Crazy Cash Club Review – You are not going to go crazy about this program

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Product name: Crazy Cash Club

Product owner: Martin Morse and Roger McEntyre


Price: Free and Paid

Verdict: Not recommended


Crazy Cash Club is a program that can make you go crazy once you visit their home page. Right from the start they want to make sure that you are ready to change your life forever. They want you to take action because what they will tell you is going to give you unlimited opportunities to grow financially and become another success story.

They claim that Crazy Cash Club is your once in a lifetime opportunity and that’s why you must take action fast. They promise that in the first day you are going to make $16.000 and $120.000 in the first year, and $1.200.000 in the second year.

I don’t know about you, but I’m already going crazy about this program and I’m going to join it immediately because I need money, I need $16.000 urgently 🙂 But before joining this crazy club, let’s take a closer look to know if it’s a real deal or just another empty promise.image2


The main idea behind Crazy Cash Club

The main idea behind Crazy Cash Club is pretty simple. It’s an MLM program, not much different from many other similar programs out there. And like with many other similar programs, they don’t explain anything on their website on how you are going to make money with their program. The only info you have is that you can make $16.000 in the first day after joining the program.


Pros of Crazy Cash Club

  • Right from the start you know that it’s an MLM


Cons of Crazy Cash Club

  • False promises
  • Exaggerated earnings
  • No training
  • Many upsells


Inside the program

1. What I don’t like the most about Crazy Cash Club is that right from the start they are lying to you. They make bold claims as to teach you how to make a ridiculous amount of money and the amount is so big that even if someone is completely new to internet marketing they can easily understand that it’s not going to happen that fast. Can you really believe that you can make $16.000 in the first day?

To be honest, I can’t believe that there are some naive people who can believe them and go crazy about their crazy offer. As an experienced internet marketer, I can tell you that you won’t make even $5 in the first day and most probably you won’t make even $12.000 in the first year either.






Yes, I’m not wrong. From my real life experience and from the experience of other successful internet marketers that I know, I can tell you that if you get trained in the right make money program and work hard, you can start making $500 to $1000 per month by the end of your first year.

It’s real, it’s not unrealistic. Anything more than that can be achieved too, but it’s really not easy. The main reason is because most people quit very fast before they start to see real results.

Internet marketing is very rewarding, but you must be patient and self-motivated in the first few months without making even a penny and most people are not ready for that. That’s why, what Martin and Roger promise you is not realistic and they are simply lying to you.




2. The main issue with Crazy Cash Club is that like I said above, it’s all about MLM pyramid scheme, i.e. recruiting other people into the system.

You won’t learn any internet marketing skills or basics and your only occupation is going to be finding other people and making them believe that once they join Crazy Club they will be making tons of money like you.

And there is no information about that occupation. You don’t even know what exactly you are going to sell or promote, what type of product or service. But you will be making tons of money 🙂 That’s it.





3. I reviewed many MLM programs and can tell you with full confidence that all MLMs have a bad reputation on the internet and I’m pretty much sure that Crazy Cash Club is not an exception.


4. They don’t have any training on how to build a website, how to promote a product to be able to make as much money as they promise. Without proper training you won’t be able to understand how internet marketing works or how to drive traffic to your affiliate offers using legit methods.


5. If you join Crazy Cash Club, stay there as a free member and make money, you won’t be able to get that money until you become a paid member. They have a few packages: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.


6. There is no money back guarantee and you should be very careful before you pay.


7. Crazy Cash Club offers you 6×3 Forced Matrix compensation plan. On a Bronze level, if you fill 258 positions of your matrix plan then you will make $2.300 per month.

On a Platinum level, if you fill 258 positions of your matrix plan then you can make $17.200 per month.

Of course, it’s nothing more than just an empty promise. If only it was so easy then I would be the first one to join their crazy club.




8. They offer a few products, such as:

Monster Cash Mini Webinar System ( mini webinar system for recruiting people into Crazy Cash Club) – $177

CrazySplash Click Thru Pages ( landing pages for promoting their system) $147

5,000 Laser Targeted Visitors ( They promise to send you targeted visitors which is a very shady offer) You don’t even know where this traffic comes from – $17

20,000 Laser Targeted Visitors ( same offer) – $57

All these products are of poor quality and they will cost you money. As you can see, you are going to spend money and there is no guarantee that you will make any money at all.


9. If you ask me whether you can make money with Crazy Cash Club or not, I will say yes and no. Probably you can make a few bucks, but speaking about a few thousands of $ it’s an exaggeration.

