Why is My Website Traffic So Low?

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why is my website traffic so low


Many affiliate marketers who have been involved in affiliate marketing for some time know that traffic is the hardest part of an online business.

We all work very hard on our websites trying to get a lot of traffic because the success or failure of our business depends on it.

It’s no secret that it’s not easy to take the first positions in Google search. As they say, there are few places and many people. And only a small number of sites succeed.

Still many affiliate marketers ask this question: Why is my website traffic so low?

I will try to answer this question based on my experience in affiliate marketing as well as other affiliate marketers that I have known for over 7 years.



types of traffic


Types of Online Traffic

There are different types of online traffic such as:


Let’s consider each of them separately.


Free Search Traffic

The first type of traffic is free traffic (Google and Youtube) and it is certainly the most popular one. Because it does not require any financial investment.

And in business, as you know, everyone wants more profit with minimal investment.

The main problem with free traffic is the need to work hard to create quality content for your site.

As a rule, it is necessary to work for a whole year in order to attract stable traffic from Google.

Some manage to get the traffic they want. Sometimes it even exceeds their expectations. And sometimes efforts do not bring the desired results.

But nevertheless, the desire to get free traffic motivates affiliate marketers to work on the site and some manage to succeed.

Once you get into the top search results of Google, traffic will flood your website and you can start monetization of your website.

The only thing you need to understand about free search traffic is to be patient and work hard towards your goal.


Paid  Traffic

Paid traffic is another very popular form of traffic that many prefer when they fail to get the results they want with free search traffic.

Such traffic is not cheap and it is also very difficult to achieve success here, as in the case of free traffic.

However, if you can achieve this, you can significantly speed up the monetization of your site.

That is, the main advantage of this type of traffic is that there is no need to wait for months for traffic to come to your site.

You bring visitors yourself and start monetizing the site. But another disadvantage of this method is that you can easily waste your entire budget and achieve nothing.


Social Traffic

There are different types of social traffic traffic such as:

  • TikTok
  • Instagram
  • Facebook

Social traffic is also a popular type of traffic that can be both free and paid. Many prefer free traffic for obvious reasons.

Its advantage is that here you can really get a lot of traffic, and as you know there is no such a thing as extra traffic.

However, to achieve this, you need to pay a lot of attention to this type of traffic and literally hang out on social networks.

This, in turn, distracts you from your site. On the other hand, social traffic is not as targeted as search traffic from Google, and this is a fact.

Moreover, it is not easy to monetize this type of traffic.

Therefore, many eventually stop devoting time to it.



ways to increase traffic


Ways to Increase Traffic

How can you increase traffic to your site? As a rule, in this case, many prefer the free method, namely search traffic.

This means creating quality content for your site. One article that gets into the top search results on Google can bring a ton of traffic to your website for months and sometimes even years.

Therefore, many affiliate marketers prefer to spend time creating quality content.

Sometimes it can take a week or even more to write one quality article, but it’s worth it. At least this is a proven way to increase traffic over the years.

The same applies to Youtube.



low traffic


Why is My Website Traffic So Low?

Now we move on to discussing the most important question of why traffic is sometimes (rather often) so low.

First of all, it should be noted that it is necessary to regularly write new and high-quality content for your site.

If you do not do this, then Google will give preference to other sites that regularly publish quality material.

It is desirable to publish fresh content at least once a week, or at least every ten days. Secondly, you need to understand that the content must be of really high quality.

To do this, you need to look at what other sites are doing in order to prepare something better than what they have.

Further, you need to understand that this does not always guarantee that your material will definitely get to the top of Google.

If not, this does not mean that your material is of poor quality. The reason may be high competition.

As you know, there are few places on Google, only ten positions, and there are many more sites. Therefore, not everyone manages to get to the top.

From my own experience, I can say that sometimes even sites with mediocre content get into the top of Google, and only Google itself knows the reason for this.

I personally think that Google does this on purpose to always remain unclear about getting into the top of Google.

In reality, you cannot even write to Google support on this issue.

This is done so that no one can complain to Google about why mediocre sites sometimes get into the top and high-quality sites are ignored.

The best proof of this is the fact that no SEO specialist can ever guarantee you a top position even with the best content.

Very often, the increase in the amount of content is not proportional to the increase in traffic, although it sounds strange.

Moreover, sometimes and I would even say often, the more material you create for your site, the less traffic you will receive in general.

I can show this on the example of one of my sites. The screenshots show the volume of traffic when the site had 30 articles and the volume of traffic when the site had 80 articles.


traffic 2020


traffic 2022


My July 2022 traffic is around 60 visitors a day, i.e. 1800 visits per month with 80 quality articles on the site.

The same site had 3012 visitors per month, i.e. 100 visitors a day in April 2020 with 40 articles on the site. 


So, this will look more friendly:

  • April 2020 – 40 articles – 3012 visits per month (100 visits a day)
  • July 2022 – 80 articles – 1800 visits per month (60 visits a day)


And the same applies to my other website. The more content I write the less traffic I get.


As I said above, although it sounds strange and improbable, it is a fact. And this doesn’t just happen to me.

I know many affiliate marketers who experience the same anomaly on their websites.

This again indicates that the reason for low traffic does not always mean that you have low-quality material.

The reason is that this is Google’s approach to ranking sites and, unfortunately, it is not always adequate and honest.

Perhaps this is the problem of the presence of certain flaws in the mechanism of the Google algorithm which will be improved over time. But for now, this trend continues.


Very often I observe another anomaly on my sites. Google does not rank new material but continues to rank material 2,3 or even 5 years old and sends little traffic.

There is no logic in doing it. There is only one logic. Google doesn’t want to send you a lot of traffic and therefore doesn’t rank your hot new stuff.

But it ranks the old material to send at least some traffic, because it doesn’t want to completely ignore your site either, because this would be completely illogical and dishonest.

This is the real situation that I observe on my sites and the same is observed by many other affiliate marketers that I know. 

So I tried to explain the low traffic situation. I hope this does not demotivate you, but rather motivates you to work harder on your website/s and prepare for the difficulties that you may expect along the way.




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