Vantel Pearls Review. Scam or Legit? “Our Recruiting is Temporarily on Hold”.

October 8, 2016 34 Comments

Vantel Pearls









  • Compensation plan
  • Affordable start up cost


  • You need to be a face-to-face sales person
  • Products are not cheap
  • Success rate is low



Product name: Vantel Pearls


Price: $99 starter kit plus $100 oyster deposit

Owner: Joan Hartel Cabral

Overall rank: 40 out of 100


Vantel Pearls is just another MLM company out of many others that I’ve reviewed over the past few months and fortunately this one is not a scam. Recently I’ve reviewed another similar company called Sabika which turned to be legit like Vantel Pearls.

Vantel Pearls is a bit refreshing compared to other MLM companies because they don’t make any unrealistic claims though I can’t agree with some of their marketing tactics.

The company was founded by Joan Hartel Cabral back in 1990 and is headquartered in the United States.

So, the opportunity is primarily for people living in US. They have unique products and have been in the business for over 20 years now. In short, Vantel Pearls is not a scam. It’s legit.

But it’s really important to understand if Vantel Pearls is exactly for you or not before joining it in order to avoid wasting your time and money on a program that may not meet your expectations.

And in this review I’m going to take a look at Vantel Pearls so you can understand if this opportunity is for you or not. Keep reading my Vantel Pearls review because I believe you get’ll all the info you need in order to make your decision.


The main idea behind Vantel Pearls

As I said, Vantel Pearls is a MLM company that has been around for many years and it provides an opportunity to make money through selling Vantel Pearls products, primarily through direct face-to-face sales which requires an experience.

They have a wide range of products, such as pearls, charms, cage necklaces, anklets, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings, chains& extenders and more.

Their start up kit costs $99 plus you have to spend $100 for oyster deposit. In short, if you’re not a sales person I think Vantel Pearls is not the right program for you.



Pros of Vantel Pearls

  • Compensation plan
  • Affordable start up cost


Cons of Vantel Pearls

  • You need to be a face-to-face sales person
  • Products are not cheap


Vantel Pearls is a classic MLM company that many reviewers try to bash only because it’s a MLM company. Not all MLMs are bad, but most of them including Vantel Pearls require direct face-to-face selling skills. I’m not a sales person and never recommend such programs. If you’re looking for a genuine program to make money online without a requirement to be a sales person I recommend to try Wealthy Affiliate – my favourite program since 2013.









Vantel Pearls MLM opportunity overview

Like I said, Vantel Pearls offers unique products and by becoming a Vantel Pearls distributor (consultant) you are going to sell primarily pearls. Products are different which means you can offer people a wide range of products to choose from.

This creates an opportunity for you to make money if you can successfully promote Vantel Pearls products. Their products are attractive, but they are not cheap.

Considering that there are many other similar products available on the market for a lower price, it won’t be easy for you to make enough sales per month in order to meet Vantel Pearls quota and make enough money.

The fact that Vantel Pearls products contain real pearls make them interesting and unique from the perspective of making sales. But like I said, competition is something you have to take into account too.




Vantel Pearls products start from approx. $42 and some products may cost you way more depending on the size of the pearl.

For example, a bracelet may cost you $42, necklace may cost you $79 or even $94.

Vantel Seduction Strand will cost you $128, Baby I’m Worth it Necklace will cost you $148.

When you join Vantel Pearls company you have to buy their starter kit for $99 and plus $100 for an oyster deposit which comes to $199.





In fact, you buy a kit that contains an oyster which you can open and get a real pearl. This sounds interesting enough. I even found some people selling Vantel products via eBay site.

If you’re a woman and have a lot of friends you then can make sales because women tend to spend a lot of money on such products. But making consistent sales each month is really challenging. You can’t sell pearls, necklaces, rings etc to the same people each and every month.

Even if some of your friends will like Vantel products and buy some of them, they will lose interest to them very soon because women always look for something new when it comes to jewellery products. But who knows, maybe you can make consistent sales and will be successful in this business.

In short, there is certainly some demand for this type of products and you definitely can make some money. But you really need to be convincing and pushy in order to achieve your goal. If you are a shy person you won’t make any sales at all.


