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10 Minute Millionaire


Quality of the Program









  • Money back guarantee
  • Training


  • Highly risky opportunity
  • Monetary investment required
  • Complaints



Product name: 10 Minute Millionaire

Website: https://moneymappress.com

Owner: D.R.Barton

Price: $299 advertised price, $79 after discount/first year/$129 after that

Overall rank: 5 out of 10



Welcome to my 10-Minute Millionaire review.

If you are planning to make money online, there are different ways like affiliate marketing, ecommerce, stocks, binary options trading etc.

10 Minute Millionaire is neither affiliate marketing nor ecommerce.

It’s about investing money in order to make more money.

If you are planning to invest you can learn some new things in this program.

But though 10 Minute Millionaire may seem a perfect opportunity I advise you to be careful and think really well before investing your hard earned money.

Let’s start our research that will take about 10 minutes and find out if 10 Minute Millionaire is a scam or not? Is it worth your time?

Read answer to this and many other questions in this review in the next 10 minutes.



Short Review of 10 Minute Millionaire

The 10-Minute Millionaire is a program created by D.R. Barton, which includes newsletters, books, videos and other resources.

This involves steps like investing in assets, stocks and making money. The price is $299 but after discount you can get it for $79 as a new member.

Then it will be sold to you for $129 per year. There are some other tools that will cost you way more.



Pros of 10 Minute Millionaire

– Money back guarantee
– Training


Cons of 10 Minute Millionaire

– Highly risky opportunity
– Monetary investment required
– Complaints



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10 Minute Millionaire Review

10 Minute Millionaire is rather an educational newsletter than a program. You subscribe to this newsletter and start getting educational tips on how to monetize them.

Your online coaches will be Barton D.R. who stands behind his website called Money Map Press. Barton is a wealth coach, lecturer and financial author.

10 Minute Millionaire is not the only newsletter he offers to his subscribers. He has a team of experts like himself that consists of experts like


KEITH FITZ-GERALD – Market expert
DR. KENT MOORS – Energy expert
MICHAEL A. ROBINSON – Technology financial analyst
BILL PATALON – Senior Research Analyst for Money Morning
SHAH GILANI – Trader’s trader
CHRIS JOHNSON – Equity and options analyst
ERNIE TREMBLAY – Biotech analyst
GARRETT BALDWIN – Financial and political risk analyst
TOM GENTILE – America’s #1 Pattern Trader
TIM MELVIN – Investment expert
ANDREW KEENE – Virtual trading expert




As you can see from the list above, there is a whole team of experts standing behind you with a series of newsletters, such as:


-The 10-Minute Millionaire Insider
-Fast Fortune Club
-Nova-X Report
-Private Briefing
-Money Map Report
-Energy Advantage


All these people have degrees in finance and spent years to learn the secrets ho to make money.

When it comes to D.R. Barton, he is a regular analyst on Fox Business and CNBC.

You have to understand that 10-Minute Millionaire is not a get rich quick scheme you can follow and become a millionaire.

You need to learn a lot of new things and you have to start doing a lot of new things you have never done before. It’s not a get rich quick scheme!

Their training starts from teaching you to have a millionaire mindset because without such a mindset you won’t be able to achieve your financial goals.

Barton and his team show and teach you a methodical approach.

They explain marketers as having “extreme” points and Barton’s team will notify you when to set up your trade at the time of those market “extremes”.

This is the point where you can make a lot of money.


This process consists of 3 steps, such as:


Step 1: Find the Extreme – As explained above, Barton’s team helps you find an extreme on the market. They help you find the best one in terms of income potential.


Step 2: Frame the Trade – At this step you learn when to get into the trade to minimize risks. Because if you do it in the wrong time you can lose all your investment.


Step 3: Book the Profit – At this step you learn when to take your profit, relax and prepare for the next best extreme point.


As mentioned above, Barton is a highly experienced expert as well as his team and if you follow their teachings and have enough patience to do what they teach you can learn some good stuff and possibly make money. But it’s not for everyone.

This business model requires a solid monetary investment. This model is very different from affiliate marketing or e-commerce.

At the same time, this model involves high risk of losing investment. If you do it by yourself you will most likely lose your money.

If you follow Barton’s teaching your chances will be much higher.

Your 10 Minute Millionaire membership includes video trainings, trade insights, Barton’s ebook that contains a lot of useful tips.

You will also get Barton’s Guide, Ultimate Tax Secrets, Passport to Wealth.




Before You Invest Your Money in 10 Minute Millionaire

Before you invest your hard earned money in 10-Minute Millionaire you need to know what you are going to get into. For some of you it may be very important.



The 10-Minute Millionaire Insider (book)

In this book you definitely can learn from Barton’s experience and know how to invest money and make more out of it.


The worst thing about this book is that Barton claims he cat show how to make a lot of money in 10 minutes.


Three Profit Opportunities

In this educational module you will receive a valuable info from Barton and learn how to make more money by following Barton’s steps to his own wealth.


