Freedom Breakthrough Review: 27 Questions Answered

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Freedom Breakthrough








Overall Quality



  • Money back guarantee
  • Montoya teaches both, free and paid traffic
  • Regularly updated


  • No technical support
  • Extra cost (paid traffic, tools)
  • Some misleading claims
  • No free trial
  • Too expensive




Freedom Breakthrough Price: $1,497 

Affiliate website:

Founder: Jonathan Montoya

Type of product: affiliate marketing

Rating: 6 out of 10

Recommended? There are much better programs (see end of the review)


What is the Freedom Breakthrough?

Freedom Breakthrough is a new program created by Jonathan Montoya to teach how to make money in affiliate marketing.

Montoya himself is a successful affiliate marketer which means he teaches based on his own positive experience in affiliate marketing.

The program is for both beginners and advanced students. Freedom Breakthrough mainly consists of video modules that show you everything step-by-step.

It’s been updated recently and the price increased to $1,497.




Who are the Founders of Freedom Breakthrough?

The founder of Freedom Breakthrough is a real person, successful affiliate marketer who himself achieved success in affiliate marketing and teaches beginners real stuff that works.

He is not a fake personality like in many other programs that I’ve seen over the years.

But as I said in many other reviews, what works for him doesn’t necessarily mean will work for you.  



Is Freedom Breakthrough Unique? 

There is nothing unique in the program. It’s the same stuff that other affiliate marketers teach and I’ve seen it in many other programs like Freedom Breakthrough.

The program is good and Montoya shows you various approaches which means you can be flexible. If one thing doesn’t work for you, you can try another thing.



Who is Freedom Breakthrough for?

The program is for those wishing to learn affiliate marketers using simple and advanced methods.

It is for those who have money to invest because the program is not cheap.

Also, you need to invest some money in other tools recommended in the program, to pay for traffic.

Finally, it is for those who have patience to wait until it starts generating money. It’s not a get rich quick system. 





How Much Does Freedom Breakthrough Cost?

The price of Freedom Breakthrough is quite high. It’s $1,497 as a one time payment or you can make 3 payments of $597.

I think it’s pretty expensive for most people. Unfortunately, there are no other options.

The only option is a 3 -day challenge that will cost you $7 which is another course of Montoya created for those who want to learn some basic stuff.



Does Freedom Breakthrough Provide a Refund?

Yes, Freedom Breakthrough provides a refund after 14 days of trying the program. You have to prove that you watched the modules and took action.

I believe a 14 day refund is not enough to understand if the program works for you or not. To get results you need way more time, probably months, not weeks.

That’s why I think there is no much use in Montoya’s refund policy. 



Are There Any Other Upsells or Costs Associated with Freedom Breakthrough?

No, there are no upsells in Freedom Breakthrough. But there are some recommended programs that you can optionally buy like domain name for your website, hosting email autoresponder and some other tools.

This is an extra expense other than $1,497 that you pay for the course. Also, if you buy traffic from Facebook or Google it will considerably increase the overall cost.

But buying traffic is optional.



Is Freedom Breakthrough for Everyone?

No, this program is not for everyone at all. Generally speaking the program is for anyone wishing to learn affiliate marketing.

But since the price is expensive, I’m not sure most people can afford it. I believe for an average person the price is far from being affordable. 




How Does Freedom Breakthrough Work?

Freedom Breakthrough works as follows: You pay for the course and follow the training modules (12 modules).

You will be learning how to set up a website, domain, hosting, create content for your website, rank your website in Google top 10 positions, and drive traffic to your website.

Also, you will learn how to drive free traffic from YouTube, TikTok, Facebook and other social networks. Also, you will learn how to get paid traffic from Facebook, Google, TikTok and Youtube.

You will learn how to set up an email autoresponder and start collecting email addresses, create sales funnels and send your offers to your subscribers.

Each of these steps though sounds simple, but in fact it’s going to take some time before you can achieve success in what you are planning to do. 



My Top Recommended Program

    Program # 1 – Wealthy Affiliate




Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 Training

  • Intro
  • Module 1: Find you interest (niche)
  • Module 2: Create your affiliate website
  • Module 3: Get on the first page of Google
  • Module 4: The perfect affiliate marketing funnel
  • Module 5: Email marketing funnel
  • Module 6: Best traffic sources – Free Facebook traffic
  • Module 7: The king of evergreen traffic – Youtube SEO
  • Module 8: How to get free traffic with TikTok
  • Module 9: Paid traffic: Youtube ads and Google ads
  • Module 10: Paid traffic with TikTok ads
  • Module 11: Paid traffic with Facebook ads
  • Module 12: Launch Jacking Mastery



In this module Jonathan welcomes you and talks about affiliate marketing in general so you can understand what you are going to learn in Jonathan course. 