I’m sure, you won’t make much money simply because their training program is very poor and won’t teach you the basics of internet marketing, not to mention advanced level.

Without proper education you will not make as much money as you want. It’s been proven over the years. Poor training program produces poor results. Plain and simple.


Final word on Crazy Cash Club

Based on my experience, I can tell you honestly that Crazy Cash Club is really not the best option out there. Most probably you won’t achieve any real success with it.

But if you are looking for a legit program that can provide you with all you need to build a successful online business, I can recommend you a program that wins my top recommendation for a few years in a row because that program produces awesome results while making no false promises to anyone.

You can learn more about this program by clicking on the image below. Feel free to ask questions if you have any.



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  1. Italian Brave Heart says:

    Hi Rufat,

    Thank you for your review and explanation on ‘how make money online’ scams work. When are these going to stop? I’m now having a good look at WA based on your recommendation. I hope this one works out as there are so many of these scams out there these days. Keep up the good work!

    • Rufat says:

      I think they will never stop. But thanks to programs like this one we know how the good ones. As for WA, I believe you will be amazed with it. Their training and support are amazing. Let mw know if you have any questions once you inside the program and I will be happy to help you out.

  2. steve says:

    Wow just simply wow…… This is ludicrous 16k on first day if there gonna pull a scam at least make it not obvious does any one actually join up to this and fall for it no products to sell what so ever.

    On the other hand wealthy affiliate is exact opposite doesn’t promise you anything but put the work in and you could easily supplement your income or even earn enough to work from home

    • Rufat says:

      Of course it’s ridiculous and even crazy to make such promises you can’t deliver on. And they really can’t. It becomes more and more popular to sell expensive products because this way you can make a lot of money very fast and without making multiple sales. You can make one single sale and already earn a solid commission. That’s true. But the main problem with such programs is that people who join such programs have to pay for the expensive products and then they need to spend more money on paid advertising in order to drive traffic to their offer and the problem is that it’s extremely difficult to sell such expensive products. Very few people can manage this skill.

      I personally know someone who has been selling high ticket items and making very solid income for many years now, but this person has a lot of experience and he knows which product or service to choose and how to sell it. And even then it requires a lot of investment. As an example, you have spend a few thousands of dollars on paid advertising and besides that you need to buy expensive products from Crazy Cash Club. Remember that there is no guarantee that you can sell their products because it’s very difficult to sell such products.

      Instead of wasting your money on Crazy Cash Club’s products, you can join for free high paying affiliate programs and promote them without spending a dime. Or you can spend some money on paid advertising and promote the product and possibly earn a solid income. There is no need to join programs like Crazy Cash Club in order to make money online. I really wouldn’t recommend anyone starting online to spend so much money on this program.

  3. Simon says:

    Thanks for the eye opener.

    Does your recommended programme accept registrations from Nigeria?

    • Rufat says:

      Because of high rates of fraud and gaming the system people from these countries can’t create free accounts. But you can create a premium account by paying $19. Here is a list of countries:


  4. Linda says:

    Hello Rufat, I enjoyed reading your review of Crazy Cash Club. I have dreamed about working from home and making extra money for many years.This Crazy Cash Club sounds like all the other scams I have fell for online. How long have they been in business? Someone should close them down! I found your review so informative.
    Thanks for the review!

    • Rufat says:

      I think I have to agree with you Linda. I think I’m very generous for not rating Crazy Cash Club program as a scam because to be honest, the program doesn’t provide any training and make crazy claims about overnight riches. In fact, they all the signs to be called a scam and yet I didn’t say so. I still think it’s not a complete scam and the main reason is because they offer a free trial and anyone can try it. Unfortunately, even with a free trial I don’t think there is a good chance to achieve success with this program. As for closing this program I think there are much worse programs out there that should be closed but they are still scamming people. This one is much better compared to those.
      Like you, I was looking for a legit program for years and finally found it and now proudly recommend it to my readers.

  5. Shivaram says:

    I read your article about the Crazy Cash Club Review. You have done an excellent job in giving a detailed review about this product. I have been reading and researching about different money making products in the Internet Space and I enjoyed reading each and every one of them. Based on your final verdict – I will not try the Crazy Cash Club.

    • Rufat says:

      Thank you Shivaram for your comment and I’m glad you like my review. I really do my best to be as honest as possible when writing my reviews and I know that they are not perfect. When it comes to Crazy cash club as you can see I don’t recommend it and it’s because they give fantastic and unrealistic promises and most people believe them. Just imagine these guys promise that you will make $16.000 in the first day and $120.000 in your first year! Anyone who has some experience in internet marketing know that making money online is not easy at all. It requires A LOT OF time and effort before you achieve success. That’s why I think this program is not worth your time, not to mention money. There are much better alternatives to this one and if you make some search you will find some good, legit programs. Best of luck.

