What is Countdown to Profits? – Can you Really Profit with Countdown to Profits?

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Product name: Countdown to Profits

Website: www.countdowntoprofits.com

Owner: Richard Paul

Price: Initial price – $97 plus upsells

Overall rank: 15 out of 100

Final verdict: Not recommended


Today I’m going to review Countdown to Profits to help you make the right decision and as you probably understand I’m going to either help you make a lot of money with Countdown to Profits or save you from this program.

I have a lot to say about this opportunity, but I won’t waste your time.

I will explain all you need to get an idea of this opportunity. Unfortunately, I have to disappoint you because Countdown to Profits is not the right program. Most of the review sites give this program a very low score and even call it a scam.

In my opinion, it’s not a complete scam, but the program is far from being recommended. There are many reasons why I don’t recommend it and within my review I will explain everything in details.

I also don’t recommend this program because there are WAY better and genuine programs that I know and tried personally.

And I can vouch for them. In short, if you want to know what is Countdown to Profits, I can say it’s not recommended even in the best scenario.

I believe you will be safe if you take my recommendation and stay away from this program. Keep reading and I will reveal some interesting facts about Countdown to Profits.


The main idea behind Countdown to Profits

Countdown to Profits is a very controversial and complex program and it’s not really clear what you can expect from it. The initial price is $97 plus there are several upsells. They have several membership packages and you can also expect expensive private coaching.

Countdown to Profits also redirects you to another program called Automatic Edge which also has a pretty low rating on the internet.

The worst thing about Countdown to Profits is that Richard Paul promises to give you $500 just for watching their promotional video.

This is the first red flag to watch out for. All other red flags will be explained further within my review.


Countdown to Profits has a pretty low rating and Richard promises to give you $500 just for watching his 500 seconds long video. Anyone who has a sense of reality understand that this can’t be true. This is only one out of many other red flags that I’ve found in the program. Allow me to help you and recommend a program that has a high rating and I’ve been a premium member of it since 2013. You can create a FREE account and try it for yourself.


Pros of Countdown to Profits

  • Some useful stuff (training)
  • 30 day money back guarantee


Cons of Countdown to Profits

  • Too much hype in the promotional video
  • Expensive coaching
  • Redirected to another low quality program called Automatic Edge
  • Upsells
  • Fake Facebook testimonials ( at least one of them)


Countdown to Profits review

First off, I want to note that Countdown to Profits directs you to another program Automatic Edge and AE directs you to MTTB (My Top Tier Business) which BTW has been promoted through another program called Done For You Profit System and when you pay for this program you are asked to buy another program called My Online Business Empire.

Programs like Countdown to Profits are always complex and you have no idea of what you are going to buy. All these programs that I’ve mentioned here are low quality programs with expensive membership packages and many other upsells.

Once you’re in you will be continuously paying for various packages, upgrades. Some upgrades may require you to pay thousands of dollars. So, be careful.

Also, there is another program from Jordan Daniels called Online Success Plan that also directs you to Automatic Edge.

BTW, Online Success Plan is not a good program and has a pretty low rating too. If you want to know more about Jordan you can read my article here.

I just try to give you all this info so you can see that all these programs are connected to each other in some way or another and the best way would be staying away from all of them.


The first red flag

The first red flag that I see in Countdown to Profits is that its hype starts right from the start and when you visit Richard’s website, you will first see this page below where you need to enter your details to proceed with the registration.




BTW, this page is very similar to the layout used by link posting scams that I’ve reviewed recently. This fact alone is enough for me to stay away from Countdown to Profits.

They even use the same symbols as if their program was featured on ABC, Fox News, CNN and other news channels. The truth is that they have never been featured there.





When you visit Countdown to Profits website and start watching Richard’s promotional video, you will again see news video as if Countdown to Profits was featured there. So, be careful. Countdown to Profits uses the same misleading advertising technique.

Then you will see another lie from Richard. He promises to give you $500 for watching his video, i.e. he promises to pay you $1 for every second of watching the video.




I’ve seen a similar tactic in another program called The Rich Janitor when they promised to give $70 for watching their video. I believe you understand that it’s not going to happen.


Some other redirects

Also, be careful if you come across some sites on the internet promoting Countdown to Profits. In fact, they use this name but are promoting completely different programs that have no connection with Countdown to Profits at all.

For example, I found a site CountdowntoProfits.org that directs you to a program called Millionaire Dream that promises you to make 7 figures in profits in under 3 months. It’s a total BS, a complete waste of time.



Refund policy

Also, you have to keep in mind that if you decide to pay $97 to Richard and become a member of his program you won’t be able to claim refund after 30 days. This is definitely good that you can get refund, but you should do it before this period expires.


No explanation

Another red flag is that while watching the video you will see a lot of hype, promises and lies about making ton of money on autopilot.

Like with many other low quality programs that I’ve seen so far, Richard doesn’t give any explanation on how you are going to make money.

This is very common for scams and low quality programs. If a program doesn’t give explanation it means you have to stay away from it.


Understanding the Countdown to Profits

Though Richard doesn’t give any explanation regarding his program, there is a hint in the promotional video that you can generate huge commissions by selling products to people.