Module 1: Find you interest (niche)

You probably have an interest in something and in this module Jonathan will teach you how to pick a niche based on your interest (what you already know or have interest in) and turn your interest and passion into a solid online business. 


Module 2: Create your affiliate website

In this module you are going to learn how to build (set up) a website. It’s an easy process and doesn’t require any coding.

This part of the training is very important, because the website will be the main place where you create and keep your content.

You will learn how to set up plugins for your website. Getting ready your website for SEO. In fact, SEO plugins are not so important in my opinion.

Google doesn’t care for your plugins. Google ranks your content and your website can do well without SEO plugins.  


Module 3: Get on the first page of Google

In this module your coach will be Nathan Lucas who will be teaching you how to get your website content ranked in top 10.

He himself is a successful affiliate marketer who knows what he is talking about and has done top 10 for his websites multiple times.

In fact, this module is the most important module for your website success.

Because this module will teach you how to get free massive traffic which is a key factor of your website monetization. 


Module 4: The perfect affiliate marketing funnel

In this module you will learn how to create sales funnels for your website which means a purchase funnel.

Sales funnel is a method of creating a buyer’s offer so that the buyer can easily make a purchase on your site.

For this you will be using Click Funnels as taught in the module. Click Funnels is not cheap. It has two packages $97 and $297 per month.

It’s an additional cost to the cost of Montoya’s Freedom Breakthrough program.  Click Funnels is a different program created by Russel Brunson.

I understand why Jonathan recommends this program. Because he wants to make the process easier for you and at the same time he earns a commission from Click Funnels.

Montoya’s training module is well organized in which he explains everything step-by-step.




Module 5: Email marketing funnel

In this module you will learn how to master email marketing to take your online business to the next level.

This is another extra expense for your business which will cost approx. $20 per month.

Email marketing is an advanced level of internet marketing and an important one but it’s not critical. You can do well even without email marketing.

I personally have never done email marketing seriously and still was successful. I know many affiliate marketers who are making money without email marketing.

Anyway, Jonathan’s module is very detailed and you can learn a lot of new things here.

I would recommend to start email marketing only when your traffic starts at least 200-300 visits a day.

If your traffic is less than that I don’t see any reason to start email marketing and spend extra money.


Module 6: Best traffic sources – Free Facebook traffic

This training will show you how to drive free traffic from Facebook. He will show you how to create a Facebook group and use it professionally.

He explains what type of content you need to share to get traffic and how to share it the right way.

But whatever he teaches I disagree on this subject. In my personal experience and experience of many other affiliate marketers, such as Income School program, Facebook is a waste of time.

Generally speaking, Facebook doesn’t like when you drive Facebook users from their platform to your website. Facebook wants to keep them on their platform.

That’s why most people turned away from this social network.


Module 7: The king of evergreen traffic – Youtube SEO

Youtube is another great source of free traffic that you can take advantage of if you do it the right way.

Jonathan will teach you how to do keyword research, how to identify popular topics for your videos and how to rank them in top search.

Montoya will show you tricks and secrets but though all this information is highly valuable, and he himself has 20K subscribers on Youtube, this doesn’t mean you can achieve the same results. Keyword research doesn’t mean everything. 

Yes, it is true that there are many popular channels on YouTube with a large number of subscribers.

But there are also a large number of channels with very interesting content that do not become popular, although they seem to be doing everything right.


Module 8: How to get free traffic with TikTok

TikTok is another very popular social video network that many people use today. Especially, it has become very popular in the last 2 years.

Montoya explains how to create a TikTok channel from scratch, create videos and upload them on TikTok. Many people today are getting massive traffic from this platform.

But one thing is evident. TikTok is not equally the best platform for all niches. For some niches it may be useful while for other niches it is not so good in terms of traffic.




Module 9: Paid traffic: Youtube ads and Google ads

This training module is also highly important from the point of view of traffic possibility and in terms of valuable experience.

Montoya will show you how to create an account for both platforms which actually will be the same account.

This module is all about paid traffic which is good because you can drive traffic immediately without waiting for months to rank your content.

From my experience I can say though the idea sounds great, but when it comes to practice, it is difficult to achieve any good results with either of these platforms.

