American Dream Nutrition Review: 27 Questions Answered

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American Dream Nutrition













  • Quality products


  • Expensive products
  • Low success rate
  • Confusing compensation plan
  • Lots of competition
  • Looks like a pyramid scheme


American dream nutrition review


American Dream Nutrition Price: $54.95 -$676/ monthly autoship $25


Founder: Greg Gunderson

Type of product: MLM

Rating: 3 out of 10

Recommended? NO


What is American Dream Nutrition?

American Dream Nutrition is a multi-level marketing company specialized in health and wellness products and headquartered in Beloit, Kansas.

The company makes some big claims like creating products for excellence, for burning fat, for improving immune system, omega-based products, anti-aging products and etc.

The company claims they use only highest quality ingredients to create products that get results.

In this review I will explain what I think about this company, their products and will try to be as objective as possible.



Who is Greg Gunderson?

There is no much information about Greg Gunderson. At least I couldn’t find any details other than he was a founder of another MLM company, TriUnity International.

I don’t know if this company was successful or not. It looks like American Dream Nutrition is relatively new company and has not been established on the market. It was founded in 2012.



Is American Dream Nutrition Unique?

American Dream Nutrition is far from being unique. It’s a classic MLM based product in health and wellness field.

The problem with most MLM products and American Dream Nutrition is not an exception, is that they always make big claims like anti-aging products or protection from oncology diseases.




While some claims can be real, many of them are far from reality. For example, even combination of the best vitamins can’t protect you from aging.

In that sense American Dream Nutrition is not much different from other MLM companies.

They all make big claims and try to sell their products at much higher prices that other similar products sold by non MLM companies.



Who is American Dream Nutrition for?

American Dream Nutrition is for anyone interested in building their online or brick and mortar business.

In fact, you can promote these products both online and offline but as I know the best way to promote MLM products is through recruiting new members.

This means you have to organize parties and promote those products. Also, this means you first need to buy MLM products and then promote them.

Compared to this business model, affiliate marketing is different. You can earn money by promoting products you don’t even own.

For more info regarding MLM and affiliate marketing read here.



How Much Does American Dream Nutrition Cost?

American Dream Nutrition packages are for different types of budget. Products vary from $54 and up to $676.

As I said, in affiliate marketing you don’t need to buy products. You can choose any product in any niche, promote it and earn money.

In MLM you have to first buy the product and then promote it.

In affiliate marketing you can create a ton content and drive free traffic from Google and possibly turn it into an income.

In MLM, if you promote specific products number of which is limited like with American Dream Nutrition, your content opportunities are limited which means you can’t expect much traffic.

This means you have to pay for advertising in order to drive traffic to your website.

In that case you need to join many different MLM companies in order to create more content.

Imagine if you join 10 MLM programs and each of them has confusing compensation plan, your business will turn into a nightmare.



Does American Dream Nutrition Provide a Refund?

No, as I know, American Dream Nutrition doesn’t provide any refund. This is very normal for MLM companies.

Most of the time you can’t return products once you’ve purchased them.

Very few times I’ve seen MLM programs that allow you to return purchased products.



My Top Recommended Programs

    Program # 1 – Wealthy Affiliate

  Program # 2 – Income School





Are There Any Other Upsells or Costs Associated with American Dream Nutrition?

Actually, there are no upsells in the program.  You choose one of ADN packages, pay monthly membership price $25 and also $49 for a training material. You can consider this as upsells or as an extra cost.






Is American Dream Nutrition for Everyone?

No, American Dream Nutrition is not for everyone. If you don’t have money to invest in ADN products, $54-$676, monthly payment of autoship $25, $49 monthly payment for ADN training, plus, some budget for advertising, then this program is not for you.

Plus, you need to have some experience and be able to promote and sell your advertised products. This requires some aggressive efforts by making new contacts, organizing home parties etc.



How Does American Dream Nutrition Work?

With American Dream Nutrition you can get marketing system for $49 monthly payment. You will get:

  • Capture pages
  • Landing pages
  • Lead Manager Back Office
  • Autoresponders – follow up emails
  • Training system
  • Live coaching
  • 14 audio E-book training modules




At American Dream Nutrition they also provide live training calls 20 to 30 minutes long. This is good considering that many other MLM companies that I’ve seen don’t provide this type of care and support.

But as you can see, this will cost you $49 per month. You have to be very active and make sales, otherwise you will soon start losing money rather than making. Plus, you have to pay for products and for advertising.



American Dream Nutrition Products

You can join American Dream Nutrition through various so-called memberships or options.

