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Article Forge


Quality of the Program









  • Free trial
  • Adding links and videos
  • Available in 8 languages
  • 30 day money back guarantee


  • Content needs editing work
  • Length of the articles is short
  • Content is often unrelated to the chosen topic
  • Overpriced for what it does
  • Advanced features are not helpful



Product name: Article Forge


Price: $57/month or $324/yearly

Overall score: 3 out of 10

Verdict: Not Recommended



Recently I came across a program called Article Forge and after doing some research and testing I decided to compile my review.

The idea of my research is to find out the truth about Article Forge and help you decide to buy or avoid it.

My research and review will be different from many others.

In my review I will explain how the programs works, what you can expect from it and I will answer ALL your questions so you can make your best informed decision.

If you have no time to read the whole review you can choose a question from the list above and get the answer immediately.



Short Review of Article Forge

Article Forge is a web-based software that creates content for you on autopilot.

It is a classic content spinning tool though creators of the software claim it is different from other similar programs.

It is not cheap at all. Is it worth money? This question will be answered as well many others in this review.




Article Forge Questions & Answers:

If yo have no time to read the whole review you can skip it and read questions & answers section to know what you are looking for quickly.


1.Is Article Forge Affordable?

The price of Article Forge is not so affordable in my opinion. Yearly price is $324 while monthly price is $57. I think it’s overpriced for what it does considering that content length is too short for Google rankings and quality is not so good. The content needs serious editing work before publishing it.


2.Is Content created by Article Forge really SEO friendly?

The content created or generated by Article Forge is not so good in terms of SEO. I think it’s not SEO friendly because needs editing work before publishing and length of it is very short. With such short content you will not be able to win first spots on Google.


3.How long is the content created by Article Forge?

The length of Article Forge content is maximum around 750 words. It’s not enough for Google rankings. Very often you set the software to 750 words but it generates content around 600 words. This is NOT enough for high Google rankings AT ALL! The length of content needs to be at least around 2,000 words per article.


4.Is article length created by Article Forge enough for high rankings?

NO! It’s not enough! Article needs to be round 2.000 words to be able to win first spots on Google or Yahoo.


5.Does content created by Article Forge need editing work?

Yes, it needs some serious editing work before you will want to publish it on your blog. Some sentences don’t make any sense at all. Some sentences contain serious grammar errors. Some sentences are irrelevant to your chosen topic and keyword.


6.Can you improve the content by using advanced features of Article Forge?

Unfortunately, so called advanced features don’t help create better content. Even if you set to 100% probability or most readable content, it will make any serious changes to your content.


7.How many languages does Article Forge support?

It supports 8 languages, such as English, French, Dutch, Italian, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish.


8.Can Article Forge add links and videos to generated content?

Yes, it can but results are not so good to be honest. Sometimes it adds videos or image totally irrelevant to your content. Plus copying images and videos from other sites will add value to your website and will not help your blog win high rankings on Google.


9.Is Article Forge Content 100% genuine?

The content generated by Article Forge is not 100% genuine considering it copies it from other sites on the web and the rewrites it. It does it to somewhat acceptable level of quality but still needs improvement and editing. It’s not 100% free from plagiarism. To be honest, I have never seen a blog ranking high in search engines that was using programs like Article Forge.


10.Is using Article Forge safe for your blog?

I think it’s safe because your content is rewritten but I’m not sure how Google will reward your site over time. But I know 100% your content generated by Article Forge will never win top spots in Google search.


11.Is Article Forge software easy to understand and use?

Yes, intuitively it’s easy to understand and use. There are some videos that will instruct you or you can ask questions from Article Forge team.


12.Is Article Forge safe from keyword stuffing?

Yes, as I see it’s free from keyword stuffing. It’s not so difficult to create a software that will be free from keyword stuffing considering that all software creators know about it.


13.Is there a free trial and how long?

Yes, Article Forge has a 5 day free trial. You can get access to the software and use it to see if it does meet your expectations. I think 5 day trial is enough to test the software and make your opinion. But you need to input your credit card details to be able to use the software. You can cancel your account before 5 day period if you don’t want to get charged by Article Forge. I don’t like the idea of giving my created card details to be honest. It would be much better to use the software and then decide to pay or not.


14.Can you schedule content creation with Article Forge?

Yes, you can but it’s not so effectively done in the software. Because it’s not free from issues. Content needs editing before publishing which is why in fact Article Forge content schedule is not going to work in a way you may be thinking or wanting.


15.How many article can you create with Article Forge?

200.000 words per month. This means you can publish 80 articles per month with 2,500 words per article. But the issue with the Article Forge is that maximum length of the article can be maximum 750 words.


16.How long does it take to create content with Article Forge?

To create content using Article Forge you need between 2-10 minutes. It depends on the keyword, sub keywords, topic and more.


17.Is Article Forge a recommended software for blogs?

If you plan to build a high quality blog and win top spots on Google, Article Forge is not a good idea for it. High quality blogs need content created by human, not software. As I said, I have never seen a high ranking blog that was using Article Forge or similar software.


18.How much does Article Forge cost?

Currently the price is $57 per month or $324 annual payment.