Vantel Pearls compensation plan

Compared to many other MLM companies, Vantel Pearls offers a pretty simple compensation plan. First, you can sell Vantel Pearls products and earn your commission. Second, you can recruit other people into the program and earn each time your recruits sell Vantel Pearls products.

This is called multi level marketing when you can earn a passive income. Vantel Pearls commissions are not great, but still not bad. There are many non MLM programs online that pay up to 50% and I’m a member of such program.




Anyway, Vantel Pearls pay 25% if your sales reach $3.999 per month and 30% if you reach $4.000+ per month. The numbers are not easy to reach to be honest.

It means if Vantel Pearls average product is $42 it means you have to sell 95 pieces per month. This means you need to make 3 sales per day. I don’t think it’s easy to achieve.

And keep in mind that you have to make sales consistently each month in order to get paid. In case you can achieve $3.999 per month, it means you will earn 25% which comes to $999 per month in profit.

Do you think it’s a lot keeping in mind that you have to work really hard, like working any other regular job? I believe if you work somewhere else you can earn much more.

In my opinion, working that much and making so many sales and being paid $1.000 per month doesn’t look appealing to me. But that’s just my opinion. I may be wrong. So, it’s up to you to decide if Vantel Pearls is the right program for you.

In order to make enough sales, Vantel Pearls like any other MLM company suggests that you hold parties at your own house or at your friend’s house.

This way you can talk to people, show them real products and maybe they will want to buy them. At least this method works well enough If you can apply it. You have to be very social, talk to people, convince them to come to the party.

Many people won’t come, but some will come and if you have strong selling skills and experience you’ll make some sales.

But holding home parties is not for everyone and if you feel you are not that type of person then you better forget about Vantel Pearls and take a look at my recommended program ( see the comparison table above).


What I don’t like about Vantel Pearls

Like I mentioned in the beginning of my review, Vantel Pearls makes one unrealistic claim I can’t agree with. They claim that on average people that hold a house party can make $600 in sales.

I believe and I’m sure it’s seriously exaggerated. I don’t think an average person can achieve this number.

When it comes to Vantel Pearls recruiting program, if you can get someone to join the company and become your first new consultant, you will earn an extra 4% on all their sales.

If you find your second assistant you will earn another 4% on all their sales. This is not that big.

For example, if they reach $4.000 in sales per month, it means you will earn an extra $160. Anyway, MLM recruiting plan works only if your team can make sales.

If they can’t make sales, you won’t be able to benefit from this plan. Of course, recruiting other people allows you to earn some passive income, but putting it into practice is not easy at all.

It’s much easier to make your own sales instead of hoping that someone from your team will make it. It’s out of your control.

Or you have to be successful and help others succeed from your team and in this case you will be able to benefit from this type of MLM structure.

Also, keep in mind that you have to pay real money in order to buy Vantel Pearls kits and if you fail to sell their products, you won’t get a refund. Showing one kit at parties is not going to work well.

I think you should buy several kits in order to offer a wide range of products which means you have to invest a good amount of money.

That’s why before investing your money in this opportunity you have to think very well if you can make sales and achieve success with Vantel Pearls.


Something to keep in mind regarding Vantel Pearls

There are two things that I would like you to know about Vantel Pearls. First, their website is outdated and doesn’t look appealing at all. It looks like the company is successful, but their website looks really outdated.




It doesn’t affect their sales directly, but for a company that claims to be successful having such a website is really strange.

If you plan to join Vantel Pearls you should know that on their website they officially stated this: “Our Recruiting is Temporarily on Hold”. I think you should wait for some time if you plan to join.

Another thing that looks strange is that any successfully growing company is constantly looking for ways to get more people to join their program.

I don’t know the reason behind stopping recruiting but to me it looks a bit strange. It maybe that they can’t pay to their members and that’s why they stopped recruiting.

Because they were primarily a retail company and have launched their MLM model only 3 years ago. But it’s just my assumption.

Also, if you plan to join Vantel Pearls you need to keep in mind that you can easily lose your friends if you become an annoying and pushy sales person. Don’t do that. Some people involved in MLMs lost their friends for this very reason.




