Is Work at Home Institute a Scam? – Not Actually is But It is Due to Many Lies

July 31, 2015 26 Comments


Service Quality










Product name: Work at Home Institute

Product owner: Bobbie Robinson


Price: $97, after discount $47

Verdict: Not recommended


Work at Home Institute by Bobbie Robinson has been around for a number of years now and to be honest in my opinion it’s a very controversial opportunity for a number of good reasons and below I’m going to explain my position.

First off, there are many programs on the internet that are promoting the same product, i.e. one promoted by Work at Home Institute and an interesting fact is that they all use the same advertising methods. Among these programs I can mention Excel Cash Flow, Home Profit System, Online Profit Stream, Work at Home Paycheck etc.

All these websites look so much alike that they can be easily called copy paste websites which of course leaves a bad impression about them all and undermines their authority and trust.

So, keep reading and I will take a closer look at this “promising” opportunity so you can make your informed and independent decision.


Work at Home Institute is not a good start really. A complete waste of time and money. Allow me to help you and recommend a genuine program that has been around for 10 years now. I’m actually a member of this program. You can try it for FREE. No credit card required. No obligations whatsoever.



The main idea behind Work at Home Institute

As I said above, Work at Home Institute is a copy paste site that is very controversial and shady in my opinion. In fact, it’s being advertised as a program that helps folks make money on the internet through a job known as link posting agent.

Though some legit programs can pay you for posting links and it’s about a few cents per link at best, I can tell you that such profession doesn’t exist and this type of advertising is misleading.

They describe it as an easy to complete and get paid immediately opportunity for which you can earn $20 per link or $379 a day. And a lot of folks fall for this type of promise because most of them have no any clue about making money online and any opportunity may seem real to them.




Pros of Work at Home Institute

  • Training is not bad


Cons of Work at Home Institute



Inside the program

1. All these programs mentioned above advertise the same opportunity and try to convince folks that their program is reputable and has been mentioned in the news on CNN, USA Today, Fox etc.






In fact, Work at Home Institute has never been mentioned in the news but what was actually mentioned were legit work from home opportunities and there were hundreds of them.

There is no any proof that WAHI is legit. There are no any real testimonials from satisfied customers. I think this is the first red flag to watch out for.


2. As I said above, there is no such a job as link posting agent as they try to persuade you. There are some legit programs that can pay you to post links but this opportunity is very limited and is not worth the time you spend completing these useless tasks. You can earn a few cents per link in the best scenario.

Work at Home Institute wants you to believe that you can be paid $20 per link which is not true.





I can tell you with full confidence that there is no such a program that will pay you so much money for posting links.

Can you really believe in this type of offer? It would change the whole industry and all people would quit their regular jobs if it was really that easy and possible.

I can tell you the truth about posting links offered by WAHI and let me explain the process. If you don’t want to read my explanation you can skip to the next point # 3 below.

In fact, they teach you affiliate marketing which is a legit opportunity and they do provide training and their training is not bad though it’s far from being perfect and if you are new to making money online this training is not a good option and even if you pay for it you will still have a lot of questions.


They don’t provide any real support and there is no active community where you can post your question and get the answer. It’s really bad. Affiliate marketing is the process of earning revenue by promoting products you don’t actually own.

It’s very popular method of making money online and I’m doing the same on my website. It’s absolutely legit. In short, it works as follows:

You choose a product, write a description for your product, put this info on your website, then drive traffic, i.e. (visitors) from Google and when they read your product descriptions and click on your affiliate links you earn a commission.

In fact, it means that you post your affiliate links on your own website and make money which is a legit model.

The other way is to post links here and there, i.e. (spamming folks) in the hope that someone will click on your link and you will earn a commission. This model is not good because spamming folks is not good.

Talking about legit model, i.e. posting links on your own website doesn’t mean that you will make money immediately because it takes time to write descriptions for different products and drive traffic from Google.

It takes a few months at least to start getting a few hundred visitors a day in order to start making money because the more visitors you have the more chances that some of them will click on your links and you will earn a commission.

I hope you see the whole picture now and understand that Work at Home Institute in fact uses manipulative method to make you believe that you can be paid $20 per link.

In theory and technically it’s true but in fact it’s not true because they want you to believe that you can just post a link and get paid $20 immediately. I believe you now understand that they are lying to you.




