Online Home Careers University – You Have to Spend Money to Make Money

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Product name: Online Home Careers University

Product owner: Melissa Mayer


Price:$97, after discount $77

Verdict: Scam


I have been writing reviews about the series of work from home opportunities for some time now and would like to point out that all these programs (there are 10 of them) are almost identical for a number of reasons.

They promote the same product, they use the same tricky methods, they make the same bold claims, even their prices are identical.

Since their promoted product is identical I decided to write an article to expose all these scams in one place and show you what they are all about. Here is my article where you can learn more details.


The main idea behind Online Home Careers University

The idea as explained by OHCU owner is pretty simple. She promises that you can stay at home and make thousands of dollars by posting links for big companies. She claims that big companies are desperate for people like you and are ready to pay you $77, $87 an hour or $379 a day for posting links.

This is of course not true. If you are new to internet marketing and want to know if link posting agent is a real thing then I have to disappoint you that such profession doesn’t simply exist.


Pros of Online Home Careers University

  • No pros


Cons of Online Home Careers University

  • Misleading and tricky advertising
  • False promises
  • No training
  • No support
  • Fake testimonials
  • Many complaints
  • and more


Inside the program

1. Since there is no such a profession as link posting agent it would be safe to suppose that there is no any training from Online Home Careers. In fact, they don’t provide any training material which means it’s unclear what you are going to do to earn $379 a day. I really wonder what it can be?


2. If you take a look at 3 different programs, Online Home Careers University, Work at Home Institute and Work at Home EDU, you will notice that they all use the same layout and tricky methods to make you believe that you can earn thousands of $ the easy way.





There are 3 main players here, Bobbie Robinson, Michelle Robinson and Melissa Mayer where Bobbie is the owner of Work at Home Institute, Michelle is the owner of Work at Home EDU and Melissa is the owner of Online Home Careers University.

An interesting fact is that Bobbie and Melissa have identical faces. What does it mean? Twin sisters? Maybe. And they all tell about the same chilling day that changed their lives. Amazing! isn’t it?





3. Another amazing fact is that all these 10 sites use testimonials of people with the same faces in most cases to prove that their program works and makes them loads of money.





The worst thing is that they clearly state that all testimonials are true and accurate and to protect their customers’ privacy their replaced their pictures with stock images.

It sounds so ridiculous! It’s well known that a true testimonial should be always supported with a true picture of that person and there is no reason to use stock images. Simply amazing!




4. All these programs blatantly claim that big companies are looking for people to post links and YOU can take advantage of their amazing offer to earn loads of money by simply posting links across the web.

I think you will be amazed to know that 4 different programs have the same website layout and promise the same amount of money. Take a look at these amazing websites and you be the judge.





5. Online Home Careers University claims that right after joining their program you can change your life within 5 minutes and start making up to $77 an hour.


Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 13.14.32

Screen Shot 2015-08-19



They claim to show you a simple formula for quickly making enough money online which will allow you to get out of debt, quit your daily 9–5 job and live life on your terms.

Now I suggest that you take a look at warning from a trusted source that clearly says that easy money doesn’t exist.




6. All these programs use the same fake finance report website ( as if their program was featured there. The site doesn’t even seem to be live.


The same applies to using fake news channel. The truth is that Online Home Careers University has never been featured on Fox News, USA Today, CNN or any other famous news channels.


fake-news famous-channels


7. There are many complaints about Online Home Careers University on the internet. I think two complaints that you can see below is enough to understand that this program is a complete waste of time and money which proves again that all the facts mentioned above are true and accurate.





In fact, after reading these complaints you start to understand that the idea of making easy money by posting links here and there is just another dream that is not going to ever come true.


8. Another amazing fact is that number of positions in your area is always 3 and it never actually changes.




9. Most of these programs have a lot of complaints. Example: Excel Cash Flow, Work at Home Institute, Online Profit Stream. All these facts clearly prove that all these programs including Online Home Careers University are gimmicks geared towards one goal: take our money and leave us in the darkness and helpless.


10. I can still mention a few facts that are common to all these link posting scams but I’m really tired of mentioning the same facts. You can learn more facts about these programs in this article.


Final word on Online Home Careers University

If you are reading this article you are probably looking for a legit program that can help you make money online without any gimmicks, false promises, bold claims and hidden costs. If so, I can help you with that.

Here is my #1 recommended program that helped me do the same 2 years ago and now I want to help you. If you trust me I suggest that you create your free account and try my recommended program for free without any credit card or gimmicks.