19.Is Article Forge really different from other similar programs?

It’s not so different form other software. In some features it’s better than Article Genie software. But SEO Content Machine is a little better than Article Forge. Anyway, the difference is not huge to be honest. Automatically generated content will never outrank unique content created by human like this my review.


20.Is Article Forge 2.0 Really different from a previous version?

The first version of Article Forge was released in 2017 and now in 2019 we have the latest version of Article Forge 2.0. Some features were removed and new features have been added. The main update as claimed by Article Forge team is that now content generated by the software looks more human written. My research shows that content generated by the software back in 2017 or in 2020 is no different. Maybe there have been done done some minor cosmetic changes but I don’t see a huge difference or improvement in the quality of content.





Article Forge Pros

  • Free trial
  • Schedule content creation
  • Adding links and videos
  • Available in 8 languages
  • 30 day money back guarantee



Article Forge Cons

  • Content needs editing work
  • Length of the articles is short
  • It’s bad for SEO
  • Content is often unrelated to the chosen topic
  • Overpriced for what it does
  • Advanced features are not helpful


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Article Forge Review

The idea of programs like Article Forge is to help bloggers effortlessly create a ton of content and win top rankings in search engines. And I think it is not a secret.

Everyone knows that content is # 1 thing that can send a ton of traffic to your website so you can monetize it.

For this you need to regularly update your blog which means you need to publish one high quality blog post per week or at least once every two weeks.

Though opinions are different. Some experts say you can update at least once per month. I think it depends on a niche and topic.

Anyway, I believe one quality post per week or very two weeks is the optimal schedule for a blog. But creating high quality content is not easy at all.

In today’s world high quality content that can win one of top 10 spots on Google should average around 2,000 words per post.

The more is the better and have higher chances for getting ranked. Because high quality post with 3,500 words will most likely outrank 2,000 word post.

Writing such a post requires at least 5,6 hours of hard work. Most people don’t want to spend so much time.

That’s why program like Article Forge are released to help bloggers put content creation on autopilot.

The group of people that cerated Article Forge claim that their program is going to free you from creating content.

Let’s do our research and see if it really does live up to its claims.



What Can Article Forge Do?

Article Forge is a web-based program for creating content. It’s described as a tool for creating high quality content.

Is it true or not we will see further in this review.

You don’t need to download the software. Just visit the admin area of the Article Forge and start creating content.

The Article Forge is described as a Copyscape pass quality control software which means once the content is ready it will pass Copyscape for detecting duplicate content issues.

This means your content created by Article Forge will be 100% genuine. My research shows that not all of the content created by Article Forge is 100% genuine.

Almost always the content generated by Article Forge software contains same phrases that are 100% duplicate and copied from other websites. See the screenshot below.





Article Forge Features

  • Money Site Filler
  • Tier 1 content
  • Tier 2 content
  • Article length
  • Titles and headings
  • Option to add image
  • Option to add video
  • Replace keywords with links
  • Copyscape integration
  • WordAI integration
  • Set number of sentence variations
  • Set number of paragraph variations
  • Shuffle paragraphs option
  • Post to wordpress sites
  • Post schedule option
  • Export option
  • Spintax
  • Available API
  • Translate articles
  • Insert your own images and video
  • Multiple sources of content
  • Tool for finding long tail keywords
  • Integrated spinner
  • Other supported external tools
  • Customizable templates
  • Can solve Google captcha
  • Google regions and languages
  • Custom thesaurus
  • Content filter
  • Generated article quality
  • Trial option
  • Money back guarantee



How Article Forge works?

Article Forge works the same way as many other article spinners are working.

You access your admin dashboard and input the keyword and sub keywords and the software starts to scan all the web for content based on your keyword search requests.




Once the content is found, the software starts to generate a new content in its own words.

Then it passes Copyscape control to make sure that your new content is not duplicate.

Article Forge has some advanced features that you can activate and as a result the software will add relevant titles, videos or images to your content.

In the dashboard of Article Forge you have several options to set up your software. You can choose:





  • Keyword
  • Sub-keyword
  • Article length
  • Add titles and headings
  • Add an image Add a video
  • Replace keywords with links
  • Add spinning powered by WordAI


Article Forge can create content in several languages, such as English, French, Dutch, Italian, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish.

You can also check spelling and grammar.

Once you have done all this you can click on “Create New Article” and wait between 3-10 minutes to get your new piece of content.

You can either publish it on your blog manually or let the software do it for you. You just need to input your website credentials like you see on the screenshot.




But I wouldn’t do it automatically because of some content issues that I will explain further in my review.

Also, when you configure the software you can customize some additional features like sentence variations, paragraph variations.

Article length can be set between 50-750 words only. You can’t increase length of the article created by Article Forge. Unfortunately.

The downside of this is very serious and I will explain it further in my review.

You can also embed videos and images to the article. Unfortunately, this feature is not perfect at all.

Sometimes it adds videos or images completely irrelevant to the topic of your post. Sometimes it adds a video but doesn’t add an image.

Even if you set the Article Forge feature to 100% probability for images, videos or anything else it doesn’t mean the work will be done 100% correct.