  6. Lee says:

    Okay, truth time, Crazy cash club is not the first MLM I’ve looked into and have been involved in a quite well known one previously, which I didn’t make any money I might add.

    On paper the model looks great and it really doesn’t seem like there is anyway you could fail, but my experience has been that in reality it’s quite different.

    I’m glad I found your Crazy cash club review as I think it’s opened my eyes a little. I see you compare it to a company called Wealthy Affiliate, if it does not involve recruiting people in order to make money, then what does it involve?


    • Rufat says:

      Good to know that you have some experience with MLMs, even if it’s a bad one. It is no wonder at all that you didn’t make any money. BTW, very good example that on paper everything looks fantastic and when it comes to practice most of these programs don’t seem to work. I agree that they always promise that you can’t fail because their program is faultless and your income is guaranteed though in reality most people fail to return even their hard earned invested money. When it comes to WA, there are two models inside it. One is inviting people to join WA which is good because you actually help them and they get exactly what they are promised and being a member of WA for 2 years I can say that overwhelming majority of members are very happy with it. The other model is choosing a niche of your interest and creating a business around it.

  7. Mahmood says:

    Well, I have no problem with MLMs in general. My main concern is the worthiness of their product. It’s ok to join a MLM as their product is good and can help many people.
    This crazy cash club looks weird and not trusty and I agree with you that wealthy affiliate is much better. I’ve searched a lot for a good opportunity online and good earning potential and that’s when I got very satisfied with wealthy affiliate. It teached me a lot.

    • Rufat says:

      Thank you Mahmood for your comment. To be honest, my concern starts with Crazy Cash Club’s being an MLM first because I don’t like MLMs. I don’t like them because there are always many complaints about them which is a undeniable fact. As for this program the problem is that I think it’s worthless like you say because they make unrealistic promises such as making $16.000 in the first day. Can you imagine this? One can go crazy from this promise alone. What else I can say, I really don’t know. Just stay away from this crap and you will be safe is the only I can honestly say about this program.

  8. nigel says:

    Hi Rufat
    Great review you really nailed it and showed what a scam that this company really is. I hope whoever is reading this will take note about all the points that you raised as there is a pattern to a lot of these scam artists out there. This review is a real warning when your exposed doing a scam it can be embarrassing with no rock to hide under!

    • Rufat says:

      HI Nigel, to be honest, this program deserves to be called a scam but I still don’t call it scam. I think the program can really make you go crazy if you have no any clue about making money online because their promises are so unrealistic that anyone can go crazy. Just imagine, they promise that you can make $16.000 in the first day. Can you really believe it? Or can any reasonable man or woman believe in this type of promise? If it was so easy then things would be different in our life. Plus there are many upsells inside the members area designed to empty your pockets, especially 20,000 Laser Targeted Visitors which will cost you $57. I wonder how can they send you such number of laser targeted visitors for this amount of money? This is not true is all I can say. I think and I’m sure you are going to spend a lot of money with this program without any guarantee that you will make any money at all. I really don’t recommend Crazy Cash Club because if a program make such unrealistic promises you have to be very careful about them and never fall for this type of offers. Fortunately, I can spot programs like this one a mile off and warn people.

  9. edy says:

    Hello Rufat,
    Very informative review here about crazy cash club!
    I agree that it is not that crazy to join this mlm type of program where the top get richer and the bottom will suffer. Without money back guaranteed it makes this program more horrible than other mlm programs. Everyone should be careful to consider joining this.
    The smart option to choose is by joining wealthy affiliate where we can learn building a solid online business for free and no risk at all!

    • Rufat says:

      I agree with Edy about Crazy Cash Club. You really can’t go crazy about this program even if you want to. There is nothing special that could encourage me or anyone to try this crazy opportunity. A lot of folks have lost their hard earned money on multiple MLM type of programs out there and Crazy Club is not different from most of them. Same false promises, same exaggerated earnings,plus no money back guarantee. What else can Martin offer people to encourage them to join his program? I don’t really see any serious argument in favour of his program. No real training, nothing of value. All MLM program that I’ve reviewed have a bad reputation on the internet, even Empower Network, the biggest among them. And there are always tons of complaints about MLM programs. It’s true for EN and it’s true for any other similar program out there, not to mention Crazy Cash Club.

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