Overnight Millionaire Review: 27 Questions Answered

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Overnight Millionaire













  • Motivational training
  • Affordable price
  • Money back guarantee


  • Removed from ClickBank
  • Unrealistic income claims
  • Misleading pricing policy



Overnight Millionaire Price: $37 + Hidden upsells

Founder: Wesley Virgin

Website: wesleyvirgin.net

Type of product: Motivational

Rating: 3 out of 10



What is Overnight Millionaire?

Overnight Millionaire is a motivational online course created by Wesley Virgin. At least he claims to have created it himself.

The course teaches you how to become a millionaire within 2,3 months or even faster.

It’s completely motivational without any advanced techniques that you can learn for your online business.

The overall quality of the course is very low because there are too many complaints about Wesley Virgin.



Is Overnight Millionaire Different from Other Programs?

Overnight Millionaire is different from many other products that I’ve seen in the past 6 years.

While other programs teach you real strategies how to make money with affiliate marketing, Overnight Millionaire teaches you mainly motivational stuff.

While some info may be useful, for the most part it will not make you reach. I would be very careful to invest your money in this type of product.



Who is Overnight Millionaire for?

I don’t really know who can benefit from this product. This type of product may be useful only for those who want to motivate themselves before doing anything.

But I don’t think it’s so important for most people. Most practical trainings that I’ve seen teach motivational stuff through 1 or 2 videos at best.

But this guy, Wesley built his whole training around motivational tips. Really, I don’t think you need to watch 10 or 20 videos to motivate yourself.

You probably need only one motivational video and the rest must be dedicated to practical tips.

That’s why I believe Overnight Millionaire is not so effective in terms of teaching you real ways how to earn an income online.

You won’t be a millionaire overnight. In that sense, the title of the program is misleading.



How Much Does Overnight Millionaire Cost?

Overnight Millionaire’s price policy is not clear. It looks like Wesley Virgin changes his price policy very often.

Some people report about $32 for the main product and upsells up to $157. Others report about $34, $37 or even $27 and upsells up to $999.

So, there is no an exact price for Overnight Millionaire. He is constantly changing his price.

The main question here is the question like: Is it worth paying for Overnight Millionaire? I think it’s not.



You can buy a motivational book at Amazon for $5-$10 or even less.

Or you can even find a ton of motivational books or videos on Google or YouTube.

You actually don’t need to spend money for this type of product.

One thing that really annoys me and many others is that Wesley says the standard price for Overnight Millionaire is $997 but he gives you it for $37.



It really sounds so ridiculous because no one will give you a product that has a real value of $997 for $37 or less.

It’s an old tactic that I’ve seen many times and especially in low quality products like Overnight Millionaire. I think you have to be very careful.

On the other hand, Wesley shows you another price, such as $247 but he gives it for $37. Which price is the real one? I don’t know.



Does Overnight Millionaire Provide a Refund?

Yes, Wesley Virgin provides 30-day refund through Clickbank because Overnight Millionaire is a Clickbank product.

As I know Clickbank standard refund policy is 30 days. Wesley talks about 60-day satisfaction guarantee which sounds strange to me.




Also, he says that you need to listen to Overnight Millionaire’s audios for 60 days. On another hand he says that you need to commit 90 days to get the results.

How then can he refund your money if Clickbank provides a refund only within 30 days? All this sounds and looks really strange.

I’m just trying to give you as much information as possible so you can make your decision.



Are There Any Other Upsells or Costs Associated with Overnight Millionaire?

Yes, there are some upsells in the program. Unfortunately, it’s not clear how many upsells and how much you have to pay for them.

Some sources report about 5 upsells the total cost of which is $157. Some sources report about $999 price.

So, I’m not sure really how much you are expected to spend in the program. For example, one upsell is for $17 called Affirmation Cash Course.

This course is about positive thinking and the way that will change your life.

Another upsell is Million Dollar Persuasion which is $9. This will teach you how to persuade others and sell things.

Next upsell is Unrevealed Secrets of Millionaire Mind which is $99 and you will get access to a 10-day course.

The whole course is about changing your mind from a standard to a millionaire mind. It’s all about motivation.

There are no any practical tips on how to make money online.  When it comes to upsells mentioned above, all this info is based on other online sources.