I’m not saying that you will follow this path. Just keep this fact in mind and avoid being annoying. Here is the comment from someone who has been involved in another MLM program and lost their friends due to being an annoying sales person.


Can you really be successful with Vantel Pearls?

If you have some good experience with MLMs then you can be successful with Vantel Pearls as well. If not, then that’s a big question.

If you can meet their requirement, i.e. direct face-to-face selling skills, holding house parties, pushing products then you probably can be very successful with this program.

If you don’t meet their requirement then you’ll most likely be wasting your time with Vantel Pearls trying to make a sale or two per month.

If you’re a woman, have a lot of friends that have money to spend, are very social then you should try Vantel Pearls. Otherwise you better find some other alternatives.


Final word on Vantel Pearls

I did my best to write a realistic review and help you make the right decision. It really depends on what you’re looking for and want. Often times people read reviews without even realizing what they really want. It’s really important to know and understand.

Vantel Pearls is a MLM company and it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad. The truth is that there are many MLM programs that I would recommend to stay away from due to their complex compensation plan and complaints.

When it comes to Vantel Pearls, you definitely can make money with this program IF you feel you’re a sales person. Because Vantel Pearls is not for people looking for an online make money opportunity. This program requires you to buy physical products and invest your own money.

After purchasing you have to be able to sell those products. If you fail you won’t get a refund. It’s at your own risk whether to invest money in Vantel Pearls products or not.

You also need to be a social person and hold parties at your own house or your friend’s house.

This can help you increase your sales. I personally don’t like things like that because I’m not a sales person and most people are not as well. For this very reason I believe Vantel Pearls is NOT for everyone.

It’s a very specific program with a strong focus on direct selling skills. It’s not a scam. If you feel you like this type of business and way of life then feel free to join Vantel Pearls. Otherwise you better try my recommended program below.


Final glance at Vantel Pearls

  • Compensation plan
  • Affordable start up cost
  • You need to be a face-to-face sales person
  • Products are not cheap
  • Overall rank: 40 out of 100


Want a better program than Vantel Pearls that doesn’t require direct selling skills? Here is my top recommended program to make money online!



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  1. Faheem says:

    I like how you’re stating your opinion as well as giving us factual information about this service without unnecessary biased bashing. Like, you actually gave it a chance and gave a clear picture of what vantel pearls is and isn’t. I agree with the points you made. It can work for some, but for most it won’t.

    • Rufat says:

      I always write my reviews following this pattern. I show all pros and cons and readers make their decision. I tried to explain clearly what is required from you if you decide to join Vantel MLM. If you are willing to do it then go and join. If not then take my recommendation and go for affiliate marketing.

  2. abdft17 says:

    Hi, I commend your effort for writing this good review, since I started to find online jobs I have come across so many platforms that claim to be the best-making money platform where you can make money in a blink of an eye, like make a 100$ in a day or make 10$ per hour things like that, but most of them are not true, it takes time and efforts. I like your honesty when you mentioned the cons of Vantel Pearls where the products are not cheap and the success rate is low.

    • Rufat says:

      I wrote my review and tried to keep it as realistic as possible. Some will agree with my points while will not. Vantel Pearls is not so bad. I think women that are passionate about their products can make a fortune with it if they are good at sales.

  3. Fahim Shahriar says:

    Thank you for the review of Vantel Pearls. I do have some sort of idea about MLM business. There are some pros and cons in each business. Women can be benefited from this product as they buy this type of product frequently. It can be a good way of earning a passive income. 

    • Rufat says:

      Yes, there are pros and cons in both business models, affiliate marketing and MLM. I believe affiliate marketing gives you more freedom. In mlm you have to stick to one company and sell their products even if you don’t like it. It’s a good opportunity for women. But it’s not easy to make consistent sales each and every month which is why many people fail in mlms.

  4. fintan duggan says:

    Vantel pearls review: 

    Hi Rufat,

             Until I read your post I had never heard of Vantel pearls, yet another MLM company but your review tells me that it isn’t a scam. It also seems that their products will only be of interest to a female audience, having said that females love spending money on shiny new stuff! Vantel pearls seem to have a decent range of products unique to that company, MLM is not for me I’m afraid, I much prefer your second option of joining Wealthy Affiliate and becoming an affiliate marketer there is no better place to learn how to do this than WA. Have you worked at MLM in the past?