Traffic is expensive and especially on Google. This training module does make sense for you if you have extra money to spend on paid traffic.  


Module 10: Paid traffic with TikTok ads

This training module is also very valuable and helpful for those who want to learn new traffic methods for their websites.

Montoya teaches how to create a TikTok business account and set it up for TikTok ads so you can run campaigns.

The advantage of this method is that it’s relatively cheaper than buying traffic from Youtube, Google or Facebook.

But honestly speaking, I’ve never used TikTok in my business and I don’t know the quality of its traffic. I don’t know whether it’s responsive or not in terms of business.

Anyway, you can try it to see if it works for you or not. But it will cost you some money, probably a few hundred bucks per month.


Module 11: Paid traffic with Facebook ads

This module is very specific and will help you if you plan to master Facebook paid traffic.

You will learn how to create ads for specific audiences and optimize your ads for maximum conversions.

Generally speaking, the module is very specific and valuable in terms of knowledge and experience. But Facebook traffic is not cheap and I personally can’t recommend it.

I used it in my business multiple times and have never achieved any good results. You can easily spend a few hundred bucks and get zero results.




Module 12: Launch Jacking Mastery

Launch Jacking is another interesting module in which Montoya will teach you how to promote digital products before they even get launched on digital marketplaces such as Clickbank, Muncheye etc.

You will learn how to find such upcoming products, how to apply for affiliate links, review those products and advertise them before they get launched.

It’s ok if you do it honestly. Unfortunately, many people do it the wrong way. They advertise it, promote, and praise it for the sake of affiliate commissions.

You don’t have to do it. Stay honest and objective and use this method the right way and you will be ok.


There are also some bonuses inside the members’ area:

  • The 3-Day Business Breakthrough Challenge
  • YouTube Ads Breakthrough
  • 75% Commission on Freedom Breakthrough
  • Private Facebook Community


BTW, Freedom Breakthrough 3-Day Challenge is a mini course for those who can’t afford the official Freedom Breakthrough full course.

In this 3-Day Challenge you will learn this:


  • Day 1My simple but powerful 3 step system to make daily commissions online!
  • Day 2Watch me build a business in front of you step-by-step & click-by-click in just 40 minutes!
  • Day 3How to get thousands of eyeballs on your offers everyday on AUTOPILOT (and without paid ads)


  • Bonus – 6 Figure Affiliate Funnel Get my complete done-for-you business! Copy my exact system for FREE in a few seconds!
  • Bonus – Viral Video Scripts Get my proven video scripts, that made me go VIRAL!!
  • Bonus – My eBook Lead-magnet Get my lead magnet to use in your own funnel


You will get all this for $7.

3 day challenge course

3-day challenge copy


The updated version of Freedom Breakthrough course looks like this:


  • M1 The Affiliate Stacking Ecosystem
  • M2 – The Perfect Affiliate Funnel
  • M3 – The Online ATM Machine
  • M4 – YouTube
  • M5 – TikTok
  • M6 – Facebook Groups
  • M7 – Daniel Chou’s High Ticket Sales
  • M8 – Joshua Ong’s Facebook Profile Funnel
  • M9 – Create A Website For Blogging
  • M10 – Nathan Lucus – SEO Mastery
  • M11 – Google Ads
  • M12 – Launch Jacking


  • Bonus – Live Group Coaching For 8 Weeks
  • Bonus – My 3 Day Challenge White Label Course
  • Bonus – YouTube Ads Breakthrough Course
  • Bonus – 75% Commissions for Life
  • Bonus – Private Facebook Community


In fact, it’s the same course with some slight updates and improvements.



What Kind of Support Can You Expect from Freedom Breakthrough 2.0?

Like most other programs Montoya provides support by email or Facebook group.

As I know, there are approx. 500 members in Montoya’s program which is not so many to be honest.

You can expect support either from Montoya but he is very busy and can’t help everyone. Or you can get support via Facebook group which is not so effective.

All this means, though the quality of Montoya training is good, you can’t expect timely and quality support. 


jonathan on facebook



Can I Trust Montoya from Freedom Breakthrough?

Generally speaking, Yes. I didn’t find any false claims from him like you will be making thousands of dollars in 30 days or something like that.

But I have to say that I found some of his exaggerated and misleading claims. At the same time I have to admit that he created a quality program though it has some cons.

I will talk about those cons further in my review. 



My Top Recommended Program

    Program # 1 – Wealthy Affiliate




Are There Any Issues in Freedom Breakthrough?