I’m not 100% sure if there are upsells or not. I’m just sharing the info with you.


10k per month idiot


Is Overnight Millionaire for Everyone?

It depends on your goals and what you plan to do? If you plan to learn some practical ways and start making money online, I’m afraid Overnight Millionaire is not what you need.

This program teaches you only motivational stuff like how to change your mind and think as a millionaire. Wesley claims this type of thinking will change your life.

I personally think it has some positive power BUT this will NOT change anything if you don’t take action and secondly learn real and legit ways to turn your ideas into real value.

If you feel you don’t need this type of motivational bla bla bla, you better stay away from this program.

If you feel you need this type of info and it will help you, you are free to purchase the course.



How Does Overnight Millionaire Work?

As I said, Overnight Millionaire is a motivational course. You will be watching some motivational videos that are described by Wesley as something that will change your thinking and your future.

Also, you will be reading some books and even eating supplement to boost your brain.

Then he will be talking about how good it is to be an amazon affiliate or selling products through Facebook groups. All these methods are outdated to be honest.

Because Amazon now pays 1%-3% commission which is extremely low. Facebook has also changed and many people now turned away from it and focusing more on YouTube and Instagram.

Wesley also promotes Click Funnels which is not bad but not the best product to make money from.

Instead it requires even more budget. In short, my research shows that many bloggers gave very low rating to this program. It’s not a good investment in my opinion.



Overnight Millionaire Training

First of all, Overnight Millionaire is a motivational course. On youtube you can find Wesley’s video in which he describes his program in general terms.

But he some ridiculous things such as, Overnight Millionaire is not a program that can make you a millionaire overnight BUT at the same time he says he became a millionaire in 40 days or so. This is already misleading and far from reality.

I’ve never seen anyone in my 6-year experience online who became a millionaire in 40 days. I’ve seen only liars.

I don’t much about Wesley but his story doesn’t sound trustworthy. During the video he shows you his Clickbank account and how much money he made.




He claims he makes $10.000-$20.000 a day. I think he made most of his money by selling his course Overnight Millionaire.

BTW, selling Clickbank products is very difficult. It requires a lot of monthly budget and it’s not even known if you can make any sales.

Most people spend budget but make zero $. So, be very careful.

Let’s now see what his course is about. First of all, you will watch a classic introductory video about Overnight Millionaire.

In the video Wesley says you have to commit for 90 days to see the results. The Overnight Millionaire includes the following training modules:




  • How to get fast results with the Overnight Millionaire System
  • Facebook private group for support
  • Wesley Virgin’s story
  • What’s your why?
  • Emotionalize journal writing
  • Guided visualization exercise
  • Become an important person to others
  • Be careful who you listen to
  • Validate yourself – Don’t wait for others
  • Victim mentality
  • Supplement I use to boost my brain power
  • 2 books you must read for right now
  • Body language formula
  • Rapid visualization technique
  • 5 Simple habits millionaires do at night
  • 5-part overnight mind hack audio series
  • Quick start mindset meditation guide
  • Gain more confidence
  • How to master the art of persuasion


As you can see, almost all videos are emotional. They don’t teach you how to make money online.

They can only help you build a sound thinking and understand some basic principles. But believe me, you can make money even without those principles.

During Overnight Millionaire you will be advised to buy Celestial Journal. I don’t really understand why Wesley recommends this book and I don’t really understand how it can help you make money.

Then he recommends you to buy a supplement to boost your brain. How is it going to help you make money? I don’t know.




Another emotional book called Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by Dr. Joe Dispenza.

Another “amazing” technique is regarding Super Natural Wealth Frequencies that you need to listen to help you become wealthy.

This sounds really funny and I would say ridiculous in my opinion.

I think Wesley is an excellent coach in psychology and after extensive research he decided to create a product that would stand out among others so he can attract people and make money by selling his program.

But the question is: Is his program really effective and can help you to make money and become wealthy? I doubt about its quality to be honest. And it’s not only my opinion. Many bloggers in my niche are of the same opinion.

Wesley also will talk about making money with Amazon which is not so popular now because Amazon seriously cut commissions from 13% to 3%.

Many people lost money and stopped working with Amazon.

Wesley will be also talking about ClickFunnels which I reviewed here and the product quality is not so great in my opinion.