    All the best


    • Rufat says:

      Yes, it’s mainly for women. I’m glad you are a member of WA. I’ve been in the program since 2005. It’s amazing.

  5. Chris says:

    The main problem I see with Vantel Pearls after reading your review, is the fact that they don’t really offer anything new from a MLM setup. Sure, they seem to be a bit cheaper to get started with, but after that it’s pretty much the same – people who are not natural marketers will end up losing money (yet again!).

    Did you come across many success stories related to Vantel Pearls when you were completing your research?

    • Rufat says:

      You are right Chris. MLM type of business is for those who are good at sales as well as have good communication skills. These two aspects are critical for your success in mlm. If someone feels they don’t have such skills it’s better to go with affiliate marketing instead.

  6. Janet says:

    Hi Rufat. I have been a Vantel Pearls consultant since July 2016. I have never been good at sales, but this company has changed everything for me. You can definitely make a good paycheck with this company. I average between $10,000 and $20,000 in sales per month. I have even resigned from my day job to focus on my business even more. It is a ton of work, but worth every second. Some consultants do better, some not so well, but it is most definitely possible to make great money with Vantel Pearls.

    I have what I call my Pearl Family. A great bunch of girls who absolutely make purchases multiple times a month. I also have hostesses who bring in more customers, who then become part of our family. It’s not just the pearls and jewelry they are attracted to. It’s the experience and the friendships we have all built with each other.

    The recruiting hold was put into place due to the fact that Facebook live increased sales so rapidly. We have weeks where we have sold more than the entire year of 2015. You can imagine how crazy that would be for the home office. They had to hire and train a whole new crew of Jewelers, customer service and shipping team to keep up. The hold is still in place, but they are slowly bringing in small amounts of consultants each month.

    I hope this clears things up a little for you. Thank you for being so open minded. This is an amazing company to be part of and I feel extremely lucky to have gotten in before the hold was put into place.

    Have a wonderful day!

    • Rufat says:

      Janet, if you are happy with Vantel Pearls and making so much money I wish you even more success. But to be honest, I doubt you are making as much as you saying here. Anyway, I strongly believe and I’m sure that results you’ve achieved is not something that anyone can achieve. Most people can never achieve even a small fraction of what you did. Anyway, as you can see from my review, I was honest. I told that it’s possible to make money with Vantel. Anyone is free to give it a try. I don’t think it’s a scam. If anyone reading my review feels that they can be successful with Vantel they are free to do so.

  7. Wendy says:

    On their better businsress bureau page Vantel says they sell shells from Japan and the south seas (Akoya) pearls. The shells shown being opened are also Akoya oyster shells. The pearls being harvested by the consultants however are less expensive freshwater pearls from mollusks from China. Akoya pearls do not come in peach, lavender, pink and Dyed black. This knowledge is easy to find at any pearl vendor’s educational page. By the way. When you go shopping for fresh clams or oysters if they are open they are dead , why are these dead oyster shells closed? A chemical. Since the pearls were not grown in these juvenile oysters they require a chemical after they insert these fresh waters to make the hinge muscle contract. Now as for the appraisal by the consultant. These fresh waters are very inexpensive. You can buy the pearls in a shell on Alibaba for $1.50…. How are these pearls worth $30-50 dollars? There is a class action suit for Vantel if you are a victim.

    • Rufat says:

      Vantel Pearls starter kit is not cheap to be honest. Plus, you need to make some deposit. Again, like I said, Vantel is not a scam. But I’m not a huge fan of such programs. Because I know that most MLM’s fail to provide quality support. They always sell their products for a much higher price and you see the same thing with Vantel. Of course, you can find pearls at other places for cheaper price.This again proves that opportunity is not that great. Because people do their research and get the info they need. With this in mind it will be difficult to promote something that can be found elsewhere for a lower price. And that’s why I’ve never been a huge fan of MLMs.