10-Minute Millionaire Digital Bootcamp

This module consists of video lessons that will teach you how to understand the market and turn it into a significant income with minimal risk to you.


10-Minute Millionaire Action Alerts

In this module you will receive info alerts from Barton. These alerts contain valuable info about market and based on it you will know how to trade successfully. In fact, Barton will do all the research and analysis for you. Again, it claims to teach you all this in 10 minutes. Each month you can expect 4-5 action alerts.


10-Minute Millionaire Paycheck Alerts

This module is the continuation of a previous module from which you learn when to take action. As a result you will decide if you want to sell or buy. This step is very important because your income depends on your decision. You will not be alone. Barton will guide you. You will be getting 10 Minute Paycheck Plan containing valuable info about successful trade deals. Each plan needs 10 minutes as barton claims. Barton also delivers live monthly sessions to help you with your trading business.


10-Minute Millionaire Income Ledger

With this step you will know how much you’ve spent and how much you have been able to earn.


10-Minute Millionaire Passport to Wealth

In this module you will learn how to save money. Making money is not about making money alone. It also means being able to save money. Being able to save money means making money.


10-Minute Millionaire’s Guide to Money Management

Money management is an important part of knowledge for any millionaire. You will learn about money funds, various forms of investments and more.


10-Minute Millionaire Ultimate Tax Secrets

In this module you will learn how to make money and save it from paying tax. Don’t worry. Barton is going to teach you legal stuff only.


Millionaire “Wealthcasts”

Millionaire “Wealthcasts” is a series of videos containing highly valuable info regarding trade deals.


10 Minute Millionaire Insider Newsletter

In this newsletter you will get tips and tricks how to invest and trade successfully and also when to avoid trading.


Millionaire’s Mindset

Very useful podcasts that will educate you and teach you valuable strategies for income opportunities.


The Success Network

A forum for 10 Minute Millionaire members created to help them learn new things and share their knowledge with other members.


10 Minute Millionaire’s Roundtable

Thank to this live chat option you can contact Barton and get support and advice directly from him.


10 Minute Millionaire VIP Card

This allows you to ask questions and get answers through their private service.





How Much Does 10 Minute Millionaire Cost?

The standard price of 10-Minute Millionaire Insider program is $299. After discount you can get 10 Minute Millionaire for $79 in the first year and then for $129 each year.

This includes membership to 10-Minute Millionaire Insider and 10 Minute Millionaire Digital Bootcamp, 10-Minute Millionaire’s Guide to Money Management, Ultimate Tax Secrets and more.

Money Map Press offers a 100% money-back guarantee. One option is to get a refund within the first 3 months. The other option is to get a refund within one year.



What I Like About 10-Minute Millionaire


Expert Help

First of all, the best thing about 10-Minute Millionaire is that behind you there is a group of experts that have a good background and experience in finance and trading on stocks. All names have been mentioned above. If you follow what they teach you probably can learn a thing or two from them. But it’s not as easy as they promise especially in their training and teaching materials. They try to put all their focus on 10 minute results. Whether it’s truth or not I will explain my opinion further in this review.



Second, 10 Minute Millionaire is not just a newsletter with theoretical tips on how to increase your investments in stocks or other assets. It also includes video tutorials, guides, trading secrets and many more.


Practical Help

Third, As a member of 10 Minute Millionaire you are not left alone even after getting education from Barton and his team. They will be helping you with your business by sending you alerts, analysis reports and more. They will be explaining you when to trade and when to sit and wait for market extremes.


Money Back Guarantee

Forth, 10-Minute Millionaire offers a full refund which is really great. But as I know, refund applies to membership fees only.

You can ask for refund of your investments. If you invested your money and lost on any given deal you can’t ask for refund of it. This is a law of business.

This is pretty much all what I like about 10-Minute Millionaire.





What I Don’t Like About 10-Minute Millionaire

Unethical practices

When you enter a business and focus on big income opportunities you have forget about principles of ethics. This is the law of capitalism.

Money is your main focus which is wrong in my opinion. This is clearly seen in the tactics Barton teaches you and people like you and me.

For example, he shows you the loopholes in the tax system. I’m not a huge fan and advocate of tax system because it’s a two-sided coin.

On one hand government takes from your salary and gives you benefits but on the other hand when you go for shopping and buy something again they take from your money.

Anyway, I just want to say that Barton’s strategies include both ethical and unethical strategies.


Risky investment

Investing money in this type of business like stock market is a very risky type of investment. First of all, this business model is not for everyone.

If you are a big trader and have enough money to invest, it’s your business.

When it comes to those that are new to this type of business, it becomes a very dangerous and risky investment.

It’s true that you can make money but it’s also true that you can lose all your money. Even experts lose money.

For example, if Barton loses his investment it’s not going to be a huge problem for him.

When it comes to you and your investment, it can easily become your last investment.



I have some research and found a good number of complaints online against Money Map Press.

