Millionaire Marketing Machine Review – Are you Willing to Spend $20,000?

June 3, 2015 22 Comments


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Product name: Millionaire Marketing Machine

Product owner: Don Le


Price: $500 -$20.000

Verdict: Not recommended


Millionaire Marketing Machine is just another program that claims to provide you with a completely automated home based business system.

Whenever I come across programs that claim to make you money on autopilot I know immediately that something is wrong because I’ve been involved in internet marketing since 2000 and I know that there is no such a thing as automated system when it comes to making money online.

Internet is part of our life and though it looks appealing like a magic it’s not much different from real life. As you probably know there is no automated system that can make you money on autopilot in real life. Do you agree with me? Have you ever heard of such system? I don’t think you really did.

Then how can you believe that such system does exist on the internet? That’s exactly what people who stand behind programs like Millionaire Marketing Machine want you to believe so they can easily get you into their “amazing” program. Keep reading and I will explain in details whether it’s worth your time and money.




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The main idea behind Millionaire Marketing Machine

Millionaire Marketing Machine is an MLM pyramid scheme, i.e. network marketing. I want you to know a few facts about MLM first.

Network marketing is not for everyone and they always have a complex payout scheme and your main task as a network marketer is to lure other people into joining the same program so you can make money off them.

There are always tons of complaints about MLM programs. I reviewed some MLMs and they all have same issues. Almost all MLMs have a bad reputation on the web.


Pros of Millionaire Marketing Machine

  • Theoretically you probably can make some money


Cons of Millionaire Marketing Machine

  • False promises
  • MLMs have a bad reputation
  • Complaints about MLMs
  • Many upsells
  • Overpriced products
  • No free trial



Inside the program

1. First off when I tried to enter their site I had an issue because in order to gain access to their amazing system they asked me to enter the member’s referral iD name who sent me to their site.

This is how MLM pyramid scheme works. Do you like such approach? I think you don’t because you can’t even try their program before you pay. I personally wouldn’t join such program because this type of approach really annoys me.


2. Their entire system is based on selling you high ticket items and then you need to sell these products to other people so you can make a commission. But the problem is that their packages are very expensive and in order to start promoting them you need to buy them to get resell rights.

In fact, you don’t need to buy a product in order to promote it. It’s a wrong approach in my opinion. There are thousands of products online and you can promote them without paying anyone and it’s called affiliate marketing. MLM system is different.

Even if you can afford to buy their overpriced products you then need to find someone who can afford it too or you don’t earn a commission.


3. Once you get access to their system you will have 6 options, i.e. 6 packages:

Bronze – $500, Silver – $2,000, Gold – $3,500, Platinum – $6,500, Diamond – $12,000, Elite -$20,000.




In order to make money with Bronze package you need to buy it first and then you can earn a commission.

The worst part of their “amazing” system like with all other MLMs is that if your referral buys bronze package too then you will earn $500 commission.

If your referral buys another package, let’s say silver package you won’t earn any commission. Sounds great? Right?

This is how most MLM schemes work. Just imagine that you invite someone, he makes a purchase and you don’t earn anything.

I think it’s wrong and looks ridiculous. Besides that, are you really willing to pay that much money and there is no guarantee that you will make any money at all?

That’s why they always encourage people to buy Elite package ($20,000) to be able to earn a commission from any purchase, on all levels.

But are you willing to pay $20,000? I think the system is very deceptive and the reason for that is because people behind it mainly focus on making money off you instead of helping you.


4. Another problem with Millionaire Marketing Machine is that they don’t provide any real training on internet marketing so you can learn internet and affiliate marketing and build your own online business. They only teach you how to recruit other people into their system.

Their training material is not impressive at all. Bronze packages includes 9 videos about hashtags, introduction, the basics, how to create hashtags, tracking hashtags, some videos about driving traffic from Twitter and Facebook using hashtags.




This part of the training is ok but internet marketing is not about using hashtags alone.

You need a fundamental knowledge such as, understanding how internet marketing works, how to build a website, how to choose a niche based on your interest, how to create content for your website and get it ranked on search engines, how to build relationships with your audience and finally how to monetize your site.

You won’t find this type of info inside Millionaire Marketing Machine.

There is another training called Secrets to Enrolling where you will learn how to recruit people into their program. They promise that this course will teach you the secrets to making thousands of $ online.




This is just another empty promise. Another training called Secrets To Direct Mail Success is not impressive either. One more training module called Home Business Success Basics where you will learn the basics of how to build an online business from scratch.

Note that all their training materials are not impressive and if you want to learn internet marketing you will need more reputable programs such as Chris Farrell, Bring the Fresh, Affilorama or Wealthy Affiliate. In my opinion, Wealthy Affiliate is the best program I’ve been part of since 2013.