Let’s now talk about issues that I see in the program. Maybe this info will help you make the right decision. First of all, Montoya describes his program as follows:

Exaggerated claims:

  • Montoya helped thousands of people quit their job
  • You can earn $1.000 a day
  • You can build your automated business in 20-30 minutes




The truth is that you can actually earn $1.000 a day but let’s ask honestly how many people do it?

Theoretically speaking, yes, it is absolutely possible but when it comes to practice very few people can achieve that goal.

I know MANY affiliate marketers because I’ve been a member of the online business community since 2014.

Believe me or not, but VERY few people earn $20.000 -$30.000 per month. I myself have never been able to earn more than $2.500 per month.

From Montoya’s statement, it turns out that with him it will be easy for you to achieve this goal. I think that this is just an advertising marketing move and you should not believe everything he says.

He also claims that he helped thousands of people quit their 9 to 5 job. I think this is greatly exaggerated.

As far as I know, he has about 500 members in his program. And moreover, not all members of his program earn enough to quit their job.

Such people can be counted on the fingers. And this happens like a rule with all programs.

And finally Montoya claims that with his program you can build your business in 30 minutes.

This is another greatly exaggerated claim that has nothing to do with reality. Setting up a website, sales funnel doesn’t mean you can start earning money immediately.

It’s far from the truth.


Too expensive

The price you have to pay for the program is too high in my opinion. I do not mean that the quality of the program is low. You can really learn a lot from him.

The fact is that there are programs that are absolutely no worse in quality, and even better, and the price is much lower.

Based on this, it is not entirely clear to me why he has such an overpriced price for his program.

As an alternative, I can offer two programs that are half the price and much better quality.

I provide links below. I tried both programs and was satisfied with the quality, although there are also some minor drawbacks.



As for support, there are also serious issues here. The main type of support you can get is through a Facebook group which is not so effective.

This means that for many questions that arise, you will either have to wait a long time or even look for the answer yourself on the Internet.

And this despite the fact that the price for the program is quite high. Also, keep in mind that you won’t get any technical support, private coaching is not included and there is no live chat.

Taking all this into account, I think that the Freedom Breakthrough does not look so attractive.

But anyway, reading comments I see that Montoya is a helpful guy and tries to help his members to the best he can.


montoya course


No free trial

Finally, there is no free trial in the program. Many programs today provide free access so that people can try and make a decision before paying for the program.

For example, the program of which I’ve been a member since 2014 provides such access. As for Freedom Breakthrough, such access is not provided here.


Extra cost

The program requires you to spend money to grow your business. Unfortunately, Montoya doesn’t provide any tools.

You have to pay for traffic, domain, hosting, keyword research tool, website. All this adds up.

In contrast, the program I’ve been a member of since 2014, provides many tools for free, such as website, hosting, keyword research tool, images for your website, website speed optimization, technical support, live chat, website feedback, website comments and more.


Questionable refund policy

Refund policy is also questionable in my opinion. Montoya provides a refund only after 14 days of following training and taking action on the training with proof.

It is not (no questions asked) refund policy. How can someone decide whether he likes this program or not within 14 days?

This is too short a time to make such a decision, and even more so, it should be taken into account that the price for the program is rather high.


No tools provided

It should also be noted that Montoya does not provide any tools.

In contrast, another program that I have been a member of since 2014 provides top-level support and even technical support as well as many tools.


Too much focus on sales funnel

In my opinion, Montoya’s training places too much emphasis on the sales funnel method. Unfortunately, many affiliate marketers abuse this method.

Their main goal is to find a profitable i.e. popular digital product that pays good commissions and then bombard their subscribers with emails persuading them to buy this very product.

This is how they can earn a lot. Although I think this method should be applied very carefully and pay special attention to the ethical side of this method rather than the financial one.

Unfortunately, few people follow this in practice. That is why there are so many scammers around us.


members's results



Website address looks spammy 

It is interesting to note that despite the fact that Montoya seems to be a successful affiliate marketer, however, the address of his site looks like spam and is very suspicious in my opinion.

This is a definite minus in his address. I have never seen a reputable company with such a web address. Please take a look at his web address:

Montoya’s Website:



Any Income Proof from Freedom Breakthrough Students?

There are some screenshots from his successful members. I can’t say they are fake or real.

As I said, like in any other program that I’ve seen in the past few years, and even the best ones, only few members can achieve good results. Most people can’t do it.

Learning the material is one thing and applying it into practice is a different thing. That’s why some people can achieve their goals while others fail.

