Is Extreme Home Paycheck a Scam? 3 in 1 Money Opportunity

December 7, 2017 2 Comments

Extreme Home Paycheck review


Product name: Extreme Home Paycheck

Product owner: Mick Moore (not 100% sure)


Price: $97, after discount $77

Overall rank: 10 out of 100

Verdict: Not recommended


Extreme Home Paycheck is just another “amazing” money opportunity out there that I will try to review for you so you can decide if you need to join it for achieving your business goals or not.

I did some research and this time the program turned to be totally misleading and not worth your attention.

I haven’t tried it myself because I never try programs that are misleading or there can be a problem when asking for refund. I only try programs that are not too expensive or that are worth my attention.

This one is NOT. If you want to know is Extreme Home Paycheck a scam or not I can tell you: It’s hard to say. I try to avoid giving such verdicts. But the program is definitely not recommended and within my review I will explain why.


Short review of Extreme Home Paycheck

Extreme Home Paycheck is absolutely misleading program because my research led me to three different opinions. It’s a combination of link posting opportunity, MLM program and promoting an eBook. What this program exactly is about I don’t know. It’s hard to say. But it’s definitely weird when you come across 3 different opportunities within one program.


Pros of Extreme Home Paycheck

  • It’s hard to say


Cons of Extreme Home Paycheck

  • Link posting is a waste of time
  • It’s just another MLM program
  • Advertised on fake news sites
  • Misleading ads
  • Upsells
  • As of December 2017 the site is down


In short, Extreme Home Paycheck is NOT worth your attention because of many cons that I’ve found in the program. I suggest that you stop looking for make money programs and save yourself from falling for scams. Instead try my recommended program. You can try it for FREE before you decide to upgrade to a premium account.


Extreme Home Paycheck Review

I already reviewed so many programs like Extreme Home Paycheck and many other link posting programs that when I come across such a program again I want to laugh.

Because they promote their so called service or product in such a misleading way that even a child can easily understand that this type of program can’t be legit.

Each time I had come across a link posting program in the past 4 years I immediately knew that it was another useless program designed to make more money off people like you.

This time again I came across Extreme Home Paycheck and I knew that I shouldn’t expect anything good from it. And again I was right.

This program really annoys me due to misleading people that want to learn legit ways how to make money online. Often times link posting programs promote link posting opportunity but sometimes they promote MLM programs.

For example, Freedom Cash System promotes MOBE (MLM program) and at the same time they promote link posting idea. Extreme Home Paycheck is doing the same thing.

I don’t know exactly what they are promoting at the moment but there are three types of products advertised by their team.


3 in 1 approach

The first source of info indicates that they try to sell an eBook that costs $97 but after discount you can get it for $77. It’s really strange because I’ve never seen an eBook related to making money online that would cost so much.

The most expensive one that I’ve seen at Amazon cost under $25. Even very well known internet marketer Anik Singal sells his ebook for approx. $15. Charging for an ebook $77 is insane in my opinion.

This is already an obvious fact that you should stay away from Extreme Home Paycheck. The book can be bought at website (network of digital products, mostly CPA) for $150.


Extreme Home Paycheck and offervault


From this I can understand that Extreme Home Paycheck tries to sell their book through other CPA networks even at a higher price in order to pay affiliates promoting this product.

Yes, it’s true that sometimes you can come across the same product online that has different price tags. It’s because those promoted via CPA networks often times have higher prices.

Anyway, I just gave you the info so you know what to do and how to avoid paying extra money. But in fact, I don’t recommend to buy this book at all.

The second source of information indicates that Extreme Home Paycheck promotes an old link posting idea using same misleading ads and strategies.

I’m really full of all this BS. Do me a favor and take a look at the screenshot below. You see the screenshot of Extreme Home Paycheck website. There are three types of ads on their website.


Extreme Home Paycheck fake news video


  • 1. It says: congratulations… There are currently 3 positions left in your area
  • 2. You can spare 60 minutes a day and earn up to $379/day
  • 3. This work at home opportunity has received a lot of national media attention

They use the same promotional video. They use same logos of USA Today, CNN, Fox News, MSNBC


And now do me a favor and take a look at another screenshot of other link posting programs. As you can see, they all use the same layout, same ads, same videos etc.

It looks really laughable if you know all these facts and can see the whole picture.

But those who don’t know all these facts unfortunately can’t see it and that’s why they fall for these scams.


Extreme Home Paycheck and home job position


They also use other ads like: Companies are desperate for people like you… You can see the screenshot below. Or the profit calculator as if you can choose as much income as you want to earn and start taking action. Of course, this is not true.


Extreme Home Paycheck ad


If it was that easy I would be the first one to start doing it and recommending to everyone because for each referred person I would earn a commission. For more info you can read my article about link posting programs.

The third source of information indicates that behind Extreme Home Paycheck there is an MLM company called MOBE (My online Business Empire).

BTW, many link posting scams including Freedom Cash System have changed their strategy lately and now are promoting MLM programs along with link posting idea.

Extreme Home Paycheck is promoting MOBE too. MOBE teaches how to make money through affiliate marketing but their compensation plan works well for you if you have a lot of money to invest into their highly expensive products. Some of them will cost you up to $9,000.

In fact, they teach you how to buy expensive products and then sell them to other people. They explain this strategy as follows: Instead of selling 60 products for $50 in order to make $3,000 it’s much easier to sell one product that costs $3,000.

To be honest, I can’t agree with their approach. Because I believe that it’s much easier to sell 60 products for $50 instead of selling a product that costs $3,000.

It’s not just my opinion. I know it firsthand. I know how hard it is to sell a product even for $25 not to mention for $3,000. If you get a lot of targeted traffic (visitors) to your website you can make a lot of sales if your product is not too expensive.

When it comes to high ticket items, you can bring several thousand visitors and still don’t make even a single sale. In short, I don’t recommend it either. For more info you can read my MOBE review above.

Generally speaking I explained what Extreme Home Paycheck is about and how it works. Honestly speaking I don’t know exactly what they are doing now and what they are promoting at the moment. It’s hard to say.

Programs like this always change their strategies because they always look for more opportunities to make money. But what I know exactly from my experience is that they always promote low quality products.

If you read my article about making money by posting links online you will understand how the whole thing works. There is no need to explain the same thing 100 times because I already did it.


Extreme Home Paycheck fake news site


BTW, when doing my research I also came across a fake news site called Consumer Trends. Honestly, it’s laughable.

I’ve already seen similar fake news sites when I was writing reviews about other link posting scams. You can see the screenshot of the fake news site for Extreme Home Paycheck and the screenshot of another fake news site for Work at Home Paycheck program.



If you want to learn how to make money online by posting links through legit method such as affiliate marketing then read my article here. It explains you the whole process from A to Z.

Keep in mind that solid companies never use fake news sites for promoting their legit service or product. If they do so it means their product is NOT worth your attention because it’s useless. If your promoted product is good and in high demand you don’t need to use unlawful methods.

Such companies/websites never stay long online. On average they disappear from online space within a year or so. But then they change their product name and move it to a new website and continue to make money until it becomes evident that their product is bad and it gets a lot of negative reviews online.


Can you become successful with Extreme Home Paycheck?

I strongly believe you can’t become successful with Extreme Home Paycheck. Because if people that created this program try to sell you low quality products I don’t think you can expect something big from Extreme Home Paycheck.

Plus, I think what you can expect from people that create new sites over and over again in order to relaunch their product under a different name?

What can you expect from people that use same strategies used by other programs with a bad reputation, such as Work at Home Paycheck or other link posting low quality programs?

Maybe you can make a few bucks here and there but I don’t think it will lead you to a massive success online. Anyway, I may be wrong but based on my experience I’m not going to recommend Extreme Home Paycheck to anyone.


Final word on Extreme Home Paycheck

I think you should pass on Extreme Home Paycheck and forget about this program. Don’t even think to buy it.

I’ve seen many people commenting on other blogs and complaining about being not able to get their money back from programs like Extreme Home Paycheck.

There are too many similarities between this program and the group of other link posting useless programs.

To be honest, some of them provide some useful info in the form of mediocre training but the main problem with it is that they describe affiliate marketing in a completely wrong way and people believe in their false promises.

My answer to the question: Is Extreme Home Paycheck a Scam? I think it’s not a scam. But it looks like a scam and that’s why I believe you should avoid it. Especially because the website is no longer functioning.


Final review of Extra Home Paycheck

  1. It’s hard to say
  2. Link posting is a waste of time
  3. It’s just another MLM program
  4. Advertised on fake news sites
  5. Misleading ads
  6. Upsells
  7. As of December 2017 the site is down
  8. Overall rank: 10 out of 100
  • Verdict: Not recommended



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My name is Adam. I'm the founder of Your Income Advisor. My goal is to help others succeed online, by exposing scams and reviewing top rated products. I can help you start your own business online

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  1. Melissa says:

    Thisis a very informative post. I can tell that you really know your stuff! I appreciate that you pointed out that people have had trouble getting refunds. I have looked at some online sites before that offered a money back guarantee so I thought, what the heck, I’ll give it a try and if it doesn’t work, I can get my money back. But you are right, it’s not always that easy and you don’t always get your money back!

    • Rufat says:

      Some programs give money back guarantee. Regarding this one it’s risky. You better try some other programs with a better reputation and more solid training. You can also try my recommended program I’ve mentioned within my article.

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