SEO Content Machine Review – Test, Results and Verdict

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SEO Content Machine


Quality of the Program









  • 5 Day free trial
  • Available in different languages
  • No Payment Details Required
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee


  • Needs editing work
  • Not SEO friendly
  • Content is often unrelated to the chosen topic
  • Payments are non-refundable
  • Not all images and videos relevant




Product name: SEO Content Machine


Price: $27,$57,$120,$147

Overall score: 5 out of 10


If you are looking for content creator for an affordable price and have done some research online you probably by now already know about SEO Content Machine.

Such tools are very popular nowadays because most bloggers don’t want to spend hours writing content.

Because writing content and even a ton of content doesn’t necessarily mean your traffic will flood your website.

Imagine if spend hours and hours doing research and writing content but your traffic doesn’t grow.

That’s why most bloggers try to find another solution to their content problem.

They use softwares like SEO Content Machine, Article Forge, Article Genie or some other programs.

I’ve done the research and want to show how SEO Content Machine works and what you can achieve with this program.



Who is SEO Content Machine for?

SEO Content Machine is for those wishing to create a lot of low quality content for their blogs. Will you want to publish such a content on your blog?

Can you publish content created by SEO Content Machine? Will your blog traffic increase after using SEO Content Machine?

Can Google penalize your site for using such a content? Is it worth money?

I will answer all these and many other questions in my SEO Content Machine review.

Beginners – Not so good. It can ruin your blog authority

Advanced affiliate marketers – Can be used for small PBN sites only

Content writers – Not acceptable

Content sellers – You can sell content for $5-$10



Short Review of SEO Content Machine

SEO Content Machine is a program that helps you generate content in under 5-10 minutes.

It needs some set up process to choose keywords, images, links etc.

Once it’s done you press on “generate content” button and your content will be “ready”.

You still need to do some serious changes to publish it. Will discuss it further in my review.


SEO Content Machine Pros

  • 5 Day free trial
  • You can add links and images
  • Available in different languages
  • No Payment Details Required
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee


SEO Content Machine Cons

  • Needs editing work
  • Not SEO friendly
  • Content is often unrelated to the chosen topic
  • Payments are non-refundable
  • Not all images and videos relevant




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Create Your Free Starter Account



SEO Content Machine Set up Process

SEO Content Machine setup is very simple. It can be installed on Mac OS, Linux or Windows.

On Mac OS, once you downloaded the file it may not be installed due to a warning message message about malware.




To solve this problem on Mac OS you need to choose “System Preferences”, “Security & Privacy” and click the “lock” in general settings.

Once it’s done SEO Content Machine will be installed. Installation takes a few seconds.





SEO Content Machine Supported Features and Advantages

  • Content creation
  • Content scraping
  • Tier 1 content creator
  • Adding images, links, videos
  • Adding your own images, videos
  • Finding long tail keywords
  • CopyScape Integration
  • Free article spinner
  • Works with external spinners
  • Works with WordPress
  • Translating articles
  • Local SEO Writer
  • Article Downloader
  • Image downloader
  • Application Log
  • Multiple sources of content
  • Set number of sentence variations
  • Set number of paragraph variations
  • Contains a lot of tutorials and guides
  • Often updated
  • Easy installation
  • Can create long articles
  • Integrated with article spinners
  • Easy to understand interface
  • Affordable price
  • Creates content quickly


seo content machine features


How SEO Content Machine Works?

SEO Content Machine is no different from other article generators like Magic Submitter, Article Forge etc.

The idea is pretty simple. You choose a topic, add keywords and software starts generating content taken from internet (other websites).

In fact, you steal content and rewrite it.

Like with other content generators you can add links, images and videos.

Though this feature doesn’t work well all the time.

Sometimes images and videos are completely unrelated to the content created by SEO Content Machine.

SEO Content Machine has following features to set up the software for creating content.




1.Greate articles – You choose topic, number of paragraphs, links, images or videos. It will rewrite articles from internet or local files from your pc. If you have content material on your hard drive you can rewrite it to use on your blog.

