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Product owner: Mark Ling

Price: $1 (one month trial) and $67 per month for premium membership after trial period.

Verdict: Legit


Affilorama is one of those quality programs on the internet, that was started by Mark Ling in 2005. This online business community is the oldest one like Wealthy Affiliate, compared to IMPho and Chris Farrell Membership, that are comparatively young communities.

Affilorama was started with the purpose to help folks start an online business using legit methods. But the program is not perfect or the best in the industry. But still, it delivers an awesome service helping out thousands of people across the web. Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of the program.


Things I like about Affilorama:

Among good sides of the program are:

Educational resources – they are really good and easy to follow.

You get access to a great business community, which in itself is a great thing, because it allows its members to get help or any kind of support from real successful internet marketers.

Free options available inside the community allow members to use not all, but many features without having to make any serious investments.

The payment for a premium membership $497 will be valid within 3 years which is very affordable to most people.

The program very well fits the requirements of a beginner, teaching him how to build a website, and then make money from it by using different promotional techniques.

One thing I would like to mention is that if you browse the web looking for the opportunity to make money online you are definitely going to come across many websites with fake testimonials convincing you to buy a particular product or a training course.

With Affilorama it is different. There are no fake testimonials on authority websites, such as Affilorama. You can find many testimonials of real people making serious money and you can even contact them if you have any doubts or questions. What does that mean? Affilorama works!

In regards to the quality of training material it is very detailed, informative and easy to follow and implement. It covers a lot of video lessons and text tutorials: website building, marketing techniques, search engine optimization, PPC (paid traffic). So, it’s very helpful.

Affilorama has a good and active forum, which is essential to almost all online business communities. Members are active enough and helpful.


Things I don’t like about Affilorama

Among weak points of the program are:

The program offers too many features, which can be a little confusing to new members.

Some teachings can hurt your website rankings in search engines. If you choose other features within a program (upsells) then the cost of your membership is going to increase. This is called upsell, i.e. after paying for initial product you will be offered to buy some other products. But one thing we should keep in mind – Affilorama offers many options for $1.

In regards to support at Affilorama it is good but compared to WA, you can’t contact the owner of the program directly. As opposed to Affilorama, you can easily contact the owners of WA, Kyle and Carson and get support from them.

Afflilorama premium membership price is $67 and includes training, some useful software, blog, limited hosting and 30 PLR articles. One of the features Affilorama offers its members is using PLR content, the same strategy applied by IMPho. PLR is a duplicate content (not original) and if used can both hurt your site rankings and destroy your entire business.

Another thing I would like to mention is that they pay too much attention to backlink strategies. Yes, it is still applied in the industry to improve website rankings but it is not the main factor anymore. This part of the training is a bit outdated.

One major thing that I don’t like in Affilorama compared to WA is that at WA you pay for your membership and get access to all information and tools, while in Affilorama it is absolutely different. You have to pay different prices for different packages. I don’t think it is a good idea especially for new members who can get easily confused.




Affilorama packages:

With premium membership you get access to some tools that are very helpful, such as keyword, backlink and website rankings checker. These tools do not offer you something new that you can’t find on the side.

Again, compared to WA tool, such as Jaaxy, it’s not so good. Jaaxy allows you to find a profitable niche through keyword research and provides you with accurate competition metrics. Jaaxy is the tool I use for my keyword research.

Affiloblueprint: price $197, then $67 per month. The package includes video lessons and support, site building, traffic strategies, affiliate marketing, niche research.

Affilojetpack: price $497. The package was actually designed for promotion of Affilorama program and its services. I don’t like this kind of promotional long sales pitches.

I think this kind of promotions should not be done inside the community. Some options of this package even do not look as quality product. The package offers some kind of prebuilt platform where you don’t need to research a niche, write emails or articles.

Ok, then what are you going to do then? If you don’t learn how to do all these things then you are not going to learn how to become a serious internet marketer. With PLR (duplicate) content you can’t expect any good rankings for your website in search engines = no traffic.

I believe, such a great community as Affilorama is, it should teach people how to become a serious internet marketer who is willing and able to build a business on a strong foundation. Using PLR content is absolutely outdated technique that can destroy your entire business.

Affilotheme: Price $97. With this package you get affilotheme, a wordpress theme which includes training on how to customize it, 6 wordpress themes, squeeze page creator, affiliate link cloaking (shorten your links and makes your links more attractive by hiding your affiliate IDs – similar to Pretty link), website header creator, access to forum.


Final word on Affilorama

Finally, I would like to share my thoughts about Affilorama to help you make the right decision.

As for the program, it is legit!

Affilorama is definitely a good choice because Mark’s goal is not only making money but helping people as well.

It simply works! Because thousands of Affilorama members are happy with the program and many of them are making serious money.

It does offer opportunity to try the product for $1 and this is really great. You can try the program and if you don’t like it, you can forget it.

But some techniques taught at Affilorama are outdated, and especially using PLR content. At worst, PLR content can hurt your website rankings and at best it’s useless.

Some extra packages offered in the program are not good. It’s not clear for a new member and might be confusing which action to take. It should be done in a different way so that a new member who is new to internet marketing can easily understand which action to take. Compared to Affilorama, Wealthy Affiliate has some obvious advantages:

1.You can join it for free within 7 days (might be extended to 10 days)

2.Price policy is clear: $19 for the first month and $47 each month or $359 yearly (one-time payment). There are no other hidden costs.

3.Payment includes all trainings, software, support, forum, live chat, website tools and many more.

4.WA teaches ONLY legit methods, no duplicate content, no different confusing packages within a program. I’m a premium member of WA and highly recommend it to anyone.

Join WA for free or become Affilorama member. Both programs are legit.



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  1. Adrian says:

    This is awesome stuff. I had no idea about Affilorama but I’ve learned quite a bit here. It’s good to know about all of their packages in advance as that would have definitely confused me if I had checked it out.

    I like the fact that it is legit too as many things online aren’t.

    • Rufat says:

      Thank you Adrian for your comment. Glad to know you liked my review of Affilorama. Affilorama is definitely legit program just like WA and has helped many folks build a successful online business. But Affilorama is not perfect and what I don’t like the most about this program is that they have different packages which looks like you say a bit confusing. I like products like WA that is complete product and once you pay for your membership you can get access to all tools and training modules. That’s why I prefer this program to many other programs out there including Affilorama. Especially, I don’t like that Affiloblueprint price is $197, then $67 per month which is very expensive. Compared to that I pay just $29 per month in WA and this membership fee includes everything, including support.

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