Is Shopify Worth it? My Shopify review 2019

February 23, 2019 16 Comments


$29 - Basic package







Overall Quality



  • Easy payment and shipping solutions
  • Many store templates
  • 24 hours support
  • Integration with dropshipping
  • Multiple sales methods


  • More features will cost more money
  • Transaction fees
  • Shopify and Shopify Advanced are pricey
  • Not all features included in the basic package



Product name: Shopify


Price:$29-$299, 14 days free trial

Verdict: Legit

Overall score: 9 out of 10


Shopify is one of the most popular platforms for anyone wanting to build an ecommerce business and sell products through their own website.

Shopify allows you to easily start, run and grow your business. It’s a little different from affiliate site model.

I personally prefer promoting affiliate products without messing with products, drop shipping issues.

But some people prefer ecommerce model and Shopify is one of the best if not the best platform available on the market.

They have award-winning support, Shopify app store where you can buy add-on and improve functionality of your ecommerce website.

But the question is: Is Shopify worth it? Is it worth investing money in their platform?

In my Shopify review I will try to answer this and many other questions so you can decide what to do.


Shopify short review

For anyone planning to start an online store and sell products. Shopify offers several payment options and 14 days free trial.

If you are new to all this then Shopify can make your life easier thanks to offering complete turnkey solutions for your business.


Pros of Shopify

  • Easy payment and shipping solutions
  • Many store templates
  • Content marketing included
  • 24 hours support
  • Ability to sell offline
  • Integration with dropshipping
  • Various payment plans
  • Blogging and SEO included
  • Multiple sales methods
  • Multiple languages
  • Accept credit cards Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express
  • Automatic taxes calculation
  • Customer refund feature available
  • Digital product download available


Cons of Shopify

  • More features will cost more money
  • Transaction fees
  • Multilingual store will cost money
  • Not all features included in the basic package
  • Shopify and Shopify Advanced are pricey


Shopify review

Shopify is not the only ecommerce platform available on the market. There are platforms, such as WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Wix, Volusion.

As I know, Shopify is the best platform in terms of their service and support and the price is not much different from other platforms.

There are close to 800,000 active Shopify stores online. But of course, not all of them are actually profitable.

Some are just starting, others are making money. Shopify can also help you sell via Amazon, eBay or Facebook.

Shopify offers 3 payment plans:

  • Basic Shopify – $29 per month
  • Shopify – $79
  • Advanced Shopify – $299

Below you can see what each plan includes.





Note, two features, such as advanced report builder and third party calculated shipping rates are available only in Advanced Shopify package for $299.

Shopify also offers Shopify Plus and Shopify Lite plans.

Shopify Plus is for large businesses and Shopify Lite is for Facebook advertisers and accepting credit card payments.

Lite plan will cost additional $9 per month.

Shopify Plus will cost at least $2000 per month. If you want to avoid charges for transactions then you better use Shopify payment system.

But it’s available in the following countries: USA, Canada, UK, Puerto Rico, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore.

As you can from the price plan above, Shopify is not cheap. It may not be for everyone. But it’s worth the money you invest.

If you are new and don’t want to get lost you better start with Shopify. They are leaders in e-commerce business.


  • Shopify ease of use and functionality – 4,5 out of 5
  • 70+ professional themes (10 free) – 4,8 out of 5
  • SEO features – 4,5 out of 5
  • Product presentation – 5 out of 5
  • Ratings and feedback – 5 out of 5
  • Full blogging platform – 5 out of 5
  • Payment methods – 5 out of 5
  • Secure transactions (SSL) – 5 out of 5
  • Shipping rates and tax settings – 5 out of 5
  • Email notification – 4,5 out of 5
  • Import/export product data – 4,5 out of 5
  • Total score – 4,8 out of 5


Setting up a Shopify store is easy but there are some challenges and learning curve. If you are not ready for this then you better not invest money in the platform at all. On the other hand Shopify offers 14 days free trial.