2.Insert content – Choose paragraphs, images, videos.

3.Write Article – With this writing tool you can choose keywords, language to generate new article based on your chosen keyword/s

4.Translate articles – You can translate content in other languages.

5.Local SEO writer – You can use this feature to create content optimized for local SEO. It needs some set up process to create content localized for a specific region.

6.Article downloader – For downloading content from the web, save it to your pc and then rewrite using SEO Content Machine later. It contains features like Article Translator, Article Rewriter, Replace words.

7.T1 Content creator – You can find some small paragraphs online and rewrite it.

8.Image downloader – Find images for you from the web from various sources.

9.Find long tail keywords – Using Google autosuggest option you can create a list of keywords for using later in your articles.

10.Create About me – You can create “about me” short description for using in various places on your website.




11.Google Scraper – It’s the same article creator tool that will scrape or steal content from Google and rewrite it for you based on your keywords.

12.Upload post – Using this tool can schedule post publishing to your blog. It concludes features like posting interval, post date, category, tags.






13.Application log – Using this option you can see all the processes running by SEO Content Machine software.

14.Scrape – Using this feature you can scrape content from this site and save it for later use.

This website is a digital library of millions of free books, movies,  software, music, websites, and more.

You can also preview articles, edit templates for your posts and save them for future posts.

Watch Tutorial Videos allows you to watch videos and learn how to use SEO Content Machine.




Contact us allows you to contact SEO Content Machine support team and ask questions if you have any.

On their website they have a lot of tutorials and guides to help you with the software.



How to use SEO Content Machine

Creating content for your blog using SEO Content Machine is not super difficult.

On the screenshot below you can see some initial steps on how to configure the program for generating content.




You need to choose the topic, choose keywords manually or import keywords from file and then choose number of paragraphs, paragraph variations, paragraph count, quality of the article (readable or unique), export folder and once all this is done click on “Add task” and you are done.

The program will start generating or stealing content from the web based on your chosen keywords.

BTW, you can choose multiple keywords, not just one keyword.

But it will affect the quality of the article generated by SEO Content Machine.

For example, if you choose related keywords when configuring the software your article can be readable.

If you choose multiple keywords unrelated to each other you will get a terrible article in the end that can be very unreadable.

Make sure to choose related keywords to avoid a lot of editing work once the article has been generated for you.

But in any scenario, you need to edit the text generated by SEO Content Machine.



Two Main Features to Configure SEO Content Machine

When configuring SEO Content Machine you can choose from two available options, such as readable or unique content.

Once content is ready, you can check it through CopyScape.

But CopyScape pass doesn’t necessarily mean your content will be 100% ready for your blog.

Because it is a machine, not human. Only human can feel the natural text flow. Machine can’t.

If you choose unique text option the software will create content that needs a serious human editing.

Without this you simply can’t publish it on your blog.

If you choose readable option, your content will be much more readable but it will lose its uniqueness.

When configuring the software you can also choose spinners, such as:


SEO Content Machine Supported Re-Writers


  • Soft Spin (included free)
  • Chimp Rewriter
  • ESpinner
  • Spinner Chief
  • Spin Rewriter
  • Spinner Br
  • Sistema Br
  • Word Ai
  • X-Spinner
  • The French Article Spinner
  • The Best Spinner


Note: If you want to rewrite a short article, it can take 2-3 minutes or so.

If you try to rewrite a long piece of content it can take more time.

The free article spinner is not the best you can use.

Paid spinners like Word Ai are doing the work much better but it will cost you some money.



Places to Find Content for SEO Content Machine and More

There is a number of places from which you can scrape or steal content, such as local files or web.




Scrape Google – take content from search engines, such Google, Bing and many other search engines.

Local files – rewrite articles from stored on your local hard drive like PLR content.

Scrape for content search – Digital content database

Find URL – Finds URLs with content

Download Article – Finds articles on the web based on your chosen keywords

You can change country or language to make the search in your desired language.

When configuring content options you can also choose automatically generated title or write your own titles or categories.

