Is Success Online a Luck or a Hard Work?

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Is Success Online a Luck or a Hard Work


I think this question worries and interests quite a lot of people, especially those who are planning or dreaming of starting an online business.

They are probably interested in such a question: how does everything work on the Internet?

Is the mechanism of making money on the Internet different from the mechanism of earning money in real life? Questions that many people want answered:


  • What does it take to make money online?
  • What does it take to make money in real life?
  • How is making money online different from making money in real life?
  • Is Success Online a Luck or a Hard Work?



In addition to this question, they ask other questions above. And of course the big question is whether luck is needed to succeed in business or just hard work?

I will try to answer these and other questions in this short article based on my experience of making money on the Internet and the experience of others whom I know.

I will also share the experience of people I know who have experience in making money in real life and, of course, we are talking about business and not about working as an employee of any company.


make money online


What does it take to make money online?

I’ll start answering the questions in order. I think what I will share with you will help you understand this difficult question and understand what works and how.


Making money online requires a few things:

  • Website+Hosting+Product
  • Certain Knowledge in affiliate marketing
  • Certain skills and knowledge in a given field
  • Small financial investment
  • Time, patience and hard work



I will describe this process briefly in simple words. In order to start an online business, you will need to have your own website by first choosing a name for your business and a name for your website.

You need a site in order to promote your product on it, in digital format or a real product.

A digital product can be your own (pdf book, video course) or someone else’s product for the promotion of which, in most cases, you do not need to pay the owner of the product.

This is a big plus of affiliate marketing.  

The product owner will pay you a commission for each sale of his product.

If it is your own product, then all profits will be yours. You will need to pay for your website and web-hosting.


Certain Knowledge in affiliate marketing

Next, you will need to take some kind of quality online affiliate marketing course in order to gain basic knowledge about how to make money on the Internet, how to promote a product. Without such a course, it will be extremely difficult for you to achieve something on the Internet.


Certain skills and knowledge in a given field

You can earn money on the Internet without a website through sites such as,

If you have knowledge and experience in a specific area, such as translating and editing texts, writing articles, creating videos, design skills, language teaching, creating websites, and so on, then you can earn pretty good money by creating a profile and describing your skills.


Small financial investment

Online business requires small financial investments such as:


  • Website+Hosting = Approx. $100 per year
  • Online affiliate marketing course = Approx. $500 per year
  • Paid tools (OPTIONAL) = Approx. $50-$100 per month
  • Paid traffic (OPTIONAL) = Approx. $1500 per month 


As you can see from this list of expenses, an online business requires a small financial investment. They are divided into mandatory and optional.

Those expenses that are additional can be completely avoided and you can do well without them.

In fact, you can start an online business spending approx. $500 per year and achieve pretty good results by earning from $1,000 to several thousand dollars a month. 

Sometimes, but not always, the additional costs listed above can help you succeed much faster.

But this does not always work and not everyone succeeds, and you can spend the entire budget without achieving anything. Therefore, it is always better to start with the minimum expense.


Time, patience and hard work

And of course, it’s no secret that the main reasons for success in online business, as in many other things, are time, patience and hard work.

This is especially important for online success because it requires not only hard work, but also patience to wait for your website to get into Google’s sight and start getting traffic to your site.

And on the Internet, as you know, the success of a business primarily depends on traffic. In fact, this is the main key factor. Many people give up too soon and never wait for this very moment.



make money in real life


What does it take to make money in real life?

The ability to earn money in real life is in principle as difficult as on the Internet, although not always. Sometimes even much easier, but it requires a solid financial investment.


Making money in a real life requires a few things:

  • Certain Knowledge and preferably experience
  • Certain skills
  • Solid investment for the purchase of goods = Approx. several thousand $
  • Time, patience and hard work
  • Wages to employees and rent of premises = Approx. several thousand $


Thus, looking at these points, we can say that making money in real life also requires knowledge and experience, as well as the ability to manage your business, company, and be able to manage employees and finances.

