6 Reasons Why I Love Affiliate Marketing

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I’ve been in affiliate marketing since 2014 and decided to share my thoughts why I love affiliate marketing.

I believe this will help others think well and make the right decision in which direction to go and how to spend their time and efforts.

Before I start writing about affiliate marketing and why I love affiliate marketing, I want to briefly explain why I decided to write this article.


Aside from affiliate marketing sometimes I was doing some other things like doing online surveys, software testing.

This basically means you complete specific tasks and get paid for your efforts and time.

There are also some other freelancing activities like building websites for others, doing keyword research, writing articles, editing videos or doing video animation etc.

There are many other activities for which you can get paid once the work has been done.

In my personal experience I came to a decision that affiliate marketing is way better in terms of my personal interest, income and some other aspects I will explain further in my article.

As I said, I believe this will help other people to think twice before deciding which direction to choose for their online career.

I also appreciate if you share your thoughts here and we discuss it further.






First thing that I love in affiliate marketing is freedom. You are free in your activity. You don’t need to go to 9 to 5 job.

You are your own boss. You can decide when to work and when to have a rest, when to travel.

You can work 5 hours a day or 1 hour a day. But before you can become your own boss you need to spend time and effort to build your online affiliate marketing business.

Normally it takes 12 months or more realistically speaking 24 months.

Yes, it takes time and effort but once you’ve done it you are free to follow your own work schedule.

Not every affiliate marketer can reach that point but those who can enjoy their freedom.

The price of that freedom is pretty high but this leads to your financial independence over time.

Over the years I’ve seen many affiliate marketers. Only hard workers achieve their goals.







When you do affiliate marketing it means you decide to build your very own online business. You decide how to do the work.

You decide how to do your research and in which direction to do it.

Affiliate marketing does require a lot of research and especially what your competitors do.

Affiliate marketing requires creativity from you like any other business.

Creativity makes your approach unique and puts your ahead of your competitors. In short, people are divided into two groups.

One group doesn’t like creativity and wants to get paid for the efforts. Another group likes to be independent and prefers creativity.

I like to be my own boss and to be creative in what I do. This is why I love affiliate marketing.






Do what you love

Affiliate marketing is very different from many jobs. When you go to 9 to 5 job you have some responsibilities that you can’t avoid or disregard.

Whether you love your job or not you have to do the work. That’s why most people don’t like going to 9 to 5 jobs.

According to statistics, 85% of people hate their jobs. I think this fact should make many people think about what they are doing and how they can change their situation.

That’s why I love affiliate marketing because I can do what I love to do which leads me to my financial independence and being my own boss.

Affiliate marketing gives you the opportunity to build an online business based on your passion and interest.

Any passion, interest can be turned into a business that will make you money consistently.

Even when your income is not as much as you expected you still will be doing what you love which will lead you to your desired income over time.






Unlimited opportunities

The best part of affiliate marketing is that it contains unlimited opportunities. There are many different ways to make money online.

Almost everyone can find what they love. The easiest way is to promote products that you don’t even own and earn your affiliate commission.

There are thousands of merchants that have thousands of products you can choose from, such as Amazon, Walmart, Bestbuy and many others.

You can promote digital products that are even easier to promote and you can earn a commission up to 75%.

You can create your own online course and sell it.

You can write your own eBook and sell it.

You can monetize your YouTube channel.

You can create an informative blog on specific topic, drive a lot of traffic to it and monetize your traffic through ads, such as Google AdSense, Mediavine, Medianet, Ezoic or many other ad networks.

This is why I love affiliate marketing. Opportunities are many as well as the level of your income.




overnight success


Overnight success

Any affiliate marketer knows that affiliate marketing is not only a great opportunity to do what you love and make money, it also contains some hidden opportunities, such as overnight success opportunity.

I will explain what I mean by this. All affiliate marketers know that affiliate marketing takes a lot of efforts and time before you start making money consistently.

Some affiliate marketers are way more successful than others. Some affiliate marketers achieve success way faster than others.

Some affiliate marketers can achieve high income level while others struggle to make $1000 per month or even $500 per month.

But one thing is obvious about affiliate marketing: sometimes you do the work and don’t get expected results.

But sometimes success becomes overnight. You start getting a lot of traffic from content created months before that and you start getting sales every single day.

Sometimes due to some changes in the market your product can become highly demanding and your sales will explode.

It’s really hard to know what may happen in your affiliate marketing career. I had days when I made $500 in a day.

I know affiliate marketers who made $50.000 in one week.

So, affiliate marketing has a hidden potential of overnight success that may happen to anyone.



passive income


Passive income

Affiliate marketing has another hidden potential of passive income.

Most other jobs, professions, activities can be monetized if you do the work first and then get paid. It’s like your regular job.

If you don’t go to your 9 to 5 job and don’t fulfill your responsibilities you won’t earn money.

Affiliate marketing also requires a lot of effort and time before you start seeing income consistently.

It’s not a kind of a “set and forget” system. You still have to do your work. But it’s a little different.

You can do the work for months and then earn a passive income for years thanks to a steady traffic from search engines.

All you have to do is just publish fresh, new and high-quality content to your blog at least twice a month and your blog will generate income for you literally passively.

This doesn’t happen to all blogs and all affiliate marketers but this is absolutely possible and real.

This is why I love affiliate marketing because it allows you to earn money passively if when you sleep.

And this is why Warren Buffett said: “If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep you will work until you die.”


make money while you sleep





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