Is Make Money Niche Oversaturated?

November 16, 2020 2 Comments


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I decided to write about this topic because I’ve been involved in make money niche since 2015 and have both knowledge and experience to share with you.

I believe my experience and knowledge will be helpful and interesting. This niche is really very competitive and it’s extremely hard now to achieve any kind of success in this niche.

It has always been super competitive and especially now for the last 2,3 years a lot of things changed.

Keep reading because what I’m going to share with you will help you make the right decision as to join this niche or avoid it.

When it comes to affiliate marketing, many people want to start with make money niche.

Because anything related to this niche is always in high demand. This means make money niche is full of opportunities to earn money online.

You can promote affiliate marketing trainings, courses, eBooks, various tools, such as keyword research tools, plugins etc.




Pros of make money niche

Plus, promoting digital products is easier than promoting physical products. When it comes to physical products, selection is wide.

If you promote product A, someone can find another similar product B and you won’t earn a commission.

When it comes to digital products, they are very individual products and it’s difficult to find another similar product.

If you promote product A and it has a positive rating most likely people will buy it and you will earn a commission.

Among digital products, there are many low-quality products and very few good ones. So, it’s easier to earn a commission in this niche.

Commissions in make money niche for promoting digital products can be very high.

For some products you can earn 10% in affiliate commissions, for some products you can earn even up to 75%.

For some products you can even earn 100% commission because the merchant himself will earn only from upsells. So, opportunities in this niche are countless.

As I said above, promoting digital products in the make money niche is much easier than selling physical products.

Most affiliate marketers tend to choose Amazon Associate program that has a high trust rating in online world.

People trust Amazon and it’s easier to promote Amazon products. But Amazon pays low commissions, up to 3%.

With such a low commission it’s very hard to earn a considerable amount of money.

When it comes to digital products in the make money niche, it’s much easier to promote them and commissions are very high starting from at least 15% per sale and up to 100%.

That’s why many people tend to choose make money niche as their affiliate business.

But they don’t realize that this niche has some serious drawbacks that I’m going to discuss further in my article.





Cons of make money niche

The biggest drawback of make money niche is that it’s highly competitive.

Many of those who plan to start an affiliate marketing business tend to choose this niche.

The reason to choose the niche is because they know that this niche can be very profitable. As I said, commissions are often very high.

But unfortunately, not all merchants accept you as an affiliate.

If your website traffic is low or has not reached a certain profit level in the make money niche, most likely your application will be rejected.

Good merchants want their products to be promoted by experienced affiliates, not beginners.

New programs will accept you but their products are hard to promote because their products are new, rating is very low and very often they are low quality.

Make money niche is highly competitive. If you plan to join this niche you must get ready for a continuous and big battle.

It’s extremely difficult to get rankings, to outrank other websites and earn income.

Make money niche is highly sensitive niche in Google’s eyes which means it’s very hard to get your website ranked and get traffic.

And even if you get rankings it’s hard to keep those rankings.

Since income depends on your traffic and traffic is not stable, your Income is not guaranteed and not stable too.



oversaturated niche


Is Make Money Niche Oversaturated?

Now let’s talk about the most serious aspect of make money niche. Is it worth taking effort? Is it oversaturated? Is it still profitable?

All these questions must be answered before taking a final decision.

First of all, if you read about pros and cons of make money niche you will already understand what you can expect from this niche.

Honestly speaking, for me even after 5 years of being in this niche it’s difficult to tell you if it’s worth choosing it or not.

But I will try to give you as more information as possible so you can decide what to do.

As I said, there are many pros as well as cons in the make money niche. If you read about pros and compare it to other niches, you will want to join it.

If you read about cons, you will want to avoid this niche completely.

The niche can be very profitable for some while a total disappointment for others.

If you can get a lot of traffic to your website you can make a lot of money consistently.

But due to a high competition, very few people can get enough traffic.

Over the years I have seen many affiliate marketers who have been working very hard struggling to get traffic but miserably failed.

For some people Google algorithm does wonders and with each update their traffic grows as well as their income.

For many others each update brings only disappointment. Whatever they do, they lose traffic.

When I first started my website in the make money niche, I was very positive about its future.

After almost a year of hard work my traffic started to grow and reached around 350 visits a day point.

I was thinking it will continue to grow but I was wrong. Since then my website traffic was unstable.

It was going up and down. Sometimes 200 visits a day, sometimes 250 visits, sometimes 100 visits and until the time when my traffic dropped to 10-15 a day.

But even with such unstable traffic my income was not bad. I was making from $300 and up to $2.000 per month. And I’m still making money even with my low traffic website.

Whatever I did nothing helped me improve my website traffic. I followed all possible SEO expert tactics and nothing worked.

I asked from my friends, affiliate marketers involved in make money niche and many of them complained about same problems with their websites.

They switched from blogging to video marketing on YouTube.

It looks like there is a place for everyone in make money niche but in fact, this niche works for very few people.

Based on my knowledge and experience I see that very often those few sites that are chosen by Google and get a lot of traffic are no better in terms of content than those sites that are failing.

If you ask me, if make money niche is oversaturated? My answer is Yes. But this doesn’t mean you can’t get traffic.

Sometimes Google choses sites for unknown reasons and sends them a flood of traffic.

My research shows that backlink profile or content of those chosen sites is no better than those sites are thrown away and forgotten by Google.

I see the same approach in other niches too but it’s especially evident in highly competitive niches, such as make money niche.

There is a chance that your website may be chosen by Google but chances are very low.

If you plan to join this niche you must be prepared for working hard and seeing no results.

Is it still profitable? Yes, it’s highly profitable. As I mentioned above, even with my low traffic website I’m making money.

Other affiliate marketers, friends of mine are making way more.

Some of them are making $10.000 per month, some are making even $20.000 per month. But those are very few.

Believe me or not but those are very FEW.

Most people in make money niches like in all other competitive niches never get traffic or make money.

Is make money niche worth your effort? This is a big question.

Some friends of mine, affiliate marketers involved in make money niche are still making a lot of money. Google updates affected their sites too.

Some of them reported of losing around 20% of their traffic. Some reported of losing 50% of their traffic.

Some reported of losing almost 95% of their traffic and $5.000 per month business. So, competition is really high. Income is not stable.

Google is unpredictable. Is it worth your effort or not, I don’t know. It’s your decision.

You now know all the pros and cons of make money niche and I shared my thoughts based on my experience. You can decide what to do.

Whatever you decide, there is a hard work ahead of you, unlimited opportunities, real potential of big income and there is no guarantee that you will make any money at all.


About the Author:

My name is Adam. I'm the founder of Your Income Advisor. My goal is to help others succeed online, by exposing scams and reviewing top rated products. I can help you start your own business online

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  1. Ann says:

    I started learning about affiliate marketing but when it came time to pick a niche, I struggled to choose one. So weeks went buy and I finally ended up choosing the MMO niche. However, now I have been asking myself if this niche is oversaturated? I am glad I read your post because you set the cards on the table and let us choose.

    • Adam says:

      Hello Ann!

      I hope you did the right choice. This niche is super profitable, BUT for very few people. Really hard to succeed in this niche. I know many affiliate marketers who lost their entire businesses due to Google updates. They did nothing of black SEO and yet they lost all rankings.

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