Globallee Review. 27 Questions Answered.

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Overall Quality



  • Quality products


  • Expensive products
  • Low success rate
  • Confusing compensation plan
  • Lots of competition
  • Looks like a pyramid scheme




Globallee Membership Price: $49.94

Globallee packages: $189.94, $199.94, $549.94, $1049


Founder: Mark McKnight, Lamia Bettaieb, Nauder Khazan

Type of product: MLM

Recommended: No



What is Globallee? 

Globallee is a multi-level marketing company specialized in health and wellness products and headquartered in Texas.

The company was founded in 2019.Globallee products are distributed in countries such as Canada, Finland, Germany, Italy, Austria, Australia, Switzerland, Sweden, United States, UK.

So, the company is relatively new and it’s hard to say whether it will grow or not.

Many MLM companies disappear as quickly as they appear It’s not an established company like other MLMs, such as American Dream Nutrition, Avon, Kyani, Lularoe, doTERRA, Scentsy.



Who are the Founders of Globallee?

Founders of Globallee are Mark McKnight who has years of experience in MLM field, Lamia Bettaieb who also has experience and success in the field and Nauder Khazan who has experience in business industry.



Is Globallee Unique?

Globallee is not unique. It’s a classic MLM based company in health and wellness field. It’s like all other MLMs that I’ve seen to date.

Globallee has some specific products that they call unique like TAKA, BENETRIM, ETERNO. In certain sense they are unique because of its package and ingredients.

But in fact, there are many other products available on the market that have the same effect and are way cheaper.

Plus, they are distributed by non MLM companies. You can easily find them online on or many other eCommerce websites.




Who is Globallee for?

Globallee is for anyone interested in health and wellness products to use as supplements to maintain their health.

As I said, you can always find other alternative products at a lower price. But if you like Globallee products and have free money to spend, you can buy Globallee products.

Also, if you plan to not only use the products but plan to sell them, you can pay Globallee membership price and participate in their MLM program.

You have to use both methods, face-to-face and online through your replicated website given to you by Globallee.

Using this method, you can sell Globallee products and possibly earn a commission. Affiliate marketing is the opposite of this method.

You can sell products you don’t even own. To know the difference between MLM and affiliate marketing, read this article.



How Much Does Globallee Cost? 

When it comes to Globallee, you can join it as an independent ambassador and pay $49.99. This membership price includes:


  • 12 months of owning a replicated website
  • 12 months of online back office support
  • 12 months of updates
  • 12 months of e-wallet


This price doesn’t include Globallee products. Product packages are bought separately for $189.94, $199.94, $299.94, $549.94, $1049.94


  • $189.94 – Builder Pack Basic
  • $199.94 – Body Strong Basic Pack
  • $299.94 – USA TAKA 250 Pack
  • $499.94 – Body Strong Builder Pack 500
  • $549.94 – Body Strong Builder Pack
  • $1049.94 – COMBO 1000 Builder Pack


There are some other costs that you are going to have as a Globallee member and promoter.

You will get a replicator website that has no value for Google because it’s the same copy paste website that all other members get for free.

In order to drive traffic to your replicator website you have to pay for the traffic. It will cost you a few hundred if not thousands of dollars per month.

Otherwise you have to spend a lot of time creating content for your website to drive free organic traffic in order to monetize your website.



My Top Recommended Programs

    Program # 1 – Wealthy Affiliate

  Program # 2 – Income School




Does Globallee Provide a Refund?

Yes, Globallee provides a refund for the products. As I know, you can’t ask for refund of your membership payment. But rules always change when it comes to online programs.

That’s why it would be better if you contact Globallee and ask for the most up-to-date info before you decide to buy Globallee products or plan to join it.



Are There Any Other Upsells or Costs Associated with Globallee?

No, there are no upsells in the program. You only pay a membership price and choose one of Globallee product packages. Buying packages is not necessary. It’s optional.



Is Globallee for Everyone? 

Speaking of the quality of Globallee products, you have to decide, whether you need them or not. Speaking of Globallee as a business opportunity, I believe it’s not for everyone.

In order to join Globallee as an ambassador you need to have an experience in MLM field.

Without such an experience you won’t be able to promote their products and profit from this opportunity.

For example, MLM activists have to be ready to organize home parties to promote MLM products among neighbors, friends.

If you can’t do it, probably Globallee is not the best option for you.



