Article Genie Review. Ranking Machine or a Scam?

December 2, 2018 2 Comments

Article Genie








Overall Quality



  • Affordable price
  • Money back guarantee
  • Easy to use


  • It’s a low quality product
  • It’s bad for your site SEO
  • It’s a pure plagiarism


Product name: Article Genie

Creator: Luan Henrique


Price: $15.04-$16.97

Overall score: 15 out of 100


Article Genie is a so-called revolutionary product that you can use to set up and a completely automated successful online business and run it on autopilot.

As Luan Henrique says: zero tech experience needed and all the work done for you software.

In the advertising video they promise you to earn thousands of dollars with Article Genie.

As he explains, the main idea of his software is to help you build a business in seconds and now anyone can do it by paying $15.04 as a one-time payment.

As he says: plug, play and profit! I did my research and now want to share my opinion. Let’s see if Article Genie is a scam or really a powerful ranking machine.


Short review of Article Genie

Article Genie is a software that can free you from writing articles for your website.

It works on autopilot and can make you a ton of money with a few clicks of your mouse.

The price is affordable which is only $15.04. In my opinion, Article Genie is a low quality product and must avoid using it.

For more details read the rest of my review.


Pros of Article Genie

  • Affordable price
  • Money back guarantee
  • Easy to use


Cons of Article Genie

  • It’s a low quality product
  • It’s bad for your site SEO
  • It’s a pure plagiarism


Article Genie is bad for your site rankings. It can or most likely will ruin your entire business in seconds. If you are looking for a solid and legit program check out my program below. It’s FREE to start.




Article Genie and reality

First of all I want to explain how online or affiliate marketing works and then I will show how Article Genie works so you can see it and make your own decision.

The idea of online business starts with a website and creating high quality original content for your website.

Almost any online business is based on these two main components. Ecommerce, such as drop shipping or mlm is a little different.

When it comes to affiliate marketing it mainly consists of these two aspects. Content is your key to online success and making money.

Because without content you can’t run a business. Through content, i.e. article writing, you provide value to your readers and give them valuable recommendations.

They take your recommendations and click on your affiliate links and complete the order.

You earn an affiliate commissions. But before you make money you need to write quality content for your website or create videos for your youtube channel and get your article ranked in top 10 search results on Google or YouTube.

This is how online business works and this is how you can make money as an affiliate marketer.

If you copy content from other websites without providing any value you can’t run a successful online business.

You can do research and get ideas from other websites. This is normal. But when it comes to writing content you must be able to wrote your own original content with your own words.

Any successful blogger, such as Neil Patel from QuickSprout, Brian Dean from Backlinko, Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income or Seth Godin can support me in my statement.

This is a nature of successful affiliate marketing business.

If you can’t give something valuable to people, if you have no something valuable to share with them how can you make money then?

When it comes to getting your content ranked in search engines, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo you have to be very careful and selective in what you plan to publish on your website. Because your website is your reputation, your brand.

For example, if you want to know how Google sees your content if it’s scraped from other sites the read this below.




It clearly says that scraped content can’t provide any added value to people.

Sites that copy content from other reputable sites, rewrite it using synonyms and then publish it on their sites can’t get high rankings.

Because Google is not fool. Google knows very well that this type of content has been scraped from other sites. Google knows it very well.

As a result you will never look good in the eyes of Google and Google will never value your content or give your site high rankings.

As as result your site traffic will be very low and you won’t make any money. In the best scenario you can make a few bucks.

In the worst scenario Google will either penalize your site or will not rank it.


Article Genie and Luan’s bold claims

Now, let’s see how Article Genie works so you can understand why you can expect from Luan Henrique and his team.




There are some pretty bold claims from Luan. Some of them are:

Article Genie software is easy to use. It take sonly 3 easy steps to have a business up and running.

You just need to login into the software, the software will do all the hard work for you and you collect the money.

The Article Genie enables you to launch a profitable business in seconds.

Create 100% unique high quality content for your site.

It will do all the hard work for you.

It will run your business on autopilot thanks to Article Genie’s content curator option.

You can create a profitable business on Fiverr, Upwork and make a lot of money as a writer. You can charge $100 per hour.

This software will get you first page rankings.

You can transform any YouTube video into a unique content that you can publish on your website.

Now, let’s see if this software does really deliver what it says. It sounds so attracting like a dream.


How Article Genie works

Let’s see how Article Genie works. The software is easy to use. For example, if you want to write an article on the subject: “Article Genie Review” you type this phrase (keyword) in Google’s search bar and click on the “search” button.



Google will find articles on this same subject for you. Then you copy any text that you want from Google search results and paste into the software.

Then you click on “Generate” of the software and it will rewrite the whole text for you.

