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December 23, 2014 6 Comments

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Owner: Ethan Anderson

Price: $97

Verdict: Scam

At Home Income Package is a relatively new product, one of those that appear in the morning and disappear by the end of the day. The owner claims that with his system you can make a lot of money, up to $379 per day, working from the comfort of your home and enjoying the lifestyle you want.

I’ve seen many programs that make that type of bold claims and most of which are just empty promises.

But Ethan wants you to believe that his program is different from many other similar programs and he claims on his website that he is helping thousands of people across the globe to make thousands of dollars and that his website is the same place where many online income earners have started from.

They have been struggling online but with this simple step-by-step system it’s become a reality. Ok, let us take a closer look at this program to see if this is true.


The Main Idea Behind At Home Income Package

The main idea behind the program is that you’re going to be paid for posting links. But it isn’t so much about just posting links. You’re promised to post links for Google!!! Can you imagine this? That is their biggest and ridiculous claim.


Pros of the program:

  • Step-by-step training
  • Automated money making website


Cons of the program:

  • False promises of exaggerated earnings
  • No as easy money making opportunity as you might be thinking
  • It’s not the proper way to build a real business
  • The program is by far not the best opportunity on the web
  • Program claims to be legit though it’s not
  • No active community where you can get help when you need it


Inside the program:

So, the program claims that by posting links you will be working for Google.

No technical skills or experience required. I believe you’re wise enough and if you take a look at their website you can easily understand that all their claims about working for Google is far from reality and truth.

The earnings they promise you are also far from reality. If you are new to internet marketing you can probably believe them, but trust me, it’s not true.

To be able to make serious money online you need to learn some skills and go through certification course at WA – #1 online business community in the world to learn the basics of internet marketing.

Though they claim to teach you how to make money online, it’s not so. Their training doesn’t give you any real knowledge about internet marketing. You will just learn how to promote their own crappy product.

The opportunity in question isn’t one that can help you make $379 per day. It’s absolutely groundless claim and any internet marketer that has been woking online for some time can affirm my statement. You can possibly make a few bucks at best.


379$ per day



Posting links doesn’t seem to be legit opportunity out there and if you read my article about posting links, many things will become clear to you.

The price $97 is not cheap at all. There are many other quality programs that you can try for free and they are absolutely legit and have a lot of positive reviews on the web. The best one that I know is Wealthy Affiliate.

There are fake testimonials on their website and nothing can prove that they’re not fake. If they’re real people why not leave their contact details so anyone can contact them through their websites?

There is no active community where you could get help when you need it. Online business involves a lot of things to learn and try and if there is no community to get help when you get stuck and feel frustrated, you’re going to run into a big problem.

Earnings screenshot that they use on their website is another misleading tactic used by all scammers on the web. I’m sure it’s fake, but even if it’s real, it’s one out of thousands, and it doesn’t mean that you can achieve same results.

fake earnings screenshot



If a program doesn’t explain what you’re required to do to make money, most probably it’s a scam. The same applies to At Home Income Package because on their website they say that it’s not an MLM pyramid, not a bogus entry scam, not an envelop stuffing rip-off or rebate processing scam. Ok, what is it then? There is no answer until you register and give them your contact details so they can spam you afterwards.

Another thing that I want to draw your attention to is their fake testimonials from fake VIP members that made over $300 in the first and $500 in their second week after joining At Home Income Package. That’s really a “wise” approach. If someone fails to repeat that success, they will tell you that those people are our VIP members.

fake testimonial



Another bold claim is about starting making money today. According to their promise, once you register your account, you can start making money the same day. That’s simply not true.

I reviewed a product called “Online Income Solution” a year ago and their website is very similar to At Home Income Package and their claims are almost identical. Please take a look here. I think that should be a red flag.

I checked their website at scamadviser and here is what I’ve got. It does show that they are using an anonymous service to prevent from identifying their site owner. And that many scam sites use it as a method to hide their identity. They recommend to confirm their business address.

at home income using anonymous service


Refund policy

Another red flag is their refund policy. If you for one or another reason ask them for

refund, before you get your refund you must follow certain criteria:

You must ask for refund within 60 days

Have a valid reason for refund 🙂

I really don’t want to discuss it any further because such a criteria as giving a valid reason for requesting refund doesn’t make any sense.


Final word on At Home Income Package

I think with all that being said you shouldn’t have any questions or doubts as to whether join their program or not. But things aren’t that bad at all. I can honestly and with full confidence recommend you another program that is really one of the best programs out there on the entire web.

The program is Wealthy Affiliate. You can try it for free and even go through 10 lessons to understand full potential of it. Forget about money making buttons that are being advertised everywhere on the web. They’re mostly scams and won’t help you achieve any of your goals. Read my review of WA below and if you have any questions feel free to contact me.



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  1. Travis says:

    Hey Rufat,

    Wealthy Affiliate is definitely my number one recommendation to getting the tools and resources to start and grow an affiliate marketing business. I have been an active member within the community for about a year now, and I can say for sure that It is the best place to start an online business.

    Thank you for doing this review – hopefully, you will protect a lot of people from wasting their money.

    You brought out some good points. I especially like what you said about being able to identify a fraudulent business because of information concealment. Also, have you considered linking to Scam Adviser so your readers can check out so called businesses, like this, before they join? It will help your ranking too!

    I just thought I would add my two sense here 🙂


    • Rufat says:

      I think it’s not that hard to bring points about at Home Income Package because the program is making such unrealistic claims that it destroys itself. This is very common when a program doesn’t explain what you are going to learn or do to make money or even if it does explain it makes unrealistic claims. Both approaches are wrong though and unfortunately I see the same approach in most of the programs I review on my site.

  2. Lynne says:

    Thank you for exposing this scam. I have long ago learned to stay away from any website that claims you can make money by posting links. Unfortunately people are drawn in by the claims that they can make that amount of money and feeling safe by the claims that they are doing it for Google. Why on earth would Google pay people to post links. Absolutely insane.

    • Rufat says:

      You’re welcome Lynne, Over the past two months I reviewed over 14 programs like this one. Most of these programs are totally useless. You are right and unfortunately a lot of people fall for this type of promises as if they could make money immediately. Working for Google is a total BS. But all this is nothing compared to their ridiculous claim that you must give them a valid reason for refund. Finally, there are far more negative sides in the program than positive ones.

  3. Shawn says:

    Hi Rufat,

    I found your site to be very thorough. It’s obvious that you’ve dedicated a lot of time and energy into reviewing other money making sites. By your description, I may have actually tried one of those MLM sites, which was nothing more than a more modern Amway. I copied this from your site, “If a program doesn’t explain what you’re required to do to make money, most probably it’s a scam.” I couldn’t agreed with that more. With comments torward your page, it was very clean and crisp. I felt that your use of ads was minimal yet visible. I feel that this is the best way to keep visitors on your page. I’m a firm believer to that too many ads will scare people off your site in the same way a strange bar will scare a bunch of tough cowboys straight out to the street. I hope I’ve helped you somewhat. Good luck, sir, in your achievement.

    • Rufat says:

      To be short, yes, if a program doesn’t explain what the program is all about it means there is something wrong with it and I would recommend to stay away from it and which is the case with at home income package.

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