Online Income Solution Review – Can You Really Earn $379 Per Day With this Program?

October 23, 2014 12 Comments

online income solution

Price: $19.97


Verdict: Scam

Online income solution is another “awesome” program that helps thousands of people make money from home. The website owners claim to teach people how to earn up to $379 per day which is over $10.000 per month. The statement is very serious and in my review I’m going to investigate if it is real or just another scam.

They claim to have training guides and video tutorials, free 1 on 1 training, consultation etc. And I forgot to mention an automated money-making website 🙂 They use some misleading techniques, such as mentioning Yahoo, Bing, CNN, CNBC, and the reason behind that, is to make noise around their own company, as if they are known as legit online income opportunity.

Another statement is even more ridiculous. They claim that their website, is the very place where many online income earners have started from, well that’s not true. No experience required, just a computer and internet connection is all you need to start making $379 per day! It’s simply not true!


income solution



It is not clear how you are going to make money with their “awesome” program though they try to shed some light on it, i.e. their system is not an MLM, not a bogus data entry scam etc. Actually it is not an explanation at all. What I know from my experience is that if a program doesn’t explain exactly how you are going to make money with it then most likely it is a scam.

My advice: If there is no clear explanation what you are expected to do to start making money then stay away from that program even if it does look trustworthy and legit.

Another misleading tactic that they use on their website is showing one of their member’s (most probably fake) earnings snapshot. And even if it is real, it doesn’t mean that you can reach same numbers. It is so outdated tactic that I don’t want to comment on it.

15-03-2014 12-07-35



Another misleading tactic is their claim that they can decide to limit the number of available positions. Obviously, they use this tactic to convince you that if you don’t join their program you are going to miss an “awesome” opportunity to earn $379 per day!

16-03-2014 0-26-28

On their website they say that all you need to start making money is having basic typing skills and Internet access. That is not true. If it was so easy, then everyone would be making money.


Does Online Income Solution offer a money back guarantee?

Another thing that I don’t like about the program is the way they offer a 60-day money back guarantee.

Normally, when talking about legit companies, guarantee means if you don’t like a product you can easily ask for refund without further explanation. With Online Income solution it is different. Before you ask for refund you must meet certain criteria 🙂

You must prove that you’ve tried their program for at least 2 weeks

You contacted their customer support if you had a problem with their program

If “give it a try” is a part of their money back guarantee then there is a big question: What does this “give it a try” mean? I believe you now understand that refund is going to be a headache with online income solution.

Another important thing worth mentioning here is that if a product is sold through Clickbank then you automatically get “no questions asked money back guarantee”. But in case of “Online income solution” there are many questions and no money back guarantee.


Low Trust website

I checked website at SCAMADVISER and here is what I’ve got

low trust website


Pros of the program:

To be honest, I didn’t find a single positive side of that program


Cons of the program:

No real money back guarantee

A lot of promises they fail to deliver

Misleading promotional tactics

Not clear what you are expected to do

No information about training or any other tutorials


Final word on Online Income Solution

I recommend you to read their disclaimer notice in which they say true things. The disclaimer notice is written in small fonts compared to all other promotional headings, made in big fonts. It is at the bottom of their site and most people don’t read it. I advise you to read it carefully before you make a decision.

Finally, I hope you find my review helpful and I don’t think Online Income Solution is worth your precious time. It doesn’t look legitimate and I believe you should stay away from it. There are many wrong methods they use to sell their own product, I just don’t understand how they can teach you how to build a real, legit and successful online business.

If you are serious about starting your own business online, I recommend you to read my review of the WA below. WA is the place that helped thousands of people to build a real business online. Actually it helped me to build my business.

It is free to join and then if you feel happy with the program you can upgrade your account to a premium. WA has unlimited support (premium members only), a lot of trainings and no questions asked money back guarantee.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me and I will reply shortly. Or leave your comments below and we will discuss it further.



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My name is Adam. I'm the founder of Your Income Advisor. My goal is to help others succeed online, by exposing scams and reviewing top rated products. I can help you start your own business online

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  1. Joon says:

    Thank you for providing us with all these info about sketchy online jobs and programs. I always felt like if they try to sell us something to make money, it was always a red alert for me. I’m fortunate enough that I didn’t fall for any of these programs so far. Keep exposing these fakes so people may have second thoughts before jumping in.

    • Rufat says:

      I think Online Income Solution is itself a big red flag because of it’s title and the way it ridiculously promises people to help them make money $379 per month. Of course this is possible, but only if you have a proper education on how to make money. This program doesn’t provide anything aside from making unrealistic claims and they don’t even provide a money back guarantee. Just imagine how laughable it’s to claim that you need to prove that their system doesn’t work and then they will refund your payment. I’m sure you will never be able to prove anything and whatever you will tell them they will tell you that you couldn’t prove that their program didn’t work which means you will never get your money back.

  2. Bob Zeiss says:

    Well, no punches pulled there then. I actually think that reviews like this are vital in this scam ridden world. There are too many of these schemes around.

    One question I have is did you actually sign up to the programme in order to review it. If not then how did you form your opinions?

