Ultimate Traffic Monster Review – Can you really make $610 in 17 minutes?

April 13, 2015 2 Comments


Product name: Ultimate Traffic Monster

Product owner: Naidy Phoon

Website: ultimatetrafficmonster.com/sp

Price: $9.95 + upsells $47

Verdict: Recommended? Yes and No


Ultimate Traffic Monster is a new product from the desk of Naidy Phoon and though this guy is known for creating a few poor products, this one, UTM is not that bad at all.

My main issue with Naidy and his new product is that he again makes bold claims and promises people to show them secrets to overnight wealth. On his UTM website he claims that he will teach you how to make up to $610 in 17 minutes using free traffic monster.

The truth is that based on my real-life experience and I’ve seen many programs, I can tell you that it’s just not going to happen. That number is really exaggerated and not realistic and in my review of the Ultimate Traffic Monster I’m going to prove that though Naidy’s product is not a scam and contains some useful and legit info, his claims about making that much money in 17 minutes are not realistic.


The main idea behind Ultimate Traffic Monster

Ultimate Traffic Monster is an ebook from which you can learn how to drive free traffic from Reddit to your website and make $610 every 17 minutes. At least, it’s exactly what the owner of the product, Naidy claims. Reddit is a social networking and news website where its members can submit their articles, communicate with each other, leave comments.

It’s legit source and in fact, anyone can drive some traffic from it to their sites. Naidy Phoon claims that he can teach you how to drive flood of free traffic and not only this, but how to make tons of money. Let’s take a closer look at his product.



Pros of Ultimate Traffic Monster

  • Contains useful and legit info


Cons of Ultimate Traffic Monster

  • False promises
  • Not as easy as you might be expecting
  • Upsells


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Inside the product

1. To be honest, Ultimate Traffic Monster contains some useful info about Reddit, such as how to use it to drive free traffic to your site and make money. It’s a 60 page PDF that you can read within an hour or so. It’s really good that though Naidy is known for creating poor products, such as Classified Commissions, his UTM is really a good read.

In his eBook he teaches that to be successful on Reddit you need to create an original, quality content that can catch people’s attention on Reddit and possibly bring them to your website. If you try to publish some low content there with the sole purpose of promoting something, it won’t work.

So, the idea itself regarding focusing on quality content and the fact that it comes from this guy is really some kind of surprise. All I can say is that it’s true that if you can share some good quality content on Reddit, you can drive some traffic to your website. The idea itself is legit.


2. From my experience I can say that whenever I share some quality content from my website on Facebook, Google plus or Twitter, I get some traffic. So, it’s absolutely possible and achievable. But my main issue with Naidy is that though he provides quality info in his guide, he again is lying to you, or to be honest, his info is greatly exaggerated.

First of all, traffic doesn’t always mean sales, because you can bring traffic to your site, and get people read your content, but it doesn’t mean that they will take action. Anyone who has some experience in internet marketing knows that it’s not easy to convert your visitor into a paying customer.

Sometimes you can bring 100 visitors to your site and none of them take action, or sometimes you can make a few sales from the same 100 visitors. It depends on many factors: your content must be good, your traffic must be targeted, you must know your audience, you must not be too promotive while your content should contain some call to action phrases, you must act more as a helper rather than promoter.


3. We all know that quality content can bring traffic to your site and all internet marketers are struggling to create that type of content, but how many of them are actually able to achieve it? If it was easy then everyone would bring tons of traffic by writing a few articles and make tons of money. The fact is, you can bring some traffic, but it’s not about flood of traffic. Only few can achieve that kind of success.

Only few out of thousands of people can get flood of traffic from social media. I know many successful internet marketers that are making real money online and they really create quality and original content, but as I know, none of them have been able to drive tons of traffic from social media, Reddit, Facebook, Google Plus etc. That’s why, what Naidy promises you is not realistic, or to be exact, it is greatly exaggerated.


4. The earnings snapshots and testimonials Naidy is using on his website don’t seem to be real at ll. I’ve seen tons of such fakes on the internet and in fact, they don’t prove anything at all.


fake earnings



5. After your purchase you will be offered a few upsells for $47 which is normal to most IM programs though I hate upsells. You will also have the opportunity to watch a webinar the purpose of which is to sell you a high ticket item, i.e. a private coaching course.


6. In his guide, Naidy also gives you some good ideas on how to create quality content and that’s good. But creating quality content is going to be YOUR task and it will take some time before you can create it.

Before creating content you have to make some research on the internet to know what people are looking for, then make some notes and then think if you can create something new that can really be helpful to people and catch their attention. As you can see, it’s going to take some time and Naidy promise about making $610 in 17 minutes doesn’t seem realistic at all.


false-promise (5)



7. On a separate note, Naidy suggests that you find some affiliate products on JVZoo or Clickbank, promote them and make money. I would say, yes and no. There are some quality products on these digital product marketplaces, but most of them are not good and if you promote them without knowing which one is good and which one is bad, you can easily lose your visitors’ trust.


8. Also, what Naidy is trying to promote doesn’t contain any real facts about his own success on Reddit. There is no real proof that he has made $610 in 17 minutes. What he shows on his website in his promotional video doesn’t prove anything.

He creates his account and then logs into it again to prove that he’s made $45 in a few hours. The fact is we don’t know how many hours or days later he logged into his account to show his profit. Anyway, it doesn’t mean that you can repeat the same.


9. Finally, I don’t think Reddit should be your first step if you are just starting online. There are many other proven ways to drive traffic to your site and the best and proven of them is through SEO. Most internet marketers that I know focus on search engines because search engines provide the most traffic to most of the sites.

If you focus on creating quality content, you can drive a massive free traffic to your site and make money, but it takes some time before you create content and get it ranked on search engines. But it’s well worth the time you invest in it. Additionally, you can use social media sites, including Reddit to drive more traffic and it’s what most internet marketers are doing.


Final word on Ultimate Traffic Monster

Though Naidy’s product contains some useful information and the idea of using Reddit is absolutely legit, I don’t think it’s the best product if you’re just starting online. But if you plan to focus on Reddit only, you can buy Naidy’s product.

I think you need to get trained in the right program first and learn legit ways to make money online. The best program that can help you in that is the program that I’ve actually tried myself and I can recommend. You can read about this program below and if you have any questions, feel free to contact me.



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  1. Rufat says:

    I agree Dave. Though Naidy Phoon’s product is not a scam and contains some useful information, I don’t think it holds much value. The main problem is that Naidy again makes false promises like someone can read his 60 page ebook and start making $610 every 17 minutes which is absolutely ridiculous. What I know from my experience, even if you follow the best training in the world, still there is no guarantee that you can make any money at all. Because when it comes to applying the knowledge in practice things become different and if it works for someone it may not work for the other. But it doesn’t mean that making money online is not possible. I don’t mean that at all. What I mean is that if follow good training or read an eBook that contains some useful info like Unlimited Traffic Monster, still there is no guarantee that you will achieve same results as Naidy did. That’s my main issue with this guy. It’s wrong to make false promises and betray people’s hopes.

  2. Dave Urban says:

    Hey Rufat!,
    Just wanted to drop a line and say i think you have a really great site! And I agree I don’t think this ebook is worth much time unless you know nothing about reddit. Great review and thanks again!

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