There are many templates you can choose from. Some SEO features are also included so you can get search engine traffic.

With Shopify you can set up your store according to your needs. Create categories for your products, sizes, colors etc.)

Shopify also has a feature called “Abandoned cart recovery” which means you can remind your customers to complete their order if they have products in their shopping cart. I think it’s a great feature because with just one gentle reminder you can complete a number of sales that otherwise would never be completed.

Ratings left by customers also play a major role in the decision making of new customers.

Shopify offers various payment options, such as PayPal, plus many other payment options.



Is Shopify easy to use platform?

It’s hard to say really. I don’t know if you have any previous experience working with online stores or at least wordpress websites.

If you have some experience it will be easy for you to do the same with Shopify. If you have zero previous experience then there is some learning curve for you.

They have video tutorials that will make the process easier. But still you need to do the work. I think you can accomplish it within 2,3 days.



But if you have some specific needs then it will probably take one week or so. They have many templates but not all of them are free.

You can add your products or import them through CSV file. Also, you can add quantity, description, images, price or even video.

If you want to add different variations of the same product you can add only 3 of them. You can also sell digital products through your online store.




Shopify payment system

With Shopify you can integrate different payment methods including credit cards.

You can integrate Stripe, 2checkout,,, IATS payments, PayPal, Cash on Delivery and many methods.

But if you use a system other than Shopify then Shopify will charge you from 0,5% up to 2%.

That’s why it’s recommended to use Shopify payment system. Unfortunately, not all countries can use it.

Only these countries: USA, Canada, UK, Puerto Rico, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore.





Shopify shipping

When you start your ecommerce business you can’t accomplish this task without shipping and Shopify is the best to help you with that.

One thing is to get the order and another thing is to be able to ship it.

Thanks to Shopify partnerships with major shipping companies you can get your orders shipped by USPS, UPS, DHL, FedEx etc.

If you plan to do drop shipping Shopify can help you with it too. Dropshipping service will be provided by Rakuten, Amazon Fulfillment or Shipwire.




Haw can Shopify help you sell your products?

As I already said above, Shopify is a leader in commerce business. There are different ways to promote products and make money.

Shopify will help you sell products through your Facebook page, Instagram, Pinterest or Amazon, eBay, BuzzFeed, Curate, Houzz, Google Shopping.

Shopify also helps you make more sales by integrating some other features, such as discount codes.




How to make even more sales with Shopify?

According to statistics close to 70% of your store visitors will not complete their purchase even after adding products to their shopping cart.

It happens to any online store, even to Amazon. I don’t know maybe it’s less with Amazon because it’s N. 1 place in the world where people do shopping.

This strategy definitely works. You can even find bloggers on the internet who share their experience with abandoned carts and report of generating thousands of dollars thanks to this strategy.

Now you can do the same with Shopify and possibly increase your sales.

This is done by sending emails to your customers that have not completed their purchase. Some of them will definitely complete their order after receiving an email reminder.





Shopify and SEO strategy

When you start your online store with Shopify you need to focus on free methods to generate traffic to your website.

Having a great website with a ton of products is one thing. Being able to drive traffic to it is totally different.

Because without traffic your store is going to be useless. Of course, product review site is easier to rank on Google because it mainly focuses on high quality content.

Online store is less SEO friendly in my opinion and ranking it is not going to be easy. But Shopify is a leader in the field and can help you with SEO too.

With Shopify you can:

  • Optimize your website structure
  • Find the best keywords
  • Mobile-friendly site
  • Build link profile
  • Rank your site

With all these optimization steps you will be able to get better rankings in search engines.

Over time when you get more feedback from your visitors, interaction and comments your site will gain more trust thus improving your overall SEO positions in search engines.

SEO traffic is still one of the best traffic sources for most websites online. Though I believe blog type of sites is much easier to tank because their main focus is delivering value through quality content.

High quality content always get higher rankings that just a short description or a bunch of keywords that you add to your commerce page.