He tells about his secret software that can generate massive commissions on autopilot for you and that Richard will charge you only $97 instead of $2000. This means you must be very thankful to Richard for being so generous to you.




BTW, Richard promises to give you $500 if you fail to make money in the first 30 days. This is just another trick to lure you into buying his “amazing” program. Within the members area we get more info about Countdown to Profits system.




They have Gold, Platinum and Platinum plus membership packages.

The Gold package means you will be selling digital products online, either your own product or someone else’ products as an affiliate.

This is known as affiliate marketing and requires knowledge, experience and ton of patience until you reach the numbers Richard is talking about in the promotional video. It doesn’t take 30 minutes or 30 days like Richard says.




Platinum package offers you a private coaching that will cost you a lot of money.

Platinum Plus offers almost the same stuff and some more advanced stuff and will cost you even more than Platinum package. The bottom line here is that Richard is simply lying when he says you will be making thousands of dollars in 30 days. This will NOT happen.

BTW, selling products requires web-hosting which means you’ll have even more expenses other than Richard mentioned in the promotional video.


Facebook testimonials

On their website they have Facebook testimonials and to be honest, I don’t believe they all are real. First, you can’t contact those people before you pay Richard. They are just static images.

Second, one of the testimonials comes from Kate Weinstein. See the image below.





The problem here is that someone with the same photo is registered on Facebook and her name is Sarah Johnston! Can you imagine that? I don’t think it requires any further comments.


The truth about Countdown to Profits

If you want to know the truth about Countdown to Profits, you can find it right on their website within the area that don’t get clicked most of the time. And Richard knows it very well and that’s why he buried this info on his Earnings Disclaimer page.




It clearly says that you can’t make money by doing nothing and it takes effort and dedication. Unfortunately, Richard doesn’t tell a single word about it in the promotional video.


Final word on Countdown to Profits

Countdown to Profits has many aspects that are common to low quality programs. You can come across many sites promoting Countdown to Profits and in fact they send you to completely different programs like Millionaire Dream, Success Plan, Automatic Edge.

Like many other low quality programs mentioned above, Countdown to Profits doesn’t give any details about what you can expect from Richard Paul.

He only promises a lot of money with little effort in his promotional website, but tells about effort, dedication on his disclaimer page. In the promotional video you are promised to make lots of money with a few mouse clicks.

Richard talks about mathematical algorithm that can send massive commissions into your bank account on autopilot.




Richard also claims that if you don’t make massive commissions in the first 30 days he will pay you $500, guaranteed! Believe me, I’ve seen ton of such claims and promises and I can assure you that neither Richard nor anyone else is going to pay you a single dollar if you can’t make money.

Richard also uses exactly the same misleading technique like many other link posting scams that I’ve seen so far. They also use some fake testimonials, at least one that I’ve found.

After all these facts that I’ve mentioned above I really don’t feel comfortable to recommend Countdown to Profits simply because it fails to deliver on the promises.

Stay away from it and let me know what you think in the comments section below.


Final glance at Countdown to Profits

  • Some useful stuff (training)
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Too much hype in the promotional video
  • Expensive coaching
  • Redirected to another low quality program called Automatic Edge
  • Upsells
  • Fake Facebook testimonials ( at least one of them)
  • Overall rank: 15 out of 100
  • Final verdict: Not recommended




Tired of programs like Countdown to Profits? Here is my top recommended program (FREE to join) to make money online!


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  1. Blanca Diaz says:

    Has anyone dealt with WA and what is the experience? And if so what are their perks? I am looking for a good and reliable company not those wanna be’s.

  2. Jojo says:

    Does not seem to be end to how many programs like this there are around. Then again, making money online is such a huge market and everybody wants make a lot of money with little effort soo…….
    I suspect only the owner of this program is making some serious money with it. Too sad. If people know how to make money online why can’t they sell something good that people have use for instead of scamming them?
    Thank you for a good review

    • Rufat says:

      I think you’re right that the owner of Countdown to Profits is making good money. And it’s because they announce the launch and other bloggers start emailing their lists with offers like this and people buy these opportunities and fall for various scams. Once this launch period is over they lose traffic. Then they announce another launch. And this way they keep their sales. The main problem with programs like Countdown to Profits is that they can’t create quality programs and try to make easy money. Honestly speaking, I don’t understand people that stand behind programs like this one.

  3. Andrew G says:

    I enjoyed reading and got a laugh out of that becuse it was a pretty lame and poor effort at a pitch on the part of this company to try to overpromise like that overall, especially with the $500 payout. This is one industry where you cannot say you get what you pay for, as proven wrong by WA, you get more than what you pay for. The conference calls, I wish I could attend all of them but they are packed with extra value and exclusive to our members.

    • Rufat says:

      You made a very good comparison here. From my experience I can say that WA gives WAY more than they promise. In case with Countdown to Profits, there are too many negative aspects. Especially, when it comes to $500 payout. I think Richard’s promise to pay $500 in case you don’t make money in the first 30 days is a total BS. I’m pretty sure, most people won’t make money even in the first 90 days. Though I don’t want to say that making money online in the first 30 days is impossible. From my experience I can say that I don’t trust Richard for many reasons and I would recommend to stay away from the Countdown to profits.

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