  8. Amy Holder says:

    I am a conchologist and had to contact vantel pearls after watching a party online. The consultant said they were freshwater pearls, but theyre not shucking freshwater mussels. They use akoya oysters and shells, which are a saltwater species. When i asked vantel how they could possibly be getting freshwater pearls from saltwater oysters, the came back with a reply of “yes at one time they were all saltwater but they’ve now transitioned to freshwater.” To which i replied “Oysters don’t transition at all except from male to female, so what is going on here?” At which point they admitted to me to stuffing dead pearlless akoyas with preharvested cultured freshwater pearls for surprise factor only. Their scam is completely legal since you don’t actually pay for the pearls, and the consultant says over and over that they are freshwater pearls. But its extremely misleading to someone that doesn’t know shells or pearls. The consultant also mentioned that these pearls are more valuable than saltwater pearls, which could be true but most times is so false its laughable. I have screenshots of my convo with vantel if anyone is interested.

    • Rufat says:

      I understand your feelings but I’m not a big expert in pearls. I look at this opportunity from another perspective which is how I can benefit from it as a business owner. To me Vantel Pearls is not a big deal to be honest. I can’t recommend it to everyone for the reasons mentioned within my review. If one is passionate about pearls and selling them they probably can make some sales and profit from it. When it comes to making consistent sales I’m very doubt about it. Most people are not going to this type of product every week or even month. In my opinion, it’s a big challenge to profit from this opportunity. But I can’t deny that some people can be doing very well with this program.

  9. Kari says:

    Something very important to look at when you sell anything is the quality of the product. When I checked into it, I found that the pearls are not at all what they are claimed to be, so I am sorry for the people who get addicted to these parties — they spend a lot of money on what they think is high-quality, but it’s pretty much worthless. How can people do this to people they call their friends? People should just know what they are getting in to. Read this review from a real pearl expert:

    • Rufat says:

      I totally agree with you Kari. That’s the nature of many MLM programs that are trying to promote an average product but claiming that it’s super original and unique. In fact, it’s no different from other similar products and the quality is not as good as they claim. And it’s always expensive, WAY expensive that other alternatives available on the market. It’s really good that you you left your comment here based on your personal experience for which I’m very thankful to you. From my side I always try to be honest when writing reviews and explain to people what the program is about so they can see it from their own perspective. I believe MLM is a very specific type of program and it’s not for everyone. I believe there are WAY better programs out there than Vantel.

  10. Laura Holloway says:

    I agree with Rufat. If people were making that great of profit everybody would be doing it.And you are not guaranteed a pearl in every oyster. The way I look at it..from a business perspective, either way, if you don’t make a sale, they have your money, and if you do make a sale, they have your so it’s no sweat off their back if you do or don’t sell. You could make way more money I feel working a 9-5 job.AT least you know money is rolling in consistently. I have been invited to several jewelry parties, all of which were way over priced. I could get a similar necklace that is fake and nobody would question it or know the difference. I personally do not go to these parties, not because I don’t think the items are cute, but because I don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on a necklace I will wear on occasion. I agree.Plus, nobody wants to invest in a business,if you are not profiting. SO as you said..if you are a great sales person and that is your thing, that is what you are good at, than I agree I think you could profit. I think its great that you are writing on this.Because I think a lot of people get blinded by the “potential” money, but don’t really know what they are getting into, in turn, spent 100$ + of their own money potentially for nothing.Your just looking out for people.And you weren’t knocking the company,you were only giving feedback that may prevent someone that maybe doesn’t have a lot of money, dishing out what they have to start up a shucking oysters business and not make any money. A lot of people are naive in thinking its as easy as buying it and posting it on facebook and people will just eat it up lol. I’m not all that impressed personally. Just my opinion,after having been to some of these parties.

    • Rufat says:

      Thank you Laura for your comment. I’m pretty sure there is too much hype around Vantel Pearls and their products as if everyone could make ton of money wit their program. This is not the reality. I totally agree with your judgement. If you make a sale they they make money too, if you don’t make a sale they still have your money. I’m pretty sure that you can make WAY more money through affiliate marketing without investment at all. That’s true. No need to buy overpriced Vantel products because you can buy similar products for a lower price elsewhere. Compared to many other reviewers, I don’t try to bash every program I review. I just explained clearly what people can realistically expect from Vantel Pearls. If they like it, not a problem. Let them join it. In my opinion, Vantel is a very specific program, not for everyone.