How Does Globallee Work?

As a member of Globallee you get

  • Replicated website
  • Access to Back office
  • Access to Globallee online resources




Using all these tools you have to work hard in order to promote Globallee products through face-to-face sells and using replicated website.

Membership will cost you $49.99 per year which is more than affordable for most people. Product packages are bought separately and optionally.

Your main activity will be recruiting other people, i.e. trying to convince them to join Globallee and do the same.

If you can’t invite a lot of people to join the system it will be extremely hard for you to make money. This is called multi-level marketing or more often, pyramid scheme.

If you can bring many people into the system, you will be able to earn money on many levels through Globallee compensation plan.

In fact, most people that join MLM programs miserably fail according to John Taylor’s research, 97% of MLM activists can’t earn with MLMs.

That’s why many people avoid MLM programs and I also never recommend programs like Globallee.

On Globallee website, training section explains you to make your first list of 25 people that you know and to start connecting with them, sending them Globallee promotional video.

This is very classic approach that all MLMs teach their members. This is exactly what I told about in most of my MLM reviews. This is exactly what many people don’t like to do and become annoying.



Globallee Products

Globallee offers different products, such as TAKA, Benetrim, IACCEL, Eterno.

  • TAKA All-Natural Energy- $37.44
  • TAKA Glo Natural Beauty Drink – $99.95
  • TAKA Trim – $105.
  • Stand out Sunless Tanning System – $87.50
  • Intermittent Fasting Pack – $174.95
  • BeneTrim weight loss – $52.50
  • IAccel – $56.25
  • Body Strong Pack – $187.44
  • Collagen Peptides – $62.44
  • Eterno – $156.25




TAKA drink gives you energy, better feeling and mental clarity.

Benetrim helps in weight management.

IACCEL nutritional drops improves your immune system.

Eterno helps in muscle strength.



What Kind of Support Can You Expect from Globallee? 

Like in most MLM programs, you can always get support from MLM activists. At least from your team lead.

On Globallee website there is a special section called Globallee Training which gives you two options:

  • New Ambassadors
  • Existing Ambassadors

You can register by choosing either of these two options. Also, Globallee offers Ambassador Press Kit that includes:

  • Company logos
  • GLO UP 21-Day Challenge
  • Product Photography
  • Banners
  • Reels
  • Shareables
  • Story Templates
  • Videos


Globallee training includes some steps:



Can I Trust Globallee?

That is a difficult question to answer. When it comes to Globallee products, the quality is good. I can’t say they are doing something wrong.

But as I said, there are similar products available on the market for a cheaper price. So, there is no reason to buy Globallee products.

Globallee is not an established company. It was launched in 2019 and it’s still unclear how long the company will stay on the market.

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission warns against MLM programs.

In the warning message, it says that MLM programs promise high returns in a short time period, easy money and put much emphasis on recruiting.

As income opportunity, Globalle is not in my recommended list.



Are There Any Complaints About Globallee?

I didn’t find complaints because the company is new and I don’t think it’s reasonable to find them. Over time it will be clear if the company is worth the time to invest in or not.

In my opinion, it’s not worth the time because I don’t want to become an annoying person by promoting Globallee products.



Any Income Proof from Globallee?

I don’t have any income proof from Globallee members but I guess if they distribute their products in many countries, they probably have good ambassadors who do the work properly.

As a member of Globallee you can promote Globallee products and benefit from their compensation plan:


  • Retail commission
  • Recruitment commission
  • Residual commission
  • Fast start commission
  • Dual team commission
  • Dual team matching commission
  • Infinity bonus residuals




I don’t want to go into details of Globallee compensation plan because like with all MLMs their compensation plans are always complicated.

You can break your head if try to understand how their compensation plan works. It’s a big headache.

The truth is that most of the time you will never even reach that level of compensation plan or profit from this MLM business.

This is according to Taylor’s research who is one of the best experts in that field.



Is Globallee up to date?

Generally speaking, it’s up-to-date. As a member of Globallee team you can contact your team lead and get the updated info.






What I like in Globallee

  • Quality products






What I don’t like in Globallee

  • Expensive products
  • Network selling skills required
  • Low success rate
  • Complicated compensation plan
  • High competition
  • Not established in MLM industry
  • Many MLMs are pyramid schemes



Does Globallee Guarantee Any Results?

In fact, no company can give any guarantees as to how much money you can earn or if you can earn at all.