You can choose number of paragraphs. If you choose 10 paragraphs you will get content around 1,300 words per article.




You can can add links, insert them anywhere in your article, you can customize your link by adding a keyword for that link.

When you set up link insertion there are several options for that like


  • Insert link
  • Insert sentence
  • Add sentence to start of article
  • Add sentence to end of article
  • Insert contextual link
  • Insert as paragraph


You can also customize link text variations.

As mentioned above, you can add images and videos to your generated content, set image frequency, set image position (left, right or centered).




Images can be both scraped from web or inserted from your hard drive.

This setting also has advanced image settings, such as image width px, image string, choose Alt tag for your image (Primary keyword and custom alt tag).

You can insert YouTube videos or your own video through “Custom” setting.

For this you need to input keywords and based on your keywords, SEO Content Machine will find a video and insert into your generated article.

Video has settings, such as inserting video at the beginning or at the end of your article.

It has also advanced settings, such as video width px, Youtube insert type (Iframe, embed or links).



Putting SEO Content Machine to Test

I decided to put SEO Content Machine to the test to see how it works and the quality of content created by the program.

Once your content creation is complete you open the folder with various files.




The folder contains different content files, such as paragraphs, subheadings, sentences, titles etc.

To make this type of content usable you need to do a lot of editing of the text itself and plus check image links, video links and insert them properly into your generated article.

If you want choose minimum settings you will get content that will not take too much editing.

Now, let’s see how content generated by SEO Content Machines looks like. Is it really usable?


First example with a keyword “How to Start an Affiliate Marketing Business?”




SEO Content Machine generated for me article that contains 382 words.

The quality of the content is not bad but needs editing before you publish it.

There are some issues with the content though.

My keyword was about starting an online business but SEO Content Machine generated for me a different topic which says “67 Best Affiliate Programs of 2020.”

It’s not what I wanted. To be honest, I don’t feel a natural flow of the text.

Some sentences look relevant while others not.

It talks about several aspects of affiliate marketing but it feels that it’s not written by human.

I wouldn’t publish such a content on my blog.



Second example is for a keyword “Are Binoculars Bad For your eyes?”




First time SEO Content Machine generated for me a text related to my chosen keyword with 582 words.

Second time I decided to add more paragraphs and as a result got an article but not related to my chosen keyword and it contained only 401 words.

First, my keyword is different from the title SEO Content Machine gave me.

The terminology used in the article is wrong. It is called exit pupil, not eye lens.

Then it shows comparison between monoculars though my topic was about binoculars.

Then it talks about zoom binoculars that has nothing to do with the topic at all.

Then it talks about field of view which out of the topic again.

So, the article can’t be published before publishing it on a blog if at all.


Third example is for a keyword “Article Forge Review”




Third example is for a keyword “Article Forge Review” which is about software that create content for your blog like SEO Content Machine.

The article generated (1332 words) by the software is not perfect in terms of quality.

Some sentences are related to the topic while other sentences are totally irrelevant to the topic.

There are some grammatical errors too. So, the article can’t be published as it is.

It definitely needs some editing work before publishing.



SEO Content Machine Price Policy

SEO Content Machine offers several payment plans as follows:

  • $27 Monthly
  • $57 Quarterly
  • $120 Yearly
  • $147 Perpetual



It’s really great that SEO Content Machine offers different payment plans so everyone can choose one that fits their budget.

Everyone’s decision is different. Free trial allows you to try the software and decide whether you want to pay for the program or not.

Like I said, if you plan to use it for other sites other than your main income generating blog then it’s ok.

When it comes to your main blog I wouldn’t recommend SEO Content Machine or any other similar programs.



Is SEO Content Machine Worth Money?

Let’s compare SEO Content Machine with Article Forge and see which program is better.

I think SEO Content Machine performs a little better than Article Forge in terms of content quality.

It can create content way longer than Article Forge does.

Article Forge generates content around 500-700 words while SEO Content Machine can generate way more.

SEO Content Machine allows you to try the software within 5 days for free without providing payment details while article Forge needs payment details.