That’s why I would never set Article Forge to publish content automatically. You need to always check the type of content Article Forge created for you.

Imagine, if you choose to publish it on your website and it has wrong images or videos.

Plus, my research shows that very often it contains a lot of mistakes and wrong sentences that are either irrelevant to topic of your keyword or the sentence doesn’t make any sense.

So, in my opinion, the software as some serious issues.



Let’s Put Article Forge to the TEST

Creators of Article Forge claim their software is designed to generate high quality content for your blog. Is this true?

Let’s do some testing and see how it works in reality. I will show you three text examples so you can see it for yourself and make your decision.


Example 1 (Dishwasher)

The first text is about Dishwasher. Let’s take a look at the text generated by Article Forge. You can see that first sentence is completely wrong.

As you can see from the screenshot, the sentence though relevant to the chosen keyword it doesn’t make any sense.

If you publish it on your blog without editing you will definitely have problems. There is an issue in another sentence too.

If you read the content carefully you will find more issues. This means publishing content without editing is not a good idea.


example 1




Example 2 (Affiliate Marketing)

The first sentence doesn’t make any sense again. Take a look at the screenshot. The title is wrong as well.

Other sentences are also grammatically wrong. The text needs some serious editing before publishing it to a blog.







Example 3 (Hosting)

Third text example is another prof that Article Forge needs some serious improvement.

To be honest, I’m doubt some day it can be improved to a point when editing will not be required. Because software is not a human.

As you can see from the screenshot, the title itself sound weird. First sentence sound weird too. Other sentences need serious editing work.

Such a content can’t be published on a blog as it is.





Article Forge and Reality

The reality of having Article Forge is not so bright to be honest in my humble opinion.

First of all, as I said, the content can’t be published if you don’t edit it seriously. It will have some serious grammatical and other mistakes.

Some sentences don’t make any sense. Some sentences are not relevant to topic of your chosen topic and keyword.

The content generated by Article Forge is too short. It is maximum around 750 words which is not enough for high rankings in search engines.

Even if you get 750 written words you still need to seriously edit the text.

Secondly you need to write more content yourself and add to the first one to make your content long enough to be able to win first spots in Google.

For me personally it’s much easier to write a new piece of content than writing content and add it to the one generated by the software.

Because when I write content I have some idea in mind and follow my own plan.

When I add content to a content generated by the software I have to follow and adapt to what has been created by automated software.

It’s not good in terms of creating a really unique content that people will want to read.

That’s why I believe Article Forge is not going to solve your content problems neither it is going to help you win first spots in Google.



Article Forge Bold Claims

Though Article Forge claims to allow you to create unlimited content, in fact, it’s not unlimited.

You can create 200.000 words per month with 2.000 per article which means 100 article per month.




But article generating software limited to creating only 750 words per article. So, first claim means nothing.

Second claim says Article Forge researches and writes like human which is not true. It doesn’t do any research.

All it does is copying content from other sites and then rewrites it. And even this is done not so well to be honest.

bold claim2


Another bold claim is about automatic publishing content created by Article Forge. This is not true as well.

As I proved above, content need some serious editing work before publishing. In fact, automatic creating and publishing feature is useless in the Article Forge.



Article Forge Price

First the price was $47 monthly and $297 yearly (24.75 monthly)

Then price was changed to $77 monthly and $324 yearly ($27 monthly)

Now the price is $57 monthly and $324 yearly ($27 monthly)

As you can see, annual price doesn’t change a lot while monthly price changes very often and it changes significantly.


old price






I think $57 per month is a lot for this kind of program.

As an affiliate you can promote Article Forge and earn 25% of their subscription price. This is not bad for affiliates.

But you need to be honest in your review and don’t full your visitors.

Explain exactly what the software does and if someone will want to anyway pay for the software you will make a commission with a good conscience.



Final word on Article Forge

As my research shows, Article Forge 2.0 is not much different from a previous version. Some minor cosmetic improvements have been made.

The software still needs some serious improvement and I’m not sure the new version will be perfect.

Content generated by Article Forge is not 100% unique. There is some plagiarism in some places of the article.

Content can’t be automatically published without editing which means scheduling content creation and automatic publishing feature is almost useless.

Content created by Article Forge is very short and in 2020 you can’t rank high in search engine with a piece of article that has only 750 words.

It could be possible maybe 5-8 years ago but not now. Competition is very tough and to rank high for a competitive keyword you need at least 2,000 word article or preferably 3,0000.

I think the product is overpriced for what it does. Yes, it is overpriced in my opinion.

I think Article Forge is not completely useless but overpriced for what it does.



Final glance on Article Forge

  • Free trial (good)
  • Schedule content creation (useless)
  • Adding links and videos (questionable)
  • Available in 7 languages (good)
  • Content needs editing work (bad)
  • Length of the articles is short (bad)
  • It’s bad for SEO (bad)
  • Content is often unrelated to the chosen topic (bad)
  • Overpriced for what it does (bad)
  • Advanced features are not helpful (bad)
  • 30 day money back guarantee (good)
  • Overall score: 3 out of 10



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