significant traffic. And it’s absolutely achievable, but you need to be very persistent and patient because it’s extremely hard to an authority in search engines. I see it from my own experience. Instead of calling it Unlimited Traffic Tap I would call it Unlimited Traffic Trap and it will be true.

  2. John says:

    Dude, there is no traffic generating secret. You will need to do some good old SEO or PPC or you’ll be getting nothing but useless traffic. I have tried many of these programs, and if it’s not traffic from other members of that site, it’s some other useless traffic that won’t make you sales. At $4.95 what do you really expect?

    • Rufat says:

      Thank you John for your short, yet wise comment on my post. I really can’t believe that some people still think that they can buy a secret to an instant wealth for $4.95. It’s really funny. If anyone want to drive traffic to their sites and make real money, they need targeted traffic which comes from search engines, PPC traffic (paid traffic) or social media. There are no other secret traffic methods and that’s why I don’t like the approach that we see in this product, i.e. Unlimited Traffic Tap. It’s really so ridiculous that this guy makes such bold claims and betrays people’s hopes. Unfortunately, most similar poor products I’ve seen so far promise that they can show some sort of unknown traffic goldmine which of course is not true at all. As you mention, the only way is through hard work, i.e. search engine optimization, PPC or social media and if you are persistent at those methods you will definitely bring a lot of traffic over time.

  3. Steen Rasmussen says:

    Some of the methods you describe here I have tried. I also later found out that if there is a good secret niche it will not be shared with others why would anyone do that.
    I certainly would not share my gold mine with anyone.
    The only thing that works is hard work and the right training.
    One thing I’m glad it is coming here on this side and meet all the things you’ve tested, that way I do yourself to find out if it works or not

    • Rufat says:

      You are right. It’s an old guru strategy to promise people that there is some special secret inside the product and if you want to know that secret, you have to pay for it. Unfortunately, in case with Unlimited Traffic Tap, it’s the same story. Again, the owner of the product promises to reveal some secret methods to drive traffic though it’s not true. Anyone involved in internet marketing for some time know that the best traffic source is search engine free traffic, then PPC (paid traffic), the social media. BTW, if used correctly, social media can bring good traffic to a website. The other thing about Unlimited Traffic Tap is the upselling strategy which I don’t like the most, because it’s really annoying. Plus, there is no real support and the methods Tony speaks about in his product can be found on the internet for free and all this makes this product fall into not recommended list on my site.

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