Savage Affiliates Review: 26 Questions Answered

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Savage Affiliates






Overall Quality



  • Quality training
  • Affordable price
  • Money back guarantee
  • No misleading claims on the sales page
  • Thorough training on affiliate marketing


  • Hidden costs
  • Some wrong income claims (Frank’s YouTube channel)
  • No free trial
  • No technical support


Savage Affiliates Review



Savage Affiliates Price: $197/$297 + Hidden costs

Founder: Franklin Hatchett


Type of product: Affiliate Marketing (launched in 2017)

Rating: 6.5 out of 10


In this review I’m going to answer the most frequently asked questions about Savage Affiliates, such as:

  • What is Savage Affiliates?
  • Does Savage Affiliates work?
  • How soon can start making money with Savage Affiliates?
  • Can I trust Franklin from Savage Affiliates?
  • And more…



What is Savage Affiliates?

Savage Affiliates is an affiliate marketing course that teaches you how to earn money online using different methods.

The course is both for beginners and advanced affiliate marketers who already know how to make money. The program is new and has been launched in 2017.

An overall quality is good or acceptable. It is not the best course available online but can be a good choice for those who are on a tight budget.

I know of programs like Savage Affiliates that are way better and affordable. Keep reading and I will share the info further in my review.



Is Savage Affiliates Different from Other Programs?

Generally speaking, Savage Affiliates is similar to many other courses available online. It’s not as good and detailed as other quality courses, but it’s not bad either.

If you want to learn affiliate marketing, it’s an acceptable choice for you. The standard package is only $197 which I believe many people can afford to pay.

In this review I will answer many of the most frequently asked questions both about affiliate marketing and Savage Affiliates.




Who is Savage Affiliates for?

As I said, Savage Affiliates is both for beginners and advanced affiliate marketers.

If you are willing to take action and get an education and ready to spend a few hundred bucks then it’s for you.

It’s not a get rich quick scheme. It’s not a done for you system that requires no action.

The program also requires some investment for some tools. If you don’t plan to spend more money other than $197 then I think Savage Affiliates may not be for you.

I didn’t purchase Savage Affiliates. This review is based on my hours and hours of research and my knowledge and experience in affiliate marketing since 2014.

So, believe me, I know what I’m talking about. My opinion is just my opinion and may be different from the opinion of other people.

BTW, Franklin also is a successful in a dropshipping business. If you want to know more about it, read my article about dropshipping.



My Top Recommended Programs

    Program # 1 – Wealthy Affiliate

  Program # 2 – Income School




How Much Does Savage Affiliates Cost?

Savage Affiliates offers two packages: $197 – Standard and $297 – Super. Both are one-time prices.

There are no monthly or yearly payments within the program. Though both packages are pretty affordable for many people, you still have to pay for other tools, such as ClickFunnels, Keyresearch, Hosting, GetResponse, Thrive Leads, Ahrefs, paid ads.


SA packages


Some of them are one-time payments while others are monthly. For advanced affiliate marketer it may not be a problem but beginners it can be a big problem.

Keep this in mind when you make your decision. In fact, these additional payments are not obligatory but are recommended by Franklin so you can achieve better results with his Savage Affiliates program.

From my experience I can tell that without those recommended tools it will be difficult for you to achieve desired results though it’s possible.



Does Savage Affiliates Provide a Refund?

Like any other legit program, Savage Affiliates also provides refund policy to its customers.

This is really good considering that many programs won’t refund even a dime once your card has been charged.

Savage Affiliates offers 30-day money back guarantee and 24-hour grace time during which you can ask for refund immediately.

But this doesn’t mean you can ask for refund after 24 hours without a valid reason. As I know, you need to prove that you have taken the action and watched course.

Without this you can’t ask for refund for no reason. This is according to one source. According to another source, you can ask for refund without any proof of action.

I don’t know which one is true. If it is important for you, I would recommend to contact Franklin before your purchase and make sure it’s exactly as you want.



Are There Any Other Upsells or Costs Associated with Savage Affiliates?

In fact, there are no upsells in Savage Affiliates whatsoever. SA has only two packages, such as Standard and Super: $197 and $297.

But there are some costs you are going to see in the program as you proceed. For example:

  • Domain and hosting cost for your affiliate website (approx. $50 per year)
  • ClickFunnels program as a promotion for your website ($97/month)
  • GetResponse (email marketing) – $15 per month
  • Thriveleads (landing page creator) – $67 (one-time payment)
  • Ahrefs tool – $99 per month
  • Paid ads like Facebook ads, Google ads, Youtube ads, solo ad (approx. $50-$500 per month)

As you can see, Savage Affiliates has some associated costs that can be unaffordable for some or many of you.

For established affiliate marketer who makes $2.000-$3.000 per month it is not a problem but for a beginner who joins Savage Affiliates, it’s almost impossible to spend so much money.