  • Option 1 – Pro Pack ($349)
  • Option 2 – Platinum Pack A,B,C,D ($164)
  • Option 3 – Gold Pack ($89)
  • Option 4 – Silver Pack ($54)
  • Option 5 – Top Earner Pack ($676)
  • Option 6 – Platinum Combo Pack ($169)




Top earner pack includes DVD’s, brochures, training system, 14 bottles of World Class Products, home study training & audio e-books,

Platinum combo package A includes 2 bottles of PhytoZon Formula, 2 bottles of Get Juiced (Mega Daily Superfood), 2 bottles of PureAquaMins (liquid minerals)

Platinum combo package B includes 1 bottle of PhytoZon Formula, 1 bottle of Get Juiced (Mega Daily Superfood), 2 bottles of PureAquaMins (liquid minerals), 1 bottle of Wild Conk, 1 bottle of Clear Heart Advanced Cardio Health

Platinum combo package C includes 1 bottle of PhytoZon Formula, 2 tubs of Nitro Factor (Super Beet Superfood)

Platinum combo package D includes 1 bottle of PhytoZon Formula, 1 bottle of Get Juiced (Mega Daily Superfood), 2 bottles of PureAquaMins (liquid minerals), 1 bottle of Stem Cell Release Factor, 1 bottle of Clear Heart Advanced Cardio Health.



American Dream Nutrition also offers some other packages, called Super Immune Support:

Super Immune Support Pack 1 – 1 bottle of PureAquaMins, 1 bottle of Wild Conk – Immune Booster: $59 autoship price, $69.45 one-time order

Super Immune Support Pack 2 – 1 bottle of Stem Cell Release Factor, 1 bottle of PureAquaMins, 1 bottle of Wild Conk – Immune Booster: $119 autoship price, $129 one-time order

Super Immune Support Pack 3 – 2 bottles of Stem Cell Release Factor, 2 bottles of PureAquaMins, 2 bottles of Wild Conk – Immune Booster: $209 autoship price, $229 one-time order.




As I said, American Dream Nutrition products are expensive which is very normal for MLM oriented companies. For example, the price of PureAquaMins is $49.

  • The price of Wild Conk (Immune Booster) is $59
  • The price of PhytoZon (so called anti-aging formula) is $59
  • The price of Stem Cell Release Factor is $74

So, as you can see, prices are not cheap. Especially considering you can find very similar products at much lower price.



What Kind of Support Can You Expect from American Dream Nutrition?

I’m not sure about the quality of ADN support but as I can see, you can get training for $49, live coaching,

14 audio E-book training modules. This means you are not alone once you are in the program.



Can I Trust American Dream Nutrition?

Regarding trust I would like to say a few things about American Dream Nutrition.

As I said in my review, MLM programs always make big claims regarding their products.

Their products are no much different from other products available on the market.

Most of the time they use same components, vitamins, elements.

But claims are very different, such as their products will protect you from aging or cancer or some other diseases. All of this is far from the truth.

Also, Council for Responsible Nutrition asked for explanation of these claims made by American Dream Nutrition.





ADN refused to participate in the inquiry and gave no explanation, after which the company was reported to FTC and FDA for investigation.

I checked ADN website and it found this image of their plant. ADN claims now that all their facilities are FDA registered.

I didn’t find ADN real address on their website, neither their office address nor their plan address. This looks strange in my opinion.



Are There Any Complaints About American Dream Nutrition?

I didn’t find any complaints about this program. The only thing I know is that 97% of MLM members fail to earn money.

American Dream Nutrition looks like a pyramid scheme and these is warning about MLM pyramid schemes from FTC.

Generally speaking, I don’t recommend programs like American Dream Nutrition.



Any Income Proof from American Dream Nutrition?

I haven’t seen any income proof from American Dream Nutrition members. But I found some reviews online, both positive and negative. It’s up to you to join and or not. If you want to know my opinion, I don’t recommend MLMs.



Is American Dream Nutrition up to date?

Yes, it’s up to date. Even if trainings materials become outdated over time like it can be in any program, ADN provides live coaching through which you can get all updated info.




What I like in American Dream Nutrition

  • Quality products





What I don’t like in American Dream Nutrition

  • Expensive products
  • Selling skills required
  • Low success rate
  • Confusing compensation plan
  • Lots of competition
  • Looks like a pyramid scheme



Does American Dream Nutrition Guarantee Any Results?

NO, they don’t guarantee any results. Though they make some big claims on their website and promise an amazing lifestyle, in reality it is very difficult to achieve success with MLM programs. Based on the stats, 97 of MLM members lose their money.



ADN opportunity


How Soon Can You Start Making Money with American Dream Nutrition?

I don’t know. It’s a difficult question to be honest. Your income directly depends on your skills and ability to sell ADN products.

It’s not easy to convince people to pay extra money for expensive ADN products when they can find similar products online for much cheaper price.

You need to spend money for advertising to promote your landing pages. Autoresponders will cost you another $20 per month.

Plus, as I know but not sure, you need to meet a minimum sales quota monthly. The only way to make money is to recruit new members to earn from them.

But this is extremely difficult and it looks like a pyramid scheme like in all other MLM pyramid schemes I’ve seen over the years. U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission warns people that MLMs, pyramid schemes always collapse eventually. See the warning below and be careful.