I believe blog tend to tank higher unless your online store is super popular.

Again, like I said, you should put your main focus on free traffic methods because when you start your online store you won’t get many sales.

If you spend too much money on paid traffic without getting sales you will soon run out of money because you won’t be able to compete with big online stores that invest thousands of dollars in paid traffic.

Your best method would be focusing on free methods through delivering more value to your audience.

An overall score for Shopify SEO is high but it still has some drawbacks, such as URL structure is not fully customizable, creating sub-categories can be an issue, content ability is limited.



Shopify blogging system

Talking again about content strategy that is much better with WordPress sites I want to tell a few words about Shopify as well.

Shopify allows you to set up a blog and write some content for your website to get more high positions in search engines.

You can set up your SEP parameters, such as keywords, description, title.

But it comes with some limitations as well, such as editing ability, blog flexibility limitation.

The worst thing is that you can’t add products to your blog posts.

But still despite of some limitations Shopify is still one of the best ecommerce platforms available online.


Shopify Analytics

Analytics is another important feature to see how your site performs and Shopify gives you most of the reports you need for that, such as acquisition report, customer report, sales report, finance report, real time report, traffic report, referral report and more.


Shopify App Store

If you have some specific needs you can get some extensions on Shopify App Store. The selection of extensions is huge. Unfortunately, only some are free.

For most of them you have to pay. The worst thing is that you have to pay monthly for those apps. At least Shopify offers a solution which is great.

If you are making money from your ecommerce store then paying $100, $200 per month is not a big issue.




Shopify support

Support at Shopify is great. It’s available 24 hours. You can contact Shopify team by email, phone or live chat, discussion forum, Shopify experts.

Compared to other ecommerce platforms Shopify is one of the best, if not the best platform.

I think before contacting Shopify team you better find answer to your question through their tutorials.

There are also some complaints about Shopify support. I don’t know how true they are but there are both positive and negative comments.




Shopify Multilingual feature

If you want to have your store in different languages you can choose Langify app from Shopify App Store.

This will cost you $17.50 per month. 7-day free trial available too. It’s not cheap but at least you can do it.




Is Shopify worth it?

Yes, definitely Shopify is worth it. Many users find Shopify more friendly to use than any other ecommerce platforms.

They have a huge selection of extensions that will make your business more flexible, profitable and easier. Support is fantastic. Basic package is affordable.

Despite some cons Shopify is one of the best ecommerce platforms recommended to anyone wanting to build their online store.

You are not going to make money in a day or two but you will definitely achieve your goals if you take a continuous action.




About the Author:

My name is Adam. I'm the founder of Your Income Advisor. My goal is to help others succeed online, by exposing scams and reviewing top rated products. I can help you start your own business online

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  1. andy says:

    A lot of great info on Shopify. I like that it has a 14 day free trial, so that you can check it out for free if you are considering it. The basic package is good enough for beginers. The more advanced package is quite expensive but once you know what your doing and start making some money with the basic package, you will then be able to afford an upgrade to a better package that would help you sell even more.

    • Rufat says:

      Agree with you Andy. It’s better to start with a basic package and see how it works for you. Then you can upgrade your account once you start seeing some profit. Free trial is a good start too.

  2. Chrissie Spurgeon says:

    I have often thought about using Shopify, but I have not yet done so.

    However, I had not realised that you had to pay in order to use Shopify. Is there not a free version that can be used?

    I found your review extremely detailed and interesting, but I will not be signing up to Shopify in the light of it. I would much prefer to choose freely where I send my customers, and for me Amazon is the answer for a large variety of products.

    But I really prefer to use individual affiliate programs which have no cost nor any limitations as to how they can be promoted.

    Very many thanks for a really informative post

    Chrissie 🙂

    • Rufat says:

      Shopify is no different from other programs. Of course, you have to pay for the service. Free version is available for 14 days only. Like you I prefer affiliate marketing over ecommerce. I don’t want to mess with products, shipping etc. It’s a good model. Like having your own shop. So, it’s up to you what to choose.

