How Much Traffic Do You Need to Make Money with a Blog

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how much traffic you need to make money


We have to admit that this question: “How Much Traffic Do You Need to Make Money with a Blog” is quite common on the Internet.

Many people are interested and want to have an idea about blogging on the Internet and how much traffic you need to have in order to make good money on it.

In this article I will try to answer this question and touch on many other questions related to this in one way or another.


Simple answer to the question

The short answer to this question will be as follows: In general, the more traffic, the more earnings.

However, not everything is so simple here, which I will also talk about in today’s article.


expect traffic


When can you expect traffic?

It should also be noted that everyone who starts blogging asks when they should expect traffic from Google.

This question is quite natural and a person wants to know what to expect.

It should also be noted that everyone who starts blogging asks when they should expect traffic from Google. This question is quite natural and people want to know what to expect.

It should be noted here that there are two types of traffic – blog traffic and YouTube traffic. When it comes to blog traffic, you need to be very patient.

Sometimes traffic starts coming from Google after 6 months of active and regular blogging. I personally know many such affiliates.

I got my first traffic on my blog after 8 months of active blogging. We are talking here about massive traffic.

It should be recognized that many have to wait for traffic for 12 months or more. Sometimes traffic does not come at all. This is especially true for niches with high competition.

As for traffic from YouTube, the situation here is somewhat different. In general, if we are talking about massive traffic, then you have to wait several months.

However, when it comes to YouTube, then something is possible here that is almost impossible in the case of blogging.

On YouTube, you can get massive traffic thanks to one successful video, and this can happen completely unexpectedly.

Sometimes you can start getting massive traffic within hours on a brand new channel even in the first month of your YouTube channel launch.

As I noted above, this is almost impossible in the case of a blog.



how much traffic


How much traffic can you expect

This is the next question that interests many of those who are planning to get into blogging.

As for traffic, if the question is about a blog, then here the traffic can be in the range of 400-500 visitors per day after 6 months of active and regular blogging.

By the end of the first year, traffic can reach up to 1000 visitors per day, which is a very good achievement.

After 24 months of active blogging, traffic can reach up to 2000-3000 visitors per day. I know blogs that get 3000-4000 visitors a day after 4,5 years of blogging.

When it comes to Youtube, traffic volume  is very different from a blog. You can get thousands of views per day from a single video.

YouTube traffic can start even in the first month of starting your YouTube channel. I once uploaded a video to my channel that took me only 1 hour to record and edit.

After uploading, I began to receive massive traffic which reached almost 100,000 views in a month.

That is, as I said above, YouTube is more promising than a blog and this is one of the reasons that many today try to have their own YouTube channel.

And many who could not or would not be able to achieve significant results in blogging have achieved and are achieving significant results on the YouTube platform.

This certainly makes YouTube more attractive than blogging.



start monetization


When can you start monetization of your traffic

This is also a very difficult question that worries many people. As for the blog, monetization can begin after your traffic reaches 400-500 visitors per day.

But in principle, you can start earning even with less traffic. For example, I have several blogs.

On one of them, my traffic never exceeded 350 visitors per day, and at the same time I made stable and very good money on it. The maximum earnings were $2200 per month.

Therefore, a lot depends on what product you are advertising. If the product is popular and you are paid $50 for each sale, then you can make good money even with low traffic.

Normally it takes from 6 to 24 months to start making money from your blog.

As for YouTube, everything is much easier here, because if you have massive traffic which can start even in the first month, your earnings will be very high.

You can start making money on YouTube only after you have 1000 subscribers.



traffic forever


Is your traffic forever or what can happen to your traffic

When it comes to your website traffic, I guess many of those with no experience in affiliate marketing will be surprised to know that your success can be both very long lasting and unexpectedly short. And yes, you heard right.

This also happens in internet marketing. Sometimes your blog can receive traffic from Google for many years, and sometimes it happens that due to the next update of the search algorithm, your blog may partially or even completely lose all traffic.

I myself have repeatedly lost traffic and I know a lot of people who also lost traffic, some partially and some completely, and at the same time they lost all their profits.

That is, the blog stopped generating income.

I know bloggers who received more than 1000 visits to their blog every day and earned $3000-$4000 per month and after the next update completely lost traffic and earnings.

I also know bloggers who were only positively affected by the update and their profits even increased. That is, there are no guarantees in this matter and it is difficult to make any predictions.



restore traffic


What can you do to restore your traffic and monetization

When it comes to restoring traffic that you lost, it’s also difficult to make any predictions. If your blog lost traffic, it’s difficult to find an explanation why it happened.

If you have lost traffic, it does not mean that you have done something wrong. Even many reputable sites lose traffic and their entire business.

As for the restoration of traffic, you can update your content that was in the top search results on Google. This may work, but it may not work.

Therefore, it is also difficult to make any assumptions in this case.



types of monetization


Types of monetization of your blog

There are different types of monetization of your blog. The most common way is affiliate marketing.

You advertise someone’s product and earn a commission on every sale.