Then you can check the rewritten text with CopyScape to make sure that your new rewritten text is “unique”.




Luan claims that with CopyScape you are guaranteed from Google penalty. Is it true? I don’t think so.

If you take a look at their rewritten article you can see only slight changes from the original one. Luan claims it is original article and Google will not recognize it.

Do you really think Google can’t recognize it from the original one?

Google is a multi billion company that spends millions of dollars to improve and perfect its search algorithm and believe me they know how to recognize original content from scraped content.

I would personally never use such a software because it can simply ruin reputation of my website in Google’s eyes.

Or at least Google will never rank well my scraped content. If you don’t want to write content for your site then you have two options:

  • You can hire someone to write it for you
  • You can write or rewrite articles manually

First option is not cheap. Second option takes time and effort. But this is how online business works. There is no easy money.

If you are not willing to work hard you can’t make money. You better find a regular job and work for someone else.

Luan offers two versions of his Article Genie software.

Personal license – $15.04 Commercial license – $16.97


Article Genie money opportunities

Luan also claims that you can make a lot of money on Fiverr or Upwork and earn money as a writer. Maybe? I’m not honestly sure you can do it.

Professional bloggers will immediately recognize if you give them scraped, rewritten content.

Most likely you get a lot of complaints and refund requests from people.

Your rating will go down and you will not get many orders as a result. Luan shows you screenshots of writers from Fiverr that charge $100 per hour.




They are professional writers. You can’t charge so much money for scraped content. Anyway, I don’t recommend this software at all.

The program also comes with several bonuses:

  • Bonus #1: Fiverr Blueprint
  • Bonus #2: Online Business Blueprint
  • Bonus #3: The Digital Marketing Lifestyle
  • Bonus #4: Product Creation Success
  • Bonus #5: Copywriting Influence
  • Bonus #6: Freelance Expert
  • Bonus #7: WP Traffic Rescue
  • Bonus #8: Easy Sketch Pro 3.0

Bonuses are good but it doesn’t increase the value or Article Genie. The description of the bonuses can be found on Luan’s site. Bonuses are not bad. But the main issue with the program is that it doesn’t work as Luan claims.


Final word on Article Genie

I can’t say Article Genie is a complete waste of time though many bloggers think it is. The price is affordable. The software is easy to use.

Luan provides money back guarantee. These are the pros of Article Genie. But Luan clearly says that Google loves unique content which is true.

The main issue with Article Genie is that the kind of content you get from this software is not unique at all!

It really amazes me how Luan so impudently claims that content provided by his software is unique and Google loves it.

This is not true! Google will not love your site if you use this software.

He even claims that Article Genie will get you Google’s first page rankings. I don’t think so.

He says you can transform any youth video into a text format, rewrite it and publish it on your site. It sounds really like a BS.

Believe me, Google will know about it and will not rank your content in top search results. Even if you get some decent rankings you will lose them very fast.

I believe the idea of setting up and running an online business in seconds without writing content and by just scraping it from others sites is a total BS.

I understand that most of us don’t want to spend time writing articles or creating videos. But this is a business and you have to do the work required for your success and achieving your online business goals.

Remember, scraped content will never look unique and people will recognize it as well as Google.

Finally, scraping content from other sites is unethical. Luan also claims that Article Genie is 100% safe thanks to CopyScape guarantee.

I don’t think CopyScape can actually do it. Google can do it, not CopyScape.

BTW, Google has a special tool reporting scraped content URLs that rank above the original content URLs.

You need to be very careful if you decide to use the software by Luan.

Any blogger can easily report about your scraped content and your business will be destroyed in one second.

I think Article Genie looks more like a scam than ranking machine. I would never use it for my site and don’t recommend to anyone.

But if you still want to try it you are free to do so. At least, the price is very affordable.


Final glance on Article Genie

  • Affordable price
  • Money back guarantee
  • Easy to use
  • It’s a low quality product
  • It’s bad for your site SEO
  • It’s a pure plagiarism
  • Overall score: 15 out of 100


If you want to learn how to build a successful affiliate marketing business and learn how to write quality articles and rank them on Google, I recommend this program. It’s been my favorite programs since 2013. Let me know if you have any questions and I would be happy to help you out.


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  1. sheilandc says:

    Wow the product sounds very enticing but not after reading your review. Thank you for the heads up. Reviews like this really help newbies like me. There are many garbage being offered out there. Thanks for reviewers like you who exposes truths about products such as this. Thanks again for sharing. Very helpful.

    • Rufat says:

      You said it right. It looks very attractive but the truth is that it’s completely useless in my opinion. Even if it helps you get some decent rankings for some time your entire business can ruin because of this so called article genie ranking machine. I would have never used it for my business. It’s too risky.

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