Is My Home Job Search a Scam? Not Exactly a Scam but it Has Many Scam Signals

April 17, 2017 10 Comments

My Home Job Search


Service Quality


Quality Support







  • Free membership


  • Unrealistic claims and promises
  • Fake Facebook likes
  • Fake testimonials
  • Fake social media icons

Is My Home Job Search a Scam


Product name: My Home Job Search

Product owner: Michael Anderson


Price: $99, after discount $29

Verdict: Not recommended


I’ve been taking rest for some time from writing products reviews and now I’m getting back to it. I came across a program called My Home Job Search and decided to take a look at this opportunity.

The first thing that may come to your mind is that My Home Job Search is the program that is going to help you find a job so you can work from your home and make a lot of money.

The truth is that there are many programs like this one and unfortunately most of them neither help you in that nor provide any real support. Moreover they charge you for their useless service and leave you completely frustrated.

So, we need to find an answer to the question: “Is My Home Job Search a scam?”. Keep reading and I will show you all the facts about this program.


The main idea behind My Home Job Search

My Home Job Search is a mixture of a job search engine and a program that shows you different opportunities that can presumably help you make money online.

It has two memberships: free and paid. Free doesn’t have much value while paid membership is not worth it at all.

In short, I don’t recommend My Home Job Search and if you have some time to read I’m going to explain exactly why I don’t recommend it.


My Home Job Search doesn’t hold much value to be honest and I simply can’t recommend it due to many scam signals that I’ve seen in this program after doing my research.

If you have the time to read my review you can do so. Otherwise allow me to show you a much better program that is FREE to try and in fact, I’m making money thanks to this program.

See the comparison table below and don’t hesitate to create a free trial account and ask questions if you have any.





Pros of My Home Job Search

  • Free membership


Cons of My Home Job Search

  • Unrealistic claims and promises
  • Fake Facebook likes
  • Fake Youtube views
  • The owner, Michael Anderson doesn’t exist
  • Fake testimonials
  • Fake data: “1827 jobs available” never changes
  • Fake social media icons
  • Misleading video
  • Misleading questions asked on the site
  • Many scam signals




My Home Job Search scam signals revealed

My Home Job Search has two memberships: free and paid. As I said, free membership doesn’t hold much value. For most of their offers you need to upgrade your free account.

Paid membership is advertised as $99 but finally comes down to $29. I don’t like such pricing policy to be honest. I’ve never seen any credible company that uses such misleading strategy.

Reliable companies normally have only one fixed price and never play with people’s feelings. It’s the first red flag that I’ve noticed in this program.


My Home Job Search Memberships:


  • Finding writing jobs, surveys, etc.
  • More job opportunities



  • Membership price – $29
  • Full access to the members area
  • Support


Misleading video

The video that you will watch on their website is totally misleading. They are talking about work from home opportunities making you believe that My Home Job Search can help you find a job of your dream.

In fact, you won’t see any mention of My Home Job Search in the video by which I mean that working from home as the opportunity itself and My Home Job Search company are totally two different things.

The fact that you can find a job online is true and in this my article you can find some reliable sites. You don’t need to pay anyone to find a job.


misleading video


When it comes to My Home Job Search you need to pay them to get access to their so called database of job companies.

From my experience I can tell that most of the time sites like this one can help you little in what they claim to help you.

By all this I don’t mean that My Home Job Search is a complete scam, but their misleading strategies along with many other scam signals that I’ve seen on their website I believe staying away from this program is the best you can do.


Fake YouTube views

Another fact that I would like to drive your attention to is the fact that the video they have on their website is itself a huge red flag. Take a look at the screenshot from YouTube.


fake views


This video has Comments disabled which is not a good sign.

There are no likes or dislikes for the video though it shows 27.719 views. Is that possible? Never! Look at these two screenshots from where you can easily buy views and likes for your Youtube video.



buying views at fiverr


I hope you see the whole picture now. I think these red flags is enough for anyone to get an idea of what My Home Job Search is all about.


Misleading qualifying questions

Another thing that I don’t like in this program is that before you join My Home Job Search members area you need to answer 4 questions:

  • Choose you desired weekly income
  • How many hours can you work per week?
  • When can you start working?
  • Do you have basic typing skills?


desired weekly income


I think all these questions are misleading because they make you believe that you can make as much money from your home as you want while working as many hours as you want.

This is not the reality and it’s another red flag in My Home Job Search.


Crazy statement # 1

Michael also claims that through their website you can find a job that will pay you between $14 -$56 per hour. This is not the reality!


