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October 23, 2014 6 Comments

online home jobs

Owner: Michael Artherton


Verdict: Scam

“Online home jobs” program offers work from home opportunities such as 10 minute job work, twitter jobs, online data entry, form filling, ad posting and many others.

The owner of the program claims that if you join his program you can make a lot of money from the comfort of your home. The program was launched in 2008. The owner, Michael also owned website for some time and then it was reported to be a scam.

To participate in the program you should have basic computer skills. The cost to join the program will vary from $93 up to $159 depending on the type of job you apply for. The question is how much can you make with this program?

10 minute job work -$1000 -$10.000 per month

Online data entry – up to $12.000

Twitter jobs – up to $10.000

Form filling jobs – up to $11250

Copy and paste – up to $10.000

Ad posting – up to $12500

Google adsense – up to $12.000

And other jobs…

I don’t want to list all the jobs offered in the program because I’m sure the amount of money they promise you to make is the first red flag. Besides that, there are many complaints from people who have done their jobs and never been paid. Another thing that I don’t like is the processing fee (from $93 to $159) per year which is quite expensive.

And the problem with this program is that all their promises are unrealistic. I’m not saying that you will not make money with that program at all. You possibly can make some decent money but definitely not as much as you promised on their website.

You possibly can make money but much less than promised. This program is to some extent similar to (paidsocialmediajobs), i.e. there is too much hype around it.

Another reason that I don’t like “online home jobs” is that the founder, Michael had similar project in the past which was reported to be a scam. Unrealistic earnings that they promise is another reason to stay away from that program. I think all these facts should be taken into account before you join the program.


Pros of the program:

To be honest, the only positive side of the program is that you can make some decent money but not as much as promised.


Cons of the program:

Many complaints

Exaggerated earnings

The owner has a bad reputation

The product is overpriced and overhyped

There is no training or step by step tutorial

No quality support

Most likely you will not get refund

I didn’t find any information on “About me” page which is not a good sign for a company that wants to gain trust and build its credibility. There is a site statistics on their website showing in real time the number of jobseekers and Maxmoney earnings!


online home jobs statistics



Yes, I’m not wrong:-) It is not the number of jobseekers, but rather their earnings! I am sure it is the part of their misleading marketing strategy and I don’t think you should rely on that statistics. I don’t think those numbers are real.

If you read their explanation on how you can earn a lot of money just by posting ads or with Google adsense you may think that it is so easy to make money online. If you have no any experience then be aware that it is absolutely not as easy as explained on their website. You possibly can use this opportunity for a side income and I don’t think you need their services in that case.


Can you really make money with Online Home Jobs?

The bottom line here is that the earnings as promised by Michael are unrealistic, some techniques that they teach are legitimate and some are not. If you are new to internet marketing and have no any idea of what is legit and what is not then I recommend you to read more of the stuff on my website.

To make as much money as promised by Michael you need to learn the basics of internet marketing, you need to learn how to choose a niche for your website, how to create content around that, build a website and finally how to market your website using legit techniques.

If you don’t follow these steps you will never be able to build a real business or make serious money online.

I believe that all the cons of “online home jobs” program that I have outlined above are more than enough for you to take the right decision, i.e. stay away from that program. Instead of wasting your time on such crappy products, I honestly recommend you to go through 10 lessons of the certification course at WA for free.


This is the first level of Online Entrepreneur Certification course that will give you an understanding of how internet marketing works and then if you decide to build your own business online you can go premium. I’ve done the same and I am really happy to have my own business up and running. If you still have any questions feel free to contact me.




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  1. Doug says:

    Liked your review Online Home Jobs. I agree it doesn’t look like anything I’d like to be associated with. I’m not really interested in the occupations listed in the article. I do like your video however. It’s pretty cool and looks really professional. Keep letting people know what’s a scam and what’s legit and you’ll end up with a pretty big following.

  2. Adeel says:


    This is very helpful blog. These days we have tons of scam products and that’s the reason why most people think making money online is just a fraud. Today all we lack is helpful information but I thank you for writing useful information. It looks like Online Home Jobs is a total scam.

    I wish you best of luck.

    • Rufat says:

      This is true that due to a large amount of online scams most people think that making money online is nothing more than one big fat scam. Of course, making money online is absolutely real if you know how to approach it from the right side. Programs like Online Home Jobs make things even worse because the program makes absolutely ridiculous and unrealistic claims. as if their members are making thousands of dollars. The problem is that they, I mean the owners of this program can’t provide any evidence. It’s the same as if I would claim that I was making $50.000 per month. Doesn’t it look ridiculous? Of course it would. It not online looks like a scam. It’s a scam and it’s out of any questions.

  3. Samantha says:

    Thanks for this thorough review of Online Home Jobs! To me this sounds like a case of someone snagging a good URL and then getting greedy.

    Earnings that sound too good to be true are a huge red flag for me, too. Especially when so many people report that they didn’t get paid from Online Home Jobs, and that the founder has a bad history with scams! I’ll be staying far away from this one.

    • Rufat says:

      Unfortunately, Online Home Jobs is definitely not recommended because in my opinion it does have many signs of being a scam and all these sign are common to many other scams that I’ve reviewed so far. I can definitely say that it’s scam because the amount of money you promise you to make is so unrealistic that anyone who has some experience with money making programs can easily come to such a decision. Just imagine how ridiculous it does look that they promise 10 minute job work for which you will be paid $1000 -$10.000 per month. From my experience online I can confidently say that this is a nonsense. You have to work hard months and in most cases years in order to make such an amount of money. I’m sure this program is just a waste of time and money.

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