This is my best recommendation out of many other programs out there and I’m sure you will love this program as many others did including myself. Let me know if you have any questions and I will be happy to answer any of your questions.

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  1. Warren says:

    Same program, different name. You don’t sugar coat this one at all. Flat out scam. These guys are the thing that give internet marketing a bad name. Promise and deliver absolutely nothing. The way you describe it, this is the worst kind of scam. They ought to show a picture of a guy with a mask and gun saying “give me your money”. I will stay far away and I hope everyone else has the brains to do the same.

    • Rufat says:

      Unfortunately, internet is full of such craps and many people fall for these scams. Like you say, they promise and deliver nothing and leave people alone in the dark. I have a long list of link posting scams on my site and I hope I was able to save some people from these time wasters.

  2. Italian Brave Heart says:

    Interesting just how many of these scams are actually out there, you never know until you come across a site such as yours that exposes these. Its nice to know that there is at least one legitimate scheme out there in the Wealthy Affiliate. Hopefully you stumble across some other good schemes for us to pursue. Good work!

    • Rufat says:

      Thankfully, there are still some good programs like Wealthy Affiliate that help us by educating us in internet marketing and provide continuous support.

  3. Riaz Shah says:

    Great review Rufat,
    Online Home Careers University sounds like a scam already, that name alone made me super cautious to try. Still, I’m glad that I managed to come across your review, you helped confirmed my suspicions and man, this program has so many flaws that they failed to cover up. Like the fact that there’s always and only 3 positions left in your city lol, great review man. Hope you help save a lot of people their time and money from this scam.

    • Rufat says:

      This program not only sounds like a scam, it really is and the program is a total BS. I’ve seen tons of such programs and they even have similar names, such as career university, home profit system, online home profit system etc. A whole range of scams with different names and similar deceptive tactics all designed to lure you into their scam offer. This is really amazing that the number of positions is always 3. I wasted my time for writing this review, but at least I believe it will save other people from wasting their time. I think the program is really amazing for having no positive sides at all.

  4. Garen says:


    There are a ton of scams online. It’s really sad that internet marketing sites seem to be a dime a dozen. I have been making money online since 2007.

    But WOW! Get paid 77-300+ an hour to post links, seriously! It just looks like a scam before I even look into it more. Their BBB rating is a joke. Seriously, these people deserve to be locked in jail!

    One thing I can say about making online is you have to work at it. There is a very steep learning curve, but once you get it down it really worth it. It took me about 2 years to get it down fully.

    • Rufat says:

      Like I’ve been involved in making money online since 2000 with ups and downs and since 2013 have been very active. I know what you are talking about and I’ve seen many scams online and fell for some of them too. Since we have experience online we both know that the amount of money this lady promises has nothing to do with reality and there is simply no such thing as post a link and get money reward. Complaints taken from BBB is of course a shame for Online Home Careers University. Programs like Home Careers can catch the attention of only those people who still believe that they can become rich without any effort and this is of course their biggest problem. They will fail until they get rid of the get rich quick mindset.

  5. Pete says:

    I’ve never trusted those programs with all those fake trademarks on their sites. I have heard of these link posting scams however, and can’t believe they’re still going. Great job pointing out a lot of the red flags within the “online home careers university.”

    Those 4 different websites definitely look like a replica of one another and if I had to guess are probably owned by the same individuals. It’s surprising to see the length of those complaints and should give every reason not attempt this total “get rich quick” scheme!

    • Rufat says:

      Can you imagine Pete that these link posting scams are still scamming people. I have an article dedicated to these link scams and so far I’ve found 17 link posting scams. Fortunately, some of them were taken down but others are still scamming people. Since I wrote my general review and mentioned most of these link scams I believe it will be much easier to spot them and stay away from this crap. I tend to agree with you regarding most of these companies being operated by the same group of people, but who knows. Anyway, they won’t live long and soon will be taken down by their owners themselves because they provide any value on a highly competitive market.

  6. Maarten says:

    Hi Rufat,

    Great how you found these 3 platforms and they’re almost identical! Do you think they sit around the same table or they’re having a war with each other? I also wonder if you’ve ever researched the law about these schemes. I mean they use words like University & Education, they make false statements about CNN talking about them, they use false testimonials and so much more… How is this legal? Why is it that when a restaurant’s menu says chicken and they serve duck they can be sued for all they have, but if these people in disguise lie to you and steal your money there’s nothing that can be done? I know a bit of a rant here. I guess one scam exposed at a time I can live with, but seeing all of these at once makes me kind of frustrated haha! Thanks for the great post. Cheers!

