Work at Home University Review – Three in One Concept

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Product Name: Work at Home University

Product Owner: Michelle Withrow


Price: $197, after discount $47, plus many upsells

Verdict: Not recommended


Work at Home University is a very controversial product and I will try to describe what this product exactly is. First off, there are many reviews of this program on the internet and all reviews are absolutely different.

Some reviews describe it as a link posting opportunity, others describe it as a CPA course and some describe it as a course that teaches folks how to become an auction list agent.

As for a link posting or auction list agent these two are just a dream. Such professions don’t simply exist. As for CPA business it’s a real thing and if you get a proper education you can make money online.


The main idea behind Work at Home University

The idea of this program is completely controversial. The reason why this program is described in different ways is because Michelle, the owner of this program (if only she really exists) uses tricky methods and changes their product from time to time.

Even if Michelle stopped promoting fake products and now is promoting only CPA course even then I can’t recommend this product because their CPA course is not good enough and the methods you are going to learn from this program border on unlawful practices.




Pros of Work at Home University

  • CPA course is not bad


Cons of Work at Home University

  • Too many upsells
  • False promises
  • Tricky advertising methods
  • Unrealistic earnings
  • No real support
  • and more


Inside the product

1. As I said above, their CPA course is not so good though you can learn some good techniques. To be successful in CPA you need some sort of an in-depth training which this one is not. Watching a few videos is not enough.

The idea of making money through CPA is good because you actually get paid for a lead, not actual sale.

You need to have a website first, then join one or two major CPA networks, such as or, then choose CPA offers (there are free and paid ones), i.e. products, write a description for these offers/products and start driving traffic to your site in order to make sales.

If you don’t want to spend money on PPC, i.e. paid traffic then you need to choose many different CPA offers, create a lot of content and drive a free traffic from search engines to your website. This is what big experts of CPA do to make loads of money and especially they focus on PPC traffic.

As you can see from this my short explanation the whole process is not easy at all but this is how money is made on the internet and Work at Home University though it claims to be university is not going to teach you all these things. You need a much better training on CPA from experts like William Souza.


2. Another red flag is that when you register your account before you even know what they are going to sell you they will ask you to submit your personal info, such as your credit card details, your phone number etc. You know what will happen then? They will start to call you every week in order to promote another crap. Do you want this crap? I guess you don’t.




3. I would also like to point out that this program is very similar to many other programs that I’ve reviewed recently. Here is the list of these programs.

If you take a look at these poor products you will know that all these so called link posting scams are using the same tricky methods, the same website layout, etc.

It really looks so ridiculous that anyone who even has no any clue about making money online can easily understand that Work at Home University doesn’t look like a University at all.


4. I found an affiliate site promoting Work at Home University and would like you to take a look at what the owner says. They claim that WAH’s training modules will teach you the methods that will allow you to succeed in link posting and that a big part of success depends on how good and fast you are at posting links 🙂 Can you imagine this? This is a big lie!


Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 13.17.06


5. Another red flag is about using the same layout which looks very suspicious. Take a look at the images below and ask yourself a question. Doesn’t it look shady that 4 “big” companies are using the same style? I think this fact alone is enough to stay away from Work at Home University.

Career-university WAH WAHU-1024x272


6. Another amazing fact is that Michelle Withrow, the owner of Work at Home University and Melissa Mayer, the owner of Online Home Careers University and are in fact twin sisters 🙂 This is the only reasonable explanation of what we see on the images below. Otherwise and most likely they are liars.




7. I tried to check their website URL and it redirected me to another site WAH EDU – another link posting scam which is another red flag to watch out for.



8. And of course Work at Home University has all characteristics of being a poor product because all red flags it has are common to all other programs that you can find in this list.

Common red flags are: a calculator that can help you calculate your profit and according to which you can make believe it or not 🙂 up to $6000 per month, number of positions left in your area is always 3, being featured on USA Today, CNN etc. Total crap!







Final word on Work at Home University

Of course my recommendation is stay away from this program and save your money, time and energy. If you want to learn how to make money online legit and honest way I can help you with that. Here is my recommended program that helped me avoid scams and start making money from home.

I honestly recommend you to read my review and create your free account to try the program within a week. It will teach you all you need to start making money on the internet.

If you like it and I believe you will love it, you will need to upgrade your account to get access to all training modules. If you have any questions feel free to contact me and I will respond shortly.