3. Another red flag is about making you believe that you can easily earn $379 a day by completing “simple” and “easy” tasks. Take a look at these 3 images below from 3 different programs:

Excel Cash Flow, Work at Home Institute and Home Profit System. I’m sure it can leave only a bad impression and anyone can easily understand that it’s not normal.






4. Another red flag to watch out for is about limited spots for this “amazing” opportunity. All this is designed to make you believe that you HAVE to ACT FAST or all positions will be gone.

I mean all these programs use the same method and the number of spots never actually changes. I think 3 is a magic number for all these programs 🙂



5. The next red flag for WAHI is this: All programs mentioned above use the same deceptive tactic by making you believe that thousands of companies are looking for people like you to post links and you can work as little or as much as you want because it doesn’t really matter. No, sorry, it really does matter!


And of course they didn’t forget to mention that all those companies are desperate for YOU 🙂 Take a look at these two images taken from two different websites. They are identical but there is a little difference: one font is blue and the other one is black.





6. A magic calculator is another thing common to all these programs. It’s just to help you have a better idea how much money you can make with Work at Home Institute. Take a look and think how much you want to earn. This magic calculator is the guarantee of your success.





7. Another red flag to watch out for is that like all other programs mentioned above, Work at Home Institute asks you to submit your phone number during the registration. If you submit it then expect spam calls every week or every other week with ridiculous offers designed to empty your pockets.


8. Another red flag is that all link posting scams mentioned above have been shut down and only two of them are still live. Excel Cash Flow and WAHI. I think these two will disappear soon too.


9. A warning from a is one of the major red flags to watch out for.


BBB warns you and explains how to know if a program is a scam. It’s a scam if it

  • Offers you an exciting job opportunity
  • Promises easy way to make money
  • Makes you feel that you are in demand


10. Fake testimonials is another alarm signal to stay away from Work at Home Institute. Take a look at two images from two different programs and you be the judge.







11. Look at some complaints that I found on the web about Work at Home Institute. I’m sure there are more of them out there if you continue to search the web. Some of the complaints are taken from




Final word on Work at Home Institute

I believe with all these red flags there is no way to trust Work at Home Institute though their training is not bad. If a program invents so many lies I think there is a good reason to not expect either a quality service or support from them. At least if you want to know my opinion I can’t recommend it.

If you want to learn how to make money online the honest and legit way there is a program I’ve been a premium member of for almost 2 years now and yes, I’m making money from my website by posting links 🙂 thanks to this program by which I mean affiliate marketing.

It’s absolutely legit and trustworthy program and it’s been proven through years to teach people how to make money online. I never lie to my readers because I’m in the business and I respect my readers. I recommend only programs that I know are good and legit.

The program I’m talking about is free to try within 7 days and you even don’t need a credit card to create your free trial account.

I honestly recommend you to read my review of this program called Wealthy Affiliate and create your trial account. You can ask me any questions and I will be happy to help you and answer all your questions.



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  1. Andrea says:

    I just signed up with WAH and they are calling me to give me more description on what I would be doing and to see if I have any questions. What questions can you give me that I could ask them for this program to see if it is or isn’t legit. Thank you

    • Rufat says:

      Hi Andrea,

      You’ve seen my review. I don’t recommend this program. If anyway you want to try it then I suggest that you ask them these questions:

      1. Do they offer no questions asked money back guarantee?
      2. How exactly are going to make money with their program?

  2. Jo says:

    What makes this real & all others a scam??

    • Rufat says:

      Like I said within my review, Work at Home Institute is a waste of time. It’s not a complete scam but there are too many red flags here including complaints. That’s why I think you better try my recommended program that you can see in the comparison table above.

  3. Good work says:

    I like this page. It is very informative. I love coming across work at home websites. It makes me strive that much harder. Wealthy Affiliate is a great program for teaching online marketing. Beginners can learn so much if they follow the training. I have to say you have done a good job. Great website.

    • Rufat says:

      I reviewed close 20 of them and they all are promoting the same poor quality stuff. Thanks to WA we are saved from programs like this one.

  4. Devine T says:

    I been through many of these site. I started trying to sell ebooks that seemed impossible. I also bought in to work at home programs and Training. I thought I was done. I figured I would someone build the site and try to pay for everything to be done for me. I also tried that and it I lost money. When I bumped into wa. I saved the site for a long time under my favorites. finally I tried it. I have done more In less than a month than I have in 5 years. I’m glad I found the site. Thanks for the read

    Jose R.