During Overnight Millionaire training you will have to complete some simple tasks such as writing down 10 reasons why you want to be a millionaire.

In my opinion, it’s very primitive task and it will not make you rich until you start taking practical steps.


You have to listen audio files for another 60 days to form the millionaire mind.


Then you move onto the next part of the course, such as Millionaire Mind-Hacks:


  • Visualize yourself as a millionaire
  • Become a high value person
  • Listen to other millionaires
  • Become a self-confident person
  • Creating multiple income streams
  • Become a master of sales




In this section of the course you will learn so called secrets how to become a millionaire overnight.

You probably think you will learn the secrets of wealthy people but instead of that Wesley suggests that you think of the ways and strategies that come to your mind and that earn you lots of money.

Thinking of those ways is ok but the idea of the Overnight Millionaire is that Wesley must teach you the secrets instead of suggesting you to think how to become rich. To me it sounds strange and ridiculous.

Wesley suggest also to think as if you already own 1 million in your bank account. This will motivate you to earn that same million.

In my opinion, this method sounds ridiculous and total BS. You can think as if you own millions of dollars but believe me, it won’t make you closer to your goal.

Also, during Overnight Millionaire training Wesley tells his own story how he became a millionaire. But as I said many times, this means nothing to you.

Even if you listen to hundreds of such stories, it doesn’t mean you can become rich. In one of his videos he even says that if you don’t make 10k per month, you are an idiot.



What Kind of Support Can You Expect from Overnight Millionaire?

I can’t tell anything about the kind of support you can expect from Wesley based on the factual information.

But based on my experience with other programs I can tell you the following.

Programs that have a small number of members like Overnight Millionaire, always fail to provide quality support.

Because small number of members means a small number of people able to help you. Wesley also can’t help everyone.

I’ve seen this in many programs like Overnight Millionaire. On the other hand, it’s a motivational course and I don’t really think you need any kind of support here.



Can I Trust Overnight Millionaire?

First of all, there are many negative complaints about Overnight Millionaire on the internet, both video reviews and blogs.

5 minutes of research will reveal you all the truth. I see too many unrealistic income claims from Wesley Virgin, such as making millions of dollars in 3 months, being an idiot if not making 10k per month,

Overnight Millionaire was removed from ClickBank marketplace and moved to Digistore 24 according to some online sources.

To be honest, I didn’t find it on Digistore 24 either. The fact that this program was removed from Clickbank is not a good sign.

Because this marketplace is very popular and almost all successful program owners try to sell their products through this network.

Wesley also claims how program and he himself was featured in CBS, ABC News, USA Today, NBC. My research shows nothing of this is true.




I didn’t find and conformation to that. But I found only one article about Wesley on Forbes here. In short, I can’t say Wesley is a scammer.

I believe you can benefit from his program in some ways but it’s far from being perfect and I can’t confidently recommend it to everyone. If you want to try it anyway, it’s up to you.

When you stay on Wesley Virgin website a few seconds you will see a popup window that says: “Wesley’s new member made $600.000 in 4 months flat as a newbie.”

Look at the screenshot below and laugh. This is so ridiculous and annoying. There is no proof. Just bla..bla..bla..


ridiculous claim


In his introductory video Wesley talks about secret CIA perfected techniques that helped Wesley earn his millions.


CIA techniques


I can tell you with full confidence that this man is lying to you. He invented his story with one simple goal: to persuade people like you to buy his product. That’s it.

On his website Wesley shows testimonials that don’t look real at all. I can make hundreds of such testimonials if I want. But where is the proof?



Are There Any Complaints About Overnight Millionaire?

I didn’t find any complaints about Wesley Virgin’s Overnight Millionaire program other than it’s not what most people expected when they planned to buy it.

Most people expected to find the secrets and become millionaires win 30 days or so.

In fact, they only got some good quality motivational stuff to help you focus on what you are doing.

The idea is good and important but for most people it’s not what they expect to get when signing up for Overnight Millionaire course.



Any Income Proof from Overnight Millionaire?

I don’t know anyone who has been able to make money with Overnight Millionaire course.

Maybe it motivated someone, who knows? I personally don’t know.



Is Overnight Millionaire up to date?

