Is Real Profits Online Legit or a Scam? Can You Really Profit?

April 20, 2019 6 Comments

Real Profits Online


Service Quality









  • Nothing


  • Paid actors behind the program
  • Shady domain names
  • Shady news sites
  • Hidden costs up to $900
  • Promise to earn $500 from day 1

real profits online


Name: Real Profits Online

Website: multiple domains (,,

Founder: supposedly Mark

Price: $47 and other hidden costs up to $900

Overall score: 1 out of 10

Final verdict: Scam


You may be wondering if Real Profits Online is legit or a scam? And in this review I’m going to find out all the truth about this program.

In fact, this program has nothing to do with the official Amazon website.

In my relatively short review I will try to explain why you should avoid this scam.

Many people already fell for this scam. You will NOT because everything will be uncovered now.


What is Real Profits Online?

Real Profits Online is an affiliate marketing platform that claims to teach anyone how to make money easily with Amazon.

They promise to teach you how to earn $500 a day right from the first day of joining the program.

Those that have no experience in making money online will easily fall for this scam. You are saved from it.




Real Profits Online Review

Many people fall this scam because it’s being advertised and promoted as a “work from home” opportunity.

Creators of this program know that most people are looking for such a program and it’s easy to catch their attention if you promise them quick money.

Fortunately, there are legit programs like this that can help you get started online.

BTW, here I want to let you know that I’m not associated with Real Profits Online at all. I’m not interested in promoting it.

The main issue with Real Profits Online is that this program is very different from a standard online income opportunity or work from home program.

Those program can teach you some valuable stuff.

Normally, when I review them I show all pros and cons and explain how it can help you in achieving your online business goals.

When it comes to Real Profits Online it’s a different story.


$500 per day


Because Mark makes outrageous claims and give promises he can’t fulfill.

I can tell you with 100% accuracy that making $500 a day with Real Profits Online is NOT real.

To prove you that Real Profits Online is an outrageous scam I want to list all programs that are promoting exactly the same idea.

Name of programs promoting fake Amazon $500 a day business model:



Here is an incomplete list of websites used to promote Real Profits Online Scam:


  • ttp://
  • and many other sites


I did some research and it looks like Real Profits Online has a lot of searches online.

Though the program is no longer operating under this name it is still being searched online through other names.

This fake business model is also being promoted through fake news sites that you can see on the screenshot.


Fake-News site


At the same time you can see screenshots of other Amazon scams promoting the same fake Amazon business.

Mark used advanced marketing strategies, such as email marketing, sending massive text messages to mobile phone and as a result many people fell victims to this Amazon scam.

Each time they launch a new site they change the name of the founder of the program.


The founder of Real Profits Online is Mark

The founder of Prime Time Profit is Paul Miller

The founder of Money Sucking Websites is Willy Handcock

The founder of Cash Website Success is unknown


All these people promise $500 a day at the push of a button and no one did it.

They use landing pages to get victims to sign up to their scam. Believe it or not but many people already did it and lost their money.

They use a video that tells you a story about how Mark learned from Tim how to make a solid income online.

Now Mark wants to help others achieve the same. It’s a pretty standard story that I’m sure you’ve already heard somewhere else.

Unfortunately, they don’t reveal any information on how and what you will be doing as a member of Real Profits Online.

The research shows that it’s about Amazon affiliate program which is known as Amazon Associate program.


payment page with multiple hidden costs


After paying main membership fee $47 you will still have to pay $197 and plus around $700.

According to Mark all these upsells are designed to help you maximize your revenue with Real Profits Online.

I don’t recommend to buy any of them. Once you paid say goodbye to your money. You will not get your money back.


real profits online on youtube


If you type “Bar Hason Real Profits Online” in youtube search bar it will show you a video that is full of info about Real Profits Online scam.

You will see a fake testimonial from someone who made $762 the first day after joining Real Profits Online.

fiverr actors


But the trick is that you can see the same person on Fiverr who tells on his profile that he can record a professional video testimonial for you.

See other paid actors on the screenshot below.

Mark claims to give you a done for you website that will make you a lot of money on autopilot. This is not true.

You will get a bunch of useless sites that are given to many others like you, nothing unique, nothing valuable.


What I like about Real Profits Online?

Nothing! There is really nothing to like about this scam.


What I don’t like about Real Profits Online?

There are too many lies invented by Mark to not like the program. All true facts have been described above.


Is Real Profits Online Legit or a Scam? Can You Really Profit?

I think it’s obvious why I consider Real Profits Online to be a complete and flat out scam.

Because legit programs with a good track record never use multiple names or websites to promote their legit business.


real profits


cash website success


Instead they have one website and send all their promotions to that site.

