Making Money on AliExpress Without Investments – An Overview of the 5 Most Reliable Methods and Tips on How to Increase an Income and Not Get Scammed

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I welcome all readers of my blog who are interested in the topic – how to make money on AliExpress. Is this even possible today? Will you need investments?

A few words of statistics: at the beginning of 2020, took 31-st place in the list of the best sites on the internet according to Alexa.

Millions of people made purchases on this trading platform. And where there are many customers, there is a lot of money to be made.

Definitely, you can earn here on this platform! Read this article and learn how to start making stable income on AliExpress platform.



Why is the AliExpress Platform so Interesting and Attractive in Terms of Making Money?

AliExpress is one of the largest virtual trading platforms in the world like Amazon. It allows you to purchase goods from Chinese manufacturers at low prices.

For example, in your local store a toy “Made in China” will cost $10-15, while on AliExpress it will cost only $ 2-5. Feel the difference?

IMPORTANT Note: Unlike another well-known site – Alibaba, AliExpress allows you to buy products both at a retail price or wholesale price.



How to Order Products and Get Your Delivery?

1. You register on AliExpress website. Sometimes, beginners can immediately receive bonuses in the form of cash on their account (for future purchases).

2. Select the desired item in the catalog. To save money, use discount coupons on AliExpress.

3. Make the payment. But the money does not immediately go to the seller, but is reserved in the account with the AliExpress administration.

4. Indicate the delivery address. The disadvantage of the site is that the order takes an average of 1-2 months.

5. You receive the goods and close the transaction on the site. The money goes to the seller’s account.




NOTE: Do not be afraid that you will be deceived and don’t receive your ordered goods. Your money reaches the seller only when you close the transaction and confirm receipt of the order. Up to this point, the money is in the administration of AliExpress. In case of controversial issues or dishonesty of sellers, money will be returned to you.


In a word, making money on the internet without investing in AliExpress is quite possible, but there are some nuances that you need to know about in advance.


NOTE: And if the order never arrives? Then you have the right to open a dispute to AliExpress and return your money. As I know, most disputes have always been accepted in favor of traders. Very often it’s reported that even if all the deadlines have passed, there has been no goods, and you opened a dispute – they approve it and return the money, and after all that your goods arrive.


Despite the popularity of the online store, many are still skeptical about it. Due to ignorance of simple things, people overpay for products from China by 2-3 times. But for you this is a great opportunity to make money on AliExpress. And below I will tell you how to do it.

First, share your plans by answering questions in the comment section of this post.



How Much Do You Plan to Earn on the Internet?

1. I just want to try whether it’s really possible to make money here, so a couple of hundred dollars would be a great start

2. I’m ready to try any new method of making money attractive to me. Any amount would make me happy.

3. I want at least a few thousand dollars a month. If I succeed, I will move on.

4. I’m more interested in the idea itself. Money is not important for me at the moment. I’m ready to work to build a successful online business in the future.





How to Make Money on AliExpress Without Investments – 5 Real Methods

Making money on AliExpress without investments and earning approx. $30 per day is possible only if you have your own website. How can you make that kind of money?

If you do not want to invest your money and buy goods, in order to sell with a margin, then there are other ways available.

You can take part in affiliate programs, and have your percentage of the sale. You can sell via dropshipping when AliExpress sends the goods directly to your customer.

And if you make a purchase through cashback services, you can also get back part of the cost you spent when purchasing goods.

Read more about all this below. I want to note that beginners can earn less than $30 per day in the first month.


Method 1. Participation in Affiliate Programs

The most profitable way to make money on Aliexpress without investments and risks. You will advertise Chinese products or sections of Aliexpress online store to people and a commission from sales (usually 2-10%).

IMPORTANT. Aliexpress has its own affiliate program. But when withdrawing funds, the platform charges a commission – $15. It’s too much in my opinion. So I recommend you to pay attention to the CPA networks and or some other CPA platforms.


I’ll tell you how to make money on AliExpress, using the CPA network as an example.


1. Register, confirm your mobile phone number.

2. Go to the “Affiliate Link” section.

3. Choose the offer “AliExpress”, and enter the copied link to the product below. Click “Create an affiliate link.”

4. Distribute your affiliate link among friends and acquaintances, post on your own blog, on social networks, forums. The most difficult part of this business is to convince people to buy things specifically from AliExpress.