I believe it’s up to date because there is no any specific type of information in the course. It’s all about motivation and changing the mindset.

In that sense the course is good and can be a good source of information for you.





What I like in Overnight Millionaire

  • Motivational training
  • Affordable price
  • Money back guarantee






What I don’t like in Overnight Millionaire

  • Hidden upsells
  • Removed from ClickBank
  • Unrealistic income claims
  • Misleading pricing policy




Does Overnight Millionaire Guarantee Any Results?

If you read Overnight Millionaire disclaimer, it clearly says that your results can’t be guaranteed.

If you follow the course, you are promised to achieve results within 2,3 months.

How is that possible to achieve outstanding results in 90 days according to Wesley with motivational material without practical steps?



How Soon Can You Start Making Money with Overnight Millionaire?

Realistically speaking, it’s hard to say when you can start making money with Overnight Millionaire. Because without practical steps you can’t get to anywhere.

Motivation alone is not enough. You need to learn basics and advanced techniques of affiliate marketing to understand how to monetize your efforts.

I can recommend two my favorite programs, Wealthy Affiliate and Income School.



Issues with Overnight Millionaire

I see some issues in Overnight Millionaire course. First of all, when you go to https://www.wesleyvirgin.net/ website you will see a Clickbank logo in the left corner of the website which means it’s a Clickbank product.

I checked and didn’t find anything, either website name or Wesley Virgin website on Clickbank marketplace.

Second, on the website you will see a video that shows this warning: “Wesley Virgin was not allowed to use his voice because of the neuro esoteric secrets exposed in this video.”


crazy statement


Can you please tell me what does it mean? Who does Wesley take us for? I don’t think I’m an idiot.

Also, the video shows as if this man was featured in USA Today, CBS, NBC, ABC News. I didn’t find any proof to that.

Then in the video you will see fake testimonials about so called millionaires. I believe all of them are from Fiverr.com.

I can’t prove these testimonials are fake but based on what I know from my experience, I’m sure they fake because I’ve seen it many times for the past 6 years.



Is Overnight Millionaire training step-by-step?

As I said, there are no practical steps how to make money in Overnight Millionaire. It only teaches you how to change your mindset and get motivated for success.



Can I try Overnight Millionaire for free?

Unfortunately, you can’t try Overnight Millionaire for free. You have to pay for the course.



How Much Can You Make with Overnight Millionaire?

There are no any details on how much you can earn but Wesley talks about millions of dollars that has earned and he promises that the same can be achieved by you.

But doesn’t show you any practical methods. All he talks about is self-motivation through listening audios and other type of bla..bla..bla..





Does Overnight Millionaire Work?

It’s really very questionable product. For some people it may work.

I personally believe it doesn’t work because the title of the course is Overnight Millionaire which means Wesley must show you real methods but this is not the case here.

It’s not what most people expect to find in the course. That’s why if you think you can learn, apply and start making money, Overnight Millionaire is the wrong program.

All I see in the course is that this person Wesley talks TOO much and shows his luxury cars but he doesn’t teach practical methods.



Is Overnight Millionaire Worth Your Money and Time?

If you are a weak person and feel you need motivation for success then maybe this course can help you.

I personally think it’s better to buy some motivational books from Amazon. It will be way cheaper and more practical.



Is Overnight Millionaire a Scam?

I can’t say it’s a scam because actually Wesley doesn’t sell you any practical steps. The whole training is about motivation.

But the problem is that he sells you his lifestyle which may be misleading for most people.

If you type “Overnight Millionaire scam” on Youtube, you will find a lot of negative reviews which serves as an alert for you.

Though the price is affordable, I would be very careful to invest money in this questionable product.




Overnight Millionaire affiliate program

Yes, Wesley has an affiliate program but I don’t know how much he pays to his affiliates.



Any legit alternatives to Overnight Millionaire?

YES, I recommend two my favorite programs below:



Final Rating of Overnight Millionaire

Rating 3 out of 10


My final opinion:

If you plan to buy Overnight Millionaire you are free to do so. If you are looking for something more practical and genuine.

I recommend Wealthy Affiliate or Income School, two programs that I’ve personally tried. Both programs are legit and their approach is practical both for beginners and advanced wanting to earn their first dollar or more money online.





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