Crazy statement # 2

After answering qualifying questions you will see this screen that says that you can expect a job that will pay you $6.000 per month while you work less than 15 hours per week! Can you imagine that? I’m not sure about you but I’ve never heard such a crazy statement in my life.


free account


My Home Job Search Members area

After answering all those questions you will get access to the members area and you will need to complete 4 steps:

  • Step 1: Call your “Startup specialist”
  • Step 2: Make Your First $100 Today
  • Step 3: Download an E-book
  • Step 4: Watch Video

I don’t want to talk about useless step # 1 and below after revealing all scam signals you will understand me.


My Home Job Search members area


In Step 2 they suggest that you join online survey sites to complete simple online surveys and make your first $100. Is that true?

This is absolutely misleading because anyone who has some experience online knows that making $100 by completing surveys is unrealistic.

Sure, you can make $100 but it will take a few months to make that amount of money. Why? Because most surveys pay pennies for this type of activity. That’s why $100 in the first day is a huge exaggeration and totally misleading.

In Step 3 you will download an E-book. I can’t say that info in this ebook is useless. It has some useful tips.

But it also suggests that you join other low quality programs like Millionaire Biz Pro, Get Paid Like a Millionaire etc.

In Step 4 you’ll learn about tools and resources that you can take advantage of. But in order to get access to this you need to pay for a platinum membership.

Talking about resources, it means you can apply for jobs. In fact, you don’t need to pay for this access because you can get all this info on my website for FREE.

Michael also claims that you don’t need to spend money though it’s not true.

Many programs advertised in this video require you to pay in order to get access. They also advertise Digital Altitude program that is not a scam but I don’t recommend it because their membership packages are extremely expensive.

Taking into account an overall quality of My Home Job Search and all scam signals I honestly don’t recommend to take their advice.

In this section they also recommend some free sites, such as,,,, where you can find a job or provide services if you have specific skills.

I have no problem with this recommendation because all these site are legit. Some of these sites are free while others require to pay monthly and there is no guarantee that you will find a job you want.


Fake testimonials

Michael also uses testimonials on his website to make people believe that his service is completely legit and people are happy with the quality of their service. Maybe. Who knows.

But I have a question: Why does he use fake testimonials or fake photos?

The people you see on the images below are from My Home Search website and the same pictures you can find on stock image sites. Do you think it’s normal for a credible business? I don’t think so.


fake testimonials


If he doesn’t have real testimonials from real happy customers it means their service is not good. Right? Why then use fake images? I think it’s pretty obvious that it is unethical.

By the way, you can get a ton of fake testimonials from for $5,$10. It’s hard to believe that people do such crazy things but this is our reality.


Fake CEO of My Home Job Search

Since Michael uses fake testimonials on his website he decided to use fake photo for himself too. Look at the images below.


fake CEO


You may think this young guy is a successful business owner, the CEO of My Home Job Search.

In fact, this image was also taken from the stock image website known as Believe it or now but this is the reality.


Fake Facebook likes

At the top of My Home Job Search website you can see fake Facebook likes. That’s an image, not real Facebook likes. What do you think? Is it normal? Definitely, it’s not only abnormal, it’s unethical and ridiculous.

fake likes


Shame on them for using such misleading and cheap strategies in order to full people. On the bottom of their site you can also see fake social media plugins that lead you nowhere. Shame!


Fake data: “1827 jobs available” never changes

This is another huge red flag that proves once again that you shouldn’t trust Michael or rely on his service. I refreshed my browser a few times but this number “1827 jobs available” never changes. Is it normal?



Contradictory statements

At the bottom of My Home Job site you can see their Disclaimer in which they say that: “Typical purchaser of their program doesn’t make any money”. This statement is clearly contradicting to their another statement that you can make $100 in the first day.



Fake News

You can also see logos of The Guardian, BBC News, CBS and other News sites. By showing these logos Michael wants you to believe that his website My Home Job Search was featured on these websites. The truth is that his ugly website was never featured there. This is another huge red flag.



Final word on My Home Job Search

I believe after reading my review of My Home Job Search you won’t have any questions as to joining Michael Anderson’s program. Though some options are free an overall quality of the program is very low.

I can’t say that My Home Job Search is a complete scam but due to many scam signals that I’ve seen in the program I can’t recommend it. I found 9 scam signals which is a good reason to stay away from it.

Unfortunately, only those who have an experience in internet space can see these signals. There are too many lies that you are going to face once you decide to join My Home Job Search.

Since Michael’s approach is dishonest you can’t trust him not to mention their paid offers. As for their free offers, some of them are legit.

Since Michael’s site is a mixture of legit and low quality programs and most people have no any clue about them I recommend to stay away from My Home Job Search.