The ease of this method lies in the fact that you can earn even without having your own product.

Another way is to earn money through display ad networks, such as Google Adsense, Mediavine, Medianet, Ezoic.

This is the easiest way because the only thing you need is to get traffic to your blog.

The most popular method is video blogging through YouTube. This method is one of the most profitable because it is often easier to get traffic from YouTube than from a blog.

And the profit can far exceed the profit from the blog.

For example, in the case of a YouTube channel, you can earn from YouTube, from advertising on your channel that you sell to others, from promoting your own product on your own YouTube channel.



how much can you earn


How much can you earn from your blog

As for making money from blogging, a lot also depends on what method you have chosen to monetize your blog.

Some blogs make as little as $100 a month while the average blog earns $1,000 a month. Some blogs earn $2.000-$3.000 per month.

I have affiliate marketer friends who make $20,000 a month. Personally, I have never made more than $2200 a month.

In order to earn such money you need to have quality content on your blog, update your blog regularly, probably every week or at least every 2,3 weeks

For example, a YouTube channel with 50,000 subscribers can make you approx. over $1000 per month. A lot depends on the niche though.

Some niches can make you even more than $1000 per month while some other less popular niches can make you even less than $1000. 

Also, YouTube will only start paying you after you have 1000 subscribers.

In the case of making money from YouTube, also a lot depends on the region and language and of your niche.

The more popular your niche is, the more YouTube will pay you.

For example, an English-language YouTube channel earns way more than a Russian-language YouTube channel.



blog or youtube


What is more profitable: Blog or Youtube

Regarding the profitability of the blog and YouTube channel, I would like to share some thoughts that I think will be of great interest to you.

As for profitability, it all depends on your approach and monetization method.

In the case of a blog, if you get traffic of 1000 – 2000 visits per day, then with such traffic you can earn from $1000 to $5000 per month. In the case of YouTube with such traffic, you will earn a penny.

YouTube traffic is much higher than blog traffic and, accordingly, the profit is much higher than in the case of a blog. Not every YouTube channel can earn that kind of money.

Sometimes a blog can outperform a YouTube channel in terms of profitability.

Earnings on a YouTube channel can be higher than earnings on a blog if you have massive traffic and you earn not only from YouTube, but also from advertising and promoting your own product.


Does traffic guarantee your blog income


Does traffic guarantee your blog income

This question is also of interest and concern to many who want to start blogging.

The fact is that many affiliate marketers create content to drive traffic to their blog but do not think about monetization.

When they start getting traffic they are left with the fact that they cannot and do not know how to monetize their traffic.

You need to think about this from the very beginning of your blogging or even before you start blogging.

Not all niches and not all products can be successfully monetized. Some are much easier to monetize than others.

Before choosing a niche, you need to check the popularity of your chosen niche.

Some blogs get a lot of traffic, more than 1000 visits a day, and still earn very little money, $100-$200 per month. That is, traffic is not always a decisive success factor.

You need to choose a popular niche and a popular product that pays high commissions.

For example, it is desirable that the price for the product be at least $50 and 50% commission so that you can earn $25 for each sale.

In this case, a blog that gets 1000 hits per day will be able to earn $2000-$3000 per month.

Therefore, before thinking about creating a blog and content for your blog, you need to think about what niche you choose, whether it is popular or not, whether you can monetize your traffic, whether there are enough affiliate programs that pay high commissions.

All this must be taken into account when creating a blog if you want it to be successful.


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  1. Lizzy Stabel says:

    Thank you for this interesting article. As you mentioned, it does take a lot of months and a lot of blogging to get a decent amount of traffic, but when your blog starts getting traffic, in my experience then it goes quicker and quicker, and it is terrific to notice haha! As always, keep blogging and eventually, you will get there. 

    One question though: I have one not so much competitive site and the traffic is getting great, but my second website is about traveling to Africa, and I’m under the impression that this is taking a very long time to rank, will it get better? thanks

    • Adam says:

      It’s true that when you start getting traffic your business starts to grow. The problem is to get the traffic which can be done by few people. When you start getting traffic it starts to grow quickly. Regarding your first site, you are getting traffic because the niche is not so competitive. When it comes to your second site, it’s not surprising because travel niche is very popular and highly competitive. I’m not sure if it gets better or not. It’s very difficult to give any predictions.

  2. Stratos K says:

    The question of traffic is really really vague as there are so many factors that can decide this that there is no definite answer. As you said the more the better but there is more to it than that. For example someone can have less traffic but still make more money as ads can pay more per 1,000 views in comparison to someone that has more traffic but lower cpm. This is a small example that no one can really give a figure to such a question. It also depends on the niche, on the type of articles, how informative and valuable they are etc etc.

    • Adam says:

      I agree that anything regarding traffic is unclear. Regarding traffic, it’s true. Some websites get a lot of traffic but can’t monetize their websites. Some websites get 1000 visits and earn $10 a month. Monetization is as important as the traffic itself. That’s why traffic is not a key to all problems. To be successful, the approach must be comprehensive.

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