Cash Funnels Machine – Even a Monkey Can use this System

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Product name: Cash Funnels Machine

Product owner: Lucas Adamski


Price: $49 or try for $1

Verdict: Not recommended


Cash Funnels Machine is just another program that promises you to make money with little to no efforts on your part and the owner of the program, Lucas Adamski claims that even a monkey can use his system. Lucas claims that you don’t require any special skills because his program is a done for you system that makes the whole process very easy.

He is not much different from other internet marketers who claim that they’ve finally cracked the code that allows them now to earn instant commissions on complete autopilot.

To be honest, I hate the idea of a done for you system that makes you money on autopilot because in most cases this type of products are either useless or not as effective as they are claimed to be. In my review of Cash Funnels Machine I will try to give you my honest opinion of this product.


The main idea behind Cash Funnels Machine

As I said, the software doesn’t require any special skills from you and it’s actually a video course that teaches you how to make money online with minimum efforts.

Using Lucas’s software you can build your squeeze pages, i.e. landing pages with opt-in box then get email addresses of your visitors and then send them to your offers using email autoresponder service.

Though the product is not a complete waste of time, but the idea of making money on autopilot is not realistic and there are many upsells thrown on you once you are inside the members area.


Pros of Cash Funnels Machine

  • You can try the program for $1
  • You can build landing pages fast


Cons of Cash Funnels Machine

  • The idea of making money on complete autopilot is just another empty promise
  • Too many upsells
  • Requires more spending
  • No real support


Inside the program

1. The idea of creating a sales funnel is a real strategy if you know how to use it the right way. I don’t know how much you can make money online with this system because it depends on your personal skills, your knowledge and experience in internet marketing, how good your product is etc.

Lucas claims that you don’t actually need any previous experience to start making money with his system which is not true. Before using squeeze pages or autoresponder service, i.e. email marketing, you must get trained in the right program first.

You must learn internet marketing to understand how to make money online legit and honest way. Without proper education you will never know how to grow your business the proper way and start making serious money because internet marketing is not just about creating a squeeze page alone.

Besides that, the idea of using a squeeze page might work in one niche and might not work in another niche. You can’t use the same method in all niches simply because it won’t work. That’s why, anyone who has some experience in internet marketing can easily understand what I mean here.


2. I don’t like Lucas’s approach to the whole issue and especially how he tries to sell his product. On his main website you can buy his product for $49 while on another website you can try the same product for $1.

It’s good that you can try it for $1, but the main problem is that many people don’t know about this trial offer and have to buy it from his com site. I think it’s a bit deceptive tactic.


3. It’s good that on his sales page he explains what you are going to get for your $49 because most internet marketers never give any info about their products until you pay them.


4. The good part of the course is that Lucas shows you how to use Aweber and set up a sequence of email messages to send to your subscribers in order to convert them into buyers which is good to know. But you can easily find all this info on site where they have a lot of video tutorials, literally all you need to understand how to use Aweber.


5. Lucas’s course mainly consists of videos which is very good and easy to understand but the main problem with his product is that once you are inside the members area you will see many upsells thrown on you which is really bad because it means that you need to spend more money again.

Do you personally like such approach? Just imagine that you’ve just bought Lucas’s main product called Cash Funnels Machine thinking that you will now start making money and when you get access to the members area you see that you still need to buy some other products to be able to use CFM to its full potential. I think no one likes such approach because it’s wrong.






6. Another major problem with Cash Funnels Machine is that once you build your squeeze pages and set up autoresponder service you will realize that no one knows about your amazing pages and you need to solve the problem #1, i.e. bring traffic (real visitors) to your pages to make money.

Traffic is the # 1 issue for all internet marketers and those who can drive traffic they make money. Now ask yourself a question: How are going to drive traffic to your cash funnels machine pages? There are two options: free traffic and paid traffic.

To bring free traffic you need to write original content for your pages and then wait until you get them ranked on search engines which takes time. Do you know how to write original content? Lucas doesn’t teach you that art. Another free option is through social media which takes time and effort too.

There is another way to drive traffic immediately, i.e. paid traffic (Google Adwords, Bing ads, Facebook ads). Paid traffic is not cheap and you can easily run out of your money without making even a penny. Besides that, you need a proper training that will teach you how make a profitable PPC campaign.

You can learn PPC art through Traffic Blackbook or at Wealthy Affiliate. I recommend Wealthy Affiliate because inside WA you can learn not only PPC strategies but all ins and outs of internet marketing + get supreme 24/7 support and more.

It’s the same program that has helped me build my own online business. All this means that having amazing squeeze pages doesn’t mean that you can start making money immediately. This is not true.


7. One thing you must understand that I’m not saying that you won’t make money at all with Cash Funnels Machine. If you work very hard and are willing to spend more money after paying $49 for Lucas’s main product then you can probably make money.

But it’s not about thousands of $ per month simply because Lucas’s training and product don’t contain that potential to allow you to make thousands of dollars per month. You really need to get trained in any of these programs (Affilorama, Chris Farrell, Bring the Fresh, Site Build it, Wealthy Affiliate) to be able to build a lucrative business online.

I personally recommend Wealthy Affiliate because I’ve been a premium member of it since 2013 and can honestly vouch for the quality of this program. Anyway, don’t take seriously Lucas’s earnings snapshots because even if he makes that amount of money it doesn’t mean that you will be able to achieve the same. Be more realistic.





8. There is no real support here and if you get stuck at some point and I’m sure it WILL happen many times, you will be most probably left on your own. There is no active community to help you if you need assistance. It’s one of the major red flags and that’s why I can’t recommend Cash Funnels Machine.