5. Another problem with Millionaire Marketing Machine is that once you get your website you need to advertise it in order to drive traffic to it because without traffic you can’t make any money.

You don’t have original content on your site and that means you can’t get your site ranked on Google or Yahoo to drive free traffic. What does it mean?

You must spend money on advertising. i.e. buy advertising through Millionaire Marketing Machine. As you can see, you are going to spend more and more money with this program without knowing exactly when you start making money.


6. As I told you above, the main idea of making money with Millionaire Marketing Machine means you have to buy their high ticket packages and then resell them to other people. Do you think it’s easy to sell $500 package on the internet not to mention $3,500 and over packages?

Believe me, it’s extremely difficult. Just as an example, I’m promoting a program on my site that costs $47 and I can make 2,3 sales from every 200 visits to my site.

Most people don’t trust sites and it’s extremely difficult to convince someone to pay even $20 not to mention a few thousands of dollars.

That’s why if you think you can buy a high ticket item and then sell it easily and make money you’re wrong. That’s the main reason why most people who join MLM programs leave them completely disappointed.


7. As I told you above, there are tons of complaints about MLM programs: Empower Network, Done for you Profit System, Inner Circle Riches, Wake up Now, Crazy Cash Club, MOBE etc. If you read my reviews you will realize that all MLMs have major issues and that’s why I never recommend MLM program to anyone. But it’s up to you and you are free to try it if you want.


Final word on Millionaire Marketing Machine

With all these facts in mind I really don’t recommend Millionaire Marketing Machine though I don’t think it’s a scam. I don’t like this type of programs. You can’t even try it before you pay which makes things even worse.

But not everything is so bad and there is a program I’ve tried myself and I’m happy with it. The program has taught me how to make money online and I’m making money now with my site.

I’ve been a premium member of it since 2013. The best part of it is that you can try it for free before making a decision. I’m sure once you know all benefits it has to offer you will join it right away.


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  1. Edwin says:

    MLMs – I ahte them with a passion. I really not sure why these companies continue with them. The non-internet one I remember were Amway,JewWay, and Mary Kay.

    What remember about MLMs is that you lose your friends and become married to the company, not what most people want.

    Thanks for the excellent review – I decided to join WA. It’s the best way to learn.

  2. Dominic says:

    I’ve seen this Millionaire Marketing Machine somewhere, but I have yet to look into what is it all about. Thanks to your review, now I know what the fuss is all about. Little did I know that this is an MLM based online product and all you do is recruiting other people to join in? Man, this is so messed-up. No way I’m going to join in such program, because promoting any kind MLM or network marketing program, can really jeopardize your reputation. Thanks for opening our eyes Rufat!

    • Rufat says:

      MLM is not a big problem. The problem lies in the price they ask you to pay for their “amazing” opportunity. In most cases people who pay such amount of money can’t earn back even a small part of their investment. This is a just a waste of time. I know some people who invested thousands of dollars in similar programs and failed to make even $10.

  3. Joshua Jones says:

    OH MY GOD, I absolutely hate MLMs!

    I use to be a member of Empower Network and subsequently became a founding member of the iPAS2 system that joined forces with EN to sell their products.

    I didn’t have much experience with internet marketing at the time but even then I knew something was wrong with the picture with these companies.

    I said to myself there’s noway these products should cost this much especially when they don’t even teach you how to be an internet/affiliate marketer, you don’t have your own website with original content, etc.

    I will never go back to MLMs. Wealthy Affiliate has everything I need.

    Great review my friend!

    • Rufat says:

      Thank you for a great comment Joshua, I always enjoy reading comments like this that come from people who have real life experience. It’s good that you can share your feelings about MLMs because in most cases they don’t offer any real strategies to become rich overnight. I think you are right and it’s not that hard at all to understand that something is wrong with these program, especially when they ask people to part with their hard earned money of such amount. Like you say, they don’t provide enough training and even if they do, the amount of money they ask to invest is ridiculously unrealistic. Why should I pay thousands of $ when I can find an alternative for a much lower price? It’s because only this way they can pay you huge commissions. I agree that without having actual content on your site and building relationships with your readers there is no way to be successful online and I think this real model is much different from most of the programs such as Millionaire Marketing Machine.

  4. Wayne says:

    Hi Rufat,

    It amazes me that programs like this are able to get away with the prices they charge and people will pass right by a legitimate program like Wealthy Affiliate that offers so much more for $47.00.