All this requires certain skills. It is also necessary to work hard in a team, to show patience and discipline.

It is necessary to pay salaries to employees, including a specialist who keeps your financial records and pays taxes on time. You also need to pay for the rent.

Also, in most cases, money is needed to purchase goods. All this requires a solid financial investment that you need to have yourself or attract from the outside.



making money online vs real life


How is making money online different from making money in real life?

Summing up all of the above, we can conclude that despite the fact that although there is a lot in common between making money in real life and on the Internet, there are also certain differences.

Both require patience, time and hard work. However, it is obvious that in order to start, grow and maintain a business in real life, significant financial investments are required for renting premises, paying employees and purchasing goods.

On the Internet, you can avoid all this and start a business with minimal costs. This is a clear advantage of starting a business online.

I myself have earned almost $60,000 with minimal investment. My friends with the same minimum investment earned much more.

Although there are certain difficulties with real life business due to high costs, there are no problems with buyers.

If, for example, you open a store, then from the first day you may have visitors-buyers. With business on the Internet, things are a little different.

When you launch a website, no one knows it exists. It is like a needle thrown into the desert or the ocean.

But if you manage to solve the traffic problem, then with minimal costs, you can have unpredictably large profits.

Or to put it another way, although it is much easier and possible to start a business on the Internet at minimal cost, the issue of traffic is a key factor in determining the success or failure of your business.



luck or hard work


Is Success Online a Luck or a Hard Work?

As I said above in the article, it is no secret to anyone that the main success factors are such components as knowledge, hard work and patience.

Without these components, there is no success. But all this is not necessarily the reason for success. Not every action brings the desired results. 

Sometimes it happens that two people with the same knowledge make the same effort but the result is completely different.

One gets rich and the other gets poorer because he loses money. And this is a fact, not my fantasy. This works the same way in real life and on the Internet.


I have come across this fact many times since I started doing affiliate marketing in 2015.

I’ve been watching the growth of my sites and the sites of competitors and the sites of acquaintances and friends who are members of the same business community. And moreover, I’m talking about sites that differ little in the quality of the content and methods of SEO and other methods used to promote the site on Google.

Many times I saw sites frankly inferior in quality of content compared to my site, however, their traffic was much higher than my traffic and, accordingly, the level of profit, which directly depends on traffic. 


And this happened not only with my site. This happened and is happening with many sites that I know. The same goes for YouTube channels.

My friend who lives in the USA and who earns over $20,000 a month from just one of his sites, and he has other sites, is a very smart person.

But he was not lucky with his YouTube channel, which he has been running since 2014. He only has 5 thousand subscribers.

And another friend of mine who started the channel much later already has 100,000 subscribers.

Although in terms of the quality of the material, it is inferior to my friend’s channel with 5 thousand subscribers.


I have friends who are doing business in real life and they have the same situation.

For some, things are going well and for others whatever they do nothing works, although they have both knowledge and experience and everything else that is needed to raise and grow their business.

I’m talking about people who are very educated and experienced and they have the same opinion as me.

I’m talking about people who have been in the business for years.


On this question, the opinion of many people whom I know agrees. This is not the opinion of schoolchildren or children who are learning to walk.

Business is the area where knowledge, experience, money, and hard work is not enough to achieve success.

In this matter, luck or good that descends from God is definitely needed. If you are a believer in God, then you will understand me.

If not, then you will never understand and disagree with me. I do not want to offend anyone or impose my opinion.

I’m just sharing my life experience and there are a lot of people who agree with me.

You must fulfill the conditions for success but this does not guarantee you success and this is a fact with which it is difficult to disagree.

I share the experience of many people who have a business on the Internet and in real life. Over time, they all come to the same conclusion.


I am not saying this to deprive you of self-confidence and perseverance.

I’m just sharing my experience and I want you to have the right mindset for success and the right understanding from the very beginning.

This will help not to get upset and not to lose heart if something does not work at a certain period of life.

But if you did everything right and still success does not come, perhaps you will succeed in something else, and time will tell.


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