Issues with American Dream Nutrition

I have some thoughts about American Dream Nutrition that I can’t prove are 100% true. If you want you can continue your research.

I found that there was no real address of American Dream Nutrition on their website.

They don’t show their office address or their plant address. It looks like they use 3-d party manufacturers to produce their products.

But I’m not 100% sure about it.




The worst thing about American Dream Nutrition is that in MLMs you are forced to meet certain sales quota otherwise you won’t earn affiliate commission.

For this reason, most people leave MLMs because they can’t meet those quotas.

Minimum sales quota means, for example, you need to sell 50 bottles of American Dream Nutrition vitamin per month in order be able to earn a commission. Of course, most people can’t do it.

Also, competition in MLM field is very high. There are many other companies like Arbonne, Trivita, Vivo, Univera and the like who sell products of similar quality.

In order to be able to earn money you will have to compete with them and with their members.

This means making money with American Dream Nutrition will be way more difficult than you even imagine. Because you have to pay for the products, pay for advertising and also ADN products are expensive.



Is American Dream Nutrition training step-by-step?

Yes, it’s step-by-step. BTW, it’s not cheap. You have to pay $49 monthly for the training and live coaching.



Can I try American Dream Nutrition for free?

No, you can’t try American Dream Nutrition for free. I’ve never seen MLM programs that are free.



How Much Can You Make with American Dream Nutrition?

Theoretically speaking, of course you can make money with American Dream Nutrition but in practice it is not going to be easy at all.

First method is by promoting ADN products using standard MLM strategies like recruiting, making private parties at home and making aggressive advertising among your friends, family members, neighbors, relatives and so on.

Second method is as an affiliate ADN affiliate and ADN MLM compensation plan. Compensation plan has 15 levels which is very confusing in my opinion.

ADN also offers multiple affiliate ranks, such as Silver, Gold, Platinum, Sapphire, Ruby, Diamond, Double Diamond, Triple Diamond, Presidential Diamond. This alone sounds very confusing and ridiculous.

Each level has its own rules. For example, on Silver level you generate 25 PV monthly and need to recruit at least two affiliates.

On Platinum level you generate 100 PV monthly and need to recruit at least eight affiliates.

On Presidential Diamond level you generate 100 PV, 100.000 GV and need at least 15 affiliates and so on and on.

For recruiting you will earn as follows:

compensation plan

  • If you recruit a Silver pack affiliate you can earn $15 commission
  • If you recruit a Gold pack affiliate you can earn $20 commission
  • If you recruit a Platinum pack affiliate you can earn $40 commission

And so on and on.

As I said, it’s very confusing and most people will never even understand what all this means.

MLM programs are always very confusing and their commission structure is very confusing. Most people who join MLMs never earn even a single dollar.

It’s not just my opinion. John Taylor made an in-depth research and came to the conclusion that 99.7% of all people who join MLM companies don’t earn a single dollar.

He spent years to conduct this research and gave an irrefragable answer in his research.

That’s why theoretically speaking, you can make a ton of money but when it comes to reality, most likely you will not earn anything.

I recommend instead get an education in affiliate marketing and build your online affiliate business.

Success rate in affiliate marketing is much higher than in MLM business. Success rate in affiliate marketing is around 9% which is way better than in MLM.

Also, affiliate marketing doesn’t require monetary investment. You can start your affiliate business without spending a single dollar.





Does American Dream Nutrition Work?

It may work for some people while it won’t for most of them. There are basically two ways to make it work for you.

First, selling ADN products which is difficult for reasons I explained above. ADN products are expensive and competition is very high.

Second way is by recruiting new members which is extremely difficult. 97% of those who join MLM programs lose money which is not just my opinion.

It’s rather an opinion of John Taylor who spent years researching MLMs.



Is American Dream Nutrition Worth My Money and Time?

I think it’s not worth your time and money. Because as I said, it requires a lot of investment in paid advertising and membership packages are not cheap.

Chances that you will earn money are very slim. There are way better legit programs available to join like Income School or Wealthy Affiliate and the like.



Is American Dream Nutrition a Scam?

I don’t think it’s a scam. I don’t think it’s a good opportunity. Based on what I know in my 6-year experience, I would recommend to look for some other opportunities like Wealthy Affiliate or Income School



Any legit alternatives to American Dream Nutrition?

Yes, see two my favorite programs below

Wealthy Affiliate or Income School



Final Rating of American Dream Nutrition


Rating 3.5 out of 10



My final opinion:

If you plan to join American Dream Nutrition, you are free to do so. I don’t recommend it because of U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission warnings about MLM pyramid schemes and ADN actually looks like a pyramid scheme. If you are looking for legit alternatives to this program


I recommend Wealthy Affiliate or Income School, programs that I’ve personally tried. Both programs are legit and their approach is suitable for most beginners wanting to earn their first dollar online.






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