  5. bioelectrobot says:

    What is a ‘link posting agent’? I’ve never heard of that. I’ve seen a lot of online programs lately that claim their service has been featured in some kind of reputable media publication. I’ve never been able to validate any of these claims.
    The $20 per link promotion does seem quite silly. Anyone can copy and paste a link. Even if it was that easy to earn money, and people started quitting their jobs, this kind of activity would likely lead to a major economic crisis. For any economy to survive, there must be regular production of useful products and services. Simple and easy work has never led to any type of significant advancement. Consistent hard work is the only way to make money, whether it be online or not. I’m glad you’ve written this post. I applaud people like you who are willing to take the time help others avoid dangerous and wasteful online services. Thanks very much.

    • Rufat says:

      I completely agree with your great thoughts. It was so easy then everyone would quit their job and started posting links here and there while making thousands of dollars. Unfortunately, this is just a dream, not more. Without hard work there is no any reward. But many folks still fall for this type of promises and get scammed. The only real way to succeed is join a genuine program and start working towards your dream.

  6. Sammi says:

    Thank you for bringing this awful site to everyone’s attention. It amazes me how they get away with it. In the UK we have Trading Standards who get involved with anything advertising promises that the product cannot deliver – for everything except the internet! Google really need a SCAM department and start removing these sites to stop people being scammed.

    Unfortunately the very very few and rare legitimate work from home jobs are pushed to the back of the queue and nobody gets to see them.

    This is a great review and very honest. I like the fact you really look into these sites and test them before publishing your review. I look forward to reading more reviews.


    • Rufat says:

      Unfortunately, there is no a department and I don’t think it will be some day. But it really annoys when you see scam sites in the first spots on Google while honest sites fail to get even a decent amount of traffic. But this is how the system works and we can do little to change anything. I wish Google’s ranking algorithm worked differently but this is just a dream. I agree that sites like Work at Home Institute should be taken down asap to save people from falling for scams like this one.

  7. Carol says:

    Thank you for the very insightful review, and with your help in steering me clear of this program. You’ve exposed some legitimate red flags! I’m sure your review will be helpful to others in uncovering the great ideas on how to make money online vs the bad ones. It’s a shame that people are lured into putting their money into these types of programs that do not work. Scams are bountiful on the internet and weeding through them all to find the goods ones vs the bad is a job all in itself!

    • Rufat says:

      Yes, I do hope I can help many people and I hope I will save at least some of them from this program. Red flag are really huge and worth watching out for. I agree that it’s really bad that honest people fall for this type of programs, buy their trainings thinking that they can be paid $20 per link and only after buying it they realize that there is work, a lot of work required before you even start to see a decent profit. And if you work hard and persistent you will see huge profits. I will continue exposing scams and poor products like Work at Home Institute and I’m doing my best to help people and point them in the right direction where they can spend their money wisely and stay free from scams.

  8. Aaron says:


    I have never trusted any online “get rich” site. It is all just marketing to get the naive to buy a product. If working at home was so easy, we would have quite a few more people doing just that.

    Like you are saying, Work at Home Institute is just”too good to be true.” I mean, $20 per link AVERAGE? yeah right…. This is why I love Wealthy Affiliate – good training, no scams.

    Thanks for helping people (like me) out and showing the right way to work online!


    • Rufat says:

      It looks like Work at Home Institute is definitely a poor product and though my final verdict is that it’s not a scam it does have all major red flags and plus it’s associated with many other link posting scams. The only reason why I didn’t add it to my scam list is because they provide some training on affiliate marketing and it’s not bad. But since they are associated with other link posting scams they do provide even this legit training through deceptive methods such as promise you to make $20 per link. Of course, it’s not true and to be honest, I wouldn’t buy anything from programs like Work at Home Institute. How can I trust these people if they lie to me from the very start? I would better buy affiliate marketing course from a legit program like Wealthy Affiliate because I know they are legit and provide an excellent support and I’m actually a member of this program and I’m very happy with it.

  9. Dave Sweney says:

    Thanks for a most thorough and detailed review of yet another scam site or close to that. The red flags you mention are the same I look for, and the BB is an excellent source as well to do due diligence on some of these fly by night companies.