    MOBE (My Online Business Empire) is another one of these high priced MLM companies that’s ripping people off to the tune of $26,637.90 for the whole package. They start off with a $19.00 per month membership and once they suck you in the fun begins with up-sell after up-sell until they have sucked every last dollar out of you.

    These programs all use the same marketing tactics and like you said Rufat, they are not in it to help anyone. All they’re concerned about is getting your money.

    It takes a certain kind of person to be able to make any money with MLM and most people trying to start an online business don’t really know what they’re looking for so they get sucked into it because it sounds good.

    I’m glad to here that WA is working out for you. I’ve been a member since June of 2014 and I am seeing some good results as well.

    Thanks for the great article about MLM.

    • Rufat says:

      Great comment Wayne! Thank you. I absolutely agree with you and it does really amaze me how people pass by legit programs only because other programs such as Millionaire Marketing Machine promise them unrealistic earnings with minimum efforts from their side. I agree that most MLMs focus on promoting high-ticket items or private coaching that costs people thousands of dollars while leaving most people completely disappointed. It’s so unfair to sell packages for a few thousands of dollars without any guarantee that people who buy them will make any money at all. Though some people are making money most of them are not making even a penny.

      Upselling folks is really annoying and unfortunately it’s very popular method of making money off of people who are so naive that they continue buying product after product within the same program believing that it will increase their chances to make money only to realize later that they’ve wasted their time and money. I’ve seen many programs like this, even legit ones though I don’t think their activity is legit. I think it’s wrong to sell a package available elsewhere for $40 for a much higher price, as much as a few thousands of dollars only for the sake of promising people high earnings in the form of high commissions.

      It’s true that some (very few) people are making money with MLM programs but most of them are not making even a penny. Most MLMs have a bad reputation and there are always many complaints about them. Though I didn’t call Millionaire Marketing Machine a scam because it’s actually not a scam, I honestly can’t recommend it. But if someone believes they can be happy with it they are free to try it.

  5. Tasos Perte Tzortzis says:

    Are they kidding us Rufat?…What a website title is that?…Machine for millionaires?…Is this ever going to stop…Huh..of course not.

    Why every MLM company has the doors closed?…No trial for me means they are not so proud of their products or services.I believe that MLM systems can only be worthy if they offer High Quality physical products.Even in these cases their complexed payment plan makes it very difficult to achieve success unless you join on time and stand at least in the middle of the pyramid.

    Training on hashtags and traffic from Twitter and Facebook?….Hahaha…They must be crazy.How many people they think will be impressed of this approach and how many of them will eventually buy?

    And buy ads to bring traffic into an empty website?…What the visitors will get when they arrive?

    So we are paying $20000 to re sell empty from content useless ideas while lying to people they can achieve massive success?…Poor , very poor product.

    Thanks for letting us know , great review as always

    • Rufat says:

      I agree Tasos, they are most probably kidding us and I think it will never stop because of their desperate desire to make money. I agree that if a program doesn’t offer a free trial it means it’s not worth the time and I agree that most MLMs always offer high-ticket items or expensive coaching because this way they can promise people like you and me high commissions. Once you join you need to find other people to get them join too or otherwise you can’t make any money. At this point many folks who spend money on programs like Millionaire Marketing Machine fail to get people to join the program and that’s why they lose money and leave the program disappointed. And it’s one of the most obvious reasons of so many complaints around MLMs.

      I agree that their training on social media is not a big deal and I don’t think people can drive tons of traffic to their sites using this method. I agree that this product is really a poor one and I don’t anyone can achieve a massive success with it though I’m not saying it’s a scam. I simply think that there are many other programs out there that provide more value for a much lower price.

  6. Chris says:

    Well that just took my breath away – 20 grand!!!!
    Surely not?
    I don’t know how ANY sort of online opportunity can get away or convince people to spend this much!
    The autopilot is a big give away really – that’s usually a big red light on a product.
    Thank you so much for highlighting this awful opportunity – hopefully a load of people will get to see this before signing up!

    • Rufat says:

      Their products are really overpriced and I see the same red flag almost in all MLM programs. The main idea behind overpriced products is to pay high commissions and that’s why once they get you inside they teach you to aggressively promote the same product to other victims. Of course some people will make money but a lot of people will not and that’s why there are always many complaints around MLMs. And they are very professional at convincing people to buy their even overpriced products and people buy into their offers. That’s the way of things and we can’t do much to change it.

  7. Marc Parsons says:


    Great review!

    Millionaire Marketing Machine sounds just like the scam artists over at Empower Network (EN). Way over priced for information that is most likely readily available on the internet.

    Thanks for letting people know about this.

    You mentioned that websites are included in your recommended Wealthy Affiliate program…. Is this more of those duplicate websites that I have seen all over? Also, will I only have these websites for the trial period?