Final word on Cash Funnels Machine

Though Lucas’s program is not a complete waste of time and contains some useful features, I can’t recommend it. I recommend you to try my top recommended program for free within 7 days and ask as many questions as you can before making your final decision.

I can honestly vouch for the quality of this program and I’m sure you will be happy with it once you try it simply because thousands of other people have already tried it. If you still have any questions, feel free to contact me and I will be happy to help.

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  1. Marie says:

    Hi Rufat thanks for highlighting this programme, it seems there are a few schemes out there at the moment that seem to want to promote making money with very little content on your website.

    Using landing pages is not a great strategy unless you already have a substantial amount of content and a good following on your website. You run the risk of either being penalised by Google or not having the numbers to complete the sales. All points that Cash Funnels forgets to tell you.

    I think a lot of these guys made money when SEO was a lot less complex and you could get away with doing very little. Now they make money from people trying to start out and sit back as everyone struggles to get traffic. Thanks again, Marie

    • Rufat says:

      Totally agree with you. There is even more to discuss regarding this program, but I think in short, there are better programs out there and there is no reason to struggle with this one.

  2. John says:

    Always intresting to hear about a new scam like this cash funnels machine :o) Really they all are the same bullshit right? Making money on autopilot and you don´t have to lift your finger… you will get rich over night and bla bla bla… It is good that you reveal the truth about this kind of scams because someone not that experienced in how to really make money online can easily belive what this “gurus” say is true.

    Thanks for sharing/ John

    • Rufat says:

      Hi John, Thank you for your comment. To be honest, I don’t think Cash Funnels is a scam because it does provide some training materials, tools, landing pages. So, the product is not that bad compared to other programs that are total scams. The problem is that there are upsells and false promises about making money on autopilot which I can’t agree with. It’s good that Lucas puts emphasis on building an email list because it’s one of the most responsive traffics you can drive to your website. Another major problem is the support and that’s why I point my readers in a different direction to a program that has all in place, the training and the support. Upsell is not a bad thing by nature but when it comes to make money programs it’s bad in my opinion because it means that the product is incomplete.

  3. Dave Sweney says:

    Great review and I agree with your final assessment as well. I have not tried this particular program, but a couple that are similar. MLSP and Empower Network to name two – both overhyped and more about selling dated training material and their own less than stellar products, while paying for the privelege to do so….

    The Wealthy Affiliate program has been an entirely different experience for me. Although only having been a member now for about 2 1/2 months, since day one it has impressed me with its straightforwardness in what they offer (proper training on how to establish your online marketing business successfully)…

    Thanks for this thorough and detailed review. I doubt seriously I would have ever considered it in any case, I have become a bit gun shy when it comes to all the hyped programs out there that promise you piles of gold! You have just confirmed to me I can just move on…my instincts were right!

    • Rufat says:

      Thank you Dave for your comment. I agree that there are tons of poor products online that mainly focus on making more money off of people instead of actually helping them. To be honest, Cash Funnels Machine is much better than Empower Network because it provides some useful info, tools etc. Actually the product is not that bad at all, but the problem is that there are upsells again inside the members area, no real support, no free trial on the main com site, the idea of making money on autopilot is another false promise. All this makes me not happy at all. Though you can make money with this system if you are willing to work hard and there is work, I recommend another program at the end of my review because my recommended program is a complete system that teaches how to make money online with full 24/7 support which is extremely important for your online success.

  4. edy says:

    Cash Funnels Machine itself seems to be overhyped. I personally don’t like gurus that claimed making money online is easy. Little that we know, there is hidden prices within the program. A big turn-off for me. Morever, the support system sucks. This is a bad sign for beginners.

    I’d highly recommend people to try out Wealthy Affiliate as you suggested, where we can get helped 24/7 around the clock.
    Anyway, thanks for the awesome review here Rufat!

    • Rufat says:

      Thank you Edy for your comment. I don’t like gurus too that claim making money is easy. And I agree that Cash Funnels Machine is overhyped and they use deceptive tactics to lure folks into buying their program. And whenever I see hidden costs and poor support I turn away from the program right away and this is exactly what we see inside Cash Funnels. Among major issues are:

      The idea of making money on autopilot
      Too many upsells
      Requires more spending
      No real support

      With all this in mind all I can is that I don’t recommend it. And when it comes to Wealthy Affiliate it’s really awesome community with brilliant support, tools and training. What else you need to succeed online?

  5. simon john watson says:

    Well hi Rufat this is an eye opener of a post. A honest appraisal and i really felt like i learned something indeed. It was well structured and very very informative. It was extremely descriptive and gave you the negatives in a matter of fact way. A great post and well do so keep it up yes!

    • Rufat says:

      Thank you Simon for your comment and I’m glad you found my post helpful and descriptive. And I’m happy you appreciate my being honest. It’s very important for me and I always try to be honest when writing my reviews. I come across many reviews on the internet in general and about Cash Funnels Machine in particular and what I don’t like the most is that most people try to call every program they review as a scam. I think it’s a wrong approach because they do so for the sake of promoting their own product. I always try to make my reviews descriptive and to the point, showing all negative and positive sides to make my review a real eye opener. I think writing an honest review is extremely important because showing a legit program in an unfavourable light is not ethical. In most of the times I call programs I review as not recommended if there are some positive sides in them and a scam if there are too many false promises and wrong techniques involved. Thank you for stopping by and leaving your short yet straight to the point comment.

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