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Product name: Home Internet Cash

Product owner: Unknown

Website: premier-online-income.com

Price: $97

Verdict: Scam


Over the past two months I’ve reviewed 17 link posting scams all of which are promoting the same fake link posting opportunity and claim that big companies are looking for people willing to become certified search engine or link posting agents and get paid as much as $15 for each posted link.

They always tell a fake story about Mary, Michelle or Bobbie who was a single mother unable to pay the bills and fortunately a program like Home Internet Cash has helped change their financial situation and she finally went from 0 to $7000 a month working from home.

And now she wants to recommend this program to everyone. Let’s take a look at this program so we can know if we really can take advantage of this amazing opportunity.


Pros of Home Internet Cash

  • None


Cons of Home Internet Cash

  • The program is associated with other fake sites promoting the same fake product
  • The website URL is not valid
  • The program uses tricky methods
  • The opportunity promoted by Home Internet Cash doesn’t really exist
  • No real support
  • Many complaints about programs promoting the same opportunity
  • Many of the sites promoting the same product are shut down


Inside the program

1. First off I would like to bring to your attention the fact that Home Internet Cash is not the first program that promotes the same fake opportunity as if you could become a certified agent for big companies and make a few hundred bucks a day by completing a simple task such as posting links.

In this list you can find 14 programs and learn some amazing facts which I’m sure will blow your mind.

The fact is that none of these programs lives up to its promises and even those that offer some value can’t be recommended due to using many tricky methods and following the same pattern.


2. Home Internet Cash just like all other programs mentioned in my article about link posting scams promote the idea of living the fairy tale life when you don’t need to worry anymore about living from pay check to pay check.

All you need to do is just post a bunch of links here and there and grab the money, $87 an hour. If you have no any experience making money online you might be thinking it’s so amazing to post links and make so much money. What else can be easier than this?

The truth is this opportunity is just a dream and I don’t know anyone who could be making money this way. The only way to make money online through posting links is called affiliate or CPA marketing.

This means you need to have a website with different products or CPA free and paid offers and add your affiliate links and then drive traffic, i.e. visitors from Google to your website.

Some of your visitors will click your links and make a purchase and you will earn a commission. This is how it works and it takes time and effort before you start seeing a consistent income from your online efforts.

I believe you now understand that the idea promoted by Home Internet Cash is just a dream.




3. Another fact is that some of these programs were shut down which is very normal. It happens because of a high number of negative reviews that expose these programs and that’s why very often they change their website name and shut down the previous one.

Out of 14 programs promoting the same idea 5 were shut down. Here is the list:

  • Work at Home Authority
  • Work at Home EDU
  • Work at Home Institute
  • Home Profit System – shut down
  • Home Income Package
  • Home Job Institute – shut down
  • Online Profit Stream – shut down
  • Work at Home Paycheck
  • Excel Cash Flow
  • Online Home Careers University – shut down
  • Work at Home University –
  • Stay at Home Revenue
  • Internet Cash Income – shut down


4.Most of these programs use a fake news site www.consumersfinanceguide.com that is not accessible if you visit it through the link displayed above which points to its being fake.

But if you visit one of their fake secret reports through this link (www.consumersfinanceguide.com/F0002/finance) then it’s accessible. I’m sure this alone is enough to make a decision about Home Internet Cash.


fake-site11 (1)


5. Now please take a look at these two identical reports and ask yourself: how can it be possible that they use the same fake report for all these 14 programs mentioned above?

In most cases it’s Amanda Winston who publishes these fake reports and I believe she is another fake person introduced to people as a consumer trend investigator. Really ridiculous and silly.




6. I think Home Internet Cash is the worst program out of these 14 “amazing” sites. All previous sites have their official name while this last one doesn’t even have its official name.

It’s simply called Online Income and their website URL (premier-online-income.com) is different from their website name. Maybe it’s not so important but anyway I don’t think it adds value or credibility to their website.


7. Another fact I would like to bring to your attention is that 3 different programs with 3 different names have identical layout: Online Home Careers, Online Profit Stream and Home Internet Cash. I think it’s one of the major red flags to watch out for.





8. Complaints is another red flag common to many of these programs. As you can see, four of them have too many complaints while two of them are shut down. There is a very good reason that what is true for many of them is true for Home Internet Cash as well.

Excel Cash Flow

Online Home Careers Universityshut down

Online Profit Streamshut down

Wort at Home Institute


Final decision on Home Internet Cash

My advice is never trust those who promise you quick money because they are lying to you. Home Internet Cash has many red flags and that’s why I don’t recommend this program.