  3. Brian Elliott says:

    Thank you for posting this article about shopify. I knew nothing about what they are about. It is always good to know the pros and cons of anything when you are considering adding a new program to your business.

    I found it interesting about all the analytics they offer. At least you can keep good track of what is working and what is not.

    I also liked the part where you mentioned discounts and savings coupons from using shopify. I can tell how much you care about others by enfasizing how much shopify can cost if you are not careful. That shows me that you are out for our best interests and not just about making a quick buck.

    • Rufat says:

      If you plan to try Shopify it’s a good idea. Ecommerce model is another alternative to affiliate marketing. Regarding additional costs I tried to show everything others need to know before they sign up to Shopify. Many features will cost more money. But I think for most users basic package will be enough.

  4. usman gagi says:

    Hi Rufat,

    Thank you for sharing this great informational article about Shopify review. It is very important article which will help my. I am very keen about how can i also make money online. This site will be very helpful to the want to grow online income.This is really a great way to making money. I will definitely be back to your website for your helpful information on a lot of topics.I am bookmarking your article to share with friends.

    • Rufat says:

      Shopify is a good choice but I recommend to do some research before you decide to pay for Shopify. Take two models, affiliate marketing and ecommerce and try them. Then decide which one fits your interest best.

  5. Marshall says:

    Shopify is one of the best platform to think of when talking about online marketing or stores. It’s easy peasy to use, secured to make payments. The SEO features is also there to promote your online stores. Although some people finds it difficult when they are trying to import their products, but I find it easy when I do that, it’s just a matter of paying attention to details. Customer supports is always there to assist. 

    Shopify is Worth doing! 

    • Rufat says:

      I think SEO method in blogging model is more powerful than in ecommerce model. You have more flexibility for getting higher rankings in search engines. I think both models are good and can be profitable with patience and effort.

  6. Jafor Iqbal says:

    It is a really surprising article and pretty review about Shopify store. I have read your article carefully and love it very well. It offers an alluring opportunity for an eCommerce business starter. if an online business starter wants more profit in less time then this store for him/her. low cost, easy to use, secure payment system, helps more sales and many more features. I am so much interested and highly recommended. Thanks a lot for this post.

    • Rufat says:

      I can’t agree with your statement regarding making money faster in case of online store. Online store is even more complicated than affiliate marketing and you won’t make money quickly. Just imagine how many things you need to accomplish, such as adding products, descriptions, payment methods, shipping etc. First set up will take weeks.

  7. JJ says:

    Hi Rufat, thanks for a comprehensive look at Shopify. I have seen ads about it but have never really seen the costs associated with it. It really does offer a lot but clearly I would need to be really working the program to make sure it covers those regular payments. I am thinking about what kind of products would be good to sell…..Do you know what are the bestsellers in Shopify?

    • Rufat says:

      I agree. It’s really important to be able to cover regular payments. It’s not easy. You have to work hard once you start paying for Shopify. Otherwise you will be wasting your time and money. Regarding bestsellers I don’t have such information. You need to do research and find a niche based on your passion and interest. It must not bee too competitive niche and at the same time there must be some place for growth.

  8. TJSchlenker says:

    I run an affiliate marketing website myself. I’ve never considered going the Ecommerce route.

    I see that the “Staff accounts” number raises the more you pay. What does that mean?? Do they provide you with staff PEOPLE to help you run your business???

    The “cart recovery” feature is great. Wish I could have that in my affiliate platform!!  Lol

    Also, is this site mostly for selling your OWN products? Or do most people use it for selling stuff by other companies??

    • Rufat says:

      No, I don’t think their support is different for different packages. Support is the same. You just pay for more options to expand your business. You don’t need to have your products. In fact, you find products from drop shippers and add them to your online store. You don’t actually need to have products.

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