Bring the Fresh Review – Does Bring the Fresh Offer a Real Opportunity to Become Successful Online?

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Price: It was $87 lifetime membership + many upsells and now it’s $197 + many upsells

Owner: Kelly Felix

Verdict: Legit

Bring the Fresh is comparatively new program that teaches you how to build a successful business online. It teaches you how to build a website and make money from it. What I like about this program, and the approach of the owner, Kelly Felix, is that he is very honest with his visitors without making false promises.

In my view, it is very important aspect you should pay attention to in regards to the programs like Bring the Fresh, i.e. teaching you how to build an online business.

The reason is because internet marketing is a field where thousands of people get scammed every day. Kelly tells that before you make a decision whether to join Bring the Fresh community or not, you can try the program but their free trial is actually their standard “guarantee” for the sake of Clickbank.

If you decide to stay in the program you will be charged $197 and get a lifetime access to the system.


First of all, I would like to point out that Kelly doesn’t promise you that with his system you will become rich overnight.

But on the other hand, what I don’t like is that he has a lot of weekly/daily sales snapshots on his website with huge numbers and he does it just to prove that anyone can make it.

I don’t like this kind of approach because it is not as easy as he is trying to convince his visitors.

To be able to achieve same results shown at those snapshots, as an internet marketer you need to learn some skills and work hard within the first year or so. And even after that, there is no guarantee that you will become an internet millionaire, though you can make money.

Normally, if you work hard on your website within 1/2 years and apply the right techniques you will be able to earn $2000 to $5000 per month but anything beyond that can be achieved by a few out of hundreds of internet marketers.



What Bring the Fresh is all about?

It includes PDF guide and video lessons

It teaches you how to choose a niche

How to set up your website

How to get free organic traffic to your website from search engines

Search engine optimization techniques

Quality support

Members’ forum

There are constant updates so you don’t have to worry about any changes of Google algorithm, which is vital for your website to keep rankings.

Easy and step by step program

There is a 60 day refund policy


Major things that I don’t like:

$197 lifetime payment doesn’t include all the tools that you need for your online success. You will need to buy some other packages and they are not cheap. This is called upsell.

Most people including me don’t like upsells because it’s a bit unethical to get someone into the program and then tell them that your initial payment is not enough to be successful and you need to buy some other packages as well.

If you don’t know what the upsell is then know that upsell strategy works as follows: Someone advertises his program and once he gets you inside, he tries to sell you more products without which you can’t achieve what he initially promised. In fact, when he sells you his first product, he knows that this is incomplete product.


Support at Bring the Fresh

In regards to support, Bring the Fresh is a great place. They have a big forum and you can anytime ask a question, and get an answer, even from Kelly, the owner of the program. So, support is a strong point of the Bring the Fresh program.

From my Bring the Fresh forumexperience, I can say that regardless of how great a product is, if it doesn’t provide quality support, then it’s better to stay away from it.

Because you will end up feeling frustrated, trying to figure out things on your own.


“Project profits” and other upsells

Before making a decision whether to join this program or not, I would like to remind you that the price $197 is just your first payment and even after paying that price you will have a limited access to the program. If you want to succeed you’ll need to buy other packages. One of these packages (upsells) is “Project Profits”.

One more thing I would like to mention is again regarding Bring the Fresh upsells. Some people aren’t happy with the program not only because of upsells but because of Kelly’s unfulfilled promises.

Kelly offers done for you package, i.e. you pay him and he creates a site (blog) for you, fill it with a low quality content and get it ranked for you on Google and other major search engines such as Bing and Yahoo.

However, many people are complaining of their sites never been ranked on Google or other search engines. So, Kelly is an excellent salesman and instead of helping people he’d better remove those upsells from his program.



Tactics to avoid

Before I give my final verdict, I would like to point out again that sales snapshots used on their site is the marketing tactic that I don’t like because it is a bit misleading.

The goal behind it is obvious – to make you believe that you can achieve same results if you become a member of the Bring the Fresh program. But the truth is that it’s not true. Not all internet marketers are equally successful. Some of them are earning 6 figures and some just pennies.




On the other hand, the owner of the program, Kelly is an honest guy because he says that after “trial” period you can join his program only if you have been able to make money with the program.

But on the other hand, 6-figure snapshots are not the best tactic to be used here. It would be better to avoid using those tactics, or show snapshots with more realistic numbers, that most people can achieve.

I hate someone’s daily or weekly sales snapshots when shown to others since it is in most cases a misleading tactic, in respect to those who are new to internet marketing.

That is the main reason that I’ve chosen Wealthy Affiliate because the owners of that program Kyle and Carson never use such misleading tactics.

WA provides the best tools in the industry, Kyle and Carson don’t give false promises, and WA provides the best support and produces the best results in the industry.

Another tactic that the owner of the Bring the Fresh, Kelly uses is his promise to reveal real secrets to online wealth. There are no any secrets to online success. There is only one legit way: build your website, fill it with original content and get your site ranked on Google, Bing and Yahoo and bring free traffic to your site.

Also you should apply some other tactics, such as social media, email list building, article marketing and other legit tactics. So, there are no secrets that Bring the Fresh knows and others do not.

I’m a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate, #1 online business community in the world that provides similar services that “Bring the Fresh” does and I know that to build an online business and turn into a 6-figure business requires years, in most cases over 3,5 years at least.

Remember that the programs like Wealthy Affiliate (the best program), IMPho, Affilorama are not get rich quick schemes.

There is only one legit way to make money online, whether pennies or 6-figure income and this way is to get trained here to learn certain skills, work hard, be honest with your visitors and don’t give up until you achieve your goal. That is the key to success.


Final word on the Bring the FreshBTF review

Finally, my verdict is that Bring the Fresh is absolutely legit program and they proved their services to be worth the price you pay them. Their program works and was approved by Warren Buffet.

Feel free to join Bring the Fresh and become another success story. But I highly recommend you to join Wealthy Affiliate and read my review before you join it.




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