  • Home Internet Cash is associated with other bad programs promoting the same fake opportunity
  • Home Internet Cash makes unrealistic promises
  • Home Internet Cash doesn’t provide any real support
  • Home Internet Cash uses tricky methods such as fake news site
  • Home Internet Cash is already shut down and there is a good reason that other sites will be shut down too

That’s why I can honestly recommend you a program I’ve tried myself and know that it works. It offers 7 day totally free access so you can see for yourself and make your own decision. I suggest that you read my review and create your free account and don’t hesitate to ask me questions.


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  1. Kenny Lee says:

    Thank you for bringing into light another unscrupulous scam. I hate it when people are tricked out of their hard earned money. Blame it on these scammers for giving internet marketing a bad reputation. These fake programs preyed on the mindset of users that everything online is going to be quick and they expect success and wealth to be so. Most realized their mistakes too late.

    • Rufat says:

      Everyone hates it. Shame on all these scammers. They lie to people and scam them out of their money. Unfortunately, like you say, a lot of folks still believe that making money online is super easy and doesn’t require any previous experience or knowledge. At heart they understand that it can’t be easy and that all programs promising this don’t look trustworthy. But they still join them because they want quick money. But like you say, they realize it too late.

  2. Alblue says:

    Thanks for the information here. Your site seems have a load of useful information for finding information about scam sites 🙂 I’ve been back here numerous times.

    I feel relieve to always check on Google or some scam review sites like yours to see whether a make-money online program is a scam or not. Nowadays, people become more and more desperate for earning money from online.

    Thanks again for sharing this information. I’ll be sure to avoid any site that looks like Home Internet Cash in the future 🙂

    • Rufat says:

      This is true that people become more and more desperate for making money, but their desire makes them fall for various scams which is a big problem nowadays. But it’s good that you use Google search to find out which program is worth your time. Many people don’t do it and this is the main reason why they fall victims to online scams. I’m glad you came across my review of Home Internet Cash because the program doesn’t provide any value. From my final word about this program it becomes absolutely clear that you are not going to make even a penny because you are not going to learn anything. I don’t know why people who stand behind such programs create them if they don’t want and can’t provide any value?

  3. Steven says:

    Wow thank you for the information, glad I came here before trying to use anything like that. Had a lot of fun reading your article
    , the content is really good, appealing, and kept me attentive. Maybe spread everything else out a bit more as your site is a little hard to navigate but maybe thats just me!
    Liked the pics as well, have a good day!

    • Rufat says:

      Hi Steven, You are right, reading about link posting scams and I have 14 such reviews is a fun. I was laughing so much when I was writing these reviews. Most of these programs are total time wasters and some people still fall victims to these terrible programs. It’s good that you came across my review before joining the program.

  4. Sam says:

    Thanks for this awesome post. It is very revealing and informational. There are many types of this program in the Internet, and their only aim is to defraud innocent people of their hard earned money. In this regard, I honestly believe that you are doing a good job by exposing them. Keep it up.

    • Rufat says:

      Yes Sam, you are right. Unfortunately, scams and poor products easily outnumber quality and legit programs and every they scam thousands of honest people on the internet. This program is definitely following the same pattern and I feel happy for exposing this scam. Fortunately, this program is already shut down and can’t scam anyone and this is definitely a good news. It has so many negative sides and obvious scam signs that even a child can easily understand that it’s a total waste of time.

  5. Daniella says:

    Hi Rufat,

    Awesome article and very informative.
    To be honest with you I never tried home internet cash, but I surely some other similar companies who tried to convince people to earn a wide amount of money and quickly . I never believed in this kind of things and I was looking for a good and reliable marketing training online at that time. Today I found what I was looking for and I am absolutely happy with WA! The support is awesome , the community is lovely, Jay’s videos are helping and make me progress a lot with my business and of course the training is wonderful. Nothing to regret at all !!
    However, I think it’s very nice of you to tell the truths to people:)
    Thank you for this awesome blog

    • Rufat says:

      Hi Daniella, I really appreciate for leaving a comment on my post. I think program like this one are so obvious scams that it’s really not even worth checking out if it really works. I believe from my review it’s clear that the program is a total BS and it’s already shut down. They always make ridiculous claims and promises they can never deliver on and that’s why they are normally shut down very fast. Like you I was looking for a legit training and finally I found it. Fortunately, it’s the same program, i.e. Wealthy Affiliate and I’m happy with it. For a very affordable price they provide quality training, tools and support and many people achieve success with it after 1 or 2 years of hard work. I’m already making money with my site and can affirm that their training works and teaches you real strategies on how to make money online. The program is only for those willing to work hard.

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