    • Rufat says:

      No, I think the people who stand behind these programs are the same actors scamming people. Of course using such fake tricks is not legal but I don’t really think we can do something with it. I don’t know if it’s possible to shut down the site due to the tricks they use. It looks like there is no effective mechanism to control it and that’s why there so many scams out there that flooded the internet.

  7. G.C.Horton says:

    Good night! This is one of the worse scams I’ve come across in a long time. It’s so blatant.

    I hate that Online Home Careers University take advantage of people who need to make money. Their fake testimonials are a violation of US Federal Laws. I hope they get busted.

    I hardily agree with your #1 recommendation. I’m a member of Wealthy Affiliate and it has totally changed my life.

    People need to ask themselves if they are ready to stop chasing after so-called opportunities and to begin learning what it takes to build a real, honest to goodness online business based on ethics and sound business principles.

    If they want something real and are prepared to work for it, Wealthy Affiliate is definitely the way to go. The rewards can last a lifetime.

    • Rufat says:

      Hi Horton, I absolutely agree with you. Online Home Careers University is a total waste of money and time. There are so many red flags here that any reasonable person will avoid it. It’s not only unethical to use fake testimonials but it’s even unhuman and insulting. Instead of creating quality product and helping folks they use such deceptive and cheap methods. Very sad and shameful. They not only violate US Federal laws, they do also violate all human and ethical laws. As for WA, I agree and and admit that it has changed my life too. You are right, most people chase after quick opportunities without realizing that most scams are specifically among quick opportunities and that’s why they fall for multiple scams while legit programs never promise quick money. If someone is willing to work hard and become financially independent then WA is one of the best programs I can recommend.

  8. Chris says:

    What is it with all these scam efforts using the same website theme – I’m looking at the top right of your page at a screenshot and I’ve seen this setup used many times before ( in some cases by dodgy PTC sites! ). As you say – paying money to make money is not the best option online ( in fact it’s the worst! ). Another great review Rufat!

    • Rufat says:

      Yes, Chris, I totally agree with you that it really looks so bad and silly that a group of sites are using the same layout and tricky methods to deceive honest people. If you read the complaints given below you will realize that in fact you have to spend money to make money which means you have to drive people through paid advertising to your affiliate or CPA offers. People who stand behind online home careers university hide this information instead of explaining to people honestly how they are suppose to make money with their program. And to learn this info we have to read complaints in order to find out the truth about this link posting opportunity. Doesn’t it look ridiculous?

  9. Fito says:

    Hi Rufat!

    Thanks for exposing this people!

    It is hard to believe that nowadays, scrupulousness people are trying to scam innocent bystanders this way.
    Shame on this guys!

    I have met personally a couple of people that had been scammed with schemes like this, and it is heartbreaking. All of them were just average joes, hard workers with little internet awareness that lost some of their money in this kind of scams.

    Thanks again for exposing this!

    Best regards!

    • Rufat says:

      I understand you very well Fito, Many honest people fall preys to these online scams, especially like this one in my review. I’m really amazed at how these dishonest people who stand behind this link posting scam deceive honest people who have no any clue about making money online. It’s really sad that people who earn money through hard work fall for this type of offers. But I’m sure if they had done more deep research before joining this type of programs I’m sure they all would have been safe from falling for these scams. I think people who stand behind programs like Online Careers University are not only dishonest but they have never earned money through hard way and that’s why they foll people so shamelessly.

  10. HolisticJB says:

    Thank you Rufat

    I hadn’t heard of this company..thankfully…but I am so happy you exposed them.

    The whole system is obviously a huge scam.

    I cant believe anyone would be so dishonest to post multiple ads, with the same owner (different names) and fake testimonials.

    I hope people see your review before they part with their money…I’m sending this to as many people as possible!!!

    Thank you for exposing this crooked scam!!!

    • Rufat says:

      Thank you for your comment. I will be even more happy when more people like you will find my review and benefit from it before they part with their money. The program is really a flat out scam. Like you I can’t believe too how these people deceive honest people by promising them air. Anyone who will see these facts will probably be laughing a whole day because the idea of this program is so ridiculous that I really don’t know what to say. Unfortunately dishonest people outnumber those who try to help folks. Just imagine I’ve reviewed 12 similar programs recently and they all are almost identical.

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