Similarly, you can create and distribute banners, discount coupons on AliExpress. On average, a webmaster can earn 5% from sales from affiliate program.

It is most convenient and profitable method to place affiliate links on your site. In a few months, it’s realistic to reach an income of $ 200-300 and above.

Most likely you will need 1 year or maybe even 2 to see full potential of AliExpress business. In general, by having a website or blog you can find other ways of monetization.


Method 2. Making Money via Cashback

How to make money via cashback? This method allows you to save money on purchases rather than earn money.

And if you trade with China and invest $2000 in your business every month, I suppose even a $ 100 return will be a nice gift.

IMPORTANT. Cashback is a form of discount. When placing an order using a special service after a certain period of time, part of the money paid is returned to your my-orderaccount.

If you analyze user reviews, interest rates and minimum withdrawal amounts, you can find the following best cashback services online.


Megabonus Returns up to 4.29% of the money spent on AliExpress. It offers an interesting affiliate program: 50% of the cashback from participants referred from your side, but only for 6 months.


Epn. For certain categories of goods, the cashback size can reach up to 70-90%! Minimum cashback is only $ 0.2. And the service has its own affiliate program: when you select the Standard package, you can earn 10% of the cashback from attracted participants.




Letyshops. Cashback up to 5%. The minimum is $6.82. If you attract new users to the service, you will be able to earn an additional 15% from their cashback.


How much can you earn? Depends on the amount you spend on AliExpress platform. To take full advantage of the cashback it’s recommended to buy expensive goods: computers, gadgets, home appliances.



Method 3. Reviews

How can I make money this way? Leave feedback on purchased products on AliExpress or write detailed reviews.

It is advisable to be honest, add nice images. For each view of your text you will earn some money.

The disadvantage of this method is that you won’t be able to earn a lot of money. $5 is the maximum per month.

The advantage of this method is that you can earn some passive income.

IMPORTANT. On Youtube channel, you can record video reviews of products ordered on AliExpress. With a large number of views and subscribers, you can earn in the future on direct advertising.

As for me, YouTube is a more interesting method because this is your own project, and you can upload reviews on your own channel and it is not limited to AliExpress alone.




Method 4. Middleman Services

Before you make mediation, you need to learn how AliExpress works:

1. Make at least 3 purchases from different sellers;

2. learn to find exclusive products at low prices and distinguish profitable offers from fraudulent schemes;

3. Carefully read the delivery regulations and settlement of disputes

Once you learned how AleExpress works and have knowledge, you can take responsibility and place orders for others. The commission of the intermediary is usually 10-20%.

Find people who want to order cheap goods from China, but for some reason are afraid to be cheated. You can promote your services on social networks.

It is better to immediately take a prepayment in order to earn without any risk.

Further, the procedure is standard: find the seller, pay for the purchase, specify the customer address and track the delivery. In case of issues, open a dispute and return the money.


Method 5. Selling Goods via Dropshipping

Even in case of dropshipping method, making money without investments is unlikely to work.

Most likely, you will have to pay at least for the promotion of the site through which the resale of goods from AliExpress will be done.

It is not necessary to purchase goods in advance. Therefore, there is no risk of having unsold goods.





Dropshipping Method Consists of the Following Steps.

1. Find products that you will resell on AliExpress. It is advisable to choose lightweight things to avoid customs fees. You should be at least a little knowledgeable in the selected niche (you may have to answer customer questions).

2. Create a selling (landing) page or online store. There are free website builders for this. But it’s better to use WordPress or ask a freelancer to build one for you.

3. Place a virtual product and write a description. And you also have to pay for an advertisement (for example, contextual ad) and make it professionally.

4. Accept new orders, receive payments and arrange delivery. At this point, be prepared to answer customer calls regarding deadlines. As soon as the buyer receives the goods, you can close the deal.



Dropshipping Tips

These methods are suitable for you if you are an experienced buyer on AliExpress, have made dozens of orders and know the sections of the store well.

The fact is that many people still cannot competently buy on AliExpress, and you, as a competent user, can offer them your services for a small commission.

In this case, some responsibility and duties are imposed on you:

– Understand how the system works

– Be able to find goods

– Be able to register delivery addresses. At AliExpress there is an opportunity to add unlimited number of delivery addresses, so that you can send goods immediately to the nearest post office to your client.

– To be able to distinguish good sellers from bad ones so that you yourself do not have any problems when ordering goods and waiting for them.