Content generated by SEO Content Machine sometimes contains sentences that 100% duplicate, scraped from the web.

Generally speaking, SEO Content Machine is not bad but very far from what human can do.

The quality of content generated by the program is not perfect at all.

Almost always you need to edit content created by the software and only then you can publish it.

Plus, the program jumps from topic to topic within generated article which’s why it feels that content was not written by human.

All so called experts that recommend SEO Content Machine never use it for their own blogs.

They use it for their PBN blogs but never for their main income generating blogs.

On SEO Content Machine website you can see testimonials from Matthew Woodward from or Devin Schumacher from and some others.

But what SEO Content machine team will never tell you that all those experts will never use content created by the software on their main blogs.

To buy or not to buy SEO Content Machine depends on the purpose of use of this software.

For your main income generating blog it’s not recommended. For other blogs it may be a good idea to save your time and create content quickly.



Final glance on SEO Content Machine

  • 5 Day free trial (Good)
  • You can add links and images (Questionable)
  • Available in different languages (Good)
  • No Payment Details Required (Good)
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee (Good)
  • Needs editing work (Bad)
  • Not SEO friendly (Bad)
  • Content is often unrelated to the chosen topic (Bad)
  • Payments are non-refundable (Bad)
  • Not all images and videos are relevant (Bad)
  • Overall score: 5 out of 10




SEO Content Machine FAQ


1.Is SEO Content Machine Affordable?

Yes, the price is affordable to most people. Price plans are different and anyone can choose according to their budget.


2.Is Content created by SEO Content Machine SEO friendly?

No, it’s not SEO friendly! It’s not written by human and Google knows how to determine this type of content. I believe it will not rank high in search engines if you publish it on your blog without serious editing.


3.Is the content length created by SEO Content Machine Enough to Get Ranked High in Search Engines?

Content length can be long enough. No limits here. It can 500 words or 3,000 words per article. It depends on the settings yo choose when configuring SEO Machine.


4.Does content created by SEO Content Machine need editing work?

Yes, it does! Because it feels right away that content is not written by human. Some sentences are irrelevant and you need edit the content for grammar errors.


5.How many languages does SEO Content Machine support?

It supports many languages, English, French, Dutch, Italian, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and more


6.Can SEO Content Machine add links and videos to generated content?

Yes, it can. But unfortunately sometimes links are totally irrelevant to your content as well as links. You need to be very careful before you publish content.


7.Is SEO Content Machine Content 100% genuine and unique?

The content created by SEO Content Machine is 100% stolen content from the web. In fact, the program steals content from other properties and rewrites it using artificial intellect. Sometimes some sentences are well rewritten and sometimes are duplicate. That’s why you always need to edit content before using it.


8.Is SEO Content Machine content safe for your blog in terms of SEO?

That’s a difficult question. I never use such content on my sites as well as advanced affiliate marketers. This type of content can be safe only if you edit it seriously before publishing. This can take hours of work. Instead of that I would create my own content that I’m sure will rank higher in search engines and will 100% safe in terms of SEO.


9.Is SEO Content Machine easy to understand and use?

Yes, the program is very easy to understand and operate. It has a lot of videos and guides to help you.


10.Is there a free trial and how long?

Yes, SEO Content Machine offers 5 day trial without providing payment details.


11.Can you schedule content creation with SEO Content Machine?

Yes, you can do it using Upload Post feature.


12.How many article can you create with SEO Content Machine?

As I know, there is no any limit to content creation.


13.How long does it take to create content with SEO Content Machine?

Creating content takes 1-2 minutes on average. Longer content needs more time. It depends on the number of paragraphs and posts and word count you choose when configuring SEO Content Machine.


14.How much does SEO Content Machine cost?

SEO Content Machine has different price plans:

  • $27 Monthly
  • $57 Quarterly
  • $120 Yearly
  • $147 Perpetual


15.Does SEO Content Machine provide money back guarantee?

Yes, it offers 30 day money back guarantee but you can’t ask for refunds of monthly payments.




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