You have to understand that even if Montoya’s training is the best training in the world and he is a successful affiliate marketer, this doesn’t mean you can achieve the same results.

When it comes to Montoya’s students, as I can see most of the results are from those students who are promoting Montoya’s Freedom Breakthrough program.

Because Montoya pays a very high commission ( $1.122.75) per sale.

Now it becomes clear why so many people try to promote his program and why it is so popular. Because everyone wants to make money.



Is Freedom Breakthrough up to date?

Yes, the program always gets updated which is a huge positive aspect of the Freedom Breakthrough. It’s not some kind of outdated program.




What I like in Freedom Breakthrough

  •   Money back guarantee 
  •   Legit training
  •   Some success stories
  •   Montoya teaches both, free and paid traffic
  •   Regularly updated




What I don’t like in Freedom Breakthrough

  •   Weak support
  •   No technical support 
  •   Extra cost (paid traffic, tools)
  •   Some misleading claims
  •   Questionable refund
  •   No free trial
  •   Too expensive



Does Freedom Breakthrough Guarantee Any Results?

In general, we can say that Montoya does not guarantee that you will earn money by studying his material.

However, some of his exaggerated claims may mislead you and you may think that your success is guaranteed . Although it is not.

You can see some of his exaggerated claims:

  • Montoya helped thousands of people quit their job
  • You can earn $1.000 a day
  • You can build your automated business in 20-30 minutes



How Soon Can You Start Making Money with Freedom Breakthrough?

That’s a very difficult question. Despite some exaggerated and bold statements by Montoya, no one can say how soon you will be able to start earning.

Some manage to achieve good results quickly, for example within 12 months or even earlier. Some have to work hard for 24 months or more with no results.

Therefore, there can be no predictions here.



Is Freedom Breakthrough training step-by-step?

Yes, Montoya’s training is step-by-step. If you follow it you shouldn’t have big problems. For some questions you can probably contact Montoya via Facebook group. Or alternatively search the web for answers.



Can I try Freedom Breakthrough for free?

Unfortunately, you can’t try Freedom Breakthrough for free. But you can try another course called 3 day challenge for $7.





How Much Can You Make with Freedom Breakthrough?

It’s another difficult question. How much you can earn depends on so many factors. First, you must study Montoya’s material well.

Secondly, take action because many people study the material but do not take any practical action.

Thirdly, a lot depends on how you will apply the studied material in practice. Not everyone can apply in the same way and therefore get different results.

And in the end, you still need simple and ordinary luck. I have seen this in my practice many times. Therefore, it is very difficult to say how much you will earn.

But in short, we can say that the most realistic thing is that you will earn from $500 to $3,000-$4,000 per month.

This is the most common result I have seen since 2014. I know affiliate marketers who earn $20,000 per month. Very few achieve such results.



Does Freedom Breakthrough Work?

Generally speaking, yes, the method that Montoya teaches works, but it must be applied very carefully.

The material contains a lot of useful material that if applied correctly and patiently, you can achieve good results.



Is Freedom Breakthrough Worth My Money and Time?

In principle, the training is useful and it contains a lot of information that can be successfully applied in practice.

If you are planning to start learning affiliate marketing then you can learn a lot from Montoya. However, I can recommend programs much better than Freedom Breakthrough. 

Program 1 – I’m still a member of this program (since 2014)

Program 2 – I was a member for 2 years ( 2020-2021

For example, a program that I’ve been a member of since 2014 not only provides better quality material than Montoya provides, but also provides high quality support including technical support and also many tools. And besides, the price is more reasonable.



Is Freedom Breakthrough a Scam?

No, it’s not a scam. 



Final word about Freedom Breakthrough

Generally speaking, the program is good. As I said above, the program is generally of good quality however Montoya makes some exaggerated claims which can easily mislead many people.

I would sincerely suggest trying another program that is much cheaper and provides better support and a lot of tools. Well, the choice is yours. I’m just giving advice based on my experience. 



Are There Programs Better than Freedom Breakthrough?

Yes, see two my favorite programs below


Wealthy Affiliate or Income School


Final Rating of Freedom Breakthrough 

Rating 6 out of 10


My final opinion:

If you plan to join Freedom Breakthrough, you are free to do so. I would recommend starting first with affiliate marketing,  Wealthy Affiliate or Income School, programs that I’ve personally tried.  

Especially I highly recommend  

Wealthy Affiliate

I’ve been a member of this program since 2014





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