    • Rufat says:

      Hi Bob. To be honest, I didn’t sign up to this program because I didn’t feel it was vital to do so. I’ve seen many such programs and have enough experience in internet marketing in order to understand what the program is about. All red flags mentioned here are more than enough to come to a conclusion that Online Income Solution is a scam. If you read my combined review of link posting scams you will notice that the number $379 is a magic number for most of these programs. Sometimes I buy programs in order to review them but I can’t buy all programs and waste my money on endless chain of scams.

  3. NemiraB says:

    Hello Rufat, thanks for exposing these scumbags ( pardon for my language). I am glad to find honest and comprehensive reviews about companies, which pray on naive visitors.
    Unfortunately, people who want to make money online and want it quick, they jump on every opportunity as this, described in your review, with hope that from now, their life will change for good. They trust to others and give their power to decide for themselves.
    This fact, that somebody would earn four hundred dollars pro day, is a bait for people, who really are desperate and look for every option how to escape some vicious cycles as rat race or debts.
    Your information, provided here, will help them to stop making wrong decisions and look for legit and transparent companies such as Wealthy Affiliate.
    I do not like Online Income Solution refund policy. For twenty bucks you need to meet criteria. It is a bad joke and red flag to run away from these foretellers.
    I wish that your visitors would arm themselves with information and knowledge from your website. There are other options how to prosper in online business world.
    All the best, happy writing, Nemira.

    • Rufat says:

      You are pointing to the topic that is a huge problem. It’s true that most people that want to make money online in most cases prefer to choose a program that promises them a quick buck and the truth is that most scams are hiding behind such opportunities. Looking for quick opportunities is a direct way to failure because money can’t be made easily or fast. In order to stay away from scams like Online Income Solution you have to pick a program that doesn’t promise you a quick buck, but instead promises to educate you first, provide you with all necessary tools and support and then success depends on you. If a program promises or guarantees you success it’s most likely a scam. I agree with your statement about WA. It’s legit and transparent because they never guarantee a success to anyone like Online Income Solution does it. And plus like you say, you must meet certain criteria which is absolutely ridiculous. I think this fact is clearly pointing to Online Income Solution’s being a scam.

    • NemiraB says:

      I think that we need to turn to real values, such as honesty, respect and help to each other. In this environment scammers would starve because people would recognize these luring patterns as it is showed in your blog. They would turn to companies with good feedback, which give more compare with taking from us.
      Unfortunately, we do not live in ideal world. Sometimes greed takes over and these scam websites pop out as mushrooms after good rain. Thanks to your blogs, more and more people will be protected with knowledge, provided here about wrong intentions from these scammers.

    • Rufat says:

      Thank you Nemira for a good input to my post. I agree that if we are honest and helpful then people looking for the info and coming to our sites will recognize easily scams like Online Income Solution and will see the difference between scams and genuine programs, how helpful we are etc. Because scammer are never helpful. Their only goal is to take your money and disappear right away. Like you say, we don’t live in an ideal world and very often a simple process can turn into headache and disappointment due to dishonest people and their useless programs designed to empty our wallets before we even understand what is happening.

  4. Mike says:

    I appreciate that you are highlighting some of the scams that plague the online world. Not everyone is savvy enough to spot them and steer clear. When read the headline I knew immediately that this was a potential scam, which you verified as I read your post. How did I guess? I used the simple rule, If it’s too good to be fur, it’s probably a scam.

    • Rufat says:

      You are right Mike, Most people can’t spot scams because these programs invent new tricks in order to lure people into buying their crappy products and these tricks become smarter and smarter and that’s why people fall for scams like Online Income Solution very easily. It looks like you have some experience online and a headline alone is enough for you to understand that the program is not worth your time. In most cases the rule you follow works fine and it’s the easiest way to spot scams.

  5. rick says:

    Online Income Solution? They mean for the founders right? Why so many scams suddenly. Well, there are always scams each day, about one thousand per month hitting the internet. Why not have some police around here? Well, that would changed many things and make it so much harder for those of us who do earn money from progams such as Wealthy Affiliate and Six Figure Mentors.

    Thanks for the heads up. I ‘m on my way to check out the reviews and see how many people are searching out the article you reviewed. Glad someone is putting the word out!

    Talk to you soon.


    • Rufat says:

      Thank you Rick for your comment. Yes, I agree and understand what you mean. The solution for the founders! But not for people. Unfortunately, there are so many scams out there that it’s really hard to find something legit. Online Income Solution is in my scam list and I always do my best when writing reviews to not call a program scam. In case with Income Solution, the program is really just another scam and there are many reasons for that. They claim that you can make $379 per day with little efforts on your part and this is a ridiculous statement. They use deceptive tactics as if they’ve been featured on Yahoo, Bing, CNN, CNBC which is not true of course. They claim that Online Income Solution is the very website where many online income earners have started from which is not true of course. And they even don’t offer a money back guarantee which is not acceptable at all. Or to be exact, you must meat certain criteria to be able to get your money back. That’s really a crazy statement, BUT honest 🙂 And finally, there is no any explanation on how you are going to make money with their “amazing” program which is the last red flag to me. I think anyone looking for something genuine should see all these obvious flaws and stay away from this program if they want to be on the safe side.

      As for Wealthy Affiliate, I agree that it’s a good program with realistic approach, supreme support and without false promises. As for SFM, it’s not a scam but their products are very expensive and not affordable to many people.

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