In my opinion, My Home Job Search is not a scam, but due to many issues that I’ve noticed in this program I suggest that you look for other legit programs.

This is the reality that many of us face online and fortunately, My Home Job Search is not the end of the world.

There are many other legit programs one of which I came across back in 2013 and I’m still an active member of this program.

It has two memberships, free and paid. You can start with free membership like I got my start a few years ago. I suggest that you start with a free account and let me know if you have any questions. I will be happy to help you out.



About the Author:

My name is Adam. I'm the founder of Your Income Advisor. My goal is to help others succeed online, by exposing scams and reviewing top rated products. I can help you start your own business online

Comments (10)

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  1. Paul says:

    Dear Rufat,

    Thanks a lot for the very thorough and comprehensive review post.

    I do have came across ads and post about My Home Job Search and I wanted to do some research before making my decision. Your review is a greater help and saved my time & effort.

    I really feel bad on the hype, misleading statements and fake testimonials on the sales pages of make money online products. Because of the increased number of online scams and products which under-delivers its a must to do our research before making our purchase decision.

    I loved how easy the review makes it for readers and no additional research needed. You have provided valid reasons and proofs on why you are not recommending it. After reading your review My Home Job Search is a NO NO for me.

    Much Success!


    • Rufat says:

      If you are doping research you are on the right way. You saved yourself from this scam. From my experience I can tell the number of scams is growing and more and more people fall for programs like My Home Job Search and the like. I already reviewed a good number of such programs and when I come across a new one it’s not hard for me to spot it immediately. I’m glad I was able to save you from this one.

  2. Russel says:

    Thank you income advisor rufat..thanks for this very detailed information regarding this my home job search. Hope you and your team always give advices and tips. Very much appreciated. I almost got into this scams.

    • Rufat says:

      You’re very welcome Russel. I’m glad I was of help to you and I hope you will find your way and won’t get into other scams.

  3. Simon Crowe in Asia says:

    At first I was surprised that you gave My Home Job Search such a negative review but as I read more and more I could see why.

    Honestly, before I landed on your page I was thinking about paying the $29 to become a paying member. But from what you’ve said it sound slike this is just to get in ‘in the door’ and make more money from you by promoting things like Millionaire Biz Pro etc.

    You found the fake images on stock photos! Oh ym word – this is a sure sign of a scam if I ever saw one. Definitely a no no from me. I wonder if the con artist behind this scam really is called Michael Anderson or if this is just made up as well?? Thanks so much for exposing the truth behind this.

    • Rufat says:

      Unfortunately, programs like My Home Job Search instead of helping people mislead them. If you see so many scam signals in one program what else you can expect from them? How can you rely on their service or trust them if they lie to you multiple times almost on every page of their website. I really wonder what is their motivation? Instead of running short term projects they could launch one good program and make money from it. Yet they choose another strategy that provides almost zero value to people. I spent several hours to do my research and finally came to this verdict. I hope I will save other people from this program and they will spend their money for a much better program such as WA I’ve mentioned within my review.

  4. Maxx says:

    Wow, Now I know I should avoid my home job search after reading your full details review.

    From my point of view, they use most of the fake sales pitch trying to convince newbies. Such as fake video (I do not even know video views can be fake too), testimonials. They even use fake CEO.

    your article should be spread out as much as you can so people out there are more aware of it.

    Good job and keep writing.

    • Rufat says:

      It looks like you’re searching for make money programs/opportunities and I’m glad you now know that you should avoid My Home Job Search program. You’re right in your judgement. They use misleading strategies to convince newbies because they have no clue about online income opportunities, what works what doesn’t. And of course, you can buy fake views and likes. This is the reality. I’m on the first page of Google for this review and I hope people will find it and learn all the facts about My Home Job Search.

  5. Mike Mahaffey says:

    I would have to agree with you! I wouldn’t recommend My Home Job Search to anyone either.

    The only thing I could see from your review that might have any helpful information is the pdf? So, I’m guessing that like you say, they don’t really help you with anything?

    And from your review, I will definitely start reading the disclaimers. This is first one I’ve ever read personally with this line “The typical purchaser does not make any money using this system.”

    The fact is though, that I’ve bought pretty useless products for far more than $29. I just chalk it all up to education?

    • Rufat says:

      Yes, the PDF has some useful information but even this can’t save this program from negative reviews that can easily be found on the internet. You can find such eBooks in different place for free. Even if you don’t read disclaimers, you need to see if a company makes crazy statements. If so then stay away from it immediately. And it’s bad that you wasted your money on other useless programs. You need to be careful before you decide to spend your money online. Do the research and then make your decision.

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