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  1. Angel says:

    Dear Rufat,

    First of all, Work At Home University is a thing? Wow! I think Wealthy Affiliate University is better than any university in the world. Mainly because it is not expensive, you take online courses about online marketing right from the comforts of home, supportive community available 24/7, and best of all NO Upsells.

    From reading this Review of yours, I was amazed that there is only 1 Pro side to this but many Cons. If a program has many Cons than Pros, usually that rings scamwow in my book.

    For a program to be truly legit and worth the money paid would mean:

    1) You can contact the owners.
    2) Free To Try option available.
    3) No Upsells.
    4) Everything is step by step in training and current.
    5) You have a online support there.
    6) You are not hassled around to promote a product you do not believe in.
    7) People there who care about your success instead of grabbing money from you.

    I cannot believe that Work At Home University is not that different from Coffee Shop Millionaire or Empower Network, both are notorious for Upsells. Coffee Shop Millionaire on the other hand has outdated Training. So, why give into old news and not spend your money for something worthwhile which is more current and on top of things like Wealthy Affiliate?

    Wishing you all the best with your online success above and beyond the horizon,


    • Rufat says:

      I agree with your breakdown and Work at Home University doesn’t look like a university at all. The program does have so many cons and still I didn’t call it a scam. But with so many cons and other much better opportunities I think this program is not worth the time. At least I wouldn’t try it and wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

  2. Angleblade says:

    Hi Rufat
    Thank you for the warning about Work at Home University, I had seen some of there advertising about and was thinking of investigating joining, I wont be now. I was wandering what CPA standards for though as I am new to this kind of training. Is CPA a useful in internet marketing ?

    • Rufat says:

      I think work at home university is not worth your time and there are many good reasons for that. As you can see from my review, though the program offers a CPA course and it’s not bad I wouldn’t buy their product for their being associated with other link posting scams. There are many other good alternatives if you want to learn how to make money through CPA. Yes, it’s very profitable if you do it right. In fact making money through CPA is easier than through a traditional affiliate marketing because in CPA in most cases you don’t need to sell stuff compared to affiliate marketing. You just need to get leads and get paid for the leads. Very often it’s easier than selling stuff. There is an expert in CPA marketing and his name is William Souza. You can find him in Google search and he has a good CPA course. I recommend it.

  3. ericbray says:

    Hi Rufat,
    Thanks for this great review. On initial glance I might have been taken in by the bold promises of this site, especially for the CPA training.
    The word ‘university’ gives a bit of cache when bumping into it, but I am glad I found your review. It’s unbelievable!! Your research has show what a blatant sham this is!
    I cannot understand why these program creators use their talent to create such poor misleading products. Time and again I see the same pattern that people seem to copy from other scam gurus…same upsell pattern, same inflated language same fear based “buy it now, or else you will fail” squeeze pages and same shallow product offering. The twist here is the implied higher education using the word ‘university’.
    I am really glad to read this review and chalk this up as another program to avoid and I appreciate the depth of detail in your review
    The comparison chart with your number 1 suggested product is very revealing.
    Thanks again, Eric

    • Rufat says:

      Glad Eric you found my review helpful and revealing. I agree that using university word looks both shady and silly. By now I already have 12 reviews of other similar crap sites using university word in the their titles. This is really shameful and dishonest. I too don’t understand why they create such poor products instead of creating one quality product. And again tons of upsells. Most scams look very promising at least at first glance but this program though provides some education uses so many tricks that I really can’t recommend their CPA training, especially when there are much better CPA trainings available out there.

  4. Mark says:

    Hi Rufat – Thanks for a clear and in depth review of Work At Home University. I agree with you there are a few red flags being raised there.
    How did you find the program when you checked it out?
    Was it easy to use and did it provide any education at all.
    How easy was it to un-subscribe to it?
    Thanks for you diligence in trying this. I stay away from it
    keep on posting

    • Rufat says:

      The program has a few major red flags. Though it’s a copy paste website and has multiple copies of almost the same content, this one at least provides some sort of training in CPA which is a legit model. But as you can see from my review there are so many problems in this program that I’m really not sure if their CPA course will fit the needs of newbies. And of course I had to spend a few hours to make this type of research which I hope will help at least some people stay away from this shady program.

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