I don’t recommend any of them to be honest until you start making at least $500 per month. This is what know from my own experience.




Is Savage Affiliates for Everyone?

If you want to learn affiliate marketing and understand how to make money online, I think Savage Affiliates is not a bad choice.

But it’s not the best choice I can recommend to be honest. There are other programs that are cheaper while giving you almost the same value and some are a little more expensive but way better than Savage Affiliates.

So, it’s really depends on your budget. Also, as you can see, SA has some other hidden costs which can be unexpected surprise for many of you.

Among my recommendations are two other programs, such as Income School ($450 per year and then $200) and Wealthy Affiliate ($49 per month).

Both programs are way better than Savage Affiliates. Especially I recommend WA because they provide an amazing support unparalleled in the industry.

I’m personally member of both programs.



How Does Savage Affiliate Work?

What Savage Affiliates teaches you is called affiliate marketing. For more details about affiliate marketing read my posts about affiliate marketing.

All you need is there in my articles along with income proof. In short, you choose a product or group of products (related to a specific segment of the market) and create a website and start promoting those products via free methods and paid methods.

Driving traffic from search engines like Google is the best free method.

Other method is driving traffic from social networks like Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram, Tik-Tok. Paid methods require a lot of investment up to $500 or even $1.000 per month.

It can be Facebook ads, Solo ad, Youtube ad, Google ad. It works like this: You sign up for the Amazon or any other affiliate program.

You share your affiliate link (usually in a blog post). Visitor comes to your website from search engines like Google or paid traffic and clicks your affiliate link.

Your affiliate links take your visitors to Amazon or any other website you affiliated with and buy something.

You as an affiliate earn a commission. Basically, it is what Savage Affiliates teaches you.



Savage Affiliates Training

Savage Affiliates is an affiliate marketing course teaching you how to make money online. In this course you will learn how to:


  • Do Niche Research
  • Website Setup
  • Start Email Marketing
  • Setup Funnel
  • Clickbank Training
  • Amazon Affiliate Training
  • Google SEO Training
  • Paid Traffic Training
  • Free Traffic Training
  • Private Communication with Franklin and other SA members
  • Weekly videos and Q&A Sessions
  • Lifetime Updates


Savage Affiliates training



The good side of Savage Affiliates training is that they teach you different methods that you can learn and take advantage of in terms of making money.

This is certainly a positive point in favor of Franklin. But as a beginner it can be an overwhelming experience when you don’t know where to start, which way to go, which method is the best one.

For example, when it comes to Amazon affiliate program, I don’t really recommend it because over the last 3 years Amazon cut affiliate commissions a few times and now they pay approx. 4%.

This is amazingly low and you can hardly make any money with such a low commission.

In fact, many Amazon affiliates lost their businesses due to this Amazon movement towards reducing commissions.

Those who used to earn $3.000 per month now hardly earn $1.000 which is why I don’t recommend Amazon Affiliate program at all.

The main problem with Amazon affiliate program is that the less is your affiliate commission the more traffic you need to drive from Google to your website in order to make at least $1.000 per month.

Getting traffic from Google more and more difficult which means Amazon affiliate program loses its value. Plus, you need to make 3 sales within 6 months or otherwise your account will be terminated.

When it comes to Savage Affiliates training, I have to admit that it is very thorough training which is pretty good for beginners and even some advanced affiliate marketers.

For example, module 6 (SEO traffic) includes following training videos:


  • How Google works
  • Google ranking factors
  • Doing on Page SEO
  • On Page SEO factors
  • Website speed
  • How Web 2.0 work
  • Analysis competitor anchor text
  • Buying Web 2.0
  • Create a Web 2.0
  • Power up Web 2.0
  • Building blog comments
  • Find blog comments
  • Quora backlinks
  • My backlink process




As you can see, SA training is pretty good and includes 9 modules and over 60 lessons. Considering the price $197 and so much training included I think it’s not a bad choice.

My best recommendation would be ignoring paid traffic when you start. Franklin teaches you a few methods, such as Google ads, Facebook ads and Solo ads.

Solo ads is the worst among them and I don’t recommend it at all. In my opinion and many other affiliate marketers, solo ad is a waste of money.

It’s extremely difficult to get positive results with solo ad campaigns. Avoid it! When it comes to Facebook ads, I tried it many times in the past and never had any good results.

Google ads is the only thing you can try but be careful. It’s not cheap. I used it and use it to this day from time to time.

Sometimes it works for me and sometimes doesn’t. So, be careful.


webhosting income


In Savage Affiliates Super version you will get access to Launch Jacking module and Web Hosting plan.

This module you will learn how to make money online using some specific methods as taught by Franklin and also how to promote web-hosting programs and again make money from it.