  11. Vantel Consultant says:

    I must say you are completely wrong in your assumptions about Vantel. I have been a consultant with Vantel for over 6 months now and make an average of 18k a month bring home. My sales have only grown every month since I started. When you say no one needs pearls to keep buying them…I have customers who have spent 5k on the entire catalog in 3 months! People are actually addicted to opening them to find the most rare colors that they can find. The hold was put on because when fb live started and the pearls became a live party it took off like a wildfire and they couldn’t keep up with our sales. They went from 1 jeweler to who knows how many now. They have moved locations to a bigger facility and have hired over 10x the employees they had before. When you say you have to be a sales person. No you dont. Trust me. I have seen some consultants who shouldn’t even be on a live video and they are selling thousands of dollars worth of jewelry in one party.

    • Rufat says:

      Am I really wrong? I really doubt you are making so much money with Vantel. Even if it’s true I’m really glad you have success with it and I wish you all the best in your business. This is my opinion and I think what I said was true. But maybe I was wrong somewhere. Maybe. Anyway. I didn’t say Vantel was a scam. Right? In my review I clearly said “When it comes to Vantel Pearls, you definitely can make money with this program”. Please read carefully. If someone feels Vantel Pearls is for them they are free to give it a try. And I know exactly that even if your achievement with Vantel is real not everyone can do this. You try to persuade me that selling expensive pearls is as easy as selling an ice-cream. Sorry, I can’t believe. I know a thing or two and i know how hard it is to sell anything offline or online. Most people will never achieve your level. Most people will hardly make a few sales at best and then quit.

  12. April says:

    I watch and know multiple people who have hosted these Facebook Live parties. I have only seen 1 party not make sales to 10 different individuals (This is out of 15 or so parties I have viewed). You would think that wouldn’t add up to much. But with MOST items (with only a few exceptions) being $59 or more….10 people ordering you are averaging about $590 right there. Now thats give or take $10 per order. However 2-3 of those ordering guests order more than one item.
    I was surprised to be honest. I have no intention of joining the sales team, not because of the hiring freeze or the start up cost. It’s mostly because I do not have the time to dedicate to these to actually turn much of a profit. However I see people who go on 2-3 hours a day 3 nights a week and they do very well.
    When the hiring freeze is over, I worry that it may get overcrowded and it may be harder to sell just ‘supply and demand’ wise. But I do like the company from a customers standpoint. And it is very interesting.

    • Rufat says:

      Like I said in my previous reply to Sherri’s comment, if you feel you are good at sales and can make a lot of sales through holding home parties then feel free to join Vantel Pearls and see how it will work for you. I believe this program can work well for those that have a good experience in mlm programs or are good at face-to-face sales. I’m not that type of person to be honest. If you decide to join Vantel Pearls don’t forget to come back here and leave your comment after trying the program. It will help others to make a decision.

  13. Sherri K says:

    I have watched several FB live parties. What I have been told from several of their consultants is that their is a hiring freeze because of them being able to go live now sales boomed quicker than expected. They are also just bought a brand new larger building for their head quarters and processing to be able to keep up better now that consulatants can go live. Generally the consultants I have watched have an average of 20 sales in about 3 hours. With that. Wing said for their cheapest item in the book being approx 42$ which most are more. It would be on the low end of 800$ in sales in one night you get 25% commission. Which is 200$ for the night in sales and again that would be everybody ordering the minimum. Turn around time to get your order you purchased is on the slow side of about 2 months. They are expecting this to change with the improvements of the new head quarters. I have looked into several home based businesses and most I have come accross have a much higher start up rate.

    • Rufat says:

      I think even if you are super good at sales, can gather people and make a few sales in one day or within a few hours, I don’t think you can repeat the same each and every day. Simply because I don’t think people need pearls in such large quantities. Anyway, I didn’t say that Vantel Pearls was a scam. If you feel this opportunity is designed for you and you can become successful with Vantel then you are free to join it. I wish you all kinds of success. Don’t forget to drop me a comment once you’ve achieved success with Vantel.