The only reason why programs like Real Profits Online and the like change their websites or names is because after scamming a good number of people they want to lose their tails and disappear from the scene.

But thanks to review sites like my site these scammers get caught and exposed.

Also, programs like Real Online Profits and the like use Amazon name to promote their fake business model because Amazon is one of the most popular sites that almost everyone knows about.

Who doesn’t know Jeff Bezos, the founder or Amazon website? Everyone knows about him.


Can anyone profit from Real Profits Online?

Yes! The only person who can profit from Real Profits Online is the founder of this program, Mark himself. No other person is going to profit from this scam.


Final verdict about Real Profits Online

Real Profits Online is far from being legit. It’s a flat out scam. Don’t waste your time, money or energy on programs like this.


Final glance at Real Profits Online scam

  • Paid actors behind the program
  • Promoted through multiple sites
  • Shady domain names
  • Shady news sites
  • Promise to earn $500 from day 1
  • Hidden costs up to $900
  • Overall score: 1 out of 10


Verdict: Flat out SCAM



About the Author:

My name is Adam. I'm the founder of Your Income Advisor. My goal is to help others succeed online, by exposing scams and reviewing top rated products. I can help you start your own business online

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  1. Andy Zeus Anderson says:

    While a little light on sources of actual victims of this obvious scam outfit you still make a strong case for staying clear of them. I know from over a decade with Amazon Affiliates that you are going to have to put time and effort into seeing a $500 a day business. Fact is these replicated websites they sell are old rehashed PLR or Private Label Rights sites that are in use or have been used by tens of thousands of marketers. They hold no search engine marketing value and are considered gateway sites on google and will get your Adsense account banned for promoting them there. That leaves you hustling to find enough traffic to get back the $47 you paid for a bogus product. Thanks for seeking out and proving this serial mystery scammer to be exactly that.

    • Rufat says:

      Absolutely Andy! It takes months for decent results and years, probably 2 years for seeing serious results with Amazon affiliate business. Compared to that Real Profits Online looks ridiculous and in fact it’s a complete BS. You are right again Andy. Mark gives people useless rehashed sites that he gives to everyone who pays him $47. What can you expect from a site that is a duplicate copy? No value for search engines and no value for people using search engines to find a valuable info. Of course, with such a site you will get zero traffic which means you have to spend money on advertising to bring traffic. But you will hardly make any money at all while spending money because this type site like you get from Real Profits Online is absolutely useless.

  2. Jay says:

    Good thing we do research on some products or programs being sold online before we decide to make the purchase because a lot of them are serious scam and a perfect example of these scams is real profit online. I really wonder if the people behind these products don’t have a conscience because how can someone be ok scamming people of their hard earned money.

    Those people from fiverr giving fake testimonials are really contributing to this scam products. They are one of the reasons people fall for some of the scam products online. As soon as newbies see these type of testimonials they immediately become more interested in purchasing said products.

    Revealing the culprits behind real profit online is going to be really difficult. The best that can be done is to reveal the scams they commit but unfortunately before that time, they would have already scammed some people of their hard earned money.

    • Rufat says:

      Of course, thanks to review sites many people are saved from scams. But some people like Mark hiding behind scams like Real Profits Online hate our review sites because we expose them. But this doesn’t stop them because they launch other sites with new names like I mentioned in this review. I think you are right. People behind programs like Real Profits Online have no conscience because they don’t stop to scam people. And those fiverr actors lost their conscience because they help scammers though they know that they are helping scammers. This is really bad. And the worst thing is that before we expose these scammers they scam thousands of people. At least we do what we can and thanks to our efforts we save some people from Real Profits Online and the like.

  3. Louise says:

    This is a hard hitting , eye opening informative review, you don’t pull any punches, just say it as it it. I did loads of research before deciding what to do with Real Profits Online, and researched again!

    How do these people get away with preying on gullible people who are searching for a way to make money online .

    There are 1000’s of scams , it is difficult to trawl through them all to identify them.

    The internet is full of websites like this one who are out to make money by conning everyone.

    So I thank you for identifying this one as a scam and for letting people know by writing your review.

    • Rufat says:

      I don’t really need to pull any punches because Marks himself already did it in the worst way possible to ruin his reputation. I’m not if Mark himself does exist. It’s great to hear that you do your research before joining programs. And I’m glad I was helpful. The number of such sites is really huge. It’s hard to count them all. Over the past 4 years I reviewed over 400 low quality programs and most of them were either outrageous scams or low quality programs with bad support and decent training. Only a bunch of programs are in my recommended list.

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