Savage Affiliates Super pack includes Bonus training:



  • ClickFunnel Affiliate Academy
  • Franklin’s Secret Affiliate Marketing Funnel
  • Building Funnel, Multiple Funnel, Pre-made Funnels
  • Launch Jacking Affiliate Method Blueprint
  • Web Hosting affiliate method Blueprint

BTW, if you are an experienced affiliate marketer, niche research module can be helpful for you too.

At least it can improve your skills on how to choose the right niche, pick the right product and maybe you can even build a new website from scratch and add a new income stream.



What Kind of Support Can You Expect from Savage Affiliates?

You can join Facebook group where you can get support from other members including Franklin himself. This is really good.

He shares some valuable info in that group and answers questions. I would like to say a few words regarding Savage Affiliates support level.

Support is not bad but far from being perfect. I’m a member of two other highly popular programs, such as Wealthy Affiliate and Income School.

Income School’s support though the program is good, but support is not as good as it is at Wealthy Affiliate.

For example, Wealthy Affiliate provides any kind of support, even technical support but Income School doesn’t.

I don’t know of any other program that could beat Wealthy Affiliate’s support. Support is extremely important thing when it comes to online business.

Because when you can’t fix it and get stuck it’s really annoying.


Savage Affiliates Facebook


As I know, Facebook group is not as effective as the support within the community of your program. Very often your questions will remain unanswered or ignored.

As a member of Savage Affiliates you will get access to the “Inner Circle” to be able to contact Frank and other members for questions.

Franklin also holds weekly Q&A sessions where you can get support.



Can I Trust Franklin from Savage Affiliates?

There is no any serious reason to not trust Franklin. Because he is an established affiliate marketer. He created quality training and provides support to his customers.

But there are negative sides that I’m going to discuss further in my review. BTW, as of writing this review, he has over 400.000 YouTube subscribers which is definitely a positive side.


youtube subscribers


This proves that he is not only teaching motivational stuff. He has some good real achievements both in affiliate marketing and dropshipping and definitely can teach people like you to start their affiliate business.

BTW, Savage Affiliates is not Franklin’s first program. He is also a founder of eCom Elites website where he teaches drop shipping business as I mentioned above.



Are There Any Complaints About Savage Affiliates?

I didn’t find complaints but there are a few things I want you to know before you decide to join the program.

Some of Franklin’s claims sound questionable. For example, in one of his YouTube videos ( he claims he can teach you to earn $500 a day by just copying and pasting links.


$500 a day-trick


For this you need to create a Clickbank account to choose a product to promote. Then create a free account at FreeAdForum and start advertising your affiliate links.

To me it sounds ridiculous and to many others as well. Many people who tried this method made zero $.

In my 6-year experience in affiliate marketing I don’t know anyone using this or any other free method to make $500 a day.

BTW, there were many negative complaints under this video like you can see on the screenshot which proves that this method doesn’t work for most people.


negative comments


I checked the video and it looks like after many negative comments Franklin turned off comments.


comments turned off


There are no mentions that after paying for the course you still need to spend more money on other tools.

When you add all this up it becomes pretty expensive even for an advanced affiliate marketer.

There are also some other issues. For example, in another video he claims he makes a lot of money by promoting links via Pinterest but he doesn’t provide any proof.

Most likely he is making money via Facebook because a lot of people join his page every day and probably some of the buy through affiliate links.



Any Income Proof from Savage Affiliates?

When it comes to income proof from Savage Affiliates members, I personally don’t know anyone who is making money with the program.

There is only video on Youtube by Savage Affiliates member who made a few hundred $ in approx. 9 months after joining SA.

But I know that Franklin himself is promoting ClickFunnels successfully and even made $1 million dollars by promoting this program.



He got Two Comma Club award from ClickFunnels.

But as I said already in many of my reviews and articles, what works for someone else doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for you the same way.



Is Savage Affiliates up to date?

Yes, as a member of Savage Affiliates you get a lifetime access to all updates of the program.

It’s a huge positive aspect of the program because many programs never update their trainings once you paid for the course.





What I like in Savage Affiliates


  • Quality training
  • Affordable price
  • Money back guarantee
  • No misleading claims on the sales page
  • Thorough training on affiliate marketing





What I don’t like in Savage Affiliates

  • Hidden costs
  • Some wrong income claims (Frank’s YouTube channel)
  • No free trial
  • No technical support
  • Backlink strategy is a bit risky



Does Savage Affiliates Guarantee Any Results?

Fortunately, Franklin is not like other scammers promising that you can start making thousands of dollars in 30 or 60 days.

He doesn’t give any guarantees as to how much or when you can start making money. This is definitely a positive side of the program.



How Soon Can You Start Making Money with Savage Affiliates?

Like I always explain in my reviews, achieving success with the program takes some time.