– Track your goods to know where they are and when they reach customers

– In case goods don’t arrive or turned out to be of poor quality or did not arrive at the right time), be ready to open a dispute and return the money.

– Advertise your store.

– Once you have a client who wants to purchase the goods, help to place an order and accept 100% prepayment.

– Pay for the goods, having previously taken your “commission”.



This is how dropshipping works visually:

Dropshipping trading allows you to earn between $700-1000 per month. But the method is not as simple as many people think.

You need to learn how to write high quality content, SEO, internet marketing and communication skills.

Bonus method. In the mobile application of AliExpress there is an internal currency – coins. They cannot be withdrawn, but can be exchanged for discount coupons and some goods. How to earn coins on AliExpress? Take part in the “Daily Bonus” promotion. Open the application every day and get virtual coins for free.





How to Make Money on AliExpress by Reselling Goods – the Most Promising Method

Making money by reselling goods has the same principle as trading via dropshipping.

It is important to find goods that will be in high demand among customers (toys, dishes, small electronics, accessories) and promote your online platform.

Note: You have to invest money to purchase the first batch of goods. Next purchase will be much be easier to do.

There are several advantages to this method:

1. The buyer will receive the goods from you in a few days, and not in a couple of weeks from Aliexpress – this is a big advantage.

2. Some buyers are biased in relation to Aliexpress, believing that Chinese products are all of poor quality. You don’t have to say who your supplier is.

3. You will have a good opportunity to make high-quality, unique photos of the product yourself, for online sales beautiful images are half of a successful transaction, especially on Instagram.



How to sell? There are 4 Great Options! You Can Use a Number of Methods.

1. Create an online store.

2. Make a one-page website (suitable for one type of product).

3. Social networks – Youtube, Instagram, Facebook.

4. Message boards, such as Gumtree, Classified ads, Oodle and others.

Tip. Do not buy too many goods. Start with a small batch to see how it will work for you. Unsold leftovers can be used as gifts for your friends and relatives.

With a competent approach, trading will even allow you to earn a good amount of money if you earn $ 1,500-$ 2,000 a month.





Fraudulent Schemes on AliExpress

When working on AliExpress do not let sellers make money out of your ignorance. There are mainly 5 popular scam schemes on AliExpress.

1. Free express shipping

You are promised free delivery order in 7 days. It is impossible. As a result, you don’t receive the goods and the deal will be closed. You will not have enough time to open a dispute and return your money.


2. Payment bypassing AliExpress

100% to get scammed. Due to your desire to save money, you will not get any shipping guarantees.


3. Discount 90% and more

You are unlikely to receive your order. Unscrupulous sellers are not going to return the money received, with the expectation that the buyer will not open a dispute because of insignificant amount of money.


4. Partial compensation

You paid for the purchase and didn’t receive your ordered goods. The seller explains this by allegedly having problems at the customs. He asks you to pay another $10-15 and send the goods again. As a result, you close the dispute. You never receive your ordered goods or money.


5. Changing the name

Sellers do this to raise the product position in the search. As a result, you can receive another product from AliExpress. Therefore, before placing an order, read reviews about the seller.



How to Make More Money: Useful Tips

More and more often on the internet you can come across such statements: “Earn on Aliexpress from $50 to $70 a day!”.

But in order to earn such amount of income you have to work hard.


1. Create a website. By having your own platform you can earn a significant amount of money through affiliate programs, including cashback services.

2. Use several methods to earn money. Connect to profitable cashback services, every time after receiving your goods write a detailed review and help your friends place orders on AliExpress for a small commission.

3. Examine the product market regularly and find the most requested items in the catalog.

4. When using dropshipping method, check the seller’s reputation and read reviews.

5. If you do not consider yourself a sociable person and do not know how to sell, then do not try to purchase goods. Most likely, you will not be able to sell them;

6. When choosing a product, give preference to bestsellers and regularly monitor the market for such products;

7. Use several ways to earn money;

8. Start your career with affiliate programs. This method brings maximum revenue with minimal risk.


AliExpress is a world-renowned platform with unlimited possibilities. If you are not lazy and understand how the platform works, you can order valuable things for pennies, and even make some money.

Partnership programs give maximum return with minimal investments. Cashback and paid reviews are available for beginners. If you work hard you can make a lot of money on AliExpress.

In a word, if you have a question – what to do to make money online you already have answers. I wish you success in working with AliExpress.



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