  14. Elle says:

    Hi Rufat!
    One of my friends just “hosted” a Pearl Party. It was actually on Facebook Live which was pretty innovative as far as I can see. I was at home watching the kids and watching oyster openings! The consultant told us that recruiting is on hold due to the increase in demand from Facebook Live parties. They are actually having trouble finding enough oysters to support the demand for their jewelry. Whether or not that’s true, I’m not sure. As a customer, I think their jewelry is a little over priced, but I have yet to see it in person. It is an interesting concept made new again with social media, seeing as they’ve been around for 24 years.

    • Rufat says:

      Hi Elle,

      Thank you for stopping by and clarifying the things. Regarding recruiting on hold, maybe what you are saying is true. I know that Vantel Pearls has been around for many years and that’s why in my review I avoided such definitions as scam. I think if you like the idea of this company you definitely should give it a try. If you like the idea of holding parties and you feel you are more a sales person and can make enough sales then I recommend to try it. Who knows, maybe you will be successful with Vantel Pearls. I would appreciate if you leave your comment here after trying Vantel Pearls and share your thoughts and feelings.

  15. Milton Kadler says:

    Hi Rufat
    I have had a look at the Vantel Pearls and I must say its not something I would be too interested in, I see you gave it a rating of 40/100, a 4 out of 10 which probably means you wouldn’t care much for it yourself. I also saw your comparison to WA and the end which provides a link to see what you do recommend as a preferred platform. It sounds like a hard sell, you have to sell the pearl items and a lot of them to make any real living. I assume some people would be able to make a go, as Kyle and Carson say, you can sell just about anything and make a fortune but would probably be a lot harder with this product. Are you affiliated with Vantel Pearls? As recruiting is “temporarily on hold” it doesn’t sound too appetising. Clearly an indication to stay away from this one. I much prefer your suggested program, Wealthy Affiliate of which I can vouch as a member myself. Good luck with your business ventures,

    • Rufat says:

      I think you’re right. Making consistent sales with Vantel would be a big challenge. It’s not easy to sell this product in large quantities. Only experienced sales people can try it and maybe achieve some numbers. Those that have experience definitely can make some money, but I really doubt they can make a lot of sales. No, I’m not affiliated with Vantel Pearls in any way. I don’t like MLMs and have never been involved in MLMs. The program that I suggest here to try is a much better option out there. It allows you to earn more WAY more without investing your money in physical products.But you have to pay for the training, support, website builder, hosting and more. I believe my recommended program is WAY better than Vantel Pearls or any other MLM program.

  16. Riaz Shah says:

    Hello Rufat,
    You got me at the tagline, “Our recruiting is temporarily on hold”. At that moment I knew that its an MLM program but I had to check it out because pearls is a very interesting niche for an MLM.

    I’m against network marketing because of countless bad experiences I faced and making an average of $600 in sales per house party is definitely isn’t true as they said.

    Thanks for taking the time to uncover their strategy man, there are so many weird MLMs today on unimaginable niches. Great to have a watchman who help us avoid trouble. Keep up the good work!

    • Rufat says:

      Hi Riaz,

      I think the fact that their recruiting is on hold is not a good sign in my opinion. Why would a company stop recruiting if they are successful? I think the only reason is that they have some issues with payouts. I can’t prove it but I think that’s the reason. And I agree that claiming that an average distributor makes $600 in sales per party does sound unrealistic in my opinion. The opportunity is not that bad and MLM fans can give it a try if they have money to invest. For an average person without good selling skills I think Vantel Pearls is not the best opportunity out there.

  17. David says:

    Great review on Vantel Pearls! I’ve been involved with a similar company before and the one thing they all have in common is recruiting or selling things at a home party.

    If folks really want to make money they need to use their heads a little more than getting told to gather everyone you know into a living room to get sold on something.

    • Rufat says:

      It’s good that you have some experience with MLMs and understand the subject. I think recruiting and making sales at home parties is not necessarily bad. It requires some skills and experience and in fact it’s not for everyone. For people without experience with MLMs this opportunity won’t make much sense in my opinion. Anyway, I did my review and everyone will make their own decision. If someone likes MLMs that’s ok. They can try it and leave at any time. I’m personally not a sales person and don’t like MLMs.

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