MLM companies always create attracting compensation plan for their members but most people don’t even realize that in order to benefit from that plan you have to meet certain quota set by Globallee.

If you fail to meet that quota, you won’t be able to earn anything.



How Soon Can You Start Making Money with Globallee?

This is another very difficult question to answer. If you plan to use Globallee free replicated website and promote their products using only this method, you probably won’t make any money at all.

Because, Globallee website is a copy paste website that has no value in Google’s eye.

So, it won’t get any high listing in search results which means you won’t get any traffic and can’t monetize your website.




If you plan to meet people face-to-face and promote Globallee products, you need to have good selling, network skills.

You have to make new contacts with people, relatives, neighbors, friends and aggressively promote MLM products. Plus, you have to recruit a lot of people under you and help them stay active.

On top of that, there is a lot of competition on the market and you have to be able to convince people that need to buy expensive Globallee products though there are other cheaper products available on the market.

Considering all this, I can’t say when you can start making money with Globallee.

Most people can definitely make a few bucks here and then but making a good amount of money consistently is a tough thing.



Issues with Globallee

Issues with Globallee are the same that we see in any other MLM opportunity. I don’t like MLMa due to some reasons that I already explained above.

This is my opinion. You don’t have to take my opinion or follow my advice. Here is the list of issues I see in Globallee:


  • Minimum sales quota
  • Network skills required
  • Expensive products
  • High competition
  • Complicated compensation scheme
  • Low success rate



Is Globallee training step-by-step?

Yes, Globallee offers some kind of training and you will have access to some resources and team lead support.



Can I try Globallee for free?

No, you can’t try Globallee for free. Membership will cost you $49.99 per year and buying Globallee product packages is optional and ranges from $189 up to $1049.



How Much Can You Make with Globallee? 

In previous sections of my review I already explained what you can expect from Globallee and how can you make money as an ambassador.

Compensation plan is there for you but very few can benefit from it. Your success depends completely on your knowledge, skills and experience.

Only those who have a large network of friends can actually benefit from MLMs.

If you are not super active person and prefer to sit in front of your pc, this opportunity is going to be useless for you.

As Globallee ambassador, your income depends on the package you buy and your achievement in sales. Ranks are different:




  • Independent Brand Ambassador
  • Team Builder
  • Team Leader
  • Senior Team Leader
  • Emerald Executive
  • 1 Star Emerald Executive
  • 2 Star Emerald Executive
  • Ruby Executive
  • 1 Star Ruby Executive
  • 2 Star Ruby Executive
  • Diamond Executive


Most of these ranks are hardly achievable.

I personally recommend to get into affiliate marketing which is way more profitable than MLM business.

In affiliate marketing you don’t need to have your own product, you don’t need a lot of monetary investment, you don’t need to have a lot of friends, you are not involved in pyramid schemes, you don’t have to meet minimum sales quota, you don’t have to buy products to sell them, you don’t have to organize home parties, success rate is way higher than in MLMs, products are free to promote while when you are involved in MLMs, you have to compete with other MLM companies and other non MLMs who have way cheaper products. For affiliate marketing read here.



Does Globallee Work?

For most people MLMs don’t work. It applies to almost all MLM programs. Their products are always expensive, competition is high, success rate is very low according to John Taylor’s research.



Is Globallee Worth My Money and Time?

I would recommend to start with affiliate marketing which has much higher success rate, requires way less investment, no need to buy products etc.

Don’t waste your time with MLMs. My best recommended programs are Income School and Wealthy Affiliate.

I would recommend to start with Wealthy Affiliate because support there is the best I’ve seen so far.



Is Globallee a Scam?

I don’t think it’s a scam but I don’t think it’s a good opportunity either. I never recommend MLM programs. They have extremely low success rate and most people fail to earn a single dollar. It’s not only my opinion. But you can disagree with me which is absolutely perfect with me. If you like MLMs you are free to join it.




Are There Programs Better than Globallee? 

Yes, see two my favorite programs below


Final Rating of Globallee

Rating 3 out of 10


My final opinion:

If you plan to join Globallee, you are free to do so. I don’t recommend it because of U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission warnings about MLM pyramid schemes and almost all MLM programs are such. If you are looking for legit alternatives to this program, I recommend:


My Top Recommended Programs

    Program # 1 – Wealthy Affiliate

  Program # 2 – Income School




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