    For my part, when first starting out with online marketing, I too was sucked in by scammers or would be scammers. Fortunately I ran across Wealthy Affiliate quickly, and can attest that indeed, as you say, it is legitimate and trustworthy.

    • Rufat says:

      Thank you Dave for being loyal to my blog. I really did my best to do a thorough research on this company and to be honest it took a few hours before I could finally figure out what this company was all about. And it’s because this company as you can see uses many tricky methods. One thing I don’t really understand is that why they try to deceive people by describing their program as an easy link posting opportunity while in fact it’s a traditional affiliate marketing. Why lie to people instead of telling as it is? I always try to refer to reliable independent sources such BBB because it helps explain things and show some proofs that easy money is just a dream. Like you I was scammed too many times and finally came across the same program you mention and now I’m doing alright. Thank you Dave for leaving a comment and supporting me. I hope all this will help many people stay away from programs like work at home institute and the like.

  10. David says:

    Hi Rufat,

    You raise a lot of red flags about this so called opportunity during your review. Your review is very detailed and contains a lot of high quality information which I hope will allow many readers to make their own informed decisions, and stay away from this one.

    Thanks for the heads up.


    • Rufat says:

      These red flags are so obvious that they simply turn into one BIG RED FLAG which anyone can easily see. Thank you for leaving a comment and I’m glad you found it informative. I too hope after reading my review people will make the right decision. In fact, as you can see with all these red flags I can easily call this program a scam but still I don’t do that and my verdict is just I don’t recommend it because of many major problems and lies.

  11. Robin Sawyer says:

    My first experience of trying to earn money online was with a similar type of program. For people who have no experience online, they do a good job of making you think you can actually make money through these program. And you feel like such an idiot by the time you have finished with them.

    Appreciate the fact that you included all the similar programs so that we can know to stay away from all of them!

    • Rufat says:

      Appreciate your comment Robin, it’s sad that many people like you start from programs like this one and unfortunately most people fall for this type of offers very easily. It’s because when you don’t have any experience online you really can’t figure out what works and what doesn’t. Only when you have some experience and knowledge you feel like an idiot when you remember how you have been scammed by such a program. I mentioned all similar programs so people can know them a mile off and let others know too. I will continue my work on exposing these link posting scams and still have a few of them on my list. I think the only way to avoid this sort of programs is through getting trained and educated in a legit program such as WA, one that I recommend in my review.

  12. Chris says:

    It’s so horrible to come across great looking opportunity after opportunity only to find out that it’s laden with fake testimonials. The sad part is that they work!
    If you go on fiverr and search you kind find 100’s of faces you have spotted before on fake testimonials – surely there should be some sort of law against this that fiverr must abide to?

    • Rufat says:

      Very true Chris, these so called great opportunities are really so annoying for scamming honest out of their hard earned money. Work at Home Institute is one of the best link posting scams that I’ve reviewed recently. All other similar link scams are total craps and don’t offer any value while this one at least offers some training material and teaches folks affiliate marketing. But the problem is that they do it in a deceptive way trying to make people believe that they can earn income by simply posting links across the web. As for using fake testimonials it’s really awful and I really don’t understand how they can make money by deceiving people. It’s bad both, from a human’s and ethical standpoints. Unfortunately there is no any law yet that sites like Fiverr and others abide to and I do hope some measures will be taken in the future.

  13. Todd says:

    Thanks very much for this review. It’s great to read honest reviews instead of the usual positive spin, which is designed to suck people into throwing their money away. I am interested in getting into affiliate marketing, and am looking for a good place to learn. I think I will steer away from Work at Home Institute though….Thanks for that.

    • Rufat says:

      Glad Todd you found my review honest and helpful. It’s true that many people write positive reviews of scams that they try to promote to other people only for the sake of making money. And it’s also true that many people write negative reviews of programs that are not scams and they try to show them as scams only to promote their desired program. I think both approaches are wrong. My approach is different though. Many programs that are called scams by others I never call scams because they are not such. I just say that I don’t recommend for a number of reasons. Work at Home Institute is really controversial program and this is why I don’t recommend it. If you want to learn affiliate marketing it’s good and you can read my # 1 recommended program that you can find in my the main navigational menu of my site. As for work at home institute it’s definitely not recommended because there many other quality programs out there. Even if WAHI’s product is not bad, i.e. when it comes to their training, still I can’t recommend it because of many lies invented by the promoters of this program.

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