Though Barton on his website describes his program as a highly successful one that can help you become rich in 10 minutes I’m very doubt it’s nearly possible or real.

It proves once again that there is no perfect programs even when experts support you. All people can make a mistake and Barton is not free from it.

BTW, complains are different. Not all Barton’s tactics and strategies work exactly as he describes it in his program. Other people have issues regarding billing or refund





Is 10-Minute Millionaire A Scam?

I reviewed many programs like 10 Minute Millionaire in the past and most of them were added to my black list.

Because most of them teach making money on autopilot using automated software which is a completely wrong approach.

When it comes to 10 Minute Millionaire, it’s significantly different from other programs. Because Barton’s team helps you in your trading deals.

But though they help you, it doesn’t mean you are guaranteed from losing money and unsuccessful deals. Even big experts lose money on stock markets.

Barton and his team teach you real stuff and help understand market and trade successfully. They don’t leave you alone.

In that sense, 10 Minute Millionaire is definitely not a scam.

If you are on a tight budget and don’t have free money to spend and invest in stock market I recommend to avoid programs like 10 Minute Millionaire.

Because in order to make serious money you have to invest a significant amount of money. The more you invest the more you can lose.

If you are not prepared to lose money don’t invest at all. I don’t think it is a scam, BUT I can’t recommend it to everyone either.





Is 10 Minute Millionaire Really Helpful? and Complaints

Maybe some people haven’t tried it to its full potential.

Maybe some people are skeptical and haven’t tried it at all.

There is certainly a good number of complaints online which shows that 10 Minute Millionaire certainly has some serious issues and it needs to be improved.

Below you can read some of the complaints and think twice before joining 10 Minute Millionaire.

BBB Complaints

Pissed Consumer

There is a good number of complaints against Money Map Press online as well as Agora Financial.

For example, some people complain of being charged by the company even after cancelling their membership.

Some people like me complain of being promised a 10 minute success which is a completely wrong approach from the side of Money Map Press.




Many people complain of having refund issues with Money Map Press and only after multiple disputes and discussions with the company they have been able to get their refund.

Though many people finally get their money back, do you want to get involved in the business that has so many refund requests?

Some people complain of having technical issues on Money Map Press website

Some people complain of being left alone with their trade and that 10 Minute Millionaire don’t deliver what they first poised in their newsletter.

They claim that Barton’s team doesn’t send trade alerts as promised. This is a very serious complain in my opinion.




Some people complain that they followed all Barton’s teachings and and yet they lost all their investment.

For example, Someone lost $1,700 and Barton’s support was totally useless. This is a very serious complain and issue with the program.

There are 160 complains on BBB.org website and 122 negative complaints on another website. Here is the link.












Is 10 Minute Millionaire Worth the Money?

It’s hard to answer this question. Because as I said, it depends on your financial status.

Barton claims all you need with his teaching material and strategies is spend 10 minutes for learning process and 10 minutes for setting up your deal.

I believe it’s a hugely overhyped opportunity though it’s legit. Since I don’t have free money I think for me personally it’s not worth the money.

As for you, I don’t know. You decide. Honestly speaking, I avoid programs like 10 Minute Millionaire because you can earn as much as you can lose.

You need to keep your finger on the pulse and check statistics and numbers every single day and watch news and understand world economic and financial situation.

Without this you won’t be able to achieve success by just following Barton’s advice.

You have to understand one simple thing about 10 Minute Millionaire program.

If you need to make money quickly and pay for your bills, I have to be honest with you and completely transparent. There is no such a program online.

All business models like affiliate marketing, ecommerce or trading on stock markets take time before you learn some skills and put them into practice.

You can’t hope to monetize your knowledge or skills quickly. It’s a long-term investment in your education.

The difference of 10 Minute Millionaire from affiliate marketing and ecommerce is that the last two models is all about building a classic business like in real life.

If you build them properly they will be generating you a solid income for years to come without any risk to your invested money.

They require some investment and a lot of effort. To be exact, with a small investment you can build a very solid business.

When it comes to business models like 10 Minute Millionaire, they require a lot of investment and there is a chance you can make a lot of money quickly.

Much quicker than in affiliate marketing or ecommerce. But there is also a high risk of losing all your investment like playing in casino.

What I’m trying to explain you here is not a just pure theory. I know what I’m talking about. My brother who lives in Canada was involved in stock market for a number of years.

He learned everything possible in this field and he learned from experts in the industry. He invested a lot of money and he made some money as well.

But you know what happened after that? I think you guess it. He lost all his money, about $20,000. He left this business totally disappointed.

So, be careful if you plan to invest your money in this type of business. I’m not trying to fear you.

I’m just trying to help you understand what 10 Minute Millionaire is all about.

Believe me, you have a high chance of losing all your money in 10 or 20 minutes rather than making money.



Final Review of 10 Minute Millionaire

– Money back guarantee
– Quality training
– False 10 minute success promise
– Highly risky opportunity
– Complaints
– Monetary investment required
Overall score: 5 out of 10





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