When it comes to Savage Affiliates, it really depends on the way you apply what you learn and how many methods you apply.

If you apply only one method, such as SEO it can take months, up to 12 or even 24 months until you start getting enough traffic to start monetizing your website.

In fact, mastering SEO alone can make you a full-time income like I did in my online business. Before my traffic was good and I made a lot of money and then Google cut my traffic for unknown reason.

But I’m still getting traffic and making money even with my low traffic. Some people lose all their traffic and income. It can happen to you as well.

There is no guarantee in the business space. You can start with SEO (Google rankings), YouTube and Instagram.

Once you start getting traffic you can add some paid traffic too. The more methods you apply the higher will be your chances for success.

I don’t recommend starting email marketing until you traffic will be at least 200-300 visits a day.


email marketing with Franklin


If you start promoting Clickbank products there will be some difficulties on your way.

If you use free traffic trying to get your page ranked on Google in order to promote a Clickbank product, you may never achieve your ranking goals.

In that case you will have to use paid traffic which has its own downsides.

Your promoted Clickbank product must be around $50 with 50% commission so you can earn at least $25 per sale to justify your paid campaigns. So, it’s not easy to make money with Clickbank.

If you decide to promote ClickFunnels as taught by Franklin, it’s not easy as well. Again, you either need to get your page ranked to get a free traffic or drive paid traffic.

And before you get qualified and approved to promote ClickFunnels you need to earn $1.000 in commissions per month.

Plus, the minimum package starts from $97 per month. For more info about ClickFunnels read my review.

In fact, in this module, Franklin teaches how to use this program (ClickFunnels) and make money through a high converting landing page.

You have to be careful with this type of method and stay honest to avoid making false or misleading claims to your audience.



Issues with Savage Affiliates

There are also a few things I would to mention here about Savage Affiliates.

It looks like Franklin teaches you an SEO method in his training which means if you follow it you can get some good traffic from Google.


Savage affiliates traffic


I checked Savage Affiliates website and it looks like his website is getting very decent traffic. See the screenshot.

Now after looking at these statistics please tell me, does Franklin look like an authority in SEO for you? If so, how are you going to grow your business if Franklin himself can’t do it?

I didn’t find any success stories of Savage Affiliates members. Maybe because the program is new has been launched in 2017.

All I can see is some praise words from students regarding Savage Affiliates training. See the screenshot below.


praise words


I didn’t find any income proof screenshots from his students. But this doesn’t mean Savage Affiliates course doesn’t work.

It takes time to get results, appox. 12-24 months and the program is new, as I said.



Is Savage Affiliates training step-by-step?

Yes, it’s step-by-step and friendly for beginners. If you follow and take action with patience, I believe you can get some good results with SA.



Can I try Savage Affiliates for free?

Unfortunately, you can’t try Savage Affiliates for free. You have to pay for the course. This is not so good in my opinion considering that many other programs give a free trial.



How Much Can You Make with Savage Affiliates?

It really depends on many things, such as your skills, knowledge, experience.

IF you spend a good amount of time with Savage Affiliates and apply what you learn you can achieve good results over time.

Franklin himself is making a lot of money because he has different business models, such as affiliate marketing, drop shipping.

For example, thanks to promoting Savage Affiliates and eCom Elites, he also promotes other programs as an affiliate, such as Bluehost, GetResponse, Shopify.

That’s why he is a making a lot of money every single month. Not everyone can achieve such great results.

Realistically speaking, if you get good rankings on Google, you can make from a few hundred $ up to $5.000-$7.000 per month.

If you don’t get good rankings you will probably be struggling to make even $10 per month.

Using other paid methods require investment of at least $500 per month and there is no guarantee that you can make more than you actually spend.



Does Savage Affiliates Work?

Yes, the methods Franklin teaches are legit and if you take the time to go through the training and apply it with patience, you can achieve some good results though Franklin doesn’t guarantee that you will achieve results with his program.

Because many people buy trainings, spend an hour or so and don’t take any action. If you don’t plan to take action please don’t buy the course.

BTW, in this article I explain why most affiliate marketers fail online.



Is Savage Affiliates Worth Your Money and Time?

I think yes, if you are serious and willing to take the course, follow it and take action on it with patience.



Is Savage Affiliates a Scam?

No, Savage Affiliates is not a scam. Far from it.



Any legit alternatives to Savage Affiliates?

YES, I recommend two my favorite programs below:




Final Rating of Savage Affiliates

Rating 6.5 out of 10



My final opinion:

If you plan to buy Savage Affiliates you are free to do so. If you are looking for something better than SA.

I recommend Wealthy Affiliate or Income School, two programs that I’ve personally tried. Both programs are legit and their approach is practical both for beginners and advanced wanting to earn their first dollar or more money online.




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