    • Rufat says:

      I appreciate your interesting and valuable comment. I agree that programs like this one are very similar to EN and all MLMs have major problems. I agree that it always amazes me that people fall for scams like this one while there are many other alternatives on the internet for much lower price. Does it make a sense to overpay for the same product? It’s really expensive and not affordable for most people. As for WA program, the websites that you will get once you inside the program are not duplicate. You have to write original content yourself which takes some time but you will learn all this at WA. And you can keep your sites for as long as you want.

  8. Mark says:

    Hi Rufat – Thanks for exposing Millionaire Marketing Machine for what it is.
    It amazes me to think that someone would buy an online business for $20,000. Like you say its hard enough to promote Wealthy Affiliate and the free program they offer that includes the incredible training program.
    Good work

    • Rufat says:

      Thank you Mark for your comment. I agree with you and it does really amaze me too in this age there are still enough naive people that buy into offers promoted by programs like millionaire marketing machine. I really can’t imagine that someone pays $20.000 for illusory opportunity to make money. To me it’s unacceptable at all. I said in my review that it’s extremely hard to promote a $20 program not to mention expensive one like this one. The only way to do it through email marketing which is not easy too. Anyway I wouldn’t pay that much money for this “amazing” opportunity and don’t recommend it to anyone.

  9. Moritz says:

    Hello Rufat.
    Wow, this really sounds terrible and I can’t believe that some people would actually join this kind of program.
    Who wants to pay that much money upfront?
    Thanks for the very thorough review!

    It is really hard to find network marketing systems that are legit.
    Have you ever found one?


    • Rufat says:

      I agree with you Moritz and I can’t believe it too but reality is different. Unfortunately, many people buy into this type of offers and they are ready to pay that much money for the sake of making money only to realize later that did a mistake. In my opinion it’s a big mistake to pay that amount of money hoping that you will earn revenue because you pay upfront and then there is no guarantee that you will make any money at all. I’m promoting legit program on my site that is much much cheaper and still I find it difficult to make a sale, not to mention high ticket items that millionaire marketing machine tries to sell to people. There are always many complaints about such programs because though some people can make money most of them fail to make even a penny. As for network marketing systems, I don’t really know any such system that I could recommend. There are major problems with almost all of them. MOBE or Pure Leverage look like legit but in fact they are not. They are the best out of the worst.

  10. Jo says:

    You wrote in the post:
    “If your referral buys another package, let’s say silver package you won’t earn any commission.”
    That’s insanity! … along with all of the other aspects of promoting this kind of company, that’s completely crazy; and buy before you promote! … and expensive!
    I’ve been the MLM route and will never go there again.

    Millionaire Marketing Machine looks like nothing I would go for – OMG, complete “thumbs down” for me!

    Thanks Rufat!

    • Rufat says:

      I completely agree with you Jo. It’s really wrong approach that if your referral buy another package you won’t make any money which that people than stand behind millionaire marketing machine will make the money. Anyone can agree that this is wrong. It’s good that you have some experience with MLM even if it’s bad because that way people probably reading this comment will make the right decision. Most MLMs always focus on selling high ticket items, i.e. buy yourself and lure others into buying it and that way you will make money. In fact, they never teach you how to build a real business. The only thing they teach you is how to recruit others.

  11. Abraham says:

    Hey rufat, good information you gave us. I once was involved with an MLM pyramid a few years ago. I took a lot of social interactions, and much work. Needless to say, sometimes the effort was not worth the reward, and this business model was not for me. This product that you reviewed however, seems to be somewhat of a scam. Anything that says you can make big money, with out working hard always seems questionable to me. I am now in Wealthy Affiliate, and I love it. It has really good training, and I liked that I can start for free. Thanks.

    • Rufat says:

      Hi Abraham! I’m really sorry for the late reply but it’s better to reply now than not reply at all:) It’s really good that you share your experience with me and my readers because I always love getting comments from people who have tried the program and can tell a word or two based on their personal experience. I understand and I agree with you that MLM is not for everyone because they never teach you how to build a real business online. Your task is to spam people here and there because you don’t have any knowledge or original content and can’t provide any value on your site. In addition to all these major flaws this particular program, i.e. Millionaire Marketing Machine has you need to buy their overpriced products to be able to earn a commission which doesn’t look reasonable to me at all. Why should I pay and there is no guarantee that I make any money at all when there are other good and legit programs available on the internet? That’s why I think it’s not wise to join this program. As for Wealthy Affiliate, I love it too and all people that I know who join it live